Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sucked Into Amway

I get a lot of current ambots or their family and friends looking for how to quit Amway. Not an easy thing for some people to do depending on their level of brainwashing. Here is another sad tale from someone watching their loved one sink into the Amway shithole. Looks like I need to resurrect my post about how just because someone is in Amway that automatically makes them medical experts and people can visit an ambot for their ailments instead of a real doctor. Sickening the way these cult members fuck with other people’s lives. I hope this poster comes back to give us an update.

Hi, I am very concerned because my girlfriend is getting sucked into this business by her sister. When I first heard about this business when her sister was getting in I just thought SCAM. Her sister presented the business to me and I just started laughing, I have to pay to get started?

That is the biggest Red Flag you can have. Well her sister gets into it, Tony Robbins and Dale Carnegie books and constant Amway tapes. They play these things so loud throughout the house as if the louder it is the more they will absorb.

And at first it was kind of funny, but then my girlfriend got invited to go to one of these weeklong conventions. We both laughed about how ridiculous it was. But her sister paid the fee and she went. My girlfriend came back and talked about how ridiculous it all was and how silly. But then when the next convention came she went and this time she paid herself.

Next thing I know she's going to "trainings". Where they are having people make collages of goals as if you are in 5th grade. Most of the people are completely uneducated, most are undocumented immigrants. It makes absolutely perfect sense for these people to get sucked in, because they really have no other choice. But my girlfriend is smart and very well educated and has worked making a six figure salary for a very respectable company for many years.

But now she has not been able to get a job for the past year and she is very depressed. I feel like Amway is preying on her just like it does on most people. I am really trying to be supportive of her because she is depressed. I know that when someone is depressed you cannot push them too hard, so I am close to get her into counceling. Its taken me 9 months and it looks as if she may do it.

I know that if she gets help she will be able to work at a normal job and enjoy life. She will have weekends and nights to have fun with me and possibly start a family. But with Amway this is not possible. Her sister is miserable, broke, and her marriage is falling apart. Her relationship with her partner has become Amway meetings. They have no more time to spend with each other. The pressure they are under makes them aweful selfish people. Her sister is making so little money from Amway that she cannot keep paying the bills and the house is now in forclosure.

I am shocked that my girlfriend cannot see this. We are living with someone under the same roof who is in Amway, 100% into it (can't say they are not doing everything, its 100% their life), a Platinum (according to this level they should making at least a basic salary, but I suspect they are inflating their volume because our living room is filled with boxes full of stuff) and is failing miserably.
1. Relationship failing
2. House in forclosure
3. Health failing (will not go into this one)
- My GF's mom stopped taking her medication because she was convinced by "the business" that she could handle her hypertension with supplements. Reality check: her mom had open heart surgery and needs to take blood thinners to avoid a stroke and stay alive. But her mom is no longer doing that and is getting very sick. How can you allow something like this to happen to your own mother? How can you get involved with a business that is killing your own mother?


  1. Hi Anna Banana,

    Thanks for your blog; this type of information does need to be out there! This story sounds horrible; I have a brother who’s really deep into this too. He goes around telling everyone they are idiots for paying for medical care, when they can simply add food-supplements to their meals and rid of all their ailments! These people are insane, do they realize WE ALL need medical care at some point in our lives, something you will never be able to get ‘over-the-counter’ anywhere! Sometimes I just don’t understand how some people can be so stupid.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by! This is only part one of this persons story. Will get the rest up in a post real soon. I also need to find that old post about how being in Amway automatically makes ambots medical experts qualified to give medical advice. Perhaps stupidity and brainwashed are hard to tell apart in the Amway cult.


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