Thursday, December 20, 2012

You Have HOW MANY Amway IBO's Applying For Jobs?

I had an anonymous visitor from Ada, Michigan stop by to leave a message on a post I wrote about how Amway IBO’s are lousy employees. To sum it up I mentioned how most of the ambots I knew were recently unemployed or became unemployed during the time we were in the scam. Probably because of their attitudes. They sneer at people who have jobs in other words their boss and coworkers! They can not accept that people own other types of businesses that have nothing to do with Amway. They goof off on company time dealing with Amway phone calls and texts.
Seeing as how that post has to deal with hiring Amway IBO’s and the person who left the comment says he has interviewed hundreds and thousands of Amway IBO’s his job must be as a hiring manager for a company. What kind of shitty employer has that high an employee turnover going on that that many interviews must be done!
I remember hearing something that most companies have an employee turnover rate of 3% a month. That varies depending on how big or small the company is. But if a company has such a huge employee turnover rate that Anonymous from Ada Michigan must do a lot of job interviews and out of that criteria of normal population come out hundreds and thousands of Amway IBO’s for job interviews then that tells me a company with that high a rate of employee turnover must be a really shitty employer.
Then I get to wondering how many shithole employers can there be in Ada, Michigan?
Anyway the comment Anonymous from Ada, Michigan left is long and rambling and if anyone wants to read it all they can go to where its posted.
I am not an IBO and I am employed, having said that this website is garbage and is based off of opinions formulated out o bitterness from an experience. Giving claims to an entireity of a business based off of one experience is not only unproductive but only hurting yourself. There are many successful Amway IBO's that are not like what you talk about. I know because I have been around (I guarantee) more Amway ibo's than you have. I have talked to and interviewed hundreds if not thousands of ibo's.

Typical comments I see from ambots who are outraged that I have a different opinion than they do. Attack all interlopers who destroy the cult life they love!
Wouldn't someone just once love to see a list of these MANY successful Amway IBO's? The ones who quit their jobs and have barrels of money rolling in every month from Amway while they fritter their lives away doing nothing.
Anonymous from Ada, Michigan might not be an IBO but has the typical Amway attitude that everyone with a differing opinion is a liar, even though I recount things that I saw and heard because I was sitting right there in the room where it was happening. And so many people have the same story as me. Others have websites where they talk about their experiences and lots of people leave comments talking about their own similar Amway experiences. Yeah we’re all liars and everyone in Amway is an angel that always tells the truth!
I didn’t include it here but one thing Anonymous from Ada, Michigan said makes sense - if you’re going to be in Amway you gotta be a good salesman.
Then he accused me of sneering at business owners. Uh no. The old Amway trick of twisting the truth and accusing others of what they are trained to do by Amway. Its people in Amway who sneer at business owners and their employees and everyone who isn’t in Amway. I was in the room many times when this is taught and is part of why people involved in Amway make lousy employees because of their lousy Amway attitude that they are taught during cult meetings. I know business owners. Real business owners who have real stores, real inventory, real customers, real employees, real business insurance, real business bank accounts, real business accountants, real city licenses, etc, etc.
Amway IBO’s who are pretend business owners don’t do none of that. They’re playing a game of make belief and yes they should be laughed at because of the things they say and do out of desperation to make a sale of some overprice shitty product.


  1. I really appreciate your blog. My sister is in exactly the same situation as the story about the girlfriend in the previous post. My sister got out of grad school and essentially couldn't find a job and was recruited through her church. I have tried extremely hard to get my sister out of Amway but have been unsuccessful and have probably driven her away because I have refused to ever buy Amway products to make the relationship simple.

    Anyway, more than just ranting, I thought I'd make everyone aware of Herbalife, which I believe is a sister company or partner to Amway and sells products through Amway distributors, is a public company (Amway is private) which shares the same business model as Amway. They have been battling a number of lawsuits recently and last year were banned from operating in Belgium. Most importantly, however, is that investors are now (Wed. 19 and Thursday 20, 2012) stating that the company is a pyramid scheme and regulatory bodies are pursuing these allegations. This is no slam dunk but my hope is that any investigations into Herbalife will shed some light on Amway.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thank you for reading the blog. Sorry to hear about your sister. One of the things the Amway cult does is destroy the ambot's relationships with people who are not in Amway. All cults do this. Separate their members fro people who can reason with them and therefore cut off the flow of money into the cult.

      Yes Amway preys on disadvantaged people and unemployed people are huge on their list to prospect. Unknown why because these people have no income to contribute but it's possible they have savings or available credit which the upline will exploit because that's what they do. Most ambots quit in a few months when they realize they aren't making money that their upline promised them they'd be rolling in the dough in a few months. Or they quit when ey have no more money and have maxed their credit. 95% of ambots quit within 2 years. That's what happens when you sign up for an opportunity with a 99% failure rate. People with any kind of business sense would look at business opportunities with a better success rate.

      I don't know anything about Herbalife other than its another MLM. I don't know of any affiliation they have with Amway. I thought they were competitors. Though it's very likely that there are ambots signed up with both scams and flogging both their products hoping that one of them will be the big payoff.

      Hope your sister gets out soon before too much damage is done.

  2. Anonymous

    From bitter experience with my own brother, I know that you cannot force 'MLM income Opportunity' adherents back into external reality. All you can do, is keep offering them information and hope that their critical and evaluative faculties will begin to function again.

    Here is some information for your sister which you might not have access to:

    Unlike those of 'Amway,' the bosses of 'Herbalife' have peddled billions of dollars of effectively counterfeit shares in their criminal enterprise, on Wall St. This has lately-attracted the attention of various 'Short-Sellers' (i.e. persons who make money by searching for compromising information in the public domain, which can be used to challenge openly the officers of crooked companies like 'Herbalife' and drive down the inflated market value their shares).

    This article explains what happened earlier this year when Short-Seller, David Einhorn, asked key-questions which the bosses of 'Herbalife' could not answer.

    You might also be interested in this attached document produced by 'Shortzilla.'

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

  3. I have had the experience of my own uplines talking both - they say they do not do/talk bad and also start abusing people who refuse to join. End of the day, they cannot change their luck by inducing someone to do join and buy some crap...

    1. amwayscam - our upline abused bot the people who wouldn't join up with Amway and the ambots in their downline. Bullies and abusers something to aspire to in the Amway cult.

  4. I bought into Amway with the only entire to sell products. Amway is an okay business but don't believe the hype these Ambots will tell you. I still attend college and still hold onto my jobs because I know this. If you wanna go into Amway, fine go, but do your research on everyone you associate with. Be weary of teams trying to push you to subscribe to CDs and books with the intentions of telling you "it'll build your business." It'll build THEIRS.

    1. Anonymous - for a person who has such good insight on what Amway is really like and stopped short of calling it a scam I am amazed you're in it. But you're right. If you can actually find customers to buy the overpriced shit and don't waste your money on the tools and buying tickets to events then you have a chance to make a teensy income selling products. But come on. Surely you can find a better paying job with a better commission structure than Amway.

  5. Thanks for the blog. In general,

    Amway’s goals: Sell their products.

    IBO’s goals: Drag more people into their cult. Uplines (Platinum and above) don’t care much about Amway’s products; all they care about is getting more followers to full-proof their Amway’s strategies. Like any MLM, IBOs think that getting followers is far more important than selling actual products, which defeats Amway’s mission.

    There’s something wrong with this business.

    I’ve joined Amway IBO three years ago. I have no downlines nor do I do much in this business, because I have a strong work ethic. After using some of the products, I do agree that the products are decent. But they do not justify the cost at all. There’s no way I can promote these inferior products whose quality is worse than cheaper products in the market. For example, Dawn’s Power Clean cleans a lot better and faster than Amway’s Dishdrops at half the cost and half the “drops.” You can also find other such products in the market already. I don’t see how an IBO can just lie about how good these inferior products are without feeling any remorse. I bought eSPRING system to fulfill my $150 in 3mo deal in my first year, and now I just need the eSPRING filters, which is why I’m still an IBO (retail price = IBO price + membership price). However each year, Amway is raising the price on eSPRING products. The company thinks it can do whatever it wants because IBO’s can lie their ways to selling eSPRING. Legally, you can buy eSPRING products only from Amway businesses, which means that there shouldn’t be any other competitors selling these products.

    As you are well aware, to become a platinum, one will need at least 7500 points (or 10,000 points). There are basically two ways to reach this goal. One is through sales, which is not the IBO’s recommended way obviously. The other way is to get as many downlines as possible to reach this goal. That means contacts and lies during work time. Second, average Platinums only make $35k/year, which means that they still need a job and will need a lot more contacts to get Platinum legs in order to become Diamond IBOs. That means that they will need to spend time during work to recruit people (“make contacts”). Third, although Diamond IBOs can make $150k/year, they will need at least 75 downlines to get this far. However, since not everyone is a “hard worker,” these Diamond IBOs usually have between 500 and 1000 downlines, which means that they will need to recruit even more followers during daytime. Fourth, “you don’t need to know much to start this business.” That was what I was told. Yes, you only need to be a big liar without feeling guilty by convincing others that Amway business has a strong future and is extremely promising and that their products are superior to the ones in the market. Fifth, Amway is not an “eCommerce business” for obvious reasons. It’s a business where you must redirect your buyers to Amway’s sites, in which you are not allowed to even have your own store. Finally, I’m not sure if you’re from the same crown upline “god”, Bill Britt, who had started out his BWW business to supposedly help IBOs to achieve their goals (free from jobs) and successes (millionaire, ongoing income). The costs for functions, CDs, and other BWW products do add up, and the commissions go to Britt, obviously. He doesn’t make millions just from Amway sales, but his loot mostly comes from his external BWW businesses and functions; IBOs are generally lied into thinking the other way around. After I’ve heard that Bill Britt had just died a couple of weeks ago, I felt relieved, hoping that this cult fad would soon end, but I don’t think that’s possible since there are others in charge of these lying functions. Yes, everyone treats Britt as a god, the main cult leader. But, he’s not going to Heaven.

    1. Hi Michael. Thanks for stopping by with your comments. I use Dawn too for the reasons you mentioned - better quality product for a much lower price.

      The thing I don't get is it sounds like you're in the scam still but not active. Is it just because you like the people. Some actually claim to like their upline but I never had that experience.

      This post is older and people might miss your comment so I'm going to feature it on a future post. Thanks for stopping by with your insight into the Smway scam!

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