Thursday, March 22, 2012

What is there to do in Las Vegas Instead of WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2012

This year WWDB Amway is holding Spring Leadership in Las Vegas on April 13, 14, 15 2012 in the Orleans Arena.

So that means another one of my posts where I find things to do in town instead of attending Spring Leadership. Actually sitting in your hotel room watching TV would be more productive than attending the Spring Leadership brainwashing session. But Las Vegas is a town devoted to entertaining its visitors so there are no shortage of things to do in this city that never sleeps. The thing that everyone associates Las Vegas with is gambling. Some people who’ve never been don’t realize there are other things to do. A foreign concept to Amway IBO’s who probably think there is nothing else to do in this town except attend an Amway function called Spring Leadership. When you’re an ambot in love with Amway all you can say is - “what else is there”.

Anna Banana has spent time working in Las Vegas years ago. I love this city but I don’t go back to visit as often as I’d like. I’ve got a few things to share about hanging out in Las Vegas instead of attending a shitty Amway function like WWDB Spring Leadership 2012.

Long gone are the days in Las Vegas when casinos were trying to lure in gamblers with all you can eat buffets under $10. These days the hotels on Las Vegas Boulevard have increased the quality and selection of the food at their buffets and likewise the price has jumped up. Dinner at an all you can eat will cost $20, more if you eat somewhere like at the Bellagio. Non-buffet restaurants in the hotel/casinos run what you’d pay for a medium priced meal anywhere else in the country - $10 to $20 entrees, most meals OK but not usually worth the money. The best bang for your buck is to head downtown to the older hotels/casinos in the Fremont Street Experience. Here you will find all you can eat buffets under $10 - barely. Most of the hotel/casinos here have decent non-buffet meals for under $10. You might still find one of those infamous shrimp cocktails for a buck or two. If you weigh over 350 pounds you can eat for free at the Heart Attack Grill.

Nightlife - again Las Vegas has no shortage of options. Most hotels give you a coupon book when you check in and you might be lucky to find a 2 for 1 coupon at a show you might actually like to see. Unfortunately you will not see the twofers to Celine Dion or Elton John. Not even Donny and Marie! All these acts cost over $100 per person. There is also several booths called Half Price Tickets or maybe its Half Price Shows I don’t remember exactly which its called and you can ask them what prices they have for some acts. Usually the good shows you want to see are not half price but they have a small discount. Don’t confuse them with the time share salespeople who are as bad as Amway salesmen and will pop up everywhere wanting to give you free tickets and free meals. Yeah if you don’t mind sitting through a 3 hour high pressured sales presentation for a time share condo. Some people don’t mind don’t mind doing that for the freebies! And at least they give you freebies for sitting through their sales pitch. Amway ambots don’t give you piss all.

Should be interesting having a flock of Amway salespeople in town looking for new recruits and the only people who want to talk to them are time share salespeople. Who’s going to win that round?

Free nightlife - yes there are a few free things to do at night in Las Vegas. The Treasure Island Hotel has a pirate ship show. I hate to give out wrong times but I think the first show is at 7pm and it goes every hour and a half until around 11pm. The times are posted on the sidewalk near the show area. Get there ahead of time because this place gets PACKED with people crowded all over the sidewalks and viewing areas. Next door at the Mirage is a volcano that erupts starting (I think) at 7pm and every hour until midnight. The Bellagio Hotel has a fountain and light and music show that starts sometime in the afternoon and goes until midnight every 15 minutes a new musical selection.

Of course just people watching and going for a walk and looking at all the lights and displays is entertainment in itself.

Also free (maybe) but not open at night is the car museum at the Imperial Palace Hotel Go to the tab that says free admission and print out a couple of free passes. If you forget most hotels in Las Vegas give you a coupon book when you register and it almost always includes a free admission to the car museum or a twofer. If you forget your free pass admission is $8.95 which is still a pretty good deal if you like collectible cars.

If you’re not afraid of heights you can go up the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel or way down off the Strip way past on the other side of Circus Circus is a hotel called the Stratosphere and there’s an elevator up to a viewing area and some amusement park attractions up there that will cure your fear of heights if you go on them because you’ll probably die of a heart attack! Watch your coupon books. These places have twofers.

Fremont Street Experience is downtown Las Vegas where some old hotels like the Golden Nugget, 4 Queens, and Fitzgeralds are located and have cheaper prices than hotels on the Strip. The area was closed off to cars years ago. There is often some kind of musical act playing on a stage that doesn’t cost anything to watch. At night there is a light show on the domed roof with a musical accompaniment that you can’t hear because of the disco sound system blasting out of all the casinos on Fremont. If you’re not afraid of heights there is a zip line that takes you from one end to partly down Fremont Street, maybe a block or so ride, costs $10 or $15 depends if you zip at night or day.

Want to see the Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon? Either rent a car or there are a bunch of bus tours that take you and will pick up/drop off at your hotel. Starts around $30 depends what you’re doing and if you choose a tour that includes Liberace’s museum or a buffet lunch somewhere.

So there you have it. Lots of things to do in Las Vegas either for free or on the cheap that won’t cost you as much as it does to go to WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2012. Not to mention lots more fun! This is a town built for fun! Don’t wreck it by going to a fucking stupid Amway convention!

Oh and if anyone wants to search out Anna Banana’s favorite Las Vegas treat - go to Fremont Street and look for the Mermaids Casino. Inside there is a snack bar where you can buy a frozen banana on a stick dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts! Yummy!

And let me sign off as I usually do with one of these posts!

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!

All Amway functions suck!


  1. Amway aside, that's actually a very good summary "beginniners guide to Vegas." were youa travel agent in a former life?

    1. Thanks Anonymous! Ha ha! I think I was a history teacher in a former life. Never a travel agent!

      I know Las Vegas well enough to take that $125 for a ticket to Spring Leadership and have some fun with it instead!

    2. I concur, a very good vegas guide. Lots of options for that $125.

      Now this was lol - time share sales people vs ScAmway ambots, heck I might consider it if it morphed into a show-let the bottom feeders muddy each other!

    3. Thanks ExAmbot! - there are lots better ways to spend $125 in Las Vegas!

    4. I found this comment very telling by a thinker (I like those kinds) about the scAmway average income lies. Enough said on that!

      "Explorer on March 17th, 2012 5:13 pm
      Ibofbck, I don’t think Amway provides sufficient information to calculate average income for the given year you provided earlier via the link you wrote.
      Average income is definitely a meaningful way of representing income, that’s why even government agencies use average income. If anything, average income helps the system look better than what it really is, since it takes from the few that are making a lot, and put it on the the majority how are making little or are even taking a loss. Average income in Amway is a representation of the majority, and it makes the majority look better, income wise."
      Source link

    5. ExAmbot - Amway likely takes the amounts of their high earners and a few lower earners - like the majority of IBO's are lucky to get a $10 check every month and calls it average. Its all the secrecy thing. For all we know some bigwigs sat around one night drinking and made the numbers up off the top of their head.

  2. The most exciting thing in vegas you got to look forward to if youre an ambot is the local dennys. For the single guys id recomend the pool parties. Fuck the amway event! On a side note, I got a scamway catalog in the mail the other day. Within I found something truly insulting. Amway salsa. Expensive and probably sucks, if its anything like any other amway product. Then theres the achievers section. Nothing but dreams this and dreams that. No actual monetary achievment. Read the fine print: average gross monthly income for IBO's is currently $202. Keep dreamin assholes!

    1. Ha ha! Anonymous I was just about to ask you if there is a Denny's in Las Vegas but then I remembered that I saw it the last time I was there coming in from the airport sign all done up in neon....

      So far I've never really found a breakfast in Las Vegas that I really like. Maybe I should try Denny's!

      Amway salsa??? Fucking gross!!! I can just imagine how it would taste with those nasty fat free tortilla things they sell. I like homemade salsa myself but don't usually make it. I make a pretty good guacamole though!

      We never made $200 gross in any month that we were in Amway. You notice how Amway never says how many people in the study, who they are, how much they made, etc, etc. That gross if anyone actually makes that much it is eaten up really fast. Just to get a check ambot must spend about $300/month in Amway products. Then whatever other expenses paying for Amway meetings, etc. Not to mention very few have customers buying enough Amway products to make a bit of commission on.

  3. I'd get drunk and go to a Amway event swearing. Then go have a party at the pool

    1. Colin - its always a good idea to get drunk before going to an Amway event!

      It would be kind of fun to crash an Amway event. I'm pretty nimble. I can jump up on the stage and say give me that microphone! And then let the audience know what I think of Amway and the cult leaders. Meanwhile somebody is trying to figure out a way to cut out the power to the microphone that I have and rounding up the arena's ushers or security to get me off the stage. But of course the ushers and security are not brainwashed ambots so they think this is the best part of the event and pretty much let me have my say before the mic gets shut down by some cult leader. After I leave the cult leader takes over the mic and says don't listen to that broke negative unchristian dream stealer. She'll be dead by the time she's 65!

    2. You got me LOL so hard already! Now that's a function I would not miss!

    3. ExAmbot - and no Diamond could put their hands on me without me screaming I'm being physically attacked and screaming about sueing them! Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly! Just the type of thing that cult leaders don't want happening at one of their meetings. The truth getting out to the masses and shutting off their money supply.


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