Saturday, May 5, 2012

Amway Ambots are Experts at ??????

Another thing that really pissed me of about the Amway ambots I had to put up with was that every single one of those bastards was an expert on EVERYTHING! You name it those fuckers knew everything about the subject whether or not it had anything to do with Amway. The biggest bunch of bullshitters I’ve ever met in my life have all been Amway assholes.

The arrogance of those pompous Amway bastards is something I have never dealt with before our time in the Amway hellhole. Fortunately it is something I’ve never had to put up with since we got the hell away from those Amway assholes!

You name it those ambot assholes pretend they’re an expert at it. I guess the fact that they run pretend businesses and they’re pretend business owners gives them all the credibility they need to be pretend experts on every subject under the sun.

I’m not saying that there are not ambots out there who don’t have expertise in certain areas through job, education, or life experiences. What I’m calling out are the Amway assholes who just be virtue of the fact that they are Amway IBO’s means that now makes them know it alls. 

Those ambots are all experts when it comes to cars. Too bad none of them take their own fucking advice and drive around in shitmobiles that are 20 or 30 years old and always breaking down due to lack of maintenance. By that age many cars do run into mechanical problems and need to be completely overhauled. Being an Amway IBO means you are constantly broke because you have to hand over all your money to the Amway cult leaders so there is no money leftover for car maintenance or to save up to buy a new car.

Those Amway assholes are experts on all things plumbing and electrical even though most of them have never picked up a hammer or a screwdriver. I saw a house an Amway “expert” jack of all trades was working on. The ceiling lights were falling out of their fixtures. The tile in the bathroom was not grouted right and squint and uneven. He was taking forever to paint the exterior because he had to keep stopping what he was doing to deal with the phone - calls and texts from the assholes in his Amway upline.

Those Amway assholes are experts when it comes to filling out your income tax. “Everything in Amway is a tax deduction! Claim that toilet paper!”

Those Amway assholes are “counsellors” even though they’ve never taken any formal training in counselling for behavior problems, emotional disorders, marital issues, etc. etc. “The facts don’t count!” Not when you’re an Amway asshole = automatic expert on everything!

IBOFB stopped visiting my blog a long time ago and I don’t follow anything he writes on the Internet but I see others making fun of him on other blogs because apparently he is a self proclaimed expert on everything - typical of know it all Amway assholes. He jumped into discussions on my blog where us women complained Amway’s eye cream didn’t do piss all for us and he told us if it doesn’t work then that means we’re not applying it correctly because Amway Artistry sells prestige products and there’s nothing wrong with them - the problem lies with the user. Yup its the typical old Amway standby response of blaming the victim. Same thing with Amway’s prestige tampons. If they leak after 30 minutes then us women must be putting them in wrong. Couldn’t have anything to do with the inferior quality of these products could it?

As people gain life experience they learn to sort through good and bad advice, take what works for them and reject the rest. Counselling with qualified financial advisors or other professionals can be smart for your business and personal life. Hearing a man giving  tampon advice is something that makes most women break down into uncontrollable laughter! But that’s an Amway asshole for you! Experts on everything!

A lot of people have similar goals: get out of debt, put money in the bank, buy a house, make wise investments, and retire comfortably not worrying about finances. Those are basics. Some people have different financial goals, perhaps buying a motorcycle or taking a half year vacation in the south of Italy. The best bet is to talk to people who have actual experience doing these things and hear their suggestions and listen to their advice.

There are many paths to reach the finish goal. Throughout the years I have asked for and taken advice from persons more experienced than I am. Some of the advice works, others not so good.

The arrogant pompous know it all Amway bastards that I had to suffer are the biggest bunch of assholes I’ve ever met in my life. Troublemaking bastards who can’t mind their own fucking business.

The one thing that I’ve become an expert at that no one in my upline will be ever be better than me at and that is blogging about what Amway assholes are really like!


  1. Ambots are experts at - Lying? IBOFB is a good example?

    1. All ambots are experts at lying, making fools of themselves, and alienating others. IBOFB may be one example but the assholes in my upline possess the same qualities! As do many ambots!

    2. I agree with you guys, as of recently, I had an argument with my friend whom joined this dreaded scheme three years ago (I guess she still doesn’t get the hint). She was insisting we all have the ability to do everything, to learn everything. That it’s not about liking a specific challenge as much as just setting your mind to it. In other words, that since she joined Amway Global, this enabled her to have the ability to do anything without any actual training needed. I laughed and assured her that specific certification is required and necessary in order for anyone to take up a venture into any field (and of course, it must be something, which grows on you every moment of your life as well).
      On different occasions, trying not to remain too hostile against her chosen path, I spoke nicely about Amway Global. I informed her they have incredible reward systems for leading Diamonds: private jets, paid for vacations, pre-reserved theme-park attractions. I was congratulating her for reaching 1000pv, as I believe there was a ceremony where she obtained recognition, received a ring, necklace, and a pair of earrings with a pin. She became uncomfortable and replied that “she was aware of that” but that “how did I know that”, apparently only selected people are supposed to have that information. Supposedly if you’re not in Amway Global you’re not even to speak about anything Amway, you have to join before you address anything Amway.
      I told her all that information’s on the internet, and to pull her FAT head out of her pubic-ASS! Stupid Ampeople going around acting like they’re something more than just crumby door-to-door distributors.

    3. Anonymous - as you have discovered just by virtue of being in Amway means that all ambots are experts at everything whether or not they've taken training or education in that particular field. We had a good laugh when our Platinum got free labor from downline to build a master bathroom in his bedroom. This was about the time my husband quit thank god or he would have probably volunteered his credit card to buy everything needed to put a bathroom together. These idiots are reading manuals to figure out plumbing and electrical not to mention putting up walls and a door. Just because they're in Amway now means they are carpenters, plumbers and electricians! I bet no one thought to pull a permit!

      Your friend has been in long enough to figure out she's not making money. She has so much invested in Scamway both time and money that she truly wants to believe she will be a millionaire in the next couple of years and money will roll in forever and she'll never have to work again. Amway is all about selling the dream. Facts don't count!

  2. Funny thing about ambots thinking they're experts at everything. I found an article about ways to reduce cancer risks (|main5|dl4|sec3_lnk1&pLid=158132&fb_source=message) and on that list it says to take less multivitamins because they can damage DNA and there's an increased risk for cancer. The oncologist says multivitamins have doses of vitamins that are too high and more isn't better. What does my fiance say? "I bet they didn't test Double X." I guess he thinks he knows more than an oncologist, even though the oncologist is the one taking care of patients with cancer.

    1. Chelsea - all ambots know more than doctors. Ambots will tell you that Amway Nutrilite vitamins when taken in conjunction with Perfect Water (Amway's miracle cure all snake oil!) will cure victims of all diseases, cancer, body aches,heal broken bones without surgery, etc etc.

      Its all part of the Scamway brainwashing to refuse to believe any sources outside of their cult.

    2. Oh yeah, my ex had back problems, and our upline discouraged him from going to the doctor. Told him to take this vitamin, that supplement and buy some way-overpriced gadget out of the online catalog. Ex's chiropractor was even in the business, but that didn't matter either.

    3. Anonymous - its really frightening the damage those ambots can do with their phony medical advice while they're pushing their snake oil treatments.


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