Monday, May 7, 2012

Amway Will Ruin Your Life

People are finding their way to my blog after searching for “Amway will ruin your life”.

I’ve seen a lot of people leave comments on the Internet and even on my blog about the financial and emotional devastation that Amway inflicted upon them. 99% of IBO’s who sign up to be commissioned sales agents with Amway will lose money. That’s just the way the system is designed and part of the reason that Amway is known as a scam, a pyramid scheme, and Scamway.  

The minimum monthly amount of money an IBO has to spend in purchasing Amway products is about $300 to reach 100PV that magical number at which Amway will send out a commission check of about $10. But it don’t stop there. $50/month for premier membership to WWDB (World Wide Destructive Bastards) another $35 for monthly Communikate services, say at least $50/month buying useless “motivational” CDs and books, paying to go to Amway meetings, paying even more dollars to attend out of town Amway functions because then you have ticket costs plus transportation, food, hotel, etc. Call it an average of $700/month if you even out the costs of the functions over a year. That is the bare minimum if you don’t want your sack of shit Platinum ridiculing you at Amway meetings for not coughing up the cash to meet these requirements. CORE ambots or at least those who want to impress their upline will probably spend much more than $300/month on useless shitty overpriced Amway products and more on the tool scam.

How much you money you lose depends on how long you stick it out in the Amway cult. Could only be a few hundred bucks to several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars in losses. Much of those losses come from savings, selling the house and using the equity to “invest” in your Amway business, or going into credit card debt or taking out bank loans.

Some people can bounce back from the financial losses. A lot depends on how much they lost and how much income they currently earn. A person in their 20’s who loses $50,000 is more likely to recover than a senior citizen who wiped out their entire savings to chase the Amway nightmare. In many cases even though an IBO may have been involved in Scamway for only a year or two it takes many years to recover financially. Some ambots take harder hits than others and have to declare bankruptcy. Other ambots lose their houses because their upline counselled with them to skip a few mortgage payments in order to afford to go to the next Scamway function and the bank foreclosed on them.

Here’s a tip. If you’re planning to skip a mortgage payment talk to your bank first. Many banks allow their customers to skip a month due to temporary financial setbacks. Other banks let their customers skip a few payments but require them to make up the payments over the next few months adding on extra amounts to the mortgage payment until they’re caught up. If you skip a mortgage payment because you need to money to fund your Amway upline’s goals and stiff the bank without first discussing it with the manager they’re not going to be very happy. Banks don’t want to foreclose. They don’t really want to deal with someone’s house. They just want their money.

Its like the Amway cult leaders. They don’t really want to deal with their downline - they just want their money.

Another way Amway ruins people’s lives is by destroying relationships. The Amway cult leaders start out by separating the ambots from anyone in their lives who are not in Amway. That takes care of a lot of friends and family. If the ambot’s wife has not interest in Amway and can’t stand the Amway assholes then they work hard at convincing the ambot to leave the relationship because the Amway asshole cult leaders know that the spouse can get control of the finances and stop the flow of money to Amway. But sometimes the brainwashed ambot chooses the Amway assholes over their spouse. There’s another marriage ending in divorce thanks to Scamway.

Amway ruins many lives and people take to the Internet to share their Amway horror stories. Thats why at Amway meetings the Amway cult leaders order the ambots not to look for “negative” information on the Internet about Amway. According to Amway assholes the Internet is a bathroom wall polluted by losers and quitters.

And of course everyone finds their way to Anna Banana’s chamber of Amway horrors telling about the treatment you’ll receive from Amway assholes and this is the hell you have to look forward to if you stay in Scamway - being abused by your upline.

So one more time I send out a big old FUCK YOU to two of the biggest bastards who tried to ruin our lives - the asshole that sponsored us into Amway and our sack of shit Platinum!


  1. I just purchased my own IBO for Amway. I have no intention of spending the insane dollar figures you listed (poor financial and business strategy right off the bat). Sorry to hear your upline treated you poorly. My uplines are amazing people, patient, never pushy, and very good people. And my upline above them is their parents! Maybe it depends on the people and not the corporation? My approach to it is to watch how much I spend on this business and see where it leads.

    1. Anonymous - everyone says those lies about their upline at the beginning. Not so much after a few months when they get scolded for not buying 100 PV of Amway products that month, or not signing up for Communikate, or missing an Amway meeting, or deciding not to go to a major Amway function.

      Even Jim Jones was nice and loving to his parishioners when they first joined his flock!

      Yup, watch those expenses and see how they lead you into debt and how difficult it is to "grow your business". And face the full wrath of your upline's anger and hate when you tell them you are quitting.

      Get a grip. If you're a real business owner you set your own prices, hours, and policies and you don't take orders from no one else and you don't answer to anyone else except maybe your wife, your accountant, and your lawyer!

    2. And be aware that your upline will "pooh pooh" net losses of money as being "necessary to build your business". They'll throw out the usual Amway argument of "don't all businesses incur losses at first while they are trying to build themselves up?" But unlike real businesses, very few in Amway ever see a net profit when they are losing so much money to "tools" and expensive functions. Your upline will "teach" you to only look at "positive" things like the $10 check they send you at the end of the month and to ignore the "negative" things like the few hundred dollars you dumped down the Amway rabbit hole.


    3. Dave - they all learn the hard way....

  2. Honestly, Amway is a decent business plan, if you go at it alone, which I plan to next time, its a helluva a lot cheaper only floating the business, say maybe $600/year, for the monthly membership fees, and for having a website portal open. All the other crap IS motivational, but ultimately doesn't help you sell your products.

    I personally love some of the products (their products are AAA quality, they are just so overly expensive in some cases, which makes it hard for normal people to sell them), and make a fairly decent living as is, I wouldn't mind spending a couple hundred bucks (I already spend) on supplements, towards myself at retail. The markup is 30% from the IBO cost, so I would need to buy $900 worth in retail to float my business for a year. Honestly, if you got the cash its worth a shot, if I could break even I would be happy, then I wouldn't have to put another dime into it.

    The uplines are mostly what piss me off, they offer the fake dream of being free, but you really need to pawn off the business on your downlines, if you really want the "statuses" they offer everyone, its really cutthroat business.

    1. Robert - you are quite a perplexity! You seem to have a clear picture of Amway. All the reasons you listed are why Amway is a bad business to get involved with but your first sentence says its a good business opportunity.

      No it's not. And I think you really know that and understand why!

      Do you really want to be a commissioned salesperson for a company with a bad reputation? Come on Robert. Surely you can find a better business opportunity. Go to the library and pick up a boom about starting your own business. The bottom line is the bottom line. People start their own businesses to make money. With Amway only a fraction of 1% of IBO's make money at this scam. Depends how good a liar you are!

  3. I LOVE this blog!!!! We lost friends because of Amway. We wouldn't stick with it because we realised many of the flaws you mentioned. Our 'friends' got annoyed with us for resigning. Then sadly other mutual friends of ours have dumped us too. The brainwashed ambots brainwashed our other friends. I'm so angry. The only invites the original ambots were sending out were to networking functions. We didn't want to attend them, we just wanted time with our friends. Sad story. I hate amway dipshits

    1. Hi Anonymous. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. Sorry to hear about your friends. It's sad to see people get sucked into the Amway cult and have it destroy their lives.

    2. I recall there's a more subject appropriate blog entry for this, but for now, I'll post it here, and repost it there if I can find the entry...
      An indian person commented how Amway was the WORST thing to happen to Indian people... IIRC, this guy lives in Chicago, otherwise some large area (metropolitan or urban area). Indian people don't talk with other Indian people because they dread and are so sick of being prospected by Amway folks. Now THAT's awful to have that sort of effect!

    3. Hi Anonymous. Theres about 7000 comments on this blog so I don't recall that one or most of the other ones either! Amway is the worst thing that can happen to everyone and that's really said if it makes a person avoid a certain segment of the population due to fears of getting prospected by an Ambot. Just the pure evil this company has scattered across the world.

  4. I can't afford the meds I need to regulate my moods, we're a year behind on our property taxes, and my wife STILL wants to pour money into Amyway. She even makes harsh statements about how much easier it would be to do if she didn't have a family weighing her down.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Wow! Your comments really struck me. I don't know how far you have to be behind on your property taxes before your city auctions off your house but that is a bad situation. And it's no different from other people involved in Amway going through financial devastation. The comments your wife is making about a family weighing her down have been fed to her by the assholes in her Amway upline as they brainwash her to separate herself from everyone who doesn't want to support the Amway scam.

      Amway beings nothing but emotional and financial distress. There is nothing that brings happiness to Amway assholes more than destroying other people's lives. Misery loves company and those broke Amway ambots all like to get together and yap about how they'll all be rich one day and laugh at everyone who didn't believe in them.

      You need to get your proper prescribed meds. Those Amway ambots will tell you they have vitamins to cure every major and terminal illness and snake oil perfect water that will cure everything that ails you. Liars that they are just to make a buck.

      Does your city or state have a non profit credit counselling department? These are usually free for the users and they'll set you up a budget and try to find room for your meds and back taxes maybe by kicking Amway to the curb. You've got to reach out for help from some organization like this because if you don't you'll be another Amway statistic in the bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce department.

  5. I share your pain :-(

    My ex-boyfriends MLM activities have left me feeling depressed and angry.
    I hope for both your sakes she does not persist too much longer.

    - Ex Girlfriend of a Herbot

  6. the worst ever... we spent 4 yrs being mentored by professionals & so called christians from VP's to MD's in the upline in the late 90's... i was so mesmerized I even started an outside venture with 2 of the upline scammers & did squat. Oh, but they could lie & motivate... Let me tell you 109 dist & 17 wide and irs audit & went from upper middle class to friggin almost lost the farm... yeah you can blow 10k yr on motivational BS (books tapes functions sitters etc) not to mention extra products you hoped to sell... If youre an MD & lose 50k you survive , if you arent, a 50k+ loss can bury your ass for 10+ years. Is it a SCAM? DAMN straight.... remember if the dream is big enough , the FACTS dont count... lol that sucker will burn in hell.. The amway product itself? nothing wrong with buying & selling .. THE CONS , THE CROOKS
    The EVIL ones infiltrated & deceived many. I watched others divorce, lose "the farm" over a LIE.. I couldnt believe educated folks fell for this crap.. but I did...

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story and glad you got out of this scam. Depending how old a person is and their ability to earn a good income they might not ever recover from losing 50k to the Amway scam. This cult totally devastates some people's lives. That's the type of evil these Amway ambots are.

  7. This is really weird... Amway is NOT a cult or a scam. It is multilevel marketing folks. That's it. Some multilevel marketing companies are profitable and some aren't. Mary Kay and Avon are good examples of successful multilevel marketing companies. Like ANY business, you should seek to have low start-up costs so anyone who joins Amway and buys a ton of products for resale is an idiot. Buy when you have a customer and if you want stock, then buy only samples or full size products that you yourself will use if they go unsold. Duh. So then what is there to complain about? Uplines using pressure tactics? Well, why can't you say the word "No" it is your fault if you give into pressure... didn't you learn as children not to give into peer pressure? So why doesn't the same apply to grown adults?
    Do I have an Amway business? Yes.
    Do I get ANY pressure from my uplines? No, because I told them I was only joining to buy the products at a discount and would be happy to sell to anyone else if then asked. So far only one friend has purchased, but then again, I haven't told all of my friends. Maybe if I did I'd only have about two more customers anyway.
    Did I drop a big amount on inventory? No, I spent about $300 on my first order buying the things I used from Amway that I liked before I joined. So I knew if I didn't sell, I would use it.
    Do I attend meetings? No, see above.
    If I decide to make this a true business, will I spend loads on their marketing CDs? Absolutely not, why are they so expensive. A business is a business, there are several other business books and tools. But even better, I went to business school and I run two other businesses, so why I use that experience and save the money.
    The people complaining didn't plan well and know nothing about running a business so they spent tons on the CDs... they are easily manipulated because they gave into peer pressure from their uplines and so now they are pissed. That is your fault, not Amway's. People who can't make Mary Kay work have the same complaints, yet that is a much easier business than Amway.

    1. You need to do more research about Amway being a cult and a scam. Have you read a book written by a former Diamond called Merchants of Deception? There's a link on the right side of this page. Have you looked at Steve Hassan's web site or site of other professionals who are involved in cult interventions?

      Most importantly have you ever worked for another company where you have to put a lot of time and energy into lie, deny, distract, and defend? You seemed to have written a lot here trying to deny that Amway is not a cult or scam and that you're not getting ripped off and blah blah blah. Did you put that much energy into any other company you've ever worked for or do you normally take jobs with companies that don't have bad reputations. Amway is a blame the victim scam and you proved that point very well in your last sentences. Got any more brainwashed Amspeak you want to share cause we've already heard it all. We've attended the "business meetings" where the advice given out is how to overcome objections. Though why you think its necessary to overcome objections on a blog dedicate to why the Amway upline are a bunch of fucking assholes I'll never know. Ambot wisdom can't be explained.

  8. I lost a good friend to amway. Hung out every day and then he tells me ask this shit about becoming rich. So he drags me to a meeting and tells me to be open minded. I do so and still walk out without joining. After that I heard less and less from him. The other day I called him asking if he was looking for a better job then he does now because I could refer him to my now l new one. What do I get? A huge slurry of insults about my choice of work and physical labor and how he was in 6 months going to move to the company and make 50 to 100k a year and never have to work an hour job again. He told me I was Stupid for not joining him and how I was missing out. He was just, a monster. I looked heavily into Amway and I know a few other amway families who have been at it for years. It's a bullshit scam as l that ruins peoples live s

    1. Hi scott.S - thanks for stopping by with your story.

      You gotta wonder whey Amway ambots always use the line about being open minded. Why don't they say it like it is?

      Are you open minded to joining a cult?

      Are you open minded to buying overpriced shitty Amway products?

      Are you open minded to worshipping and loving the great Amway cult leaders?

      Are you open minded to lying to people?

      Are you open minded about scamming people?

      Are you open minded enough to throw your morals and conscience out the window?

      I'm sure you've got the picture by now. They got to trick you into a meeting because if you know ahead of time that its Amway you won't go. And you especially don't go if you research online and see all the stories about the people who got scammed by Amway and all the misery this cult brought to their lives.

      Yup part of being in Amway is insulting people who work jobs. Sneering at them because they have a J.O.B. and aren't a (phony ass) "business owner" like them.

      Yup according to an Amway ambot everyone who doesn't take part in the Amway scam is stupid.

      Your friend has been brainwashed into being an Amway ambot monster. 95% of ambots quit inside a couple of years. Maybe you'll hear from him one day with his apologies of how he treated you during his time in the Amway cult.

  9. My marriage was ruined by Amway. It was a long time ago, but it sounds like nothing has changed 20 years on. The lies, the constant meetings telling you how useless you are for not helping out more. Funny thing is, my ex wife was never able to retire. She worked multiple jobs and is still working today. Don't know if she is still involved, but at least i got out of that mess. Trust me, all this is true. I lived it.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Sorry to hear you're another casualty of the Amway scam. Nothing has changed in more than 20 years as far as I can pick up from people who were in Scamway in the 70's and 80's. Amway is a bunch of lies told by cult followers who have no morals or conscience. There's nothing those Amway bastards love more than destroy other people's relationships, as you found out. Nobody ever retires in Amway, except for the people who own the company and their heirs. You still see the same old Diamonds getting older on the stage at the Amway functions brainwashing the cult members. If they didn't show up their money supply would dry up.

  10. I remember how my cousin in India, almost ruined his life trying to become "rich and successful". He was convinced that, all 9-5 office workers were idiots and slaves, and he would say that to his family.
    It took him a year or two to call it quits, but I remember how the entire family (cousins, uncles, aunts included) felt bad about it.

    1. Anonymous - that's how it goes with most Amway Ambots. They brag about how rich and successful they're going to be, insult their co-workers and everyone else, and then when they wake up and realize they're losing lots of money and not making money, they quit. 95% of IBO's quit inside 2 years so your cousin was the normal Amway experience. In other words Amway only brings their participants financial and emotional losses.


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