Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You’re Not Man Enough To Be In Amway!

One of the last insults our sack of shit Platinum hurled at Ambot was that he wasn’t man enough to be in Amway and he wasn’t man enough to be married to me.

That was when the sack of shit led the cult followers at that night’s Amway meeting into a prayerfest that I would meet another man and leave Ambot.

I had stopped attending Amway meetings by that time. I doubt those fucking Amway assholes would have been praying that I find another man if I was in the room. Instead they’d be praying that I wouldn’t be kicking their nuts in!

The Amway scam is all about blaming the victim. If an IBO isn’t making thousands of dollars a month within 6 months of signing up then there’s something wrong with him and he’s not CORE or he’s not following the business plan correctly or he needs to go out and buy more Amway CD’s and books.

Amway’s literature shows that .0726% of IBO’s earn at least $95,000/year. That’s a fraction of 1% of IBO’s. The balance of that 1% might be just barely breaking even. The other 99% of IBO’s are losing money. 99% of all IBOs not making money in Amway means there is a lot of men out there not man enough to be in Amway according to our sack of shit Platinum’s reasoning.

Being abused by the upline is part of being in the Amway cult, part of being brainwashed by the cult leaders who give and withhold love. Amway cult followers worship these Amway demons and are constantly seeking their approval. All good cult leaders know they have to control their followers and keep them coming back for more abuse or more love. Its a sick relationship.

Our sack of shit Platinum and other Amway assholes I knew were good at insulting and mocking other IBO’s when they weren’t making money but would be ever so encouraging and loving when they made an Amway purchase or invested in the tool scam.

When Ambot started questioning how the numbers in the Amway literature for earnings weren’t adding up and he had questions on the compensation that was when the sack of shit Platinum turned on  him. How dare a lowly IBO question Amway’s printed word! How dare a lowly IBO question upline!

Seeing as how they’ll never make money at Scamway the only thing that brings Amway assholes happiness is destroying other people’s relationships.

Ambot stopped attending Amway meetings after the sack of shit Platinum started praying that I would meet another man. He was then subjected to nasty phone calls from the Platinum asshole. When he stopped answering his phone - thank god for call display - the hateful text messages started. Just the usual bullshit one gets from Amway assholes - loser, quitter, plus his good wishes that I would find another man and get divorced. Sick son of a bitch cocksucking Amway piece of shit Platinum!

Our sack of shit Platinum has been in Scamway for close to 20 years and still isn’t making a Diamond income of about $150,000/year - according to Amway’s literature. Maybe its karma for the way he treats other people.

Lousy good for nothing son of a bitch Platinum isn’t man enough to make money at Amway. All he’s good enough to be is another lying Amway asshole scamming victims and destroying other people’s lives.

Fuck you asshole! Go destroy someone else’s life you troublemaking sack of shit Platinum!


  1. Our upline never got abusive, but then, they never did much for us either. At the time we got recruited in Amway, my husband and I owned an electrical business in our small 'burb in southern Cali. Our sponsor, whose normal job was construction so he needed some supplies and came in to buy from us, had been in the business for about 3-4 years and were at the 4000 level even though I know they were following the plan religiously. Long story short, sponsors had originally come from Idaho and moved back 5 years after we got involved (and they were still at 4000, btw) but then they refused to make trips back to help with meeting our new prospects. Their sponsors- our directs- were willing to fly down every couple of months but only because they had a few people in their own downline nearby. Our business wasn't growing of course (does anybody's, I mean really, does anybody's?) and the direct had the nerve to keep parroting "just keep doing what you're doing". Okay, right, uh-huh, nobody is signing up under us, meaning we must be inadequate losers or obviously desperate or something, but just keep doing what we're doing. Like that's going to help. Come to think of it, I think our sponsor "borrowed" several teaching tools (tapes, etc.) from hubby when they were out showing the plan or doing follow-ups and never returned them or got them back from prospects like he promised. Hey, maybe that's why we failed.

    1. Anonymous - the only REALLY abusive people in our upline were our Platinum, another guy who Platinumship was alwasy alluding him (and he was a wavering abuser) and the fucking asshole that sponsored us. Like being in Amway before us was something that put him on a power trip position. It never worked with me because I had too many years history of never liking that son of a bitch. Amway only decresed that dislike.

      Your sponsors likely couldn't afford to travel costs between Idaho and S.Cal to meet with your prospects. Why'd they go there? Its cold! Probably so they could provide free IBO slave labor to the Puryears. That big old house of theres probably needs someone to dust it 24 hours!

      Nobody's business grows but that doesn't stop ambots from lying about how business is going great!

      Our upline "borrowed" stuff from us too that we never saw again. Not that I want that Amway shit back but I don't waste an opportunity to let everyone know our upline were thieves!

  2. If only my departure from amway was that exciting. That SOB platinum would have had to change his number! Possibly his adress. After i started ignoring my upline, they would just send texts saying "we need to chat with you". I replied that if they had my refund check ready i would be there right away. So of course they stopped pretty quick. They were a funny couple. The wife did all the talking, called all the shots and basically kept the husbands nuts in her purse. The guy was like the little lap dog. What a spineless fucking lame that guy was.

    1. Anonymous - yup that's a surefire way to get rid of an Amway asshole. Ask them where YOUR money is and when they're going to give you money. The first time we were in Amway WWDB it was the wife who did most of the talking too. Maybe it was the same Platinum you had! Ha ha! No. They're no longer in Scamway.

  3. Did you expect to make money when you didn't do the work?


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