Sunday, May 6, 2012

Anna Banana is a Disgruntled Amway Artistry Model

Yup someone finally figured it out. A Google search for "Is Anna Banana from married to an ambot a disgruntled Artistry Model?" and I knew they had me!

So I decided to post a pic from my modeling heyday. I just know that everyone will be so envious and dying to know how they too can achieve this styling look. The biggest tip I can give is to get your makeup application advice from IBOFB. He is also available to give instructions on how to insert Amway's prestige tampons! For a price of course!

Yes you too can look like an Artistry model if you buy overpriced substandard Amway Artistry cosmetics!


  1. I still own an Artistry display kit- somewhere. My kids used the products in it for Halloween dress-up.

  2. That's about all an Artistry cosmetic kit is good for - Halloween makeup. Amway has such a shitty selection for color choices and cost way more than Avon or Cover Girl. Makeup only has a shelf life of a few months. Why spend big bucks on something you gotta chuck in the garbage sooner rather than later. Unless of course you're a brainwashed ambot trying to get the old PV up there!

  3. Amway has a great deal on products this month. Order $750.00 or more nad get free shipping.

    1. Holy fuck RIP OFF!!! At least companies that aren't scams such as Amazon offer reasonable shipping, like free after $25 but that's just one example of a company that sells good products at good prices and isn't out to scam people. Amway can NOT make the same claims.

    2. And for the $750, they probably get 3 lipsticks, 2 eyeliners and 1 concealer.

    3. Anonymous - very generous! You sure they get that much for their $750? LOL!

  4. That is a fantastic deal. Saves 50-80 dollars shipping.These concentrating products will outlast and outperform cheap store products.Thanks for the tip.

    1. Anna...this appears to be the Amway masturbator. Location unknown. Must be using hidden proxy or something.

    2. "Fantastic deal" and "Amway" are an oxymoron. Horribly overpriced generic crap. People can get far better products for wayyyyyy less money, so you save shipping costs for stuff to collect dust in your garage because it's hard to find customers to pay that much more for so much less.

    3. Hi friend. We all know the Amway Masturbator is in South Carolina so why he's hiding in a proxy or mobile device is just plain weird. And apparently holding a conversation with himself. Like who else would think free shipping after buying $750 worth of shitty overpriced products is a good deal. But masturbating into Amway products is just plain weird too. If he bugs you just delete the comments or close down the comments to this topic. Its 3 years old. Who would post on something this old that no one would read.


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