Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Amway Censorship

Amway and their representing ambots are huge supporters of censorship.

I attended countless Amway cult meetings where the Amway cult leaders doled out brainwashing sermons on what the IBO’s could do and not do when it came to reading, watching, and listening materials.

We were told TV was a no no until we reached a certain level in Scamway.

My response to having what I can and can not watch on TV being censored? Fuck you Amway assholes! I’ll watch whatever I want to watch on TV.

The Amway cult leaders didn’t want us watching the news because it was so “negative” and Amway ambots live in a fantasy world of suspended reality where nothing bad ever happens.

Total lunacy!

We were told what books to read. That would be books on Amway WWDB approved reading list. Some motivational type books would be available in likely places like libraries and bookshops, but most books were pure shit that Diamonds had likely finagled a good deal from the author or publisher to flog to cult followers so they could sell on WWDB and take a huge profit on the sales.

My response to the assholes in our Amway upline who wanted to censor what I read? Typical. Fuck you I’ll read what I want. I always brought trashy romance novels to Amway cult meetings and sat there reading them making sure those around me could see the cover shot which hopefully was a woman doing 2 or 3 guys. Funny how I don’t really read this stuff seeing as how I no longer attend Amway cult meetings but it was always good to throw those ambot prudes for a loop when they asked what I was reading and I’d lift the book so they could see the cover shot of half naked threesomes.

What about the Amway cult leaders views on the Internet? Stay off it. The Internet is a bathroom wall and you can’t believe anything you read on it.

My response to being censored on the Internet? Fuck you Amway assholes. If I choose to be entertained on the Internet then I don’t give a flying fuck whether or not you approve.

Nobody censors what Anna Banana chooses to read, watch on TV, or look at on the Internet. Least of all those fucking Amway assholes in our upline ain’t gonna censor those things!

Amway doesn’t like when bloggers and commenters on the Internet talk about their Amway experiences because most of it is bad publicity for the company. There ain’t nothing they can do. It ain’t against the law to tell the truth or have an opinion. At least not in this country. In the past Amway has tried to bully their critics into silence but in this Internet age they shut one down another comes along. Though I am very open to selling my blog and stop writing but it ain’t gonna come cheap! Anna Banana has a price!

Lots of companies have people leaving their opinions all over the Internet and its not all happy love you sort of stuff. Someone gets shitty customer service or overpriced products they’re gonna let others know about that company and hopefully warn them from making the same mistake. Or people can read both sides of a story and make their own decisions.

Not in the fucking Amway cult! Your upline sack of shit Platinum makes all the decisions on what you can and can not do!

I let anyone comment on my blog. If someone in Amway wants to say how much they love the assholes in their Amway upline and try to bullshit me into believing that Amway products are good and priced to reflect their “high” quality then that’s fine. I’ll leave them a response too letting them know what I think of their bullshit. People who want to leave their side of the story on my blog will not be censored for doing so. I approve all comments unless they are a racist attack on someone’s skin color, birthplace, religion, etc.

Likewise I see the same from other former Amway IBO’s who have blogs. No one is getting censored because they like Amway and want to let us know about their great love affair. No one is being censored because they leave dumb ass responses. Though they risk being ridiculed or others trying to convince them the path to riches they’ve chosen will instead lead them to the poorhouse and divorce court.

So I had a recent commenter named Jonathan stop by to say he’s in Amway and its the only way he can come up with to get rich and retire his wife. I and others tried to convince him that Amway has a less than one quarter of 1% chance of making money. The conversations were not hostile but it is like banging your head on the wall trying to convince an ambot of anything. Today Jonathan showed up to delete all his comments on my blog so clearly some asshole in his Amway upline has counselled him to do so and censor his comments because that’s what Amway is all about. Censorship!

Anyone ever stop by Amway’s blog? Not me! But I see other bloggers blogging that they left comments that were never approved or published to the blog.

Amway censorship!

Ever stop by any blogs written by Amway lovers? Try to leave a comment? It likely won’t be approved or published. All in the name of Amway censorship!

When it comes to Amway blogs and website anyone who has a different opinion than Amway assholes will be censored!

I am against censorship. A couple of forums I visited years ago censored some comments left by members only to have the people who left the comments leave more comments saying that admin had deleted them. Not the type of websites I want to associate with! In keeping with that theme I refuse to visit blogs or websites that censor their readers which means I don’t view any Amway blogs or Amway lover blogs and just base my knowledge on what other bloggers have said about being censored.

Why censor if what you believe in is legal, legitimate, and above board?

Why censor just because someone has a different opinion than you do?

I can see why cults want to censor “negative” things about them. I can see why scams and pyramid schemes want to censor “the truth”.

Down with censorship!

Down with Amway!

Fuck you Amway assholes for your attempts to control us with censorship!


  1. Jonathan deleted all the comments he left on my blog. No big deal but I believe he was censored by his upline. Many pro Amway websites do not allow comments unless they are positive about Amway. I don't know what they have to hide.

    1. Joe - Jonathan probably asked the assholes in his upline some questions about income and they got angry and he confessed where he'd been and they told him to stay away from broke losers who didn't try hard enough in Amway!

      They have plenty to hide. The truth about how much they are NOT making in Amway while lying about how business is going great.

      Censorship is alive and well in Amway!

  2. Since Anna mentioned watch anything on tv. Had a laugh when i saw this on the simpsons awhile back

    1. Ha ha Colin! That's pretty funny. Ambots Anonymous!

  3. You know they are probably right about television and much of the news. I feel much better since I stopped watching TV. Be careful that you don't have a negative reaction to everything they said. Remember a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    1. Peter - its also about Amway upline information control as it is censorship. Amazing how all the speakers know what's going on in the news or at least the negative stuff so they can talk doom and gloom at Amway meetings. None of them planning to give me reviews of the latest Dancing With The Stars episode I ain't interested!

      People in Amway are very negative. Hypcorites! That stopped clock might be right twice a day but I'm probably only around once to verify it!

  4. Yup, it's right twice a day and wrong 10 other times.

    Cassete Tape, here.

    1. Stopped clock is right 2 seconds and wrong 86398 seconds in a 24h period.

    2. Thank you for doing the math for us Carlos!

  5. Back when i was involved with amway my upline didnt even want us to watch CNN news or turn on the radio. Said something about us earning the right to do these things.

    1. Colin - it was probably "earn the privilege". I remember writing a post on that some time ago about all the things you can and can't do in your private life. Mostly what you can't do! As long as you're in the Amway cult your Amway upline cult leaders dictate how your life will be and censor out the stuff they don't want the ambots knowing about or spending too much time away from Amway doing.

  6. I saw upline put signs over their tvs that said, 'There is no PV in TV.' There were signs all over her house like that. The fridge was covered with pics of cars, boats, houses, jewels, furs, etc.

    Amway is like the proverbial nagging wife. no pv in tv, you can sleep when you're dead, your friends and family who won't get in are losers, only quitters never win, stay away from your loser friends and family, the only funeral you're allowed to attend while building this bus. is your own, the internet is the bathroom wall of society, aren't you man enough to want to get your wife free, Ladies, you must support your man, recuit 50 businesses and you're done for life, blah, blah, blah


    1. Anonymous - I never actually saw a sign that said no PV in TV but I heard the cult leaders say it at Amway meetings. I saw signs in our sack of shit Platinum's house that said dreams. And yeah all the crap stuck to their fridge and when that got filled it flowed over to the walls in the hallway and living room. Guess they're not planning to paint anytime soon!

  7. Maybe Jonathan found out he was spewing forth bullshit instead of truth, and he's now mighty embarrassed. The guy seemed so earnest, I don't know if he knew he was lying.

    The truth seems obvious to us, but he is (was?) in the fog, convinced that people are making lots of money. He was the first ambot I've seen to try and offer concrete responses instead of spewing forth tapespeak and hopeiom. I maintain he may have seen the light.

    1. Anonymous - I don't believe that any of the lowly ambots know that they're lying because they've been brainwashed to believe what is the truth from their Amway upline cult leaders. So they say it being brainwashed to believe its the truth or really really hoping that its the truth.

      I've actually had a few ambots show up here and state their side of the story really clearly. Canned amspeak responses written clearly and they truly believe Amway is the only way they are going to get financial freedom. Many of them haven't been in Amway very long. I got the feeling that Jonathan had only been in Amway a couple of months though he said he'd beein in Amway about 5 years ago and it didn't work out then because he didn't put the work in and didn't try hard enough. Hmmm. Where have I heard that one before. Maybe he'll be back later this year and admit he should have read Merchants of Deception when I suggested it and it would have saved him money and emotional distress. Mostly I'm concerned about his wife. Wives don't put up with Amway bullshit too long. We like to have money in the bank, a good marriage, a nice house, and don't like to go into debt. All things that get destroyed in Amway.

  8. Wow. I'm in WWDB and still have free will to do or not do. Study any industry where the person or persons are successful. I am sure they had to give up or change the way they spent their time. That is the difference in being accomplished in your chosen endevor and getting by. I have been an ambot myself but I will say I am a better father, husband, and person because of the association of WWDB and Amway. Sorry you did not see the value in the business. I hope you find what your looking for.
    Michael H. Grand Rapids, MI

    1. Michael - of course if you're a brainwashed ambot that's what you'll say. My husband spoke in glowing terms of Amway WWDB and his upline when he was still in the cult. Not so much now!

      I found what I was looking for many years ago before Amway and WWDB and the assholes in our upline showed up and tried to destroy it. Got it back on track after those scammers got out of our lives.

    2. You will never hear someone who is brainwashed say "I am brainwashed and doing this against my will". If they did, then they are not brainwashed. The idea of brainwashing is to get someone to be molded in the image that the brainwashers want and make them think it was their own idea.

      Also, the person who is brainwashed will always think they are a better person while viewing themselves through the eyes of the organization or religion they are brainwashed to. They never see themselves through the eyes of the family who have to see them run off wasting money on functions, embarrassing them in public as they "prospect" anything on two legs and drive them crazy listening to mindless CD's and ridding the home of "negative" products in favor of the over-priced nasty Amway ones. Nor do they see themselves through the eyes of their friends, mainly because most of them have started running the other way when they see them coming, being replaced by glassy-eyed, vacant smiling "new" Amway friends who, of course, will mock and shun them in a heartbeat should they ever step out of lock-step with Amway.

      Having a net loss month after month in Amway with the illusion of future wealth is hardly an "accomplishment".


    3. And some people are brainwashed to believe that they should pack their bags, drink a cyanide cocktail, and wait for the alien spaceship to pick them up and remove them from earth.

      But they're not brainwashed to believe they are committing suicide.

      The Amway cult is an emotional and financial suicide but the cult followers are brainwashed to believe they are successful business owners and they are winners and all the other fairy tales the assholes in their upline create for them in their fantasy world.

  9. I simply wonder why you spend so much time still thinking about and writing about something you hate and left long ago

    sounds like someone slagging off their ex after a breakup, and boring the pants off everyone..... Oh look, you have more in common with amway people than you Except it's the flipside, but still boring everyone

    For your info, i'm not in amway, but once was...


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