Thursday, December 13, 2012

Amway Platinum is No more

Big news!
Our former sack of shit Platinum is no longer with Amway. Yup tossed right into the big old Amway shithole! And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.
The arrogant prick that signed us up to Amway told Ambot the other day that all the cult followers got a text message from the Platinum saying he was no longer in Amway and he was not going to answer any questions about it so don’t bug him.
Of course not! Never question upline!
That must have got all those ambots into an uproar and started the rumor mill going which is why Captain Fuck Up felt a need to share the news. Actually Ambot saw Captain Fuck Up about 10 days ago when the bastard showed up at our house but after getting cursed out by me and the neighbor’s kid they took off to McDonalds. That was where Captain Fuck Up hit up Ambot for cash to buy his kids Christmas presents. Like we are really responsible for making sure someone we’re not related to can have Christmas presents. Not! We’ve got enough people to buy for at Christmas without adding in some fucked up Amway assholes and their greedy children. Ambot told me he’d asked Captain Fuck Up why he didn’t hit up the sack of shit Platinum for money. When we were in Scamway the Platinum was always taunting the cult followers about how rich he was thanks to Amway and he could loan any of us money anytime but he wouldn’t because what would that teach us? Well it would teach us he’s blowing smoke out his ass and doesn’t have any money to loan because he’s in the poorhouse thanks to the Amway scam and has no extra money to give out.
Captain Fuck Up said he hadn’t seen the Platinum for a couple of weeks and another cult leader had been doing the Amway meetings so I don’t know how long its been since the sack of shit left Amway. A month more or less?
Did he really leave Amway or did the head office fire him? Whenever I complained about the sack of shit Platinum to head office it got me nowhere. The official I-don’t-give-a-shit Amway headquarters just blew me off saying they’re not responsible for the stuff their cult leaders tell their followers and that I should discuss it directly with the fucking asshole. Then I’d get a letter saying they’re looking into it. Yeah right. They’re really going to look into a commissioned salesperson whose cult followers bring them probably $25,000/month in sales and they don’t want to rock the boat and lose that money.
 Or did someone at Amway’s head office get pissed off because of the extra work the sack of shit was causing them by sending out Amway’s traditional I don’t give a fuck letters. Surely I wasn’t the only one complaining about this abusive bastard. If the Amway employee bitched about the extra work enough maybe they decided to fire the sack of shit Platinum. Or maybe Amway did an audit of IBO’s who are always getting free stuff sent to them for one reason or another and decided to sack the ones they were suspicious of were screwing them over.
I don’t know. But I do know that someone who puts in that many years into this scam probably ain’t leaving on their own. Too much time and money invested to quit the dream of bazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in each month. I don’t recall for sure how many years the Platinum was in Amway. The number 12 stands out to me for some reason. Whether that was the years he was in Amway or the number of years he was in and out of Platinum qualification or whether that’s the number of people living in his house I don’t remember. And yes the sack of shit Platinum was running some kind of Amway flop house. His house and our house were built around the same time and like many houses a typical 2 story house with 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bedrooms in the basement. His family lived upstairs. His son and daughter must be in their late teens by now so I don’t know if they still live at home and maybe that’s opened up some more sleeping space. There were 2 other people in his Amway downline who lived in the bedrooms in the basement. But the big rec room down there had 3 couches that ambots crashed on plus there’s enough floor space to set up sleeping bags. There were at least 6 people who weren’t his family that I’d see at the house almost every time I went there any time day or night so I’m positive they lived there too. I’ve been in a flop house before. I was driving around California in my 20’s staying with friends in different places trying to see if there was somewhere else I’d like to live or find a job. This guy I went to school with was living in Oakland and I stayed at a small place he shared with another guy but there were others staying there too. I was lucky enough to get a couch. The 2nd or 3rd night I was there his roommate comes in sometime after midnight with a woman. He had the hall light on but didn’t turn the light on in the room where some of us were sleeping. I woke up when he called out to my friend and ask if he had any booze. My friend said no and so did someone else who got woke up. Whether or not they had any booze and just weren’t fessing up I don’t know but I decided to leave the next day. Ah the fun memories but at least none of them were in Amway.
Maybe the Platinum's wife finally grew a backbone and laid down the law and said its time to get out of this fucking scam and stop losing money and get our lives back on track.
By now the sack of shit Platinum must be in Amway close to 20 years. That’s why my guess is he got sacked by Amway rather than quitting which must throw all the cult followers into a real uproar. They’d all been pressured to renew their membership for 2013 and buy tickets to Dream Night in January. What’s the use of going now that their beloved cult leader won’t be there. The only reason they’re in the scam is for the love and devotion of their cult leader and that’s gone now . Like everything else in Amway – money down the drain!
When we used to go to Amway cult meetings and the sack of shit Platinum drew the pyramid thing on the white board showing the upline he’d say if the person who sponsored you quit then that meant you automatically got shoved up the pyramid and the next cult leader in the upline automatically swallowed you. The fucker would practically be rubbing his hands together in glee hoping that the assholes in his group with any downline would quit so he could have them.
He also had a lot of Amway shit in his garage. Boxes and boxes stacked everywhere so much shit they couldn’t get the car in there. What’s he gonna do with all that shit now? Force the ambots living in his house to buy it? Sell it on Ebay.
All I know is that the sack of shit Platinum can’t destroy any more lives right now. That bastard is evil and loves being a cult leader so I’m sure he’ll be making a resurrection with another MLM scam.


  1. HELL-FUKING-YEAH! THAT BASTARD GOT CANNED! So, I guess now he won’t be claiming he’s America’s next billionaire, huh! I love it when these people think they’re above everybody else , and all they are is just a bunch of no-good, no-bodies, with an excuse for a suit, a life, and a ‘get-rich-quick’ story to add to their resumes for when their back on the unemployed market…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid Platinum, did he really believe he would be the only one exempt from reality? Once this pyramid collapses, many heads will roll, and many will realize they’ve been wasting their lives away at the Amway prison. Yeah, that’s what that is, a FUCKING prison for popular, rich-wannabe-people, a country-club for adults, the popular kid’s tree-house where no one is allowed…unless u give something up! It’s just sick you have to ruin so many lives before you, yourself realize you’re in up to your neck, and you’ve underestimated the Amway beast! I hope he doesn’t resurrect another multi-level-marketing scheme in the near future, and instead focus on working his ass off to build a future for his retirement years. He wouldn’t want to be on the streets having another Amway dream again!

    1. Fired is my guess too rather than quitting. Someone who loves Amway as much as that bastard and puts Amway over everything else in his life and believes this is the path to riches doesn't quit on his own.

      Amway prison is a good description. Put them ambot cult followers into the Amway prison hell hole!

      And just because I forgot to say it in the post I need to send another big old fuck you to the Platinum but it looks like Amway beat me to it!

  2. Ambots do not realise what is coming in next. They live in a dream far from reality. The day they realise they are close to bankruptcy and mentally drained completely, end up quitting. Earlier you quit better it is....

    1. amwayscam - its a fairy tale life of riches in 2 years when they'll all be rolling in bazillions of dollars. And they can't quit now. Not when success is right around the corner....

      They quit when their lives have hit bottom thanks to the scam. Bankrupt and divorced.

  3. You should harass him just like how he harassed your hubby.

    1. Colin - I'm sure the nosy ambots in his downline are taking care of harrassing him. What happened what happened?

  4. Hi Anna Banana,

    I stumbled across your blog a few days ago and totally enjoy the experiences and honesty you tell all of us about Amway. But yesterday I came across a blog that looked exactly like yours!

    Same format, same username-Annabanana, and the posts were so much alike except for he/she/it copied yours a few days later. And not only that, but twists it to be pro-Amway! It is all bull and incoherent but I just want to know what you have to say about this travesty.



    1. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you're enjoying the blog.

      Nope, don't know nothing about another anna banana blog. If its an ambot and they're copying from me, well that's what they're taught to do in Amway. They call it "duplicating". She or he probably spends more time duplicating my blog and cleaning it up for their purposes than it takes me to write! Pretty funny actually.

      Amway ambots are not allowed to think for themselves. That's why they have to copy others. I should be flattered!

  5. It's funny, I thought that where all the Financial Freedom begins, and it just gets better and better. I knew that would happen, all bullshit. If they have it so well then why does most of them have jobs and still aren't living it up? The Amway is dragging them down and some people luckily has a job to help them break even.....for now.

    1. Sprigsleg - freedom only begins when one gets out of Amway! Freedom! No longer controlled by a cult! Money in the bank again!

  6. All the amyway critics sites seem to say that amway systems spew out the same old stuff to "brainwash" their organizations, but it seems as though all the amway critics spew out the same old stuff to bash amway as well .. Everything's the same thing over and over again!

    1. Anonymous from Seattle Washington - are you missing the point here? Where else can someone "own their own business" and be their own boss and still get fired? Ha ha ha!!!!

    2. hmm.. a CEO of a major corporation? A publicly traded company? a business owner with partners and multiple shareholders? Its called a board of directors, shareholders, investors with a financial interest, Venture Capital, Angel investors ... hmm seems to me your business acumen isnt there...

      by the way im not an amway distributor, i was involved and left last year and made hardly any money so I'm not pro-amway, just pointing out some observations ..

    3. Im the guy that originally posted as anonymous .. and the posting right before .. but did you know Steve Jobs was fired from apple, the company he started?? lol

  7. Pretty Interesting to see only people who are anti amway has posted and it got published...Surprisingly no has defended amway...or has it not been published????

    1. Anonymous - people who like Amway would not be reading the posts on this blog or they'd get a shit kicking from the assholes in their Amway upline! I checked with the person who moderates the comments on the blog and all comments have been posted lately.

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