Monday, April 30, 2012

Amway Asshole Encounter

Today we’re having lunch at a restaurant. Ambot is all hunched over his cell phone with a text message. Really? While we’re in a restaurant? So I ask who he’s texting and peer over at the phone which he immediately hides from me. I keep asking who he’s texting and he finally says someone you don’t like. That could only be 2 people. The fucking asshole who sponsored us into Amway or the fucking asshole who sponsored our sponsor. There’s nobody else I don’t like. Well I don’t like no other Amway assholes from our time in their shithole cult but none have been in contact with us for a few years.

Shit! That means those fucking Amway assholes lied to us when they said they’d be our best friends forever! Boo hoo. I can’t tell you how much it breaks my heart that I don’t have to put up with Amway asshole friends any more!

So you know what this means whenever we have an upline Amway asshole encounter? Another expletive riddled blog about how our Amway upline are a bunch of assholes!

Our descent into the WWDB and Amway shithole was (no) thanks to Ambot’s friend Captain Fuck Up. Asshole ugly and arrogant prick are the nicest things I can say about him and it goes downhill from there. The bastard knows I can’t stand him. He’s unreliable, undependable, and for years his presence anywhere near me makes me madder than hell. He’s one of these assholes that if you say the wrong thing to him he’ll stomp off in a snit. So in an effort to get him to stomp off, I’m rude to the bastard at every opportunity. Yeah, that sounds like a good IBO prospect to sponsor especially after I made it very clear to him and his wife and the upline Platinum sack of shit that I had no interest in getting involved in fucking Amway again.

If that arrogant prick had just minded his own business I wouldn’t have gone through the emotional and financial turmoil of putting up with those fucking Amway assholes and I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

To this day I get after Ambot whenever that arrogant prick phones him and I point out that Captain Fuck Up is disobeying the hallowed cult leader’s orders by associating with him. Ambot argues that its not applicable because the arrogant prick quit Amway too. I say big deal. If the Platinum says he can’t associate with us then he shouldn’t whether or not any of us are still in Amway.

Damn it I wished it worked that way but Ambot still seems to be acceptable to the arrogant prick phoning him up whenever he wants something.

What really pissed me off was the time the fucking Amway son of a bitch shows up at our house at 6am wanting to borrow something. We were asleep. So was my dog until she heard someone lurking outside and then the barking began which woke us up. I had a pounding headache all day long thanks to that bastard waking up my dog. Not even an apology to me for waking me up. But what else do you expect from an Amway asshole.

I never trusted the bastard to begin with and after the Amway fiasco and the financial and emotional distress it caused me I don’t have anything to do with him. He’s not allowed in the house so Ambot has to go out to the street to talk to him if he drives over or meet him or go to the coffee shop like good little Ambots do to prospect. Shit I hope he’s not trying to reel him into another MLM! He stopped by a few months ago and actually had the gall to park in our driveway and stood there talking to Ambot. I walked over to the section of sundeck that overlooks the driveway and yelled loud enough for my neighbors to hear that there’s a fucking piece of shit Amway asshole on our property and tell that fucking Amway asshole to get the hell off before I call the cops. He left.

That must have done it because the fucking Amway asshole has not returned to our house since then. Or at least not that I know of.

If I was a fucking Amway asshole and one of my friend’s wives disliked me because of all the trouble I caused them, and I wasn’t allowed in the house, I think I’d get a big clue and stay the hell away from them. I mean how dumb can you be? Apparently not as dumb as this fucker because he keeps phoning and texting - the Amway asshole lifeline.

I can't wait for the day when karma comes to bite him in the ass

The arrogant prick’s sponsor was an Amway asshole who claimed he was Eagle. This pompous shithead was over twenty years younger than me. A single guy. Typical of his age. Mostly only interested in getting laid and figured if he got rich in Amway that would attract the chicks. I think he was an appliance salesman or installer. I can tell you I’d never buy an appliance from that son of a bitch. Just to spite that fucking Amway asshole I’m gonna buy new kitchen appliances from another supplier when we remodel and I’m gonna make sure Ambot tells that fucker he’s shit out of luck. Because of his affiliation with Amway I’d never buy anything he’s selling because he's a liar and can't be trusted. So this bastard gets involved with another MLM and he showed up at our house trying to get Ambot interested. I shut him down real fast. No chance of it happening. That fucking Eagle is part of the reason we lost money and I’ll never forget it. He was in Amway for two years when we were sunk in the shithole. Probably still is. Wouldn’t believe him either way if he said he wasn’t.

So there you have it. I don’t know for sure which one of those fucking Amway assholes was the texting culprit so they both get bitched out today. But mostly Captain Fuck Up gets bitched out because I can’t stand him more than the other Amway asshole!


  1. Hey, who was you upline? You keep talking about your platinum and WWDB, so I'd love to know. We were downline from the Nelsons. Excluding the ones who quit before we joined so we never knew them, my ex and I were 4 deep from them. The funny thing was, the Nelsons were Executive Diamonds when we joined the biz and still ED's when we quit, never having achieved enough downline directs to go Double in the 13 years we were seling our souls to the devil. Our emeralds went in and out of qualification, our directs might have become Rubies in all that time and our sponsors were stuck at 6000 pv. Says a lot about how well the biz works!!!!

    1. Anonymous - my lawyer will be able to access my blog after I pass away and fill in those gaps. Due to personal safety reasons most people who blog about Amway or in my case my Amway upline do it anonymously for fear of bodily harm or death. Some other bloggers have had threats. Our lawyer has a recording of our Platinum talking about how he has "people" who do is dirty work for him if they aren't making him money in Amway. If anything ever happens to me that is the first person the cops need to look at. We have a house alarm, big dog, and sleep with a loaded gun in the bedroom but its been a few years and no contact from our Platinum or others still in Scamway. But you can't be too careful. Ever read Merchants of Deception? That author had death threats.

  2. I of course feel bad for anyone who has been so hurt that you feel the need to write this stuff, so much cussing! Geez...mad, or not, it says a lot about you as well.

    I have been in the business and in WW for years and none of this have I ever seen in our line of sponsorship. We have amazing leaders and mentors in our business and have always made money. Its not right that you are so critical in a public way, as Amway is an amazing company and those of us doing it right, don't deserve to have this put out there. You should have some class, think of others and keep your Amway nightmare to yourself, as there are many that have wonderful experiences. I have NEVER felt it cultish in any way, ever!

    1. Spoken like a true brainwashed Ambot who's been brainwashed to worship the cult leaders! If you're such a prude over the language don't come back here and read. Dumb ass Ambot!


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