Saturday, June 9, 2012

Can Gay Men Join World Wide Dream Builders?

A Google search brought someone to my blog looking for the answer to “can gay men join World Wide Dream Builders”.

World Wide Dream Builders also known as WWDB is one of Amway’s cult organizations. It is a very abusive organization and extremely strict with the IBO’s who are unfortunate enough bastards to sign up with this shitty group.

WWDB = World Wide Destructive Bastards. They are only out to destroy other peoples lives.

Ask the Amway upline to tell you about any married gay couple or any gay couple in a committed relationship who are Amway Diamonds. None? Then go down the phony stone list and see if the upline can name any gay couple who have reached any significant level in Scamway.

I am fairly certain that Amway the corporation and WWDB the corporation are not going to tell any gay men or women they can not sign up to be Amway IBO’s. They’re equal opportunity scammers. They’ll take money from anyone! In this day and age most companies aren’t dumb enough to discriminate against someone due to their sexual orientation or they will be slapped with a lawsuit. Does Amway need more lawsuits! Hell yes!

For all I know WWDB or Amway might have been sued for sexual orientation discrimination before but if they were I don’t know about it. That’s why they hire very good attorneys to keep them barely on the right side of the law. Or pay off those they abuse.

So the short answer is yes gay men can join World Wide Dream Builders but at what cost. It will be an extremely uncomfortable experience for them. In addition to losing money, wasting time, and having relationships destroyed, gay men will be subjected to humiliation by the Amway cult leaders.

When I attended Amway cult meetings our sack of shit Platinum occasionally went off on rants about gays and states and countries that allow gay marriages. Sucks to be an Amway ambot and live where gay marriages are legal! During the Amway cult meetings the undertone was there: being homosexual is evil.

Gay men and women are not welcome in the Amway cult!

Though ambots won’t come out and say that. Remember they want to scam everyone out of their money.

At WWDB Amway cult meetings the cult leaders preach what makes a traditional Amway couple family. That would be heterosexual relationships where the man is the head of the household and the dutiful wife stays at home and caters to her husband’s every whim and they should have some well behaved obedient children.

Not once did I ever see a gay couple on the stage at any Amway function or rally.

There was one single gay man in our WWDB Amway group. He told us that he had to give his computer to the sack of shit Platinum who had someone put parental blockers on it so he was unable to access gay websites. It became a game to him to see if he could hack into them afterwards. I mean if a guy wants to look on the Internet at other gay men its none of the fucking Platinum’s business anyway.

To further humiliate this ambot he had to “counsel” with the sack of shit Platinum about being gay. Sack of shit Platinum “counselled” with him that the reason he was not going big in Amway and making lots of money is because he is gay and he will have to change that if he wants to make it in Amway. Sack of shit Platinum was “counselling” him to date women or magically become straight. Sack of shit Platinum “counselled” him that being homosexual is evil.

Uh, no. The only evil things around here is Amway, WWDB, and the fucking assholes in the Amway upline.

So for anyone else Googling about whether or not Amway and WWDB accepts gay men into the organization they pretty much have to or else they’ll end up facing a discrimination lawsuit. However you won’t be made to feel very welcome because Amway assholes can’t mind their own business. You will face some sort of humiliation in Amway WWDB. So weigh it out. Is joining the WWDB Amway cult worth losing money, destroying relationships, and being subjected to the humiliation of being told that gay is evil and counselling with upline to go straight or you’ll never make it big in Amway.

That is what really happens in the WWDB Amway cult.

Its a scam.

Its a religious cult. Amway WWDB has their own screwed up wacked out religion that they preach to their cult followers. Decide for yourself if you’re comfortable belonging to a cult that will mock people and put them down for any reason - including sexual orientation.

Now is a good time to send a big old fuck you out there to our sack of shit Platinum for the hell that he brings to other people’s lives.

Get it through your heads you fucking Amway assholes! Other peoples private personal lives are none of your fucking business!!!!


  1. Id love to attend a function with a fake gay boyfriend. Just to get everybodys reaction. Especially the diamonds or platinum.

    1. Yeah that would be fun! Really shock those Amway prudes and bigots!

  2. Maybe some WWDB diamonds are closet gays?

    1. It wouldn't surprise me if some of them were, in fact, gay. Time and again we hear about politicians and fundamentalist preachers who scream and rail about gays, only to be discovered as being gay themselves. Perhaps they rail against it to throw other people off their own scent.

      A lot of men who may be unsure of their own "leanings" tend to go overboard in the opposite direction in terms of hate and violence against gays.


    2. Dave - that's very possible. For all I know our sack of shit Platinum was gay and part of his counselling sessions about going straight and giving him a canned Amspeak pep talk straight from the stage "if I can do it then so can you"

  3. Holy-fucking-crap, I’d bet you they’d crap in their pants if all of a sudden a flock of gay people started joining Amway Global all over the country! Talk about censorship on their level, from then on they would have to watch what they said and pray these gay ambots not stick around for too long.
    I do have a friend who joined this thing about a year ago and he did come along a week ago or so and suggested I should join this ‘venture’. According to him there’s a gay guy in one of their crosslines (I thought they weren’t supposed to know anything about their crosslines!). I looked at him like he had just said something stupid and said “cool…another gay-guy being involved in it doesn’t make me hate Amway any less you know”. Even so, why do some people think that just because we’re gay we like each other and wish to be all huddled up together due to the fact we have something in common! Fuck, I almost always never get along with other gay guys because they think they’re soooo much more sexier than I am…and I say FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID FUCK-BITCH. So yeah, he said I was being negative and I should just listen to some of his mentors. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…MENTORS…I’D RATHER GO SHAVE MY ASS-HAIR YOU DOUCHE!

    1. Funny...I came across this while researching the possibility of rejoinging Amway. I was in another organization and reached the Emerald level back in the late 1990's. I have since been reasonably successful in flipping real estate here in California...but desire more of an ongoing income that I enjoyed in Amway before. Why did I quit? Well, it was in-part because of some of unethical things I saw going on by the specific Leadership that I was tied to at the time. However, the Amway corporation and the concept is sound. I have a much different perspective now on how to run the business. And, while completely understanding the view point being expressed here, business does not discriminate in theory; people do. If I do get back in...which I might, I think gay, straight, green, black or blue would be attracted to the pure business concept. Believe me it works. I work with many gays here in Real Estate...and we all make money and have fun. In the end, that is all that counts. I don't give a shit what side of the bed you're on or what you do in your private life. Honesty and integrity are the baselines in business. You can make Amway just have to find the right in any industry. Believe me, Amway does not discriminate. Let me know if you want back in...we can all have fun and make money. Seriously.

    2. I agree. Remember, only 5% make it and the other 95% don't know yet or are blogging about THEIR negative experience from an upline that should be reported because the Organization I am part of stresses leadership and ambition at its core, and yes, many are religious as it was created that way, but hold them accountable to the principles they 'preach'. Don't just run away. Schizmscasm @

  4. Anonymous - ha ha you're very right!

    The Amway cult leaders would be freaking out if an influx of gay people signed up with Amway.

    But no they wouldn't stick around long due to the humiliation of counselling with upline on their evil, unnatural lifestyle!

    You have to get permission from your Platinum to talk to crossline. That's because they don't want the ambots in their downline socializing and perhaps comparing notes that they're not making money in Scamway.

    I have met guys who are sexier than me!

    But not in Amway!

  5. Hi Anna

    Could you talk about their commercial airing on TV every now and then. It's really stupid and it persuades viewers to get in contact with an 'Independent Business Owner' in their area. I assumed these people were not suppose to use the means of today's media to get the word out about this incredible opportunity.

    I love your blog and hope some law sometime decimates this useless make-believe business thing! =)

    P.S. Keep on the gr8 work Anna, and thank you for taking all of your experiences to the internet!

    1. Hi Anonymous - thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you're enjoying it!

      You know I really haven't paid any attention to that commercial. By the time I realize its for Amway its at the end and they're telling the viewers to find an IBO in their area. Dumb ass commercial neglects to tell how one would go about finding one but whatever it ain't my advertising bucks down the drain!

      I don't have an opinion on Amways commercial other than they shouldn't be airing it and trying to rip off consumers with their overpriced shitty products.

  6. As a former member of WWDB i wondered that myself - I asked my sponsor if gays were allowed. He stated..."Sure, but who would want to follow them...?"

    WWDB is a hard-core right-wing Christian led organization.

    Based on my experience, it's a total scam, and cult.

    The thing about the sponsor installing parental blocking software on his downlines computer is outrageous.

    I'm amazed there are not more lawsuits against the various lines of sponsorship (esp. WWDB) for different "Crimes against humanity..."

    1. Anonymous - thank you for stopping by my blog!

      I think the reason there aren't more lawsuits is that its really embarrassing to admit you were in Amway. Hell its embarrassing for people currently in Amway to admit they're associated with them! Thus all the secrecy and trickery when getting people to listen to a business opportunity. Its bad enough to admit you were scammed out of your money by Amway but that you were abused and humiliated in the process.

      At least I can get the word out on my blog about the evil assholes one has to associate with in Amway and their fucked up way of thinking. But by the time people come looking for this information they've already been in Amway for awhile. Nobody checks Amway out thoroughly befofe signing up due to the high pressure sales pitch when they're being prospected.

  7. I would just like to say because I think this is bullshit, I am a gay woman and I am in this group and have felt no discrimination what so ever. I also live in canada so I am not sure if you guys are in the states or what, maybe people are just rude and discriminative down there, but here everyone is very accepting.

  8. I have never had a negative experience with WWDB or Amway, in fact its freed myself and my husband from our jobs.
    You clearly had dealings with an awful person in your upline, and I'm sorry that you had that experience and that it has tarnished your opinion of WWDB and Amway as a whole... but that is definitely not the practice within mine & my husbands organization. You had a negative encounter with a person/group of people within WWDB...not WWDB/Amway as a whole.

  9. Anonymous - when people are still part of the Amway cult they all say nice things about Amway and WWDB or whatever cult sect they belong to and how their upline are the nicest people around. When they leave Amway then they say how they really feel about all of the above.

    When Amway refuses to take action on complaints they receive about their cult leaders and the various cult sects that operate under them then absolutely the organization is branded as a whole on those individual's actions. Employers are responsible for the actions of their employees. And if their employees are giving them a bad reputation and they don't do fuck all about it.... The company's name must be Amway!

  10. Anna,

    Did your husband leave you for being negative?
    Is your brother gay and cant stand the heat of his decision?
    Did your daddy tell you it was a bad idea because he failed?
    Are you in love with your own self defeating attitude?
    Did God himself come down to earth and tell you that you are worthless?


    Than why the hell are you such a bitch?

    You have my permission to be anything you want to be.

    Now leave the rest of us alone to live our life without your crap getting in the way.

    1. Anonymous from Edmonton Alberta - if you want to throw your money away at Amway and be abused by a bunch of fucking assholes in your upline then your problems ain't my problems. Live your life the way you want and if you've got problems with me getting the word out about the Amway scam and the fucking assholes in our Amway upline then don't come back here and read the blog. Simple ain't it? Why the hell is everyone in Amway such big fucking pricks that go around judging everyone else just cause they ain't part of the Amway cult?

  11. Nakajima, who is a Double Crown Ambassador in Japan is a Gay man. He has one of the biggest businesses in the world and in JAPAN of all places. Christians only make up 5% of the population so there is no hatred towards Gay people as they follow Shintoism. I live in Australia, am a Gay man and have a big Amway biz. It's exactly the same in Amway as in any country or business, their are a range ov views, usually informed, or misinformed from people's life experience. I have always been comfortable with my decision to build an Amway business as I am more empowered to help peoples beliefs evolve to a more rational stance from the inside out. I have always experienced equality and respect, I don't leave Australia because our Prime Minister is a homophobic idiot, even though his sister is an out and proud lesbian! Amway will evolve as everywhere will. If anyone is ever disrespected, preached to, politically nudged or in anyway made to feel less than, they can choose to complain to Amways representative board. They will be heard and supported. It is against Amway's code of conduct to discriminate and the perpetrator puts their business at risk via such behaviour. Additionally Amway were the second company in the world, after Microsoft to make discrimination based on sexual orientation against their code of conduct.I absolutely do not agree with the donation and as more of us achieve in Amway our voice and influence grows… as in all things, change is inevitable!

    1. Nice! Glad to see some truth represented. Shame on the owners of this blog. WWDB has the most integrity of any group of people I have ever met.

    2. Anonymous - if you think the biggest bunch of scamming lying fucking assholes has more integrity than any group of people you've ever met then your life must fucking SUCK!

      The only truth you know is what you're Amway cult leaders have brainwashed you to believe. If you choose not to believe the true stories posted here about the financial and emotional distress that Amway has brought to their lives then you must be the most uncompassionate unfeeling sorry son of a bitch around.

      Now don't you have an Amway meeting you need to run off to?

  12. You have to admit that the products are really good.
    Their vitamins saved my life when I was extremely sick and couldn't get antibiotics because for some freakin' reason the doctors couldn't detect my kidney infection.

    But now that we're in 2016 and beyond, I do feel like over time when gays and other people of the LGBT community become more aware of the business opportunity, they will join as they will.
    I'm personally asexual but I am romantically attracted to women and more feminine looking men. Reguardless of that, the way I planned it in my head was to recruit the people that I wanted into the group, and turning a blind eye to orientation to that eventually when I got my own group and we have our own meetings, it wouldn't matter.
    But doing this kind of this and being in the world we live in, you can't help but think "well shit you know, what if someone gets shot?"
    I almost wouldn't be surprised.
    But that's pretty much the only way to do it, start that movement or wait until someone has started it for you.

    1. Hey Unknown - were you the guy who showed up here the other day searching for how many gay Diamonds there are in Amway?

      You're the only one admitting that Amway products are good. Obviously you have really low standards. But if you find something that helped you when you were sick when other things couldn't then that's a benefit for you.

      Here's the thing. Amway will never let anyone who is gay or part of the LGBQT community reach any level in their company. They won't admit that publicly cause civil rights will be all over them and they don't want any more lawsuits. The Amway corporation or the owners (I don't recall which) donate heavily to a group that promotes what they like to refer to as "traditional families". Now you and I and much of the free world recognizes that these days there is no such thing but we also know there are homophobic groups out there running organizations to promote man/woman relationships and what they perceive to be traditional families.

      What do you really think the chances of someone who doesn't fall into that category has of getting anywhere in a company that donates money to support these groups?

      Amway will take anyone's money. They're an equal opportunity scammer. You won't see anyone who doesn't conform to Amway's family values reaching any significant level in their company.

      No matter how much you might want to believe otherwise and no matter how much Ambots will bullshit you into believing - it won't happen.

      But good luck starting that movement against Amway to make it happen!

    2. Amway doesn't have "special" vitamins. The only difference between their vitamins and over the counter ones is theirs cost 4 times as much. Though the snake oil salesmen will try to justify it by saying "oh, our vitamins aren't just any vitamins. Ours are MAGIC vitamins" lol

    3. Anonymous - very true. However people have different body and mind dispositions and maybe have brainwashed themselves into thinking this vitamin provides benefits. There is just as likely a much cheaper brand available that will do the same thing but they just haven't discovered it yet.


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