Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If You Don’t Attend Amway Meetings What Happens?

An ambot who must be on the verge of quitting posed the question “if you don’t attend Amway meetings what happens” into the old Google search engine.

Well first of all and most importantly you will feel a tremendous amount of relief that you have escaped from an Amway cult meeting! No brainwashing tonight!

The next thing that happens is that you’ll be up shit creek with your Amway upline. Remember how when you were a kid and your mother used to bitch at you everytime you brought a frog or snake into the house? Well your mama ain’t got nothing those Amway assholes who will bitch and bitch and bitch because you didn’t show up for a meeting!

When we started attending Amway meetings our sack of shit Platinum used a whiteboard to show the top 5 most important things in his life and this is the order we should follow in our lives.

1. God
2. Spouse
3. Family
4. Job
5. Amway

I’ve gone over this before. If I ain’t number one on my spouse’s list there will be hell to pay later!

The real Amway list of order of importance goes like this:

1. Amway
2. Amway
3. Amway
4. Amway
5. Amway

When you’re a brainwashed Amway ambot there ain’t NOTHING in your life that comes ahead of Amway. NOTHING!

If you skip a meeting because your spouse or family has something else planned or you got called in to work, the fucking assholes in your Amway upline will phone and text and bitch and bitch and bitch at you for missing a “very important” Amway meeting. And they ain’t done giving you shit just for the one meeting. The sack of shit Platinum will mock and ridicule you to the group of people who did who up for the Amway meeting and the next time you show up the sack of shit Platinum will mock you and embarrass you in front of the other ambots for your disobedience because you have a life and had something else to do than go to a fucking Amway cult meeting.

So that answers the question of the hell you’ll go through by the Amway upline assholes if you miss an Amway meeting.

And really why even do an Internet search to find the answer to that question because you pretty much know the answer because you’ve been to other Amway meetings when an ambot didn’t show up and listened to the sack of shit Platinum rant about it for an hour. You know what’s going to happen when those Amway assholes gossip about the missing ambot. You’ve heard it before and been part of the ambot group mentality who laughed at the expense of the dumb ass ambot who dared not to show up for an Amway cult meeting.

The bigger picture is once you miss an Amway meeting then its easier to miss another Amway meeting and then another and another and then skip the next Amway function. That’s what the upline Amway assholes are afraid of. Missing ambot = missing money going into their pockets. Once an ambot stops going to Amway meetings and listening to the fucked up Amway assholes on CDs and functions they begin to deprogram themselves and stop buying shitty overpriced useless Amway products. With a clearer head they realize they’re not making money in Amway and start looking around on the Internet and realize that 99% of IBO’s lose money. That suggests that “success is not right around the corner” as the Amway upline assholes pretend it is.

Yup. Good bye! See ya!

But hey what happens if you still want to hang out with the assholes in your Amway upline? Maybe you actually like the destructive bastards. You can still be friends right?

Nope. Amway assholes are only friends with people who pay them to be friends by buying Amway products and motivational tools. These greedy bastards are not friends with anyone who is not giving them money.

So what happens if you don’t attend an Amway meeting?

Once you get past the shit kicking the Amway upline assholes give you and that abuse is going to make most people not want to go to any more Amway meetings then a peaceful calm descends over your life once again. You start to get your financial situation under control. Emotionally you start to get your life back on track and repair relationships you destroyed while in the Amway cult.

The best part is you no longer have to put up with Amway assholes!

It is so liberating to say to your Amway upline: FUCK YOU!

Or in my case blog: fuck you Amway assholes!


  1. If you don't attend Amway meetings, you save time and money. I remember at some meetings, I saw guys wearing suits driving some clunkers. But I guess we were all chasing a dream. I'm glad I snapped out of it quickly.

    1. Joecool - right! You save time and money. Most importantly you save the mental anguish of having to put up with the assholes in your Amway upline!

  2. The Amway upline will tell you that every single meeting and every single function is a "can't miss, MUST have, must DO if you want to be successful".

    Despite the fact that every single meeting and every single function ALL SAY THE SAME THING doesn't seem to factor into the equation. Telling them you can't make it to one due to any excuse at all falls upon deaf ears with them.

    "My daughter is performing in her first school play tonight so I can't make the meeting."
    "But you will miss out on extremely important information to build your business that you can only get at tonight's meeting. There will be plenty of time to see her in plays when you are a millionaire and, besides, if you've seen one school play you've seen them all."

    "My mom got rushed to the hospital and I need head over there now."
    "Tonight's meeting is a once in a lifetime chance to build your business with valuable tools we'll be discussing. Would your mom want you to miss out on your dreams just to see her lying in a bed?"

    "I can't go to the big function because my wife has cancer and we need the money to spend on treatment for her."
    "True business builders don't let anyone drag them down from reaching their dreams. This function is a can't miss affair in which you could never make it big if you don't attend. Maybe she's just faking being sick to be a dreamstealer. If you sell her medication you can afford the plane ticket."

    Those people don't care about your life. They don't care about your future. They smile sweetly and love you oooooh sooooo much, as long as you let them control you and pick your pocket. But do anything that shows you still have a mind of your own and... look out!

    Anna is right. The tools, meetings and functions have one purpose and one purpose only... to keep the dosage of brainwashing fresh and constant. "Fired up" is code for brainwashed. Acting on dreams and blind emotions and not the "negative" facts, truth and statistics. Brainwashing requires constant "refueling" and a missed meeting or function means a chance for the fog to slowly lift and common sense and critical thinking to re-ignite. And the upline DON'T want that.

    Allow your own thought process and mind to return and do "negative" things like doing the math to figure out how much money you are losing with this venture as opposed to making. And get your life and future back from the folks who are siphoning it into their own through lies and deceit.


    1. Dave - everything you said are examples of how the Amway upline demand obedience. Brainwashed ambots wouldn't dare do something if the upline Amway assholes told them to do something else. That's part of the fear/worship thing that all good cult leaders have to brainwash in their followers. They have to keep track of where their cult followers are at all times in their quest to control their money.

      Once you get away from a few cult meetings and stay away from the Amway demons you can figure out how much this whole bullshit is costing you financially and emotionally and try to get your life back in order. Its no different than any other cult.

    2. They are a destructive cult alright. Man these people are really scary. You have to hand it to them because they are great actors, the thing is they are not acting! It really disturbs me that so many people can go through life acting like they are the chosen few ,when they are really rotten to the core. Even sader some really believe they are the chosen. I can only hope and believe that the ones that are ruining peoples lives while profiting big from it will burn in eternity.
      I came upon this site while looking up information on Amyway. I have a son that has been sucked in for about a year and a half now. It is so dishearting because I know he should see through the lies and deception. Your comments on getting out are interesting as I can just imagine how miserable/tough they could make it on a person. Any helpful comments are appreciated.

    3. Anonymous - I'm sorry to hear about your son. Ironically we posted about how to get your son (or other loved one) the other day. A very common topic around here. After a year and a half I would think he must be coming to an end of worshipping the Amway cult. Hasn't his money run out by now?

      But yup to everything you said. Ambots are evil. Whether or not they started out that way or had it ingrained in them fro birth I'll never know but the ones who stay in long enough are truly evil profiting by scamming new IBO's.

      Have you tried to get your son to put a profit and loss statement together. You might have to hire a financial professional or accountant but it'll be worth their consulting fee if you can get a disinterested 3rd party to show that Amway is a lousy business opportunity. Perhaps come up with an alternate business opportunity for your son, a legitimate one that doesn't involve flogging overpriced shitty products and destroying other people's lives.

  3. If you dont attend an amway meeting: youll save some money. Youll get a good nights sleep. You could do something productive. You could do something fun. Shit anything is better than attending a fucking amway meeting! Unless its another MLM

    1. Anonymous - everything you said! Even eating liver is beter than putting up with Amway assholes at another fucking Amway cult meeting!

    2. Dear Anna: This is off topic but I had to write you a quick note. We had a situation recently when a sales person lied to us and tried to cheat us. It pissed me off so much, I was pretty upset.

      Then, I realized all I had to do was channel Anna Banana and tell them to Fuck Off! I actually started laughing when I thought of this and immediately felt so much better. You are having a real & positive effect on your readers!

    3. Ha ha! That's good Connie! You thought it and later you came to my blog and wrote it down so it made you feel better! You should have told the guy he'd be perfect for the Amway business because they recruit liars like him.

  4. So true. It's simply astonishing the hold ones amway upline has on their downline to attend these useless meetings. In 6+ years I missed one meeting. The blowblack was awful.

    I finally decided missing a meeting was not an unforgivable offense in God's eyes and that was enough for me. One night after an intermanabley longgggggg meeting, I arrived home and said, "I'm done. Don't care what it costs. I'm done."

    And that was that. The freedom was overwhelming. I'm still in awe after all these years.


    1. Cassette Tape - To this day I still can not get over the hold Ambot's upline had over him. These were just a bunch of lying rotten little Amway assholes most of them many years younger than him who hadn't come anywhere near to what he's accomplished so far in his life. He is seriously considering "counselling" with Amway assholes who don't have counselling degrees, work low end jobs, have never owned a home, have never owned a real legitimate business, and drive around in piece of shit cars that are always breaking down. These are not the type of bastards you want to take ANY advice from!

      I stopped going to meetings because I told Ambot I refused to show up anywhere that the arrogant prick who'd sponsored him was going to be. The big relief for me was when he finally stopped going to meetings and buying Amway's shitty products.

      The freedom to be away from those Amway assholes is incredible. Other than the fact that he still associates with the asshole that sponsored him and the asshole that sponsored that asshole!

  5. Anna, if I didn't know better I would say you were watching my life. What you describe is exactly what I experienced! Then followed by a relief that was indescribably good and highly recommended!

    When I stopped attending the brainwashing meetings and listening to those stupido Cd's the mental fog cleared just as quickly, and I saw through the smokes and mirrors. Never again! Never!

  6. ExAmbot - if I didn't know better I'd say you're a woman because its the wives of ambots who really get what I'm saying. You sure your wife didn't get hold of your comuuter?! Ha ha!

    There was a job I quit about 20 years ago, reasons not important, there were mass quittings about this time. I waited until 10pm when I was sure no one was there and faxed in my immediate resignation. The next day I felt SOOOO good. A huge weight off my shoulders and I was happy and relaxed. I spent the day at the beach with ambot and a couple of friends and had a great time. Of course by the time I got home my supervisor had left several messages on the machine begging me to come back to work or at least come in and talk to him. Nothing personal against him and I had no problems with him. I did speak with him but told him I wasn't going to change my mind.

    I imagine this is a similar feeling with ambots once they've gotten free of the Amway cult.

  7. At the time our upline left southern Cali and moved back to their home state of Idaho, we felt like our lives were over. And how we mourned when some of our crossline- people sponsored by our sponsors- quit the business. But as I began to get disenchanted, it turned into a wonderful blessing. I stopped going to meetings, and except for my tattling ex, nobody in our business knew I wasn't there. (Notice, I say nobody, because we didn't have any downline either, after 5 years in the business.) And I loved most of it; the evenings and weekends to myself, although my ex pitched a bitch and blamed me for our failure. Hey- maybe that's a big reason why we got divorced, you think?

    1. Anonymous - yup we all get that feeling of peace and serenity coming back into our lives after we've exorcised the Amway demons!

      Those lousy ambots are all whiny ass tattletales!

      That's the old standby ambot response for not succeeding in "the business". Blame it on the unsupportive, negative, unchristian dreamstealer wife! Lets just send out a big fuck you to the Amway upline assholes for that canned amspeak response!

  8. You wont undestand ur upline untill unless you are in soup of shit , having no money to buy toilet paper and wiping ur ass with news paper.
    You buy an product and become a profit sharer So Balls to those who dont do Amway Business....


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