Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amway IBO’s Are Cheap?

Our sack of shit Platinum used to taunt the Amway cult followers by saying “I could give you a loan but I won’t because that wouldn’t teach you anything. You wouldn’t learn how to make that money on your own.”

Well fuck! The only reason that sack of shit won’t give a loan is because he has no extra cash lying around to give out a loan. Not only does he have a family and household to maintain on an average salary because he is still working a much hated job that pays the bills but he’s in Amway and that means he’s broke all the time. And will be unless he reaches Diamond which he never will because if that was in the cards for him it would have already happened sometime in the last 20 years instead of falling in and out of Platinum qualification. Probably getting angrier and angrier but unable to quit this scam he has devoted most of his life to.

There were often pre-meetings that took place before the 8pm Amway meetings that the good little Amway warriors had to march off to. These were usually bullshit “counselling” sessions with the sack of shit Platinum. Could take place on a one by one basis or sometimes a small group of ambots would be summoned to meet at a coffee shop. When the sack of shit arrived he’d look around for someone to buy him a snack. Usually at my Ambot who already runs a profitable legitimate business and is older than the other little Amway ambots in the room and more likely to have money or at least room on his credit card. “Buy me a sandwich and coffee” the sack of shit Platinum would order and Ambot would scurry to take care of his Amway cult leader that he worshipped so much.

Other times the sack of shit Platinum would show up at the coffee shop and just call out for someone to get him a coffee and snack. Perhaps one or two of the ambots would scurry to buy the asshole something but usually it was only my husband volunteering. Nobody else had any money and I guess they all looked at Ambot the only homeowner there who owned a legitimate business and drove a nice car as Mr. Moneybags.

Here is a good time to say that our sack of shit Platinum NEVER offered to buy a coffee or a snack for anyone.

What about transportation? It costs money to maintain a car. Almost every Scamway meeting someone drove to the Platinum’s house to pick him up and drive him to where the cult followers were waiting. Price of gas these days its cheaper for the sack of shit Platinum to convince a cult follower that it was a privilege to drive him around. The reality? Saved him putting gas in his car!

The Amway assholes in our upline also expected Ambot to buy the supplies they needed for cult meetings. This was a variety of things. One was a laptop because whoever’s laptop was slower than shit so Ambot would often sneak out of the house with my laptop and give me another reason to dislike those assholes when I decided to go online and couldn’t find my computer anywhere. I mean here are all these fucking assholes in our Amway upline pretending that business is going great and they’re making gazillions of money and none of them can afford to buy a laptop to bring to Amway meetings to use in the presentation. Of which the sack of shit Platinum always led the Amway cult meetings. Why can’t he afford a laptop computer? Especially since he told us he makes about 100k in Amway. People who earn a fraction of that can afford laptops and he can’t? Scammer and liar!

Someone in our upline who claimed to be a 1000 pin - and perhaps he hit that level at one time in the last 10 years but its not like he did ever again - had a camera that was used for podcasts but it broke. Now instead of him buying another or someone else who was at least 1000 pin level Ambot was ordered to purchase one - $200 cha ching! - to use at Scamway meetings and one of the upline assholes broke that one too. And no we never bought another. That was about the time Ambot had enough of those Amway assholes praying that I would meet another man and leave him. You’d think the asshole who broke the camera would replace it but not that cheap bastard! He probably convinced Ambot there was something wrong with the camera. Blame the victim! Blame the camera! Ambots are always quick to point the finger. I've got one finger I save for people in Amway myself!

You gotta wonder how those Amway assholes are struggling along at their cult meetings once Ambot never returned with a working lap top and camera!

Same with Amway flash cards. Ambot bought them but the sack of shit Platinum refused to do any cult meetings at our house because Ambot wasn’t able to bring any prospects. We had a lot of no-shows. Well no shit! It is Amway after all. No one wants to get involved with that pyramid scheme! But back to the flash cards. Word was out that Ambot had them at home just in case the sack of shit would hold a meeting at our house and soon he was ordered to bring them to all cult meetings he attended so they could be used. Some thieving ambot in our upline stole them. Oh well. Its not like I wanted them back! I would have even sold them to the thieving Amway asshole for $10 - what a deal! But no. Our line of sponsorship was WWDB the most unethical scheming thieving lying bastards around.

Puts a whole new meaning to tool scam. If ambots can't afford to buy them then they will steal them. Or break them in a jealous rage.

Are Amway IBO’s a bunch of cheap bastards are or they just constantly broke thanks to their involvement in Amway?

Or do they have a sense of entitlement that just because they’re in Amway that everyone else owes them?

I’d say its a combination of all 3.


  1. I would add a forth ... ego boost.

    As you have mentioned, these uplines are often young kids who everywhere else in life are told "beat it you bum", but in the make-believe land of Amway, being an upline they somehow feel a crown placed upon their head and their downline - even ones who are older and more successful in "real" life - must look up to them and worship them.

    Therefore even lowlife losers in the real world can play pretend games of being someone special where they can order those "under" them in Amway to do things for them, buy things for them, take things from them, etc.


    1. Dave - you pretty much described our Amway sponsor Captain Fuck Up.

  2. combination of all three is correct. Don't underestimate the role attitude plays in it as well. The quote about the loan that you cite in the beginning, I'm sure, would not just be uttered by upline with no money, but also by the few upline that actually have a few $$. Amway = lowest common denominator / worst traits of american business = greed. You didn't even mention those stupid-ass conventions where there are NO extras provided despite the hundreds of dolllars in fees.. I've never been in Amway so how do I know about this culture of cheapness? Well, I'm in BNI, and although BNI and MLMs have few overlaps, it's one trait they have in common. Everything coming down from above "costs extra" even though you pay your dues.


    1. You're right M. The people I met in Amway were the greediest bastards around. No way would they part with their money. Whether it to be to give a loan or buy a snack at the coffee shop.

      Yeah you'd think they could at least provide beverages and snacks at the Scamway functions for the price they rip off the IBO's to pay. But nope. That would mean less money in the Diamond's pockets.

  3. I find it funny that even our "Diamond" upline didnt ever pay for things either.


    1. We were never in a position where we actually got close enough to a Diamond where Ambot could offer to buy him something, anything! They never showed up at any living room meetings or smaller IBO pays to attend functions either.

  4. I have no clue where you guys are, but this is sad to read. I am in Amway and non of this occurs. I don't need to buy anything, I simply go to the meetings when I can and I enjoy them. No laptop needed wtf is that. I basically just buy things I would buy anyway from myself like detergent and such. My mom and dad do the same, I average about 300 pts a month. I don't need to invest a ton of time into this bc my upline has a very easy way to deal with recruitment. Send a text or fb message, if someone is interested in making a little money just as i have from doing little to nothing then I send them the video link. if they are still interested after seeing that, then i tell my upline and they meet up with my recruit. Get them signed up under me, then they repeat what I did, buying things i need anyways, and having close family friends and family to try some products. The products are actually good, contradictory to what the negative internet always says about everything. So my downline don't need to "sell" they just suggest to family to try this, if they like it they keep buying it. real simple process people. I am sorry you have had bad experiences bc of asshole upline. :/ I get that, and I'd be pissed in your positions. Like I said I am making 300 pts every month as a full time college student-athlete. So I can pay my rent and continue through school. This really can be a valuable tool if you have the right approach and you are taught correctly.

    1. Daniel - you have the Amspeak down pretty good! If you enjoy being a brainwashed ambot who likes hanging out with liars and scammers and being taught how to rip off other people and paying premium price for generic products then that's your problem. You're young enough to bounce back emotionally and financially once you open your eyes to the Amway pyramid scheme and as a student you understand the concept that all education comes at a price and what you will eventually learn from your Scamway experience is not to get involved with another MLM.

      Now be a good little IBO and hop back on the Amway truck!

      • ──────▄▌▐▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▌
      ───▄▄██▌█ ░ ░The Amway I DONT ░ ░
      ▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░ ░ GIVE A FUCK TRUCK ! ░ ░
      ▀(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)▀ zooom zoom zoom!!!!

    2. If you don't mind me asking, where are you from Anna Bannana? The only reason I ask this, is because I find it hard to believe what you are saying about your upline and WWDB. In my mind your most likely from another MLM company and your trying to trash talk, the best training system and MLM company. Whatever your experience you can look at the facts, and Amway is the best.

    3. Hi Anna,
      Your speech expresses a lot of hate and anger. Would this be because you are frustrated that your husband has the willingness to fight for his dreams n goals as opposed to doing nothing about them? From my experience, people with your level of hate and anger are so because they've given up on their dreams n expect everyone around them to do thesame so that they can feel good about themselves. If you're so unhappy with your husband's involvement with amway, can you suggest a better business opportunity to him? If you can't, then the least u can do is support him. When he gets ontop (and he will) all his efforts would have been to benefit you n ur kids. I sincerely hope that you find something to believe in, if not for you, then for the sake of your family. I' am in Amway and i thank my God everyday, that i found the opportunity. Keep well. Keep up the good work Daniel, glad to see you have thesame positive experience as i do :-)

    4. Oh great just what we need around here another holier than thou Amway Ambot showing up with some canned Amspeak response.

      What about the wives dreams? What about the husband supporting the wife for a change? Not going to happen in the Amway male chauvinist pig club is it.

      How abut my husband concentrate on his own business and not throwing money away at the fucking assholes in our Amway upline?

    5. Ever notice that ambots have loads of experience in people "giving up on their dreams" and being angry?

      Seeing as how an ambot sees Amway as the ONLY way to accomplish dreams, I'd say you have a lot of experience watching people leave amway angry. Maybe you just have a bad upline.


  5. What a fucking loser

  6. OP articulates her position poorly. Crazy Amway people go after the wounded impala...

    Just listened to my first Amway meeting with URassociates. Oh man do I feel sorry for all those involved.

    1. Anonymous - I know what you mean. You want to feel sorry for those involved. But on the other hand when you have to put up with the amway ambot snide sneering better than everyone else attitude then you just want to say fuck it you deserve to lose money to this scam.

  7. I met a guy last night...7 years he has been building his business. Now earns $100,000/ month. I'd say that if they are brainwashing people to actually look at their own lives to see what areas can be enhanced. Example- relationships, honesty, hard work, loyalty....then so what. If someone thinks it's " too hard" then quit!! Go back to 9-5 and having a manger tell you when to take coffee breaks...when to have much you can earn etc.....then have at 'er. If you are weak or lazy...this business isn't for you....but who cares if someone helps motivate others to be better people???

    1. Anonymous - $100,000/month! In 7 years! Wow! Amway's literature shows that Diamonds make about $150,000/year so this guy you met last night makes almost as much money in only one month than a Diamond makes all year! Wow! Are we ever impressed! LOL!

      I've never had a manger tell me to do anything in my life! I don't even know what a manger is! LOL!

      OK here's a little advice from a person who's been running a good business for many years. The reason people start up a business is to make money. Real money. The kind of money to pay a mortgage, furnish a house, buy cars, and take nice vacations. Who the fuck starts up a business to become "better people"? Being a better person ain't gonna pay the bills. But thanks for stopping by and letting us know they're still teaching that bullshit at Amway meetings.

    2. "I met a guy last night... " Oh, and this guy you met told you he's making $100,000/month doing Amway? If he told you that he also has a palace with 50 dancing girls feeding him grapes, would you believe that, too?

      Amway is all about lying. "Fake it til you make it" is the motto, because if people told the truth "yeah, I've been doing Amway for 7 years and after deducting costs I'm still in the hole" would you join up with their "greatest ever business opportunity"?

      I've found that any Ambot that actually has money has earned that money through their real "J.O.B.". Amway is just an expensive social club and hobby.

      All brainwashed people think they are better people because of their cult. But if you ask their family and friends you'll find quite a different story that they've changed for the worse since they joined their cult.

      "Motivational" cults seem like they make people more positive and hard working, but often that is used against them in the cult to keep them doing something that is ultimately hurting them. In the case of Amway, pouring money into a losing business opportunity. The only buyers of the products are Ambots due to the horribly overpriced nature of Amway. So then it becomes a pyramid scam to try to recruit others into the hole you're in with the hopes of one day stepping on their heads to climb out. But since 99% of people lose money in Amway, downlines are constantly falling apart as people realize it's a losing proposition (as pyramids are unless you got in at the top).

      But good luck to you. You'll need it, motivated or not.

    3. Anonymous - a palace with 50 dancing girls feeding him grapes - LOL! These brainwashed ambots believe everything! LOL!

      Yup the old Amway teaching about how you'll become a better person because of all the money you'll lose in their scam. Like what the fuck!!!!??????? Due to all the emotional and financial distress inflicted on you by the Amway cult you'll become a better person. Nothing Amway cult leaders say makes sense. Except to brainwashed ambots.

  8. Whatever...I'm sure you'll have a great time serving my family fries at the drive thru or washing my bentley.....good luck.

    1. Anonymous - I hate to burst your bubble but our business does not provide the services that you seek and we have no plans to expand and sell fries or car washes.

      And to further burst your bubble no Amway loser will ever be able to afford a Bentley except maybe the owners of the company. A Diamond might be able to afford to rent one for a couple of days to trick Ambots into believing its theirs. The only thing that Ambots drive are shitmobiles. Rust buckets that shouldn't be washed or they'll fall apart.

    2. "Bentley". lol All part of the game they play selling the "hope" not the "soap". "Don't listen to other people. Just your upline. One day they'll be washing your car and serving you while you are flying in your own private plane and walking the beaches of the world". Teaching the cult followers that everyone else in the world not in Amway are either broke or working at McDonalds. When the truth is, most people are making way more money than 99% of the Ambots are from their "business opportunity".

      They like to brag about Amway making billions, but what they don't sit down and think about is WHERE Amway is getting that money from. It's not from the normal consumer market, because the products are ridiculously priced. The majority of that comes from their own "buyers" of the product that they trick into thinking they are independent business owners, when they are nothing of the sort. They are Amway's actual consumers and poorly commissioned salespeople. Nothing more.

      I'm guessing Anonymous above has never even SEEN a Bentley except in his "dreams" which is all Amway is about. Dreams that are never realized, but merely the perpetual carrot dangled to make those at the top rich.

    3. Anonymous - Amway Ambots are bunch of snotty snobs when they don't even have the birthright, the funds, or being famous enough to warrant that. Not that I'm suggesting that people have those things are snobs! Its the Ambot perception that's how they want to live their lives having servants and because they've got bazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in from Amway every month that gives them the right to treat people in the service industry like shit. Right back at you Ambots! The only people who deserve to be treated like shit are Amway assholes! Just because they're in the Amway cult the ambots think that gives them a right to treat everyone else like shit.

      I don't even see Bentleys very often and there are just about every kind of luxury car around here. And the only time I see one is on the highway. I think people who own them don't drive them except on very special occasions maybe going to a ritzy destination. You just don't want to risk getting scratches and dings on a car like that.


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