Monday, July 16, 2012

Amway Ambots Hate Their Jobs and Teach Others to do the Same

One of the things I heard at Amway meetings was how simple the business was. All you had to do was eat one Amway food bar and one Amway beverage daily and teach others to do the same thing.

Well not that simple because nobody likes to eat nasty tasty shitty products that are priced through the roof. Unless they’re an ambot brainwashed to believe that they actually taste good and are good for you. Hell. Caramel coated cardboard tastes better than Amway food bars!

Amway is all about teaching others to do the same thing you’re doing. Usually referred to as duplicating your upline.

At every Scamway meeting the sack of shit Platinum would sneer at people who had jobs. J.O.B. Just Over Broke. People who were employed by others and held jobs were held in lowest contempt because they weren’t big and important business owners like Amway (pretend) business owners.

According to the sack of shit Platinum after people had been in Amway for a couple of years they could quit their job and sit back on their asses and watch the big bucks coming rolling in every month in residual income.

Freedom! Something that none of those poor fuckers who held jobs would ever know about.

Or the Platinum either because after 15 years or so he still works a much hated job. He hates his job so he is all about teaching others to hate their jobs too.

The Platinum cult leader would roll the noses of the followers into the big shithole known as a job. Making a living working for someone else and getting paid for it. And on and on it would go. How jobs are horrible evil things that only lowly bastards have. People with jobs have to set their alarm clock and get up every day and take orders from someone else. And then when they turn 65 they automatically either die or are broke.

And what about the people in the room who ran their own business. Ambot was usually the only one but there were a couple of other guys in crossline who might be at some of the Amway cult meetings we attended. It must have pissed off the sack of shit Platinum to no end when he asked how many in the room earned 75 or 100k the fictional amount you can make in Amway at Platinum or Emerald level and the people who already owned their own businesses were the only takers. So now the sack of shit Amway Platinum must poison the minds of the business owners and mock them for their choice of business and how hard they work and blah blah blah Amway brainwashing bullshit.

The Platinum sneers at them how they could be so stupid to own another kind of business when the best business for anyone to own is Amway. Well OK maybe for the people who actually own the Amway company thats a good business to own but not for the commissioned salespeople Amway hires and barely pays to flog their overpriced shitty products with a phony ass title of Independent Business Owner.

When we were in Amway a lot of people who attended cult meetings were unemployed. Other IBO’s became unemployed during the time we were inside this hellhole cult.

They’d been brainwashed to hate their jobs, hate their bosses, and hate their coworkers. A person who shows up at work everyday hating everything about it is not pleasant to deal with. Ambots sneer at everyone in the workplace because they’re a bunch of dumb fucker employees and don’t own their own business. Well neither does the Amway asshole! Amway IBO is a pretend business where they earn a measly $10 commission if they buy $300 worth of Amway products every month buying from their own store. Most jobs employees earn $10/hour and they probably don’t have to buy anything to earn that $10!

Because ambots are brainwashed to become insufferable Amway assholes and they bring their shitty attitude to the workplace they don’t stick around too long. They either quit because they don’t want to keep working with these losers who won’t support their business or the boss gives them the old heave ho.

What about when the ambots descend on a prospect who has a job. They’ll ask the person if they like their job. Some people like their job others don’t. Hit or miss. I’d say the people who don’t like their job are probably looking for another one and maybe they are open to going to a Scamway meeting to hear more about this once in a lifetime opportunity bullshit. Others will stand their ground and say they like their job. The ambot will sneer at them incredulous that someone could actually like their job. And then because Amway ambots are dumb fucks they’ll probably make some dumb ass comment like would you still work your job if you didn’t get paid for it. Uh what do you think you dumb ass ambot. If I don’t get paid I am like fuck you I am outta here! Most people do not stick around at a job no matter how much they like it if they don’t get paid. Not to mention thats a violation of employment laws pretty much everywhere!

Just because Amway ambots are brainwashed to hate their jobs doesn’t mean everyone else shares their shitty attitude.


  1. When an Ambot asks "Would you still work for your job if you didn't get paid?", at least they are speaking from experience being in Amway. In fact, in most cases, an Ambot is PAYING for the "privilege" of working for Amway.

    It's funny when an Ambot's sneers at someone who is making great money at a J.O.B. that they are happy at, have great medical and pension benefits, own their own home, etc., their sneers barely conceal their out and out envy and anger that the person they are sneering at doesn't fit the profile that their brainwashing teaches them, that everyone hates their job and will end up broke or dead at 65. They hate having any reality turned upon them that shows that, in fact, Amway is the real road to being broke.


    1. Dave - I think you're right. Jealousy drives an ambot's anger and sneers towards other people who have good lives even though they work a J.O.B.

      For a cult that spends a lot of energy love bombing they spend a lot of time teaching hate. Hate your job and hate people who work jobs and hate people who don't support your Amway business.

      Amway cult followers are fucked up!

    2. Dave - What I find amusing after I told my buddy who's involved that he shouldn't have to pay to work he responded with:

      "You're right they shouldn't have to pay for something like that. Lucky for me I didn't have to and have access to amazing, amazing people that give so much and I'm grateful cause no ones done that for me ever"

      Denial much? I'm pretty sure you HAVE to pay to 'work' and I use that term lightly in this crazy cult. I somehow doubt they would give away things for him to sell without having him pay. Of course as Anna and yourself pointed out they are taught to 'lie till you make it'

      This is on top of things such as what Anna said about love bombing. Quite sickening to hear/see things such as 'my love and compassion will still overfill for you' when they don't mean a single damn thing.

    3. Anonymous - in my years of working when my employer wanted me to take a class in something the employer paid for it. In Scamway its the opposite. The employees aka IBO phony business owners have to shell out the big bucks for training on how to sell their employer's shitty products. And I use the word training really loosely. At all the Amway functions I attended no real business advice or training was given. It was all about the Diamonds bragging about their lifestyles real or imaginery.

      And why does every ambot have these amazing people who are helping them out of the goodness of their hearts?

      Puke much?!

  2. Business advice at these events and seminars, thats a laugh!

    After going to my first one I was done with this fake business and its B.S!

    By all means ambots, if you truly believe that you'll become rich selling chalky bars(come on, we ALL know they taste bad) and "15x purified water" (thats a laugh) then good luck to you in this life.

    Btw, if perfect water was soooo good and purified, then why dont restaurants, hospitals, ceos, Olympic athletes, etc... support it? In fact, why isnt everything that is such high quality sponsored by all these well to do athletes and many up and coming ones? Food for thought.


    1. Sammy - Amway is a pretend business and they fake out people to believe they are business owners and give them this dumb ass title IBO. Call it like it is! Commissioned salesperson! And a low paid one at that!

      Are they up to 15x oxygenating process for purified Perfect Water now? Give them a couple of years and they'll be closer to 20x.

      Any athlete model or spokesperson would support Amway's product if they're paid for doing so. All these dumb ass ambots think Miss America is wearing Amway's Artistry cosmetics out of the goodness of her heart or that she actually likes them. Paid sponsor endorsement dumb asses!

  3. What happens when you get fired or the company goes under? Are you still excited about your job? You job people crack me up, all business owners want to know why you sit in a cube and you continually tell yourselves you're happy. It's the oddest thing. It has nothing to do with Amway that you will have to rely on the Government to assist you because you're not self sufficient. Good luck and pray that Obama wins for your sake.

    1. Anonymous Amway asshole - if a person gets fired or the company goes under then they move on to another job. Its not like the one they just had was the only job in the world. Are you so fucking dense that you don't get that? People find other jobs all the time.

      No, not all busines owners want to know why people sit in a cube. In fact I'd say very few business owners give that a thought. I'm a business owner and I sure don't wonder why people sit in a cube, stand behind a cash register, serve food, or whatever. That's a job people have at this point in their lives. Eventually they'll move on to something else if they so desire. Re-read my last paragraph where I said its not the only job in the world.

      Some people are self sufficient and others aren't. I don't judge people or think any less of them if they require government assistance. But then I'm not an ambot who goes around sneering at people who have jobs and sneering at everyone who is not part of the Amway cult.

      Thanks for showing up and proving what I wrote is true and that ambots hate their jobs, hate people who have jobs, and teach hatred to jobs.

      You have quoted Amspeak straight off the stage. What are you going to do when Obama shuts down the MLM cult scam you're part of? Look for an off shoot of the People's Temple?

    2. Anonymous, some of us do jobs because they need doing and we have a passion for them. The owners of the care facility I work at thank me every day for coming to work and doing the job I do. Do you ambots really believe that you won't become sick or disabled? Moreover, you don't want me to stop doing my job. I mean, my brother in law tried to tell me your vitamins cured diabetes, but I asked him by what physiological mechanism they did this, and he just gave me a dirty look. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I hope you all do get to be multi-millionaires. Then I'll be the last person around with any kind of useful skill, and it's gonna cost you a FORTUNE.

    3. Anonymous, what happens if after spending hundreds, if not thousands, over a couple years in Amway on useless tools, meetings and conventions, alienating everyone you know trying to prospect them and drag them into the money-losing cult, maxing out your credit cards and draining your bank account while maybe making a $10 a month bonus check, will you still be excited about Amway? Because, you know, with only a 0.6% chance of ever making a decent profit in Amway, that is far more likely a scenario than the ratio of people being fired or laid off.

      Whew, talk about Amspeak. You practically are reading off word for word the brainwashing they put in the CD's or spout at the meetings.


      P.S. Hope you never get audited by the IRS. My brother works for the IRS and says they nail Ambots in audits since the vast majority of the things they call "business expenses" are not legally that. That's what you get for listening to an upline "expert" that only "loves" you for whatever money they can pick from their downline's pocket.

    4. Nancy - that dumb ass anonymous ambot has been brainwashed to repeat what his cult leaders say and to hate jobs. Ambots have difficulty grasping the concept that some people like their jobs and others have a calling to do a job. The only jobs ambots think people should have are servants - to them of course.

      Great. Now Amway products are curing diabetes along with other ailments with their snake oil products.

    5. Dave - tell your brother to pay extra attention to ambots from Irvine California!

    6. Anna, I'm sure he gets his share from there since his office is in Santa Ana.


    7. "You job people"

      I started cracking up when I read this. Does he know how he sounds? It's also quite funny how many assumptions he makes about Anna having a job and being broke when he doesn't know anything about her.


    8. That Ambot needs a “reality-check”, and pronto! You’re not a business owner until you work for the people. Amway can’t compete with a competent business, a sound, respectable product or service. Amway sales-reps are ‘investing’ to belong to a popularity club. When all you want in life is to be adored for no reason at all, to be praised, and for someone to hand you a reward without merit, then I guess you deserve what you get with Amway! Anyone greedy enough to fall for that trap is nothing more than a scum of the earth taking their journey to their own slaughter, and thank-goodness for that I say.


  4. Hello, my mother joined Amway a year and a half ago, and those greedy assholes brainwashed her into believing that Amway is good. I tried my best to convince her, but it's too late now. She's been to their scam conventions and meetings, and she's telling me that she's "learning" something. We argued often about this, but every time we argue, she's becoming more and more brainwashed. I told her to look at BOTH the positive(if any) and negative aspects of Amway. She told me she is going to ignore all the bad/negative things people say about it. I told her about how it's not going to work, and told her I've even looked it up. Her argument is that my only proof is the internet. *Facedesk* When I asked her what her proof was, she says she gets proof from the "experts" Amway calls in for their scamcons/meetings. Every time I am introduced to her Amway "friends", the only thing I hear is something about their company, and how "good" and "charitable" they are. These people break family bonds and friendship. I pity those who are brainwashed, and hope that they will get out of the scam for those who know what they are actually doing, I hope that they will get their asses handed to them by karma.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Sorry to hear about your mother getting brainwashed into the Amway scam cult.

      They all say they're learning something and they're taking training on how to be business owners which is a bunch of bullshit. No useful training happens at Amway meetings. Just instructions on buying more shitty overpriced Amway products and buying tickets to more Amway meetings.

      The Internet has become Amway's worst enemy even though they now call themselves an online store or online business opportunity. Since the late 90's when people started getting online people have been getting the word out how they lost money in Scamway. Ambots will argue that those people didn't try hard enough and that they're losers who lost sight of their dream. But no. They're just normal people who probably wanted to try to make a better life for themselves and their family and lost money to this pyramid scheme and want to warn others to stay away.

      My blog is a bit different. I don't talk about the piss poor business opportunity as much as I talk about the assholes I met in Amway and the abuse and the lies they told. Then others show up at my blog and said they heard/witnessed the same thing.

      WWDB = World Wide Destructive Bastards. They destroy people's relationships and destroy their finances.

      I'm not sure how old your mother is but there are heartbreaking stories on the Internet about seniors throwing away their life savings at Amway with the false promise that in 2 to 5 years they'll have bazillions of dollars rolling in each month in residual income in exchange for their meager investment of $1000/month. Its no different than when you hear on the news about seniors being bilked out of their retirement savings due to those phony lottery scams where they have to send in money as an administration fee in order to get the big bucks.

      If you haven't already read it I recommend you download a free copy of Merchants of Deception to better understand this cult your mother has got involved in.

      Also it wouldn't hurt to talk to a lawyer. Perhaps you can get your mother declared mentally incompetent due to her involvement in the Amway cult and have the courts give you control of her finances.

      Ask your mother for a copy of the Amway compensation plan or overview or whatever its called that they have to give out potential recruits. Look for the small print where it says the percentage of people who actually make whatever salary it is Amway is currently using. The number will bee less than 1% like .0736% or whatever I don't know off the top of my head. Try to pound that point into your mother's head. Over 99% failure rate in Amway.

      Does your mother tape Amway meetings? Get ahold of one of the recordings probably a meeting run by a Platinum. He'll have all kinds of lies in there. Bragging about his income and probably bragging about Amway the corporation's assets. A lawyer might be of better help but you might be able to press fraud charges.

      The only way to make money in Amway is if you're a very good salesperson and have lots of customers. And if you're that a good a salesperson you're wasting your talents in Amway. There are other places with a much higher commission compensation plan. The other way is to be one of the people who make money selling the motivational materials the ambots purchase - CD's, books, and tickets to Amway functions and meetings.

      And that's where its at. Only a small percentage of Amway cult followers reach a level where they speak at Amway meetings and they earn a speaking fee for doing so.

      Good luck to you!

  5. I'm am scared for the people who are in amway. I hope and hope that amway global will go away for ever. It is not real life and people who think they can become millionaires and billionaires over night need a serious wake up call. They need to get back to their old lives and do something useful with their time instead of loosing their right to have their own personal beliefs. I hope my sisters and brother- and- law can wake up from this madness. It's not only ruining their lives put it's ruining my family's life. I wish I knew how to get them out of this cult. Away global ruins people's lives!!!!!!!!!! I hate amway global so much!!!!

    1. Anonymous - its a nice hope that Amway will go away for ever.

      Its all about selling the dream which is why your brother in law is convinced he'll be a millionaire in short order.

      And yes Amway ruins people's lives. Their stories are all over the internet. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, etc.

  6. Anna

    I feel obliged to remind your readers that 'Amway' is only one of countless, essentially-identical 'MLM Prosperity Gospel' cults.

    David Brear

  7. Here's how it goes. You build points in amway for YOUR effort. The points go up to the upline who did nothing. You make a bonus off your points from YOUR effort, and make cash from retail from YOUR effort. Then you spend that in the worldwide organization for books, cd's, membership and functions. And guess what? That money that YOU earned now gets dispersed to the uplines, for something they didn't do. For YOUR effort and time to earn it. Amway isn't the evil one, it's worldwide. Amway pays you, wwdb TAKES it. In summary: at your job, your boss pays you a paycheck with a positive profit. In worldwide you pay the upline.. Hmmmmmmm...Next time your platinum (or higher) makes his little pyramid speech, bring this up, and watch them tremble.

  8. Anna:

    I am a fan of your blog, but with all due respect, I have to call "bullshit" on your advice to Anonymous, above, suggesting he consider hiring an attorney to declare his mother mentally incompetent and take control of her finances.

    I am a practicing attorney, and one of my specialties is contested probate proceedings defending elderly persons from relatives or interested parties who try to take control of my client's finances and decision-making through a court-appointed guardianship or conservatorship. This is a slippery slope, and courts nowadays, especially in my state of Colorado, are very sensitive to protection of elderly persons' personal autonomy, and draw a bright line between the concept of "incapacity" and "diminished capacity" - there is a substantial difference. Elderly or not, people make unwise decisions about Amway every day, no?


    1. Daniel - obviously I'd go with what someone who has more professional experience says. People make unwise decisions about Amway no matter where they are in life. As an attorney I'm sure you talk with people all the time and whether or not you can help them, you can possibly give them some advice or at least make them feel better about the situation they're in.

  9. Yes indeed - and I'm hoping one day that I get a WWDB IBO in my office who has the mother of all fraud cases to file against upline!


    1. Daniel - I wish I knew then what I knew now and I might have contacted you!

  10. Ill bet even this asshole has a wait for it...J.O.B.! Otherwise how could he afford all that expensive worthless amway shit!? You job people hahaha! Good one. Thanks for the laugh dude!

  11. Amway ambots = uneducated, delusional, mental, etc. The only reason they're into amway is because they have no life and wants to have a second family to milk their money. In fact, I saw this one video from one of those stupid meetings and one girl was like, "why would I need to go to school to make money when I can be making money now in amway?". Hilarious, the fact that she was a young asian was even more funny. I swear to god those folks are complete dumbass to think they are going strike it big without proper education.

    1. Anonymous - not all ambots are uneducated. Like any cult, they can suck in university educated professionals for the bragging rights and to give themselves what they perceive to be credibility. And then ambots go around insulting anyone who does have higher education like what a bunch of dumb fucks you are spending all that money on education when you could have signed up with Amway for $100 and got started in your own business. Delusional? Absolutely! As you noticed the Amway cult does prey on immigrants and scams them into believing they'll be rolling in riches after 2 years in Amway.


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