Sunday, April 15, 2012

You Need a Manual for What???!!!!

Some Amway ambots end up at my blog after doing some bizarre searches. I just know I’ll never see it all.

But you know some things just creep you out a little bit.

So I’ve got a brainwashed ambot staying at the Hilton in Lafayette, Louisiana. Maybe one of the other scamming groups in the Amway cult empire is holding their Spring Leadership there I don’t know. My focus is on getting the word out about WWDB because I have nothing but contempt for the cult techniques those World Wide Destructive Bastards use.

So what is Hilton ambot searching for?

“Amway marriage book.”

What the fuck?????

Why does it not surprise me that such a thing exists. I seriously doubt the cult leaders would make it available on the Internet for the rest of us to mock.

So maybe the ambot just got married today and has gone to the Hilton for the wedding night and doesn’t have a clue what to do next so he must consult the Amway marriage book.

Probably the first thing the Amway marriage book says is no sex allowed until you’re at least an Emerald! Remember that phrase the Amway cult leaders are always screeching? “You haven’t earned the privilege yet!” Can’t have anything distracting the ambot from the main goal of making their upline rich. Must put all their energy into buying Amway products and investing in the tool scam. I feel really bad for the bride. I know what its like to be married to an ambot and I know the descent into hell ride she has in front of her.

So where did the creepy Hilton ambot who needs advice from the Amway marriage book end up at my blog. My post about the creepy henchman of Amway WWDB Spring Leadership.  Kind of fitting.

So now its got me thinking. I need to come up with the Anna Banana version of the Amway marriage book!


  1. You had me at "you have earned the privilege yet". L.O.L. for real! LOL.

    Ever see the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross"? That's WWDB to a "T."


  2. Nope haven't seen that movie. Is it a comedy?

  3. Amway couldn't care less about the quality of their brainwashed minion's marriages. Only that the spouse be submissive to the Ambot and support their so-called "business". If they did have an Amway marriage manual, the first half would be devoted to chauvinistic "get your woman in line, buddy" garbage, with the latter chapters devoted to "if she questions you emptying your bank account to the Amway upline gods, here are steps on how to leave her".

    Their concern for the Ambot's marriage is about the same as their concern for the Ambot in general. They love and "care" for the Ambot only so far as they represent money in their pockets. Anything that stands in the way of that... including a marriage... must be removed.


    1. Yup that's right Dave. I shall incorporate some of those as chapters when I write a review of the Amway Marriage Book. Coming up in a blog post soon!

  4. no, it's about unethical cut-throat salesman. Starring Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, written and directed by David Mamet. You should pick it up.


  5. Hi Anna:
    Just a quickie to let you know that Amway has their "logo" painted under the ice at "The Joe". You have to look at it while watching Redwings Hockey...yuck! I thought they didn't need to advertise and more went to the IBOs in bonuses. NOT! I also saw an Amway ad on TV a couple weeks back. I know this does not pertain to this particular post, I just wanted to share this with you. BTW great dental check up last week! Goin' on 4 years of using that negative Crest. Gums nice and stable. I had rather extensive periodontal work done that was all finished in 2008, stuff like bone grafts, but all better now, despite the Crest.

    1. David - well I don't watch hockey. I don't know what "the joe" is but Amway has as much right as anyone else to put their advertising out there if they come up with the money the venue wants. The venue can't very well decline if they've got advertising space for sale or they'd be accused of discrimination and Amway would probably sic their high powered attorneys on them! I did see some Amway advertising somewhere really odd. It might have been a figure skating contest? Maybe something else. I don't remember. It was several months ago I saw it on TV. It really pisses me off that a company that has brought so much misery to so many people is trying to reel in more victims. Our sack of shit Platinum always used to go around bragging that Amway didn't need to advertise anywhere. Makes you wonder why they "need" to all of a sudden!

      Good work on the dental check up! Kind of makes me remember those old Crest commercials that were on TV when I was a kid!

  6. Wow you people are very misinformed or just don't care to learn some facts. Amway is a very successful business model for over 50 years. How long has your company been doing business? Are there some bad IBOs? Yes, just like there are bad people in every industry. Amway did $10.9 billion is sales in 2011 and 63% of that is returned to the producing IBO. If you don't produce you don't get paid. It is that easy. Artistry brand skin care and cosmetics is used by Miss America and all of the contestants. Amway has been giving International Environmental Awards before going green was cool. I could go on and on how you are misinformed but it is actually a waste of my time. I am trruly sorry you have devoted an entire blog to stealing people's dream. Enjoy your lives of working for other people and worrying if your company or government job will be around in the future.

    1. Hi there Anonymous from Seattle Washington.

      Yet another lying Amway asshole showing up at my blog claiming I have a job working for someone else when I haven't worked for someone else in years because my husband and I have our own company.

      I'm getting really tired of you fucking lying Amway IBOs showing up here and accusing me of working a job - like thats such a bad thing. So you rotten little bastard from Seattle you have 12 hours to post information about where I work, what my job is, how much money I make, and where the hell is all this fucking money I supposedly make at my job?

      If you don't respond in 12 hours you will be the topic of tomorrow's post called "Lying Amway Asshole of the Week". We're in the same time zone so 12 hours will make it just before 7am. Actually you get off lucky because I rarely haul my ass out of bed that early in the morning though I do have to go over to a relative's house tomorrow morning to help them out with something and then go for lunch so I will be up early enough - for me. So even though I say 12 hours it will probably be closer to 13 or 14 but I'm sure you get my drift. If not counsel with your Amway upline about how to respond and explain what you were doing reading and commenting on a negative Amway blog. Isn't that a big no no?

      12 hours Amway asshole! Provide proof of my job or be the Amway asshole of the week!

    2. The old Scamcards in your memory-bank are playing tricks on you Scamshitbot. Your program model for ‘The Business Plan’ should be: “I’m an Ambotshit Quixcum piece of Scamfuckshart that was programmed by my fuckupline-creator to suck at life”…NOTHING MORE QUIXSHITBOT! Now be a good little tinscamdroid and go fetch your fuckupline-creator and the chief-kingpins some more of that cash you make at your DAY-JOB you piece of Scamfuckshitjizzbot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The Scamshitbot Destroyer

    3. Yeah you tell him Destroyer! That rotten Amway bastard from seattle must be wishing he didn't show up to leave his bullshit Amway propaganda here especially when it had nothing to do with the topic of this post. Amway asshole of the week!

    4. It's interesting how they mock and deride J.O.B.s when they all HAVE to have one to support their Amway addiction. Unless rent, food, utilities, gas, Amway tools, functions, etc are less than the $30 check from Amway they may get on any given month.

      Something has to pay their bills, and it sure as hell can't be their pittance from Amway.


    5. Dave - to get a $30 check ambot would have to be running close to $1000/month in Amway sales probably mostly "buying from their own store". Most ambots can't keep that up too long until they hit the limit on their credit card.

      Our commission checks from Amway never even came close to paying any of our bills! Not even anywhere near close to covering the overpriced products we had to quota on each month. Maybe enough to buy a couple of CD's but not enough to afford any of the other tools.

    6. The thing is to separate how much money a person is making from their REAL job from what they are making off Amway (or in most cases, how much they LOST that month to Amway).
      Oftentimes an Ambot will try to trick a prospect into thinking the new car they bought or trip they took was paid for by Amway, when in reality it was paid entirely through their real job (that is, for the Ambots lucky enough to have a good job to keep Amway from sending them to the poorhouse). More often than not, the brainwashing can make them also think that Amway paid for the things their job actually had.
      I read one story of a girl working as a babysitter for a couple who were always trying to pull her into Amway. They pretended the lifestyle they had was due to Amway, when in reality the wife was a college professor and the husband sold real estate and had a pension coming in from the Navy. The only thing Amway contributed was making them pushy, arrogant, lying and nasty people. Of course, perhaps they were that way before Amway, but I'm sure that kind of personality made them well-suited for Amway.


    7. Dave - I'd say very few IBOs actually keep track of how much they're losing in Amway. There's a reason why the Amway upline "phony" business owners don't teach the downline how to prepare a profit and loss statement. That would be a reality check with the losses at hundred of dollars a month. WWDB did have a report that showed how much you made in Amway that month but you had to pay $50/month premier membership to access it. It broke down sales, PV/BV and earnings. Even if ambots looked at that and saw they spent $1000 in a month to buy Amway products and got a commission check for $30 that should have been a huge red flag but they're told to ignore the facts. Those numbers will turn around once you get real big in Amway. Amway is all a pretend game. Pretend you own a business. Pretend the Amway income got them a car, trip, nice house, enviable lifestyle. Just keep real hush hush about the real income that is buying those things from a J.O.B. or investements or whatever.

    8. Anonymous, you are an idiot. I put up with Scamway for 13 years. Told it was wrong to question my husband's desire to impoverish us with his zealot's need to buy tools and go to functions when we could barely afford to clothe our children. We had nasty 'Amway discussions' during travel to and from every long-distance function because, according to everyone else, I was the one responsible for the failure of our biz to grow, even though right up until almost the end I was core too. I was accused of filling our lives with negative when I just wanted to watch a damn tv program or listen to the radio for a change instead of cult tape reprograming. My school-aged children would be assigned current events for homework but we didn't take a newspaper because it was "too negative". My toddlers made running errands hell because they'd get bored in the car listening to Mommy's Scamway shit and misbehave. The day of 9-11 do you know what I was doing? Hastily jimmying up rabbit ears to our television so I could hear the latest horrific news about the airline crashes because my Scamway zombie of a husband didn't have us connected to the (OMG) negative cable tv. He was out of town, and I caught hell from him when he returned for watching the news. Our country was attacked by terrorists, and all I got was lectures about my negativity!

    9. Anonymous - Anon from seattle is just quoting his upline. Dumb ass brainwashed ambot. Part of the fun of writing this blog is putting up with drive by Scambots.

      You and the wife of every other ambot has heard the same accusation of why you're responsible for failure in Amway. You'll never hear those Amway assholes admitting the system is designed for failure and that less than 1% of IBO's will actually make some money at this pyramid scheme - no matter how supportive their wives are. Or aren't! I'm glad you're no longer putting up with the Amway shit! Cost you a marriage but you get a peaceful normal life in return.


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