Thursday, May 10, 2012

Buy Your Tickets for WWDB Amway Puryear Family Reunion 2012!

Time for some keywords because IBO’s are desperately searching for information about World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion! This is an Amway function held in July each year.

Puryear Family Reunion is being held on July 13 to 15 2012 in Boise Idaho.

Before Amway ambots get out of Spring Leadership the shitheads in their upline are riding their asses about Family Reunion coming up in July and BUY your tickets NOW! Before they are sold out! Translation: Before you can think about quitting Amway sometime over the next couple of months. Gimmee your money!!!!

So off I go to the World Wide Destructive Bastards website to see what I can find about their current plans for causing financial distress to their cult followers and breaking up marriages and destroying families. There’s IMPACT a lot in their brainwashing message to the ambot cult followers.

I’ll give you fuckers IMPACT all right! Impact is a collision like two cars crashing into each other at an intersection. Scamway is a path to collision! I write my blog so that others know exactly what kind of IMPACT putting up with Amway assholes will have on your life. Amway IMPACT = collision with evil.

I don’t know if where they’re holding the reunion they’re having ambots running all over Boise or if the venues are close together. Ain’t never been there - don’t know my way around town! General sessions in the Centurylink Arena July 14 and 15. Saturday dinner and Sunday Breakfast in the Boise Centre. I thought they spelled it wrong so I double checked on the Internet and that is right. Go figure. Original typo made it too expensive to make changes?

Can’t find the price for WWDB Amway Family Reunion because you gotta buy a $50/month membership into the cult to see that top secret information but it includes accommodations, two meals and meetings. When we went to Family Reunion it was $450 for both of us and that included tickets, Saturday night hotel, and Saturday night dinner. I’m guessing that dollar amount is still in the ballpark. I mean just how expensive can Boise be? Its not the tourist or convention capital of the U.S.A.!

Friday night looks to be the bullshit Amway “trade show” with the usual shitty products - Artistry, Nutrilite etc.

Ha ha they’re also offering a seminar on “tough questions”. You know the kind you get from friends and family when you tell them you’re in the Amway cult. They’ll teach you how to answer those questions! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup more of the same old Amway bullshit canned Amspeak responses.

Saturday’s speakers are going to be recently qualified Platinums and Rubys. I don’t know what the hell a ruby is in Amway. But whatever. These lying Amway assholes are apparently going to talk about building “the business”. Well if those bastards do that it will be a first in Scamway history because when I went all I remember is everyone that got up on the stage gushes and bullshits and brags and don’t give no business advice.

Then Diamonds will be yapping about the importance of having a dream. Yeah what’s the Diamond going to say - my dream is to scam the cult followers in my downline! Buy more tools assholes!

On Sunday afternoon the Diamonds are going to be teaching business methods. How to reel in more suckers to the Amway scam!

Who are the troublemaking bastards that will be bullshitting the Amway cult followers this year?
Ron and Georgie Lee Puryear
Glen and Joya Baker
Greg and Laurie Duncan
Joe & Norma Foglio
Jim and Judy Head
Dave Severn
Matt and Sandee Tsuruda
Mike and Michi Woods
Dan and Sandy Yuen

Does anyone else notice how the Amway good old boys male chauvinist club puts the mans name first? Chivalry is dead in the Amway hellhole! Wouldn’t want to be on the Titanic with these assholes!

Seems to be a few names missing. I better add them in so I can throw off any ambots looking for their Amway asshole heroes at Family Reunion. Brad Wolgamott. Dean Kosage. David Shores. Brad Duncan. And lets not forget good old Ganesh and Neha Shenoy because I get lots of Google searches for them every day! Oh wait what about the Amway assholes who jumped ship to Monavie? Who can help out here? Britt someone? Dexter Yager?

Missing from the line up of Amway asshole activities is the Sunday morning brainwashing sermon but we all know they will sneak it in. The one where they pass a hat or a bucket or whatever and take up a collection for the Diamond preaching to the cult followers. Got to make a little side cash by throwing in even more religion like the rest of the weekend wasn’t already peppered with it. Scam you suckers into thinking this money is going to charity! The charity is called the Diamond wants a new Porsche!

Get a clue you fucking Amway assholes! Legitimate businesses do not bring up biblical terms constantly in the workplace or haul it into conferences.

Unless they’re a cult!

WWDB sucks!

Amway sucks!

Family reunion sucks!

And the Amway assholes in my upline suck! Fuck you bastards!


  1. I saw all of these diamonds when I was an IBO some years back. I don't see a single new one on that list, although I see some who are no longer there. LOL

  2. Joecool - the good old boys club Diamonds really can't afford to let any new Diamonds crash their ranks and cause more fighting within their group of how to split up the proceeds from the Amway tool scam.

    I looked up the Centurylink Arena and it seats 5000 plus can accommodate more people on the floor. Lets just say for arguments sake that its 5000 people cause thats easier number to work with. Everyone pays $225 that includes one night hotel, one meal, and tickets to the arena. Lets say hotel, meal, and arena rental cost $125 per person. And that's being pretty generous because mos of the people going are sharing a hotel room so there'd be 2 per room in the majority of ambots. Hotel room group rate call it $100 a night or $50 per person. So due to sharing I'm probably on the high side at guessing the expenses. But I wanted to end up with an easy amount to work with - $100 per person profit. Times 5000 ambots = a cool half million. We have no idea how its split but lets say the Puryears take half of that. Not bad for a weekend's worth of bullshitting because the majority of the people speaking are Platinums and some other Diamonds. That leaves $250,000 to be split amongst the others. Oopes got 9 Diamonds leftover. That makes it like an awkward 27k per couple. Again not bad for showing a face over the weekend and speaking for a short time.

  3. Hi AnnaBanana
    I went with my friend (IBO) to one of his meetings after getting ambushed on one of our morning jogs. He was babbling on and on about this year’s family reunion thing coming up July. I guess it’s a “must attend” function or convention (or something…WHATEVER). For starters, let me admit I’ve never before seen such mediocrity in my forty years on this planet! He insisted I borrow and listen to a couple of cd’s from some ‘money-guru’ he says he knows personally. I’m not really into listening to anything that’s not accompanied by some kind of music…and of course makes sense to my mood at that moment. Well anyway, back to the meeting on Friday night, we get there and of course, the place is pact! There are no more chairs, one of the best-dressed guys in the back of the room ushers my friend’s ‘sponsor’ to give up his seat so I’ll have a chance at enjoying the speaker’s slander. This ‘meeting’ felt more like a revival of some sorts to me than anything close to a business meeting. I guess there wasn’t any religion involved, yet it was carried on in a fashion resembling that of religious doctrine. After being formally introduced to most of the attending IBO’s in the room one of the attendees (seemed rather prospected), and his wife were being badgered by a group of IBOs to attend that July convention –thing, in a matter of seconds the rest of the group joined in and the guy who urged my friend’s sponsor give up his seat to me walked right in front of them to make certain they would go (he kept insisting they attend in a very weird manner).
    He and a few others (they seemed like the diamonds in the group) carried themselves extremely comfortable! After battling with that couple, he made his way to me and asked a few question about my employment (I lead Pioneer-A medical equipment distribution center for medical schools). Impressed, he seemed to veer towards my personal ambitions, at which I admitted I was going to medical school this fall. Before moving on, he suggested I attend this ‘ function’ insisting “I might learn something” and commented that my friend’s sponsor was someone going places and I should maybe meet up with the sponsor and him for coffee some time. I told him no thanks, that I just did this as a favor to my friend whom seemed relentless about this ‘industry’. He became uncomfortable with my comment and with a smile corrected me indicating “this is not a company…it’s a world-wide opportunity for independent business owners with BIG dreams and not afraid of getting their hands dirty”. I smiled back and nodded “most-definitely”, thinking how pathetic this all was! Anyway, a little after 11pm…I told my friend I was heading home, he asked what did I think about the people and the testimonials and I replied they were fine. He asked about my availability to get together for coffee during the weekend and I turned him down telling him I’m not really a “deodorant and soap-door to door kind of guy”. Now, he didn’t show offense to this, but I’m certain he’d love to have retaliated instantly, instead he asked for my cell-phone number and or my email, I gave him one of my email address in case I want to humor myself someday soon. He insisted though, we definitely HAVE TO TALK, and that they could use someone like me in their venture (I’d rather drown myself than tolerate another one of these pitches).

    1. Anonymous - thank you for stopping by and sharing your experiences! Actually I think I will copy and paste this and use it for a blog post later this week in case anyone misses your comments.

      Funny I just wrote a post a couple of days ago about the old Amway line of "must attend biggest event of the year"!

      If you'd gone to a few more Amway meetings the psycho religious babble would have come out in great fervor. The 4 major Amway functions come across more like those revival bible groups under a big tent.

      They always want to drag you around to meet everyone at the meeting because it makes the IBO look like a big shot that he actually got someone to show up for an Amway meeting! A rarety!

      They always want to meet for coffee. He will bring along his Platinum who is probably one of the best sales closers in the room to badger you.

      I got a good tip from a reader last month. When the ambots pester you about your dreams and goals the correct answer is you are saving up to start your own porn movie company so that you can produce and act in porn flicks. That really shocks those prudes. If that doesn't work you could ask if you could bring along your gay lover to the next Amway meeting and those homophobes will drop you fast. Amway is a religious cult with very strict ideals of what is a proper family and the man is always the head of the household and the woman is a Stepford wife.

      Thanks again for stopping by to tell it like it is at an Amway meeting!

  4. No problem AnaBanana, thanks for your blog. I've never been part of an MLM before, so I didn't have an idea of what to expect. At best it served as amusing and there would be no actual purpose in us getting together again (this friend of mine, the Diamonds and I). Even if they happen to be the greatest sales-people on earth, there is no sales-pitch they can use to render me helpless (they're not really selling me anything). Not to gloat, but in my forty years on earth I've battled against the greatest and most feared-car sales people you'll ever want to deal with, and not once have I finished my car-purchase session in less than eight hours (car-sales people are the piranhas of the sales-pitch) Like I've told many before, you have to sell me something I like, and I'm already looking for in order to real me in so we can fight over the appropriate fee...and I'm always incredibly cheap!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Anonymous. Yeah Amway meetings are amusing in a creepy kind of way. Mostly I was just really pissed off that I was there listening to those fucking assholes lying to us and brainwashed ambots who were drinking up the kool aid.

      I think time shares businesses have better closers than Amway does!

  5. $480 for a couple to go this year if you buy your tickets early. That includes the hotel for Saturday night, Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast. A "Ruby" as far as I know is someone who has 15,000 PV (points). On Sunday mornings they do pass buckets at the end of church service but it's for either Paul Tsika's thing he does..The Ranch? .. or for Rick Green's (forget the name)..or John Maxwell's Equip all depends on which person they have speaking that morning. My husband gives $50/month to Rick's and then $50/to Maxwell's :/

    1. Thanks for the update on the tickets Anonymous! One of those deep dark Amway secrets they don't want to get out there! Wow! Thats $100 at least your husband is donating! Its still staying within the group and not going to a good cause like helping out victims of a natural disaster that is happening somewhere else in the world.

  6. So you failed at being an IBO, so the blame goes to Amway? I know the people I put myself around take responsibility for their own decisions.

    1. Anonymous from Everett Washington searching for "2012 Amway Portland Family Reunion" - in order to fail at something one first has to try. I never tried to be an IBO so how could I fail at it dumb ass?

      The people I put myself around take responsibility for their own decisions too. Whew! What a relief. When my husband was an ambot those fucking assholes we knew in Amway never took responsibility for sweet fuck all. Pointed fingers and blamed everyone else for everything. I'm sure glad I don't have to put up with those fucking assholes I knew in WWDB Amway and now only put myself around responsible human beings who take responsibility for their own decisions. So how do you put your self around people who take responsibility for their own decisions because people like that are NOT in Amway and the assholes in your Amway upline won't let your associate with outsiders.

      Figure that one out asshole!!!!

    2. I guess Anonymous has fallen for the usual line of upline bullshit that "anyone who fails at Amway didn't try hard enough and is a lazy loser". It's their way of not taking responsibility for pushing what is a truly flawed "plan". Even when IBOs follow the instructions of their upline to the letter, do every single thing they are told to do, put in tons of hours, go to every function, buy every "must have for success" CD and book, more than 99% of them will still lose money. Those are the factual statistics. And the upline will simply say "well, I guess you didn't work hard enough". It makes it easy for them to avoid responsibility since there will never be a clearly defined concept of just what "working hard enough" really means. All a part of the big scam.


    3. Dave - anonymous from Everett comes across as a self righteous arrogant bastard who's better than everyone else. I wonder if that's my husband's sponsor and he's moved there wherever the hell it is in Washington! He comes across exactly the same as every asshole I met in Amway. Just wait until he quits Amway and the shitkicking he'll get from his upline about how he's a loser.

  7. You didn't do the work

    1. How come none of you fucking Amway assholes who bitch at us that we "didn't do the work" put down your criteria of what "doing the work" means to you and then we can tell you whether or not we measured up to your standards? Instead you show up with you snide Amway asshole attitudes and spout off random Amspeak that we've heard plenty of times before. Not interested in your Amway bullshit and your attitude that you're better than everyone else just cause you're in Amway so fuck off and take the fucking assholes in your Amway upline with you.


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