Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Amway Asshole of the Week from Alberta Canada

I had some Amway asshole from Edmonton Alberta show up at my blog to leave his words of wisdom.

Wow, I had no idea there are so many sad failures that gave up on WWDB! I found this disappointing dialogue while searching for the Foglio's because they are speaking in Edmonton Alberta Canada this weekend. And I am excited to glean some knowledge and positive attitude from them. I saw Brad Duncan the other night and it was great and Greg Duncan in Calgary 2 weeks ago. I just want to say that no one is perfect, but the people in WWDB are better than the ass holes I work with at my job. It is WWDB that is helping my wife through depression and keeping her from working some shit job serving people with bad attitudes. People like you complainers. Look at your own life with the criticism you look at WWDB and you will hate your life too. BTW Canada is breaking 3 new Diamonds in the next 6 months. Quit being haters and sorry for yourself and leave your house, show the plan, have some faith, and if all goes well, we will all be Ambots. Canada Guy

Typical canned Amspeak response. Let me tackle a little bit of it.

This guy likes listening to Greg Duncan who is in bankruptcy court. What does he do? Give ambots advice on going bankrupt thanks to the Amway scam?

WWDB = World Wide Destructive Bastards - the biggest assholes in Amway can be found in this cult.

The wife is probably depressed because her asshole husband is throwing away all their money at the Amway pyramid scheme and they’re taking Duncan’s advice and heading to the bankruptcy court. If she’s depressed she probably enjoys being love bombed by the assholes in the Amway upline. People whose minds are clear just find the Amway love bombing really fucking creepy!

So why don’t you give us names of who these breaking Diamonds are? Because it ain’t happening!!!! Every Scamway meeting I attended there were going to be 2 or 3 new Diamonds, a few Emeralds, and countless Platinums all breaking in the next 6 months. How original! Yawn! Never happened but ambots are always bragging its just around the corner.

Typical ambot Amspeak.

Here’s a little clue for you Amway assholes. You ain’t as anonymous as you think. If some Amway asshole leaves a dumb ass comment I’m going to check my stats to see who left a comment on that blog post and I might call you out in a response.

A lot of ambots are fucking around on the Internet at work. I’m sure their boss who is helping their employee afford their expensive Amway habit really appreciates the employee stealing time and not getting their work done. But whatever. I ain’t the get your work done police.

But this Amway asshole from Alberta really pissed me off because he is a government employee and using a government issued computer to fuck around on the Internet instead of getting his work done like he’s paid to do.

People who are hired by the government are public service employees and their job is to provide service to the public either directly or indirectly and they are held to higher accountability than others because they are public servants - serving the public. Government employees are usually in a union and are usually well paid like at least $20/hour for an entry level position and get health care benefits, generous allotment of vacation and sick days, and a pension. And yet these overpaid paper pushers are usually the ones who bitch the loudest about their jobs. Yeah well there are probably hundreds of unemployed people who would like to have your overpaid job. No one pointed a gun at your head and forced you to apply for the job, accept the job, or stay working at a much hated job.

I wrote a post last year why hiring Amway ambots is a really bad idea because of their piss poor attitudes ambots have about jobs and their coworkers and how they spend a lot of time on the phone texting or Internet instead of working which is what they’re being paid to do. In other words ambots steal from their employees.

This asshole from Edmonton Canada is stealing from his employer. On Tuesday May 29 2012 he was surfing around on Married to an Ambot between 1:15 pm and 2:20pm. That’s Pacific time. I think Alberta is an hour or two ahead.

He is in WWDB the most unethical line of sponsorship Amway has in its cult. This is the values this cult instills in its cult followers to be thieves and scammers. They’re only out to rip other people off.

This ain’t my battle. I don’t live there so its not my tax dollars hard at work funding an Amway ambot not doing his job and surfing the Internet and leaving comments that his coworkers are a bunch of assholes. I’m sure the boss will like to find out what this bastard really thinks of his coworkers!

This overpaid paper pusher who’s ripping people off with his Amway business and ripping off the taxpayers of Alberta really pisses me off. I am providing the information of the computer this Amway asshole is using in case someone wants to forward it to the government of Alberta in Edmonton where this guy works and report him for stealing taxpayer dollars. I don’t quite get the web address other than I can figure out its the government of Alberta. Possibly works in the elections department?

What employers don’t realize when they use a company computer is that they have their footprints on the computer. They have a user name and a password so they can sign in and work anywhere in the company. And if the tech department gets a request to monitor a user’s history they can track them down and see exactly what they are doing. And if they ain’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing they can get fired real fast. And then watch the union put in a grievance that their guy got canned for fucking around on the Internet calling his coworkers assholes instead of getting his work done.

Most of my readers are in the states. The next highest number of readers come from Alberta. Rest of Canada only has a couple of readers here and there but Albertans love my blog. Surely one of my readers will be outraged enough at this employee ripping them off that they will report him.


Host Name:
Firefox 12.0
IP Address: 
Operating System:
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Returning Visits:
Visit Length:
1 hour 4 mins 54 secs
Alberta Pwss, Telecommunications Division

Someone put this complainer out of his misery so he no longer needs to suffer the indignity of a J.O.B.!

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  1. Well done, ma'am. Yes, total scumbag for sure.

    Please continue to fight the good fight. Considering the massive lawsuit Amway is currently paying out, it's only a matter of time before all of these crooks answer for their moral bankruptcy and unethical behavior.

    They've fooled and stolen from a lot of people...and the reckoning is close at hand.


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