Monday, November 12, 2012

You Quit Amway Because You Didn’t Work Hard Enough!

Over and over and over ad nauseum I get fucked up ambots show up at this blog stating that we quit Amway because we didn’t work hard enough spouting off their brainwashed mantra about how you have to work hard at the Amway business if you want to be successful.
Not really. You have to be a good liar without morals and be a good cult leader. Whether or not that’s hard work or comes naturally is another story.
Amspeak bullshit. And these bastards think they’re so original. I’ve heard assholes in our Amway upline spout that bullshit long before these ambot bastards ever joined the cult.
The one thing no ambot can define is what is the measure of “hard work”.
Amway is advertised by the upline assholes as something you can do in your spare time 10 to 15 hours a week and make gazillions of dollars. Those 10 to 15 hours are pretty much already tied up attending Amway meetings or counseling with upline or dealing with phone calls and texts from the assholes in your Amway upline. Once the ambot spends time begging people to come to Amway cult meetings or buying their shitty overpriced products those hours can easily be doubled. Triple that if the ambot finds some suckers to show the plan to but that’s rare.
People don’t quit Amway or weren’t successful at Amway because they didn’t work hard enough. They finally woke up and realized they were being brainwashed and abused by a bunch of fucking assholes in their Amway upline. They realized they weren’t making money but were losing plenty of money. And when they talked to other ambots or former Amway cult members no one made money either. So they quit. They didn’t renew their Scamway membership. They stopped buying shitty products. They stopped hanging out with other cult members. They stopped listening to CD’s and being brainwashed. They walked away. They didn’t walk away from a business. Otherwise they could have just sold it.
I know real business owners who have had to shut down their businesses for one reason or another. And its usually a very traumatic event. This business was their passion. They put everything they had into it, their money and every hour of the day they could. For whatever reason the business didn’t make money and they had to close down and quit wasting their money.
According to a fucked up Amway ambot they would say those business owners didn’t work hard enough.
For some reason I have friends who like to start up sandwich shops. Yes! I know lots of people who can fix me a good sandwich! I remember the first of our friends who started up a shop told us they’d spent or probably got a bank loan for $50,000 for one of the kitchen equipment. I don’t know if it was a restaurant grade coffee espresso cappuccino machine or something else for the kitchen. Don’t remember. Just remember 50k. They were in sort of a bad location. Got lots of traffic but parking was the shits around here. They closed down after about 6 months. Since then there have been other restaurants start up in this same location and they’ve all closed down soon thereafter.
So did my friends fail at their business because they didn’t work hard enough? Nope. They were at the restaurant 80 hours a week maybe more. But a fucked up Amway ambot would point fingers at them and say that 80+ hours a week ain’t enough and they weren’t hard workers and they’re failures and losers.
What about all the businesses that were lost because of Sandy Frankenstorm on the east coast? I saw news footage of a woman standing where her restaurant used to be. It had all blown away except for the Pepsi fridge. Sure insurance will cover a lot of these businesses getting rebuilt but some people will walk away. Fucked up Amway assholes will accuse those devastated by Hurricane Sandy and closing their businesses as not working hard enough.
Where do these Amway assholes think they have the right to go around accusing people of quitting their businesses because they didn’t work hard enough. And what is the measure of hard work anyway? None of those bastards will answer that question when I ask them.
Its inconceivable to a fucked up brainwashed Amway ambot that there are other reasons why people close down their businesses other than they “didn’t work hard enough.”
No matter how hard someone works and no matter how much money they’ve invested in their business if it isn’t profitable the smartest financial move is to close up shop and walk away.
So a big fuck you out there to all those Amway assholes and your fucked up work ethic!


  1. Amway sales reps can’t fathom the actual idea of “business” due to the fact they’re not business owners. Real business owners have the experience, education, and money to dictate the right moves, and the right time to execute these moves! My advice to the Amway clan, get out of the way of real entrepreneurs, the REAL business world doesn’t have room for Amway-wealth fables and scavenger-hunts! I’m sorry, but believe alone won’t make you a business owner.

    1. Anonymous - you are right. Amway ambots have no clue what it's like to be a real business owner.Just because they put on a business suit and march off to 8pm meetings and because someone has brainwashed them into believing they are Independent business owners instead of calling it like it is commissioned sales reps - does not make them real business owners. Only make belief ones.

  2. Oh man, I'm glad I got out of that pile of dog shit before 3 months. What a fucking waste of time. 1st that BS, whatever name the dumbass wants to give his/her "business" or whatever. And they always meet at a hotel. And of course business attire. Business attire just to go there and listen to a bunch of cocksuckers talking about how well they have it. A big crock of shit. I can go there naked and it will still be the same shit. Then you are an IBO and you really go to a meeting, of course business attire. So you dress like a professional to see a pack of wild dogs howling at the moon. "Oh my God, so and so is a Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Buffalo Nickel, Silver Dollar" Well guess what, I don't give a flying fuck what the bitch is.

    Of course they talk about how you are the business. Oh yeah, then why are you still in your struggling situation? How about the "make it a priority to be on standing order"/ No, why would I go on that shit? I heard this was an opportunity to make profit on the side, I didn't come to this pile of shit to read shit. If I wanted to read I would have went to the library, and I have a few that are in walking distance, not the distance required to attend a crummy ass pep rally.

    They don't give a fuck you didn't do shit, yet they go on and on about listening to CD's, hell they rather do that and say fuck music. Really? The CD's are all bullshit. Just whatever the prick said at a meeting recorded. Why buy the CD when you heard the same shit at the pep rally?

    Life changing events too they claim. They say the only reason you shouldn't attend is if you are in a funeral, your own. WTF!! They tell you do everything you can to go, but who the fuck are they? And really it's just a scam for you to lose grand amounts of money and time. I thought they said just a few hours a week, why the fuck do I need to leave the fucking state for a few days?

    How about when they say to call your friends, go on your facebook friend list, then go on their friends' lists, go to the mall, public place, etc. In the end you get people ignoring your call and messages. Having nothing to do with you. Of course they tell you to be around fellow ambitious people, if they are not ambitious then what can you possibly get from them?

    FUCK AMWAY many times over and over again. You call someone and can't even mention what it is. I asked about that and the upline said "No don't tell them that, just say you called to see how you were doing" and that's it. Really? Who the fuck are you kidding? Business opportunity my ass. Then they give their own twist with the name of their business and what they can sell, be affiliated with etc. I can say I am in 69 Positional Placement Inc and it's the same bullshit.

    Our products are the best, and let you question each product and bring up others. For instance toothpaste "out toothpaste is the best, not like those other ones that are filled with sand and are messing up your teeth" or "our products are fully concentrated and all it takes is a small amount". BULLSHIT! They make such a big fuss over their energy drink too. All of them act like they are heavily wired off of that garbage.

    Fake ass scheme running piece of city dump shit is what this is. All of that crap "be excited you are an IBO". Be excited I'm and IBO? Yet I drive back and forth and it's hard to keep on filling up on gas due to this bullshit.

    1. Sprigs leg - excellent ability for calling it like it is!

      3 months is about when ambots start to question the Amway scheme and why they're not making money. The upline assholes will find some way to blame the Ambot and then tell them they MUST attend the next major function because it's always a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed event. That way they can scam the Ambot out of a few hundred bucks more before they can really quit.

      Cut your losses and get the hell away from these bastards!

    2. Thanks Anna Banana. Most definitely. With them it's always the Ambot's fault. At first they will sound nice about it and suggesting applying more time towards such and such. It's amazing how they all talk about how essential it is to attend useless training, useless functions/conferences especially out of state, and of course purchasing every book and every cd.

      The killer is the people you lose. Of course the upline can say no harm no foul if every time you call or contact the people there is nothing. It's easy for them to say they don't know the Ambots' contacts personally. Over time people will avoid the Ambot, including family. That goes hand in hand with "the need to be around ambitious people looking to make money and not the opposite". Once you have no one then you are trapped. Either you get down and depressed, or you feel the need to be around the Amway people as they "didn't leave you". Then you spend money going to all of those useless get togethers.

    3. Sprigsleg - Amway is a blame the victim scam. It's all about brainwashing the Ambot to believe that the reason he's not making money at this scheme is he is to blame. The real reason it's a system set up for failure. Amway's literature shows there is a less than 1% chance to make money but nobody reads the small print until its too late. Amway is also all about destroying relationships not unlike what other cults do convincing their followers not to have anything to do with people outside the cult.

    4. @Sprigsleg
      ""It was nice talking to you yesterday. Look forwarding to meeting up with you on Tuesday. Here is your exclusive invitation for the information session that I am organizing. I am glad I have been able to reserve a seat for you at this sold out event. If there is a match then we can see what we can do which is mutually profitable.

      Dress Code: Professional Attire, Dress sharp ( Jacket & tie is necessary).Once you arrive at the lobby call me and I can meet you.

      Please reply once you get email to reserve seating.


      World Wide International""

      Agree with you there. That (abvoe) was the email I got from my potential sponsor. 20 minutes into that "workshop", I knew that this was NOT sold out, nor was it exclusive.

      Sure, all the seats were full, but that's because they had Diamonds filling up one row, and ambots fill the rest of the rows. You can tell because they tell newcomers to grab a seat up front. There weren't that many of them. It sure as hell wasn't exclusive either... they would've accepted any Joe that walked into the room.

      Haven't been "ambushed" like this in a looong time.

      And the formal attire is really overcompensating. I regret not showing up in sandals and shorts. If they asked about it, I would've told them that the meeting still wouldn't be up to snuff with the attire I was in.

  3. Ugh. I'm not in Amway, or ever have been, but I found this blog cause a friend got sucked in and, out of my caring for them, try to convince it is a bad idea. I don't think I can change their mind. I just have to watch him crash and burn.

    Anyways, this is one of the things that upsets me the most. They are not a business, they are hired marketing, but not really hired cause they aren't making money.
    Real businesses have control of their products. They can decide a product is shit and discontinue it. They can put things on sale. Even at franchises like fast food places where their store model is pretty strict, the manager can still choose to reimburse a customer for a problem with their product/give a coupon or something.

    You do none of that with Amway/WWDB. You just put up a front and bully your friends to by products that aren't even theirs.

    Thanks for this blog!

    1. LC - sorry to hear about your friend. Unfortunately you are right. There is nothing you can do except watch ho crash and burn. He'll go through all his savings and into debt to tithe the great Amway god. Part of belonging to the Amway cult is being brainwashed to separate followers from their friends and family, people who can convince them this is a scam and to quit. Part of the brainwashing process is to convince these fools that they own their own business when they are actually low paid commissioned salespeople and any money they might make they lose a hundred times over by investing in Amway tools and buying tickets to functions. Thank you for stopping by and I'm glad the blog is helping you understand the horror your friend is going through.

  4. can someone link me the communiKATE toll free direct contact number so i can unsubscribe please?

  5. In regards to quitting, I've heard things like "they quit this, they'll quit in everything in life. They're a quitter." Or "they quit right before they were about to kiss success. They had no idea how close they were. It was right around the corner.." or "they just didn't talk to enough people. The people who talk to enough people are the ones who make it." Or if someone isn't doing their personal use "if they can't even do the first step, using their own products, how do they expect other people to do it? You do 0pv, your downline will duplicate that. 0pv. And then they bitch about not making any money and quit."


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