Monday, December 10, 2012

Amway Employee from Ada Michigan has more to Say

The Amway employee from Ada Michigan who has taken a liking to my blog left me a short note the other day while double checking the qualifications for working for Amway to make sure they’re still a nasty worthless piece of shit getting it together for the year end review.
This Amway employee is a very accurate portrayal of what IBO’s have to deal with when they phone in to head office to speak with customer service aka the I-don-t-give-a-shit-desk.
Getting cursed at by an Amway employee is no big deal to me. Been there done that. If they think the language offends me – NOT. One time when I called in I heard an Amway employee somewhere else behind the unhelpful asshole I was dealing with cursing out someone else. Very effective when you want to get some dumb ass ambot prude off the phone.
Interesting the Amway employee says Amway makes millions when the fucked up ambots who leave comments on my blog say its in the billions. Those ambots are just parroting what they heard from some lying asshole in their upline. I’m guessing someone who works at Amway’s head office is probably in a better position to get the actual numbers. I’m guessing the net profit for Amway’s owners probably is in the millions. Good for the owners of the company. Not so good for the employees they stiff on benefits and the assholes trying to sell their shitty overpriced products.
I don’t know what it is about the fucked up Amway mentality that anyone who doesn’t work for their company as an employee in head office or commissioned sales rep somewhere else in the country means that that person is broke. I’d rather be broke than have anything to do with Scamway!
I can see why employees at Amway don't get paid too good and don't get benefits when you see the low quality of people Amway hires. Your earnings match your skills and ability. You get what you pay for!!!  Except of course when you buy overpriced shitty Amway products then you get RIPPED OFF!!!!
Enjoy more words of wisdom from an Amway employee!

Lmao bytch yu are hilarious yu obviously have to much time on Yur hand to worry about Amway Lmao while yu are broke Amway is making millions


  1. Yep, Amway is making millions, by bleeding its own "business owners" bone dry. IBOs contribute to Amway's success in the same manner as the slaves who hauled stones to build the ancient pyramids.


    1. Very accurate description Chelsea. Thanks!

  2. Same applies to Ambot distributors as well. They are ex-engineers, doctors and academically qualified and so on. What happens to them after two years, they do not have anything in terms of their assets created (mostly get close to bankruptcy) and their creative ability and skill sets die. Most of the Ambots end up on the road. But Amway and system apologists hide the truth to attract scapegoats more in number. Such a pity, they claim the phrase "highly unemployable" for having retired from job at an early age, but in reality they have nothing to show in terms of skill or ability to perform.

    1. amwayscam - many ambots are unemployable due to their attitude that they have copycatted from their upline Amway leaders. They sneer at people who have jobs and think they're better than anyone else for no other reason than they're with Amway. Its an evil system that destroys lives on so many levels.


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