Friday, April 20, 2012

The Attack of the Scambot Destroyer!

Who is the Scambot Destroyer? A new poster who is unleashing on IBOFB and a few other random ambots on Anna Banana’s blog!

The thing is IBOFB hasn’t showed up at my blog in a very long time well over a year. The arrogance of some men who think they’re experts on how to apply make up and insert tampons and tell us women that we must be doing something wrong if the Amway products aren’t working for us. Women who have been using cosmetics and tampons for 20, 30 years have got it down by now. We probably had it figured out after a couple of attempts when we were 13 or 14. We don’t need a dumb ass clueless man who has never used these products giving us instructions! So a bunch of women laughed at the old tampon expert and he wisely chose not to get involved in this blog again. I’m sure its not the first time nor the last that he’s got laughed at by a bunch of women!

So even though IBOFB will never show up to read the comments left for him on old posts I find them rather amusing:

“You took my friend and soon you’ll regret this scambot.”

“Typical Scambot unit! I sure hope your upline programmed a few more lines to defend your mission for Scamway/Quickscam. Those like you took my friend and I’ll make sure to make you regret it Ambot!”

The countdown has begun Ambot! The day when I shall have your head and theirs overlooking my nightstand will not come too soon shitway. I swear, they should upgrade your programming, that old recording in your memory-bank is starting to piss me off scamshit!”

I know everyone’s thinking the Scambot Destroyer has got to be the man for me!!! Ha ha!!!!!

I am just one of millions of people who has had someone close to them get taken in by the Amway cult. People do not like to see others get swindled and scammed into a pyramid scheme. They don’t like to see people they’re close to get brainwashed by a cult. It generates anger and people hit the Internet to express how they feel about the Amway cult and the evil people. 

If verbally attacking IBOFB helps Scambot Destroyer mourn this lost relationship, then that’s what my blogs here for.

Drop by again buddy!


  1. "The day when I shall have your head and theirs overlooking my nightstand..."

    I believe one can find heads to put on their nightstand for about a quarter of the price at Costco than what Amway charges.


    1. Ha ha! I wonder why the Scambot Destroyer wants their heads instead of their asses!?

    2. This is too hilarious - scambot heads and assses on a night stand! What a genius thinker, I love it!

    3. People who are no longer being brainwashed by the Amway cult have their genius restored to them!

  2. This guy is too funny! ! I literally LOL'd when reading this.


    1. Hi Mesah - Yeah s/he is pretty funny and still shows up often to unleash on brainwashed scambots! I think even earlier today too.

  3. You really think death threats against me are amusing? Especially given you also regularly allow my identity and location to be published on this blog?

    1. What death threats?

    2. There were no death threats. Everyone loves a clown and you are the biggest Amway clown in town.

    3. Scambotshit…it’s an honor! Tell me something, did your fuckupline creator program you to experience fear? Even so, I bet you weren’t upgraded to process the real meaning of terror…it’s been oh so many years Quixbot.

      I’ve been looking forward to this Ampocalypse of ours for so many years you know…wondering what those Scamway motherboards were scheming and plotting down there in that Quixlab of your fuckupline creator. Not to worry though, don’t go blowin no fucking Scamcircuit over this…you fucking Scambucket of Quixbolts…I will unplug your Quixcam from its very source, you have my word Scamshitbot!
      (I know a bucket of Quixcamfuckshitbolts like your unit does not know what this means...but I'll teach you oh so very slowly, scamcircuit by scamcircuit...)

      Yours truly

      The Amfuckshitbot Destroyer


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