Friday, July 20, 2012

Turning 65? You Are Broke or Dead!

Our sack of shit Platinum says 95% of the population will be dead or broke by age 65. And the other 5%? They had their own businesses.
Where does this liar get his information from? I’ve seen other bloggers bring up similar figures.
As for questioning him about where he got these statistics? Never question upline! Though he admitted he thought it was on the census. Yeah right I remember seeing those questions on the census form: “If you’re under the age of 65 are you dead?” and “Are you broke?”
As for people dying before age 65, sadly people die for all kinds of reasons, no point in going into morbid details. I can not find anywhere on the Internet what percentage of people died before they turned 65. If I can’t find it how can those lying IBO’s find it? They can’t! That’s why they’re liars!
In this day and age people are living a lot longer. We have great advances in medical and science and generally speaking people live healthier lifestyles watching what they eat, exercising, and not smoking. People with healthy lifestyles are easily living into their 80’s and 90’s. And most of the people I know in those age groups are of comfortable means. They own their own homes, collect social security, and have savings and investments that they live off.
How does any ambot know the actual percentage of how many people are broke by age 65. What government survey asks the question “are you broke”. I’m not sure many people would admit to it on a survey anyway!
I can find no substantiated documentation that 95% of the population is dead or broke by age 65, therefore I come to the logical conclusion that any Amway ambot who spouts off this bullshit is a liar probably repeating lies that originated further upline.
There are lots of people who plan badly for their future. That doesn’t mean they’ll be broke or dead by age 65. There are lots of people who aren’t business owners. That doesn’t mean they’ll be broke or dead by age 65.
Other things may happen too. A spouse might die, loss of a job could lead to other financial woes such as unable to pay the mortgage, or illness or injury could make earning a living nearly impossible.
The above paragraph defines people that IBO’s typically prey upon to recruit into Amway. People who are already in a sad state of affairs and in a poor financial position and who can least afford to lose money are sucked into the Amway scheme by nasty ambots who fill their heads with dreams of financial freedom.
Now let’s move on to the lie about the 5% of the population who are not dead or broke by age 65 simply by the virtue of owning their own business.
Owning your own business puts an invisible shield around you that guards you from being killed in an accident or dying from a disease or losing all your money by age 65?
Apparently that’s what brainwashed ambots believe. Brainwashed ambots are also led to believe that because someone owns a business they will be successful and never be broke.
Another lie taught by the lying upline. Business fail for all kinds of reasons sometimes at great personal financial loss to the business owner that they might not ever be able to recover from. Including phony Amway businesses!
The upline brainwashes ambots into believing they are real business owners because they slapped down $150 for an Amway registration fee and $300/month for Amway products for personal consumption, and a few hundred more a month on Amway tools and functions. The upline teaches that this means they are part of the imaginary 5% of business owners who will live past 65 and will never be broke.
OK. Before signing up to this fantasy tell the upline liar to provide proof of those statistics. Would be interesting to see what they come up with. Pretty hard to back peddle out of that lie!


  1. Hey Anna Banana :) ... You are so refreshing... Just want to start with that note! ... My fiancé is heavily involved in this business... And it makes me terribly nervous ... He stopped going to school ... He's taking out a 5,000 dollar loan to do a John Maxwell program (I'm sure you remember him--- one of the many success "tools" they use as a resource for their credibility... Or lack thereof). I guess my question is... How did your husband see the light? I have done my best to be supportive but I'm at the point now where I am seriously beginning to rethink our future together and it's so painful. I love this man. He is a wonderful individual and he is the person I envision my life with. But, if this path continues ... Ugh. I'm at a loss. At this point, he'd probably pick the business over me anyways. He says it's not like that but when you go to a function and they say it's best to date within the business because it's rare you'll find someone outside who understands ... I'm sorry but HOW IS THAT NOT A FRIKEN RED FLAG!!!!! .... I would appreciate any advice, insight... Just anything!

    1. Hey Anon,

      While I'm not Anna I will say this really breaks my heart to hear! I lost a friend to Amway and it's devilish brainwash techniques as well.

      As painful as it is for me to say this but as you pointed out he already spoke to them about you and they have probably said more things such as 'encourage' him to leave you because you're not 'winner' like him and you're not 'supporting' his dream.

      It's a sad thing to see how much power they have over him when you love him so much as is.

    2. That's true of any joining any MLM. Why,look at your writing, if you feel this way before marriage how will you feel after being wed when the bloom is off the rose.

      Its not about being a cult, its about sharing like activities. Ex: If your husband enjoyed sailing and you didn't, but he had a passion to sail around the world over 5 years. He'd need more than a "supportive" partner.

      It takes commitment to win in any MLM. Your best bet is to learn Amway's comp plan and then learn the plan of other MLM's, share the dramatic differences.

      All he's saying now is, he doesn't want a job, he wants a life style.

  2. Hello Anonymous, I am an ex-cult too! I tell you one thing I learnt in Amway. None will do anything if it is not their own idea, so you need to make them feel like it is their own idea which you want them to do! Amway cultism is not developed in one day or weekend function, not even couple of months. It is uninterrupted enforcement through, books, CDs and association with similar set of people. If you think your man is a great guy, just see if you can ask him to avoid all three and read some blogs where all successful diamonds could be suing Amway:) If this also does not work or not possible, ask him to really draw income and expenditure account and tell him that every expense he is making should create an asset that can yield money two years down the line. CDs, books and functions and associations are the only expenses arising in this business. And ask him to read business reference guide issued by Amway (readily available at my blog or you can download from US Amway website) and also understand the compensation structure. I do not say Amway is impossible but it 'structured to make maximum people fail'.

  3. Dear Ms Anonymous: It's a HUGE red flag and you are WISE to pay attention! Any man who would pick ANY business-much less a losing proposition like Amway-over YOU is not someone you want to promise to love 'till death do you part. You have your answer already, I think, it's just oh-so-hard and painful to accept that you cannot move forward in a healthy relationship with someone who's in the grip of an evil cult.
    Don't make the mistakes that I made and ignore the signs, then face trying to get out of it. As my mother used to say (would that I had listened to her) "It's easier to get into trouble than it is to get out of it".
    I'm not saying abandon him completely, just don't get hitched. You'll be in for a hellish ride leading to emotional and financial ruin. But, if you stay calm and say on the sidelines, there's a chance he may come out of it/come to his senses. Then he'll love you all the more for having waited. But don't tie the knot till he's out of it. You want someone free & clear-not someone tied to a brainwashing capitalistic cult. Marriage is hard enough even when someone is in their right mind.

  4. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by!

    Yup you should be nervous. We've all gone through the same thing. You will see other stories on the Internet and realize you could have written them too. We all want to be supportive but when our husband or boyfriend or family member is taking out loans and draining the bank account to support the Amway upline and owners to get richer it is really difficult to watch your finances hit the toilet not to mention the personality change for the worse of the Amway cult member,

    My husband started having questions about the Amway compensation plan and when he asked his upline about it they blew him off. They were really abusing him by that point anyway. The emotional abuse that is part of this cult is hell. Eventually most ambots quit. Theres a 95% drop out in 2 years so you have to decide whether or not to wait it out and hope the law of averages is on your side. What you are feeling is normal. Most women married to ambots think about leaving them and some do.

    There is really no different advice I can give you other than what I've written in past posts. I recommend you download the free ebook Merchants of Deception to help you understand and try to get your fiancé to read it and see there is less than a 1% chance of making money in this shitty business opportunity.

  5. The only sack of shit is you for writing this bullshit.

    1. How's the 'upside down' pyramid going? I always thought it was a little precarious that they always said that. Less than 1% make a profit? Or enough to be financially independant? Then, draw that on a board. 1 circle on top, and 99 more below it. What shape is that? Upside down, right side up, it's still a pyramid. It cannot possibly be any other way. The mass amount of cash the 'successful' IBO's make, has to be generated somewhere. That is, the 99% below them that lose! That ratio will always be the same!!! Throw that up on your next board plan!! Sure you can move up, does that really make NOT a pyramid? If you move up to the top, guess what? You just create your own pyramid below yourself! Reeeeeeeeally ethical. So who's dream are THEY building?

    2. So? Who gives a flying fuck what you think. Don't like what you read here then move on.

    3. To a brainwashed Ambot, FACTS + TRUTH = BULLSHIT.

      They know the ONLY hope they have in Amway is pushing the "dream" of wealth while concealing the horrible odds of success (less than 1%)and lying like sons-a-bitches to prospects and avoiding and dancing around any actual business questions they ask with the hope of sucking them into their downline to drain their finances.

      Sorry, Anonymous, the only bullshit here is you. Because the other mathematical equation is one less Ambot sucked into the cult = one less life ruined.


  6. Lol i wonder if this the same "you jobs people" guy! Hope ur busted old 70's model hatchback makes it to the next out of state amway once in a lifetime opportunity!

    1. We need to run those Amway shitmobiles out of town!

  7. Anna Bannana and everyone else who was so kind in responding to me with such support, thank you so much. I apologize it's over a year later and I am just now responding with a thank you. To be honest, after I wrote a response, I wasn't sure I would get a reply. I feel so silly for not checking back. ... I am still with the same man. However, the wedding date has been on hold for quite some time. I am letting him explore this "opportunity"... He has yet to make any money ... Rather, what I have realized is that these cult leaders operate on building relationships and fostering a sort of emotional attachment. They become mentors. No one wants to dissapoint their greatest "mentors". It makes me queasy. My opinion on the business has not changed. Although, I have tried. Truly. I have gone to the meetings with him, the trips, met with his upline etc. I just can't bring myself to trust it. It isn't genuine. ... Genuine people get caught up in it. They bring other genuine people with them. And the scammers screw all of them. ... I apologize for the lack of a refined description. Luckily, it is becoming less of a prominent fixture in his life. He is slowly coming back to seeing the beauty that exists in the life we lead together--- jobs and all! There is loveliness in the routine of life and so often, we forget to appreciate it. Soooo, to surmise WWDB/amway is a sick cyclical cycle of being sucked in and conned. Every time, I have ever subjected myself to sitting in one of those meetings, The exit doors become the most prominent things in there. All that being said, thank you with all my heart to each and everyone of you who showered me with wisdom and advice. And Anna Banana, thank you for creating this blog. It's much needed :).

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for coming back with an update. Actually I might take this and use it in an upcoming post because people might miss this cause its an older post.

      We all have the same story maybe written slightly differently. I could have written what you just wrote. That's my story too.

      And they're still using that mentor shit? Yeah I can really learn a lot from some kid who is 20 years younger than me, has never owned his own home, and is flipping burgers at a fast food joint. That's how it is in Amway. You worship the assholes in your upline just cause they signed up before you.

      Anyway it sounds like your boyfriend is cutting himself loose from the Amway cult. When they stop going to as many meetings, don't bust their ass to respond to phone calls and texts from the assholes in their upline, and don't buy as much overpriced shitty Amway products, you know you just got to wait them out a little longer. They're figuring out Amway is a scam and they're not making the promised money.


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