Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sex Problems - Amway Products

I get dozens of searchers ending up at my blog after searching for “Amway sex” or “Amway sex products”. Or “Double X is good for sex”.

My latest searcher is having sex problems and thinks they’re related to Amway products. Or possibly looking for Amway products to solve the sex problems.

Let me break it down simply:

Sex problems?

Not getting laid?

You’re in Amway?

Mystery solved!

Amway = huge turn off.

Come on guys! You’re in Amway and you’re wondering why you’re not getting any? Couldn’t have anything to do with you bringing a bunch of shitty overpriced Amway products into the house could it?

If you have a woman in your life that you love you need to be always looking for more ways to love her, NOT looking for other things that you can love more than her.

The upline insists Amway must always come first. Tough shit if you’re celebrating something else in your life the same night an Amway meeting is on or if your upline holds an impromptu mandatory meeting.

Women like security. They like owning a house. They like real food in the house. They like having products in the house that they’ve purchased for a reasonable price and they actually use. They like money in the bank. They like having investments.

The Amway pyramid scheme offers no security. Own a house? The upline probably doesn’t and is jealous that you do. They will “counsel” you to sell your house, your security to a place to live where you’re not forced to live under someone else’s rules. Once you sell the house, or take out a line of equity against it if the upline was unsuccessful to convince the IBO to sell it, then you use that money to pay off the credit card debt you’ve been running up to buy Amway products and tools. Then you start over all again using the credit card to buy more Amway shit. In debt again soon enough but now without the security of owning a house. You will never have financial independence as long as you’re a renter or working for Amway. There is no money to buy real food once $300+ has been spent buying shitty overpriced Amway groceries with no nutritional value: Perfect Water, XS Energy Drinks, food bars, vitamins, etc. Overpriced cleaning products? Bullshit when there are better products for lower prices readily available in the marketplace. Investments? Not in Amway. Need to cash them in to buy more Amway shit. No money in the bank.

Women don’t like that. They hate to see Amway destroying their lives. They hate to see fucking Amway products in the house, the cause of the credit card debt and no money in the bank, and no extra money for investments. The emotional turmoil of dealing with the fucked up Amway cult leaders is sheer hell. Unable to convince their husband to get out of this evil Amway cult is frustrating and causes a lot of anger.

Women don’t want NOTHING to do with Amway. And that might get around to including their Amway brainwashed husband.

So if you need to search on the Internet to figure out why Amway isn’t the huge sex turn on you thought it would be, I can tell you why.

Putting a fucking company over the woman you love? BAD idea.


  1. Stop holding back. Tell us how you really feel.

    1. Peter Reilly. Never Keep your desires in, you'll feel better if you need to unload those burden of leeches away from your sex life!

    2. Sorry I wanted to make a reply just like Peter, but I messed it up. Well at least I didn't fuck it up too bad unlike those Ambots!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah well that's what happens when you're in Amway. Huge turn off to your partner.

  3. I have sex problem I can't do sex sufficient time and my partner is not satisfied by me pls tell solution me

    1. Thanks for sharing this with us Amit! Have you tried spending less time at Amway meetings and more time with your partner?

  4. I have large sex problem and I can't sex sufficient time and my partner is not satisfied by me please give me perfect suggestions

    1. Amit - I can tell this is a big problem for you because you had to say it twice! Read this post over to find out why your partner isn't interested in you. The perfect suggestion is to quit Amway and you'll have more time and money to spend on your partner.

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    1. Oh for christsakes Bix. What makes your snake oil any different than Amway's snake oil. None of you would be fuckers ever hear of Viagra?


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