Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Amway Employee from Ada Michigan Keeps Talking

An employee from Amway’s Ada, Michigan head office seems to have taken a liking to my blog and leaves comments to prove the intelligence level Amway strives for when hiring staff.
This Amway employee is a good example of how smart and skilled you have to be to get into Amway!!! This is very typical of their employee's people skills.

Lmao like I said give us a call we can have a nice chat, yeah and the near truth is u don't even make more then the minimum wage my best bet is ur probably unemployed Fat ugly couch potato who spends their day bashing one of the world's too leading multimillion company's, honey their is a way to make it in Amway yu got be smart be skilled and know how the business works obviously yu were def. not fit to figure it out yu failed on yur own, get a new hobbey and stopped being so obsessed with Amway quite frankly its creepy...lol good day former amway lover obsesser and stalker

I would think a controversial company with a bad reputation would have a person or two designated as spokespersons for the company and no one else is allowed to speak to the media. Some companies even have employees sign a confidentiality contract that says they can’t talk. I have no idea if Amway has such a contract but I’m guessing a company that disagrees with the First Amendment probably has their employees sign something.
So I say way to go to this employee for telling their employer to fuck off and no one’s going to take their rights away!
Yeah, I really want to chat with some asshole who works for Amway. Been there done that. Waste of time. Why does everyone who works for Amway either in their head office or as a commissioned salesperson think everyone else in the world makes minimum wage, is unemployed, is fat, etc, etc. Do people like Donald Trump and Bill Gates go around making similar statements about people who don’t work for their companies? Different mentalities and instilling different values in their employees.
If this Amway employee spent more time reading my blog they’d see I spend more time bashing the assholes in my Amway upline than I do bashing the company. If Amway’s representatives are a reflection of the company they work for then so be it if the company gets bashed at the same time. I prefer to bash upline assholes and shitty overpriced products than the company itself. Other bloggers deal with the company and the Amway business plan. I deal with the emotional and financial losses people suffer thanks to the assholes in their upline and get the word out so any prospective IBO’s know it’s a bad idea to sign up for this cult.
Nope, I am not obsessed with Amway. I’m just getting the word out there about the lies I heard and the fucking assholes I had to deal with in Amway. Just because I spend a few hours a month this Amway employee thinks I’m obsessed? Has no idea of the meaning of that word but do people in Amway really have a clue of what they're saying when they open their mouths. I had an lovesick fan awhile back who couldn’t get enough of me and one of the blog administrators picked up a stalker this year so we have no tolerance for fucked up obsessed creeps like them. I spend about half an hour a week writing blogs and responding to comments. Our blog administrators spend about half that time a week. A group of people spending 5 or 6 hours a month working on a blog is hardly “obsessed”. I spend maybe another hour a month reading other blogs. I knew people in Amway who would easily spend 6 hours a day minimum on Amway. Minimum! A day! Not a month! A day! Now that’s obsessed! There are people who surf the Internet for 6 hours a day reading everything they can about Amway then leaving comments trying to convince people to their point of view. Again 6 or more hours a day! Not a month like I do. Unlike others I don’t spend hours every week reading everything I can find online about Amway and ambots or past IBO’s because I just don’t care that much. Absolutely I believe there are obsessed people out there who devote many hours to Amway. Amway is their whole life. I got bigger and better things to do with my life but 5 or 6 hours a month to help others understand they’re not alone in how they feel about the evil that has come into their lives is worth it judging by all the thank yous and kind notes we receive for being there for them.
I bet no one at Amway gets kind notes thanking them for being so helpful because they ain’t!!!
This Amway employee hasn’t considered their employer will think the same thing about them that s/he is an obsessed creepy stalker visiting sites and leaving comments on blogs like mine. Perhaps Amway encourages their employees to visit sites like mine. Who knows. All I know is if you don’t like what you read here then go find something that’ll match your intelligence level and follow the Jackass movie folks.


  1. Impressive, an illiterate Amcunt trying to make a point! Tell her to go kill herself and stop wasting our valuable air. We, the accomplished, need it more than she does to survive! Sometimes I wonder how they convince these individuals their level of education is appropriate to obtain unlimited wealth. I mean, when it comes to success, many prodigies never even get to know the meaning of the word! In my life I’ve known remarkable individuals, whom for whatever reason, never experience incredible wealth and financial security. Now why would a remedial-educated individual even consider the possibility that he or she is capable of moderate achievements, more or less immense wealth? I mean, Amway is just an ongoing babble-concert for desperate groupies with disillusioned lives. I do have to admit I love listening to music now and again; however, I stop the fantasy of my enjoyment when it comes time to face the hard, cold fact of life…reality! Think about it people, you can only dream for so long before that empire you’ve created over the years, crumbles, and leaves just ashes to replace what’s left of your mind. I struggle to comprehend the reasoning behind wanting something from nothing. It’s like trying to squeeze water out of a stone; you’re guaranteed to die trying. There’s a group of these across the street from where we live. When they have their night-howls, most of their friends car-pool. You see them smiling nonstop, congratulating each other…over and over again! They should just gather one day and drink the rat-poisoned kool-aid. I mean, if people like that could become actual business owners, and then obtain unlimited wealth…I WOULD FUCKING KILL MYSELF, AND QUICK!

  2. One of them came over the other day. I was not home and my roommate answered the door thinking it was his pizza! Let’s just say he was OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD pist because (1.) he was zombie-mad hungry, (2.) he had to get up to open the FUCKING door, and (3.) IT WASN’T HIS PIZZA! He told me later that night about some idiot trying to coax him into listening to ‘the plan’. I smirked knowing full well he (of all people) scoffs at Multi-Level-Marketing schemes. He hates sales, and buying shit he doesn’t need…he’s very frugal, even more so than me. I mean, he loves couponing and reusing not-so-dirty napkins to clean food-spills or whatever else all around the apartment (Eeeeew…GROOSSSS). As so, I suggested he answer the door from now on, bare-ass-naked just to see if the Amcont wishes to bother him any further…he laughed his ass off imagining about the outcome to that, but I’m sure his curiosity will get the best of him and he will go through with the stupid prank, so later he can tell me in descriptive detail…he’s such a douche sometimes, hehehe!!!

    1. Yeah that would be funny. Ambots are such prudes! Freak them out!

  3. That's their way. Everyone else not with them doesn't matter, so they feel the need to insult them. That person that left that comment is an outrageously huge pile of shit. Everyone not in Amway is very intelligent. Judging by the way that person types they are a huge dumbass and really does belong in Amway. Just continue to pay $200-$300 to drive out of state just to go in a crowd and listen to people talk about how they used to work 10 hour days minimum wage and now has wealth in Amway, as the ground breaking 6 Months advance information. Then you can scream "Woooo!" like a stupid jackass. Oh wait, he/she/it or better yet the cult follower already is stupid. I had to re-read through that crap just to fully understand it. As soon as you know it this imbecile will be broke and miserable.

    1. Sprigsleg - an Ambot would be very lucky to only spend $200 - $300 on an out of state function! Easily double if not triple that! Apparently there are employers out there who hire crap.

  4. There's a lot of anger on this website

    1. petHEAVEN - when people get scammed and lose a lot of money and go into debt and have destroyed relationships they are entitled to be angry. Brainwashed ambots might disagree but anger at being ripped off and having your life destroyed is a normal reaction for normal people.


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