Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lying Amway Ambots Love Being Bashed!

My Married to an Ambot blog is a magnet for Amway ambots who like to leave canned Amspeak responses and have a masochistic desire to be bashed by me and/or some of my other commenters.

Yeah, sure show up here and leave an unoriginal comment and be an asshole and I’ll curse you out no problem. In all my posts when I curse out my Amway upline I’m cursing out everyone’s upline. People who wished they could have cursed out their own upline love it and keep coming back to read more. I give my readers what they want! Curse out Amway ambots!

My Amway upline is everyone’s upline. I’ll curse them all out for anyone who needs helps cursing!

I have a new commentor who seems to mostly be focusing on my older posts when IBOFB used to stop by my blog and leave comments so everyone could laugh at him. But he’s been gone a long time now because he didn’t want to continue getting laughed at by debating why women should buy Amway’s leaky prestige tampons instead of buying tampons that get the job done so its not like he’ll be stopping by to read messages the scambot destroyer has been leaving him:

tinscam piece of scambotwaste sputtering dated Scamshit-programmed dialogue Quixcum! What a loaded memory-card you must have scambot, sure hope you don’t try to upgrade on your own amshit.

You stupid little Scambotshit piece of quixcum!

You’re a laughable unit at best Scamfuck! What a little scambucket of shitbolts that’s soon to be shattered into pieces of Quixcam shit!

Scambotshit, your ambolts must be malfunctioning

Pretty funny stuff! I’m not the only one around who has no problem cursing out those lying Amway bastards! And yes - anyone is welcome to show up on my blog and curse out their Amway upline or any lying Amway asshole that shows up here to leave a canned Amspeak response. We’ve been on to you for a long time you fucking little Amway liars!

So the latest lying Amway IBO shows up to accuse me of having a job. Oh gee I’ve never heard that one before! Even if I did have a job what’s so bad about that? All those lying Amway IBOs have been challenged to tell me what my job is, who I work for, how much money I make, and where is this money cause it sure ain’t hitting my bank account! None of those Amway liars have an answer. The Amway cult leaders mission is to sneer at everyone who has a job even though many Scamway cult leaders hold outside jobs from Amway as do most of the ambots so they can afford their expensive Amway habit. It is so inconceivable to Amway assholes that there are people in this world who don’t work jobs because: they’re self employed business owners (and here we’re not talking about phony Amway business owners, I mean real businesses!) they’re independently wealthy, their spouse earns enough that they both don’t need to work, they’re lucky professional gamblers, they won the lottery, they came into an inheritance, they’re successful investors, they’re physically or mentally handicapped (or otherwise incapacitated that they can’t work), they’re retired, they’re not old enough to work. Other than our own business I haven’t worked a job in years. Lying Amway assholes refuse to accept that its possible that there are actually people in the world who don’t work a job.

Get a fucking clue you lying little Amway assholes! Once people hit 40 most of them are looking to go into semi-retirement which means either working less hours or starting their own business - which will probably mean they work even more hours. When you’re the owner you don’t stop working until the work is all done. Scamming Amway assholes don’t have any concept of THAT!

I’m also told I’m broke. We easily make the same range that Amway’s published literature states an Amway Diamond makes, around 150k. That’s a nice income for semi retirement. It means I don’t spend as much time working in our business as I used to. It means taking time off when we want, having decent vehicles, and a nice house. It means all the expenses that go along with those things. Seeing as how Diamonds earn about as much as we do they likely live similar lifestyles if they’re able to keep their spending under control. Its my guess they have debt through the ying yang trying to maintain an imaginary lifestyle of riches that their cult followers expect them to have. If the lying little Amway bastards show up at my blog and accuse me of being broke - similar income as a Diamond - then that shows what they think of their Diamonds - all broke too! Which is probably very close to the truth. Its my guess that most Diamonds are more broke than we are! But then we’re not living a lifestyle beyond our means to impress anyone. People work hard to build their businesses to a point where they make a nice income and can take time off and go on vacations and live a nice lifestyle. 6 figures is a nice income but its not nearly enough to quit and retire on for the rest of your life. No matter what those fucking upline Amway assholes try to brainwash you into believing! Ever notice how those Diamond cult leaders are still flogging their wares? They stop they got no income. Then they will be even more broke than they are now.

Lying Amway ambots that show up here to bitch because they can’t contain their anger that someone is getting the truth out there on the Internet about what its like being inside the Amway cult - so a big fuck you to all of you. That’s because there are people in your downline likely wives of ambots who are dying to tell you to fuck off and rot in hell for scamming them into the Amway pyramid scheme. And if you don’t have a downline yet, then I speak on behalf of your future downline when I tell you to fuck off.

You lying little Amway assholes go around with your negative canned Amspeak bullshit that you’ve picked up from listening to your cult leaders accusing me of having a job, being an unsupportive wife, being an unchristian dream stealer, being broke, being a negative loser, being a quitter, not trying hard enough, blah, blah, blah. How unoriginal can you be? Brainwashed ambots don’t have an original thought in their head. They parrot what their upline say and come off looking like a bunch of assholes. You bring misery to other people’s lives. You recruit them into a cult, brainwash them, steal their money, cause financial ruin, and destroy marriages and families.

And you wonder why people like me take to the Internet and talk about why their Amway uplines are a bunch of assholes who should go fuck themselves instead of fucking over others.

Everyone is my upline. So fuck off you lying Amway assholes!



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    1. Thanks for the link! Peter drops by here from time to time and posts occasionally about Amway losers in the tax court. Though he has posted articles before about drag racing and horse breeding. Very informative. Learned more about those 2 subjects than I never thought I needed to know! Very interesting the thing about the stallion and how all its babies are supposed to be champagne colored horsies! Can't say as I've ever seen a horse that color but I wouldn't know one color from another anyway! It seems to me breeding dogs or cats would be less expensive and take up less room not to mention easier to clean up after!

  2. Leaky prestige tampons thats funny. So what do the ladies do if theyre at one a those 4 hour meetings and their not so prestigious tampon starts leaking like the titanic? Their products are nasty, IBOs attitudes are nasty, their cars look nasty, amway customer service is really fucking nasty! The whole situation is just fucking NASTY!

    1. Anonymous - its not so funny when you're paying 2 or 3 times more than Tampax for Amway's "prestige" Debut tampons and they don't work anywhere near as good! 4 hours with Amway's "prestige" tampons? Good luck if they last more than 2 hours! A woman in a 4 hour meeting better have a back up plan or not wear white pants!

  3. If Prestige sucked as much as Amway, they'd be the best tampons available anywhere...period! (ha ha) Love your blog. No one tells these moron ambot uplines off better than you! I'm surprised Amway hasn't marketed their own brand of horse sperm. Amway has been marketing genetic testing products. You might suspect that these tests reinforce Ambot superiority. What about suppositories? Something that these Ambot scumbags can shove up their asses?

    1. Hi Quixtarisacult - ha ha! Not usually a topic most men want to go toe to toe with a woman on!

      Glad you love the blog. I love telling off my upline. Our former sponsor hasn't dropped by our house in a long time. He's not allowed inside but he parks on the street and my husband goes out to see him. The last time he parked on the driveway and I came out on the sundeck and made sure all my closest neighbors knew there was a fucking Amway asshole on our property and I didn't want him there. Some guys just take a long time to get a clue that their buddy's wife can't stand them! Yeah there's a lot of stuff I'd like to shove up our upline's asses!


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