Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Message to the Pervert Ambot from Wisconsin

Nothing really surprises me when it comes to ambots who end up at my blog after doing some whacked out search.

So this ambot from Wisconsin ends up at my post Walk Across That Stage after doing a search for “Amway IBO nude photos”

I mean really. I can’t think of any Amway IBO that I’d want to see nude photos of. Its bad enough I have vivid memories of what they all look like fully clothed. Naked? No thanks!

Although I have no problem with nude photos and I wouldn’t mind coming across some nudes of George Clooney I’m not searching around the Internet looking. Too many of those sites carry viruses.

Kind of reminds you of the guy standing on the street corner wearing a trench coat who says Psst hey buddy wanna buy some pictures of naked IBO’s. Eeeww yuck gross no thanks. Got any of George Clooney?

No seriously you give me a thousand bucks and I’ll take those nudie IBO pix and burn them for you. Nobody needs to see that!

Sorry to disappoint you people but I have no interest in posting photos of nude IBO’s onto my blog. The fact that I was #10 on the old Google search engine tells me he may or may not have had any luck with the first 9 web pages he visited! I realize that I’m pretty high up there on the search engines when it comes to searching for just about any Amway related information and I’m sure this post is going to hit #1 very quickly in case Wisconsin Pervert Ambot does another search mission.

Come on guy. Just go to the drugstore and pick up an issue of Penthouse or Playboy or whatever turns your crank and pretend you are looking at IBOs.


  1. Maybe this is a new avenue that Amway is going down. Amway-sponsored porn sites. Just pay them $200 for an Amway porn site starter kit which you will be the only person looking at the pictures. Then you have to get your mom and dad and aunt and friends to all start their own Amway porn site, and then eventually when you have enough porn downline you'll be free to walk the nude beaches of the world.


    1. Dave - Amway will probably make a much better profit from selling porn than their overpriced shitty products!

    2. I doubted, Amfuckbots look like shit. They better keep promoting that Scamshit they were created to export. It takes REAL business skills to sell yourself…YOU HEAR THAT SCAMFUCKSHITBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The Scamshitbot Destroyer

  2. Hahaa what a sickass! At the meeting I went to, all the ladies looked like they were dressed to go to church. Super conservative. I wasnt really attracted to any of em. Good lord what kinda sick demented fucks are they creating in his LOS?

    1. Oh well. To each their own. If you want to look at naked pictures fine. If you specifically want to look at naked ambots that's creepy. There was no one I met in Amway that I'd want to see in the nude. All those prudes I met in Scamway would be horrified at the suggestion of naked Amway IBO photos available for viewing. Amway creates sick demented fucks without any help from those who want to peek at naked IBO photos!


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