Monday, December 3, 2012

Amway WWDB Dream Night 2013

Amway and World Wide Dream Builders hold a major function at the beginning of each year called Dream Night. It is held in locations around the USA and Canada and according to our Amway upline everywhere else in the world too but I don’t see any international cities mentioned. We were told even if we are on vacation in January that we’d have no excuse to miss Dream Night because its EVERYWHERE!!!!
So what constitutes everywhere according to WWDB? In January 2013 Dream Night will be held at Saskatoon, Ann Arbor, Calgary, Fort Myers, Missoula, Sacramento, Dallas, Edmonton, Richmond, Seattle, Vancouver, Bellevue, Billings, San Jose, Boise, Phoenix, Spokane, Edmonton, Philadelphia, Denver, Fresno, Tri Cities, Portland, Fargo, Denver, Bakersfield, San Diego, Medford, Minneapolis, Anaheim, Colorado Springs, Ontario, Honolulu, Oshkosh, Las Vegas, Chicago, Reno, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, Anchorage.
Whew! I think I got them all so I managed to get more keywords in there for IBO ambots frantically searching for information on Amway WWDB Dream Night.
So what is Dream Night? It includes dinner and listening to some motivational Diamonds if you believe the hype from WWDB. If you believe the hype from the assholes in your Amway upline Dream Night is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the must attend event of the year, not to be missed, and blah blah blah bullshit.
The only thing that makes Dream Night slightly different than the other Amway World Wide Dream Builders major functions is that its shorter. Ambots don’t have to waste their time all weekend listening to multiple Diamonds brainwashing them under the disguise of being motivational. Instead ambots only have to give up their brain cells for a few hours. It cost $65 when we went so it might be a few bucks more now. Perhaps someone who knows for sure how much Dream Night costs for 2013 can let us know in the comments. This is top secret information on the WWDB website. They won’t let you look at this top secret information unless you’re willing to shell out $50/month for access. Pass. We’ve been down that road before! Rip off! Rip off! Rip off!!!!
What you get is typical hotel banquet room food that probably costs around $20/person. The rest of the money in your ticket goes to paying the Diamonds who showed up to speak with of course the owners of World Wide Dream Builders taking their cut off the ticket take. Talk about Amway duplicating. They say the exact same things they say at the other Amway functions Free Enterprise Days, Family Reunion, and Spring Leadership. They brag and gloat about how rich they are thanks to Amway and show pictures of their houses, cars, and vacations. Whether or not they actually own these things or rented them for a photo shoot is something that’s been debated for some time.
Bottom line like every other Amway function Dream Night is a waste of time. You don’t learn nothing and you don’t hear nothing that you haven’t heard before if you’ve already attended another WWDB Amway function.
This post has served its purpose of throwing out lots of keywords to suck in ambots who can’t find the information they seek from the assholes in their Amway upline. And to the ambots who have been brainwashed to believe they have the power to turn back time I need to match up my keywords to recent searches and that includes Dream Night 2011 and Dream Night 2012.
Dream Night sucks!!!!
WWDB World Wide Dream Builders sucks!!!
Amway sucks!!!!!


  1. As being in Quixtar/Amway/whatever in around 2005/06 I can say that they are a load of trite. How is it that they still exist to this day? Even more so while we have a declining economy, did their numbers swell? This scam was banned in a few countries, I thought the ban would make its rounds here, and if not it should. I'd rather people spend hundreds of dollars on Powerball tickets than Amway's overpriced products, and recorded "motivation". Pay money for their meetings? What company makes its workers pay them to attend a meeting, just like those functions in which people just speak at a stadium. Last time, I attended that I wanted to kill myself. Even more so that I had to pay $300 for that crap. Thanks Bill Brit you useless old codger.

    1. You got it dude! That was about when we were in too. It was still Quixtar so they could scam people into not thinking it was Amway. These bastards are timeshare salespeople in training. Use every trick in the book to scam people into signing up with Amway. Many people don't know who they're signing up until its too late and they don't get a chance to look on the Internet and find out its a scam until they've signed up and forked their money over. Amway hires the best damn liars around!

  2. Anna;

    After walking away from A/Q almost 11 years ago, I still have trouble taking an occasional nap. Feel guilty for daring to let down. That's what a cult does to you.

    I was always thankful for Dream Night for 2 reasons: #1 It was within an hour from home, so not hotels. #2 It was relatively short - we would get there around 4pm and leave about midnight or 1 a.m. YOu know how it is. You have to hang around to show you are serious. You never know, a Diamond might have a morsel for you.

    Even after all this time, I'm still relieved 4 times a year when I get to stay home from a major function.

  3. Me, here. Can anyone give the details of the latest Dream Night?


    1. Why would you want that!?

      Go to the WWDB web page. Log in is guest and password is dream. I think there's a link to Dream Night a banner or something to click on. It tells you when and where but very secretive about $$$

  4. well you know what, i'm a sceptic and a careful risk taker, but after all that i'm reading, i think i might take another risk, i love to be able to talk for myself, if they are a pest and parasite... then amma find a way to be the pesticide or supm but but i'm going in with a lil supm supm and i'm coming out with more than supm, who laugh last laughs the best, oh i wanna, maybe turn up at dream night if it does not conflict with my schedule, & i don't plan to pay for a ticket out of my pocket or any of my friend's, i wanna see for myself what ther're about, i got a CD and i have no interest in watching it if their products are what they claim they are, then they will sell themselves, just like XFT. ;) Ya'll will hear from me again... oh might i say i agree that who ever it is from Amway that write those unintelegent post, they need to go back to elementary school and try sitting beside the teacher's desk this time so they can learn all over again, also if they are such a big company who is big on sales then they are to ensure their employee does not spoil their reputation!!!! eeeeewwww!!!! oh btw, my english is slightly different from American english... hope to share my side of the story soon. (for the records i'm a girl)

    1. Qurious Kyat - thank you for stopping by. If you're a careful risk taker then you should know to avoid any products that come with a claim that they sell themselves! Not when they've got the Amway name stamped on the box!

  5. Dream night was always my favorite function because it was over in less than 3 hours. On the other hand, it was one of the worst functions that I have ever attended because it seemed that we got Theron Nelsen 3 years in row. The straw that broke the camels back for me was when Theron Nelsen hosted the family reunion in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That function alone cost me over $1000 when I added up airfare, car rental, and the function cost.

    Most functions were so damn boring that I wish the iphone was available to give me something to do other than listen to the nine million core steps that included buy crappy toilet paper, food bars that almost made me barf and eating about a thousand pills a day because they were supposed to be good for you. Good for your upline is about all they were good for.

    1. Mark - 3 years in Amway! Wow! In a bad way wow!

      Somehow I remember Dream Night dragging on longer than 3 hours. Maybe it only felt that way. All Amway events dragged on for eternity.

      But yeah you tell it like it is. Boring and crappy products sums up Amway in a very kind way. I pull a few more punches when I talk about what I went through.

  6. Just went to dream night yesterday. Got invited by a couple we know (2 yrs in), and they said it was going to be a formal dinner and have a few motivational speakers. We thought, hey why not? We got very dressed up and felt super fancy! It was a very nice dinner and the speakers (Duncan) were very motivational. (We are NOT in amway and have absolutely NO desire to join ). We got free tickets but were 70 dollars per person, so 5 bucks more than when you went.
    Overall it was a nice night, but we still aren't joining. I need to focus on finishing Medical School and doing something with my life that TRULY helps people (and what I've wanted to do my whole life - why waste my dream on selling crappy products I don't like?)
    I think their products are sub-par: they use artificial sweeteners, fillers, and other known carcinogens in soaps and shampoos. I'm sticking to Whole Foods for my supplements (Barleans fish oil) and body products!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by to tell us about your experience and the current price tag which is top secret information by the way!

      Now really would you have paid $70 for that? You might have got free tickets but the person who invited you paid for them and will be riding your ass for the next few months to come to an Amway meeting. In the months leading up to Dream Night our sack of shit Platinum would badger the people in our group how many extra tickets they were planning to buy. Everyone said 5, 10, 20 whatever but no one bought more than they needed for themselves and their date. They can't afford it for one and its tough to convince someone not in Amway to attend.

      You seem to have figured it out. Probably got a good dose of the brainwashing doled out by the Amway cult leaders at the dinner and watching the over top adoration by the ambots. Sickening. Amway is all about begging people you know to buy overpriced shitty products and signing up people which is really tough to do. You go it. Amway sells generic and sub standard products at premium prices. Its all part of the scam. You only get rich in Amway if you own the company or an heir.

      Good luck in med school and for having the drive to do something with your life to help others in a good way.


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