Friday, November 30, 2012

“Eat, Drink, Duplicate Amway”

Search criteria used by an Amway ambot to find his way to my blog: eat drink duplicate Amway.
That tells me the same bullshit I heard at Scamway meetings is still being taught today.
At every Amway cult meeting I attended we were told it was soooooo easy to make money in Amway. All we had to do was:
eat one Amway food bar a day
drink one Amway beverage a day
duplicate – find other people who could do what we do
That last part meant finding at least 2 people every month who could do what we do in terms of eating one Amway food bar and drinking one Amway beverage a day.
Easy right?
Just looks easy on paper.
In reality its very hard to find people willing to spend the big bucks to buy overpriced shitty Amway food bars. You get 5 or 6 food bars of one type of another in a box that costs around $30. Do the math. That’s over $120/month invested in foul tasting food bars. People can go to the grocery store and buy a box of granola bars 6 to 8 bars in a box for about $2. That’s less than $10/month for bars that actually taste good.
What about the Amway beverages? There’s a few to choose from. Let’s take the not Perfect Water. About $50 for a case of 24 bottles water. Compared to less than $5 for a 24 case of water at the grocery store? What about energy drinks. Amway sells them and encourages the ambots to drink them. I can’t remember how many came in a case. 8 cans of piss water? Around $30 depending on the flavor. That’s another $100/month.
Those are just the basics. Most ambots can’t find 2 people to eat one shitty food bar and drink a can of piss water so they over compensate by self consuming for the missing people who are supposed to be duplicating them which means the ambot is single handedly increasing Amway’s bottom line buying their overpriced products. All under the false impression that if they eat and drink what the missing 2 people they couldn’t find to duplicate them that they will make money by eating and drinking Amway products.
Figure it out ambots! It’s an Amway marketing plan to get ambots to buy this shit! Not for an ambot to make money.
The way the business plan works is a few months down the road with the ambot bringing in 2 people each month to duplicate them  eating and drinking Amway products and the equation supposed to be that those 2 people find 2 people and so on and so forth that the ambot will be a Diamond in 2 to 5 years and making bazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway and will be able to quit their job and spend the rest of their life walking the beaches of the world with the other Amway Diamonds.
That’s how the fairy tale goes.
Most ambots can’t get over the hurdle of finding ONE person who will eat, drink, duplicate shitty overpriced products with the stigma of the Amway name attached to them.
All the ambot ends up doing is eat, drink, and duplicate their way into the poorhouse.


  1. I have been hearing all year about how Amway had 10.9B in sales last year, double digit growth, blah blah freakin blah. Well, that is true somewhat, but only if Ambots represent that number correctly and accurately. My radar went off and I always had a suspicion that the statement itself didn't represent the whole story. Was it 10.9 in just the US? worldwide? What? Where? I researched exactly what it meant. What I found was that ALTICOR had a $10.9B year, WORLDWIDE. Amway is just one company under the Alticor umbrella, so Amway itself didn't do 10.9B. Also, the United States wasn't listed as one of the countries with double digit growth either, not a a big surprise to me! I guess there isn't any duplication going on! Another example of the misleading, vague representations Ambot leaders vomit at their IBOs who they know will absorb and repeat everything they hear without question. This information is on the actual Amway site under news releases, so do what your uplines tell you and do your 'good' research!

    1. Anonymous - ambots throw out all sorts of numbers and statistics at you and damned if they care whether or not they're lying! Just throw back at them that Amazon made 42 billion last year and that's because they're a better company sell better products and don't treat people like shit. Or at least a whole lot less like shit than Amway!

    2. You could just retort by saying a company like McDonalds has made more money then Amway has, but that doesn't mean I'm going to consume their food everyday, or often for that matter. Doesn't mean I should become a franchisee either. McDonalds does has a place in world, but it's common knowledge their food isn't that great to begin with.

  2. Correction, carbonated piss water. And they always brag and claim how great it tastes.

    1. Cat piss water! Ambots go around bragging about how good it is so they can suck other people into buying it but I call it is I taste it!

    2. No one is forcing you to work the plan nor eat, drink, duplicate. Obviously you've tried and failed a the "plan" or are just too ignorant to do some real world research. Either way I wish y'all the best of luck in whatever vocation you endeavor to succeed in.

    3. Typical Ambot response. You didn't try hard enough. You're a failure. Toss in. Few more insults. You do realize your new best friends will be the same things about you when you quit the scam in a few months.

  3. You'll get better, Anna.

    1. Hi Anonymous - thanks for thinking the blog will only get better. After all these years I thought I had it about as good as its going to get.

    2. And Ambots can "get better" once they unplug from the brainwashing, clear their heads of the nonsense put in by the leeches in their upline, and start to fix the damage done to their finances and lives from the cult.

    3. Yup - life only gets better once you get out of Amway and aren't being brainwashed by buy shitty overpriced products and attend endless cult meetings. Maybe if we put a flashing banner on this blog it could make it better.


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