Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get a Clue!

This past Sunday I was sitting out on the sundeck reading when I heard Ambot talking to someone. Didn’t even hear him go out of the house though I heard his cell phone go off a few minutes earlier. Neighbors are putting up Christmas lights so I figured one had come over to chat and I got up to see who was down there.
Holy shit! Its that cocksucker who signed us up to Amway! Like he hasn’t figured it out by now to stay the hell away from me!!!!!
So I start screaming at Ambot to get that fucking Amway asshole off my property. I do that everytime that fucker shows up so you’d think a normal reasonable person would stay away from a house where they’re gonna get cursed out everytime. But normal and reasonable are not words that one can use to describe Amway assholes. My next door neighbor’s teenager is in the driveway with a friend of his and the guy’s car. So the kid starts screaming too. Get the hell out of here you fucking Amway asshole. Then his friend starts yelling fuck you Amway. Whether or not either of them knows what Amway is I don’t know but it was pretty funny how they were sticking up for me. Captain Fuck Up is parked on the street and he gets in the car and leaves. But then Ambot gets in our car and goes too. What the fuck!!! So I phone his cell and say where you going. He says McDonalds for coffee. Shit! The international sign of an ambot meeting! Meet for coffee!!!!  I say that fucking Amway asshole better not be trying to sign you up again to Scamway. He says no. I tell him to bring me home a McFlurry cause I know if he’s dealing with ice cream he can’t stay there too long.
Ambot comes home about half an hour later fortunately with my treat and I start grilling him about what does Captain Fuck want now because the only time he ever hears from that arrogant prick is when he wants something. Apparently he has no money. Now there’s a big shocker for someone in Amway not to have money! When we were in the scam Captain Fuck Up had one kid. Since then he’s cranked out two more to become members of Amway the cult of greed. Just what the world needs. More greedy children. Captain Fuck Up says he needs money to get his kids something for Christmas and wanted us to give him money. Now how the fuck is it our problem if he can’t hold down a job and support his family. And when you’re in Amway you’re always gonna be poor so you have no business adding on to your family. He gets fired from every job because he’s an arrogant prick and goes around with the attitude that he’s better than everyone else because he’s a “real Amway business owner” and everyone else is a fucking loser. He had that arrogant prick attitude before Amway. Just improved on it since becoming a cult member. Ambot tells him it would be more trouble than its worth fessing up to me if he gives Captain Fuck Up any money.
Its not our responsibility to make sure that fucking Amway asshole can get his kids Christmas presents. All the grandparents are alive and there are aunts and uncles. Let blood relatives give him money if they want those kids to have a good Christmas. I’m sure he’s already alienated all of them so that’s why he’s hitting on people like us with some sob story.
Well fuck you asshole! You cost a lot of money you miserable lying Amway son of a bitch and we ain't giving you anymore!!!
Go to the dollar store and buy your kids coloring books and crayons. You don’t have to give those greedy little bastards computers and phones and tablets that Ambot said was on the shopping list. I mean fuck. When I was a kid my mother handed me the Sears catalogue and told me to pick out something that didn’t cost more than $10. You don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on Christmas presents for your kids. Unless you’re in Amway and going into debt raising the next generation of greedy bastards to take over the cult.


  1. WOW, what a greedy son-of-a-bitch! He shows up at your door, asking for money he says he makes running the Amway business dream, and then on top of that has a Christmas-wish list from his kids of stuff they specifically asked for! Aren’t Amway losers supposed to be rich; he should be earning hundredths of thousands of dollars a week anyway, isn’t he? I hate stupid Amway people, they’re such a bunch of losers, all of them!

    1. Anonymous - the greediest bastards I've ever met in my life are all in Amway! Yeah he's always going around bragging about how good business is going and lording it over us like he's making money in Amway and were losers cause we quit and he's going to be rich and we aren't. Well we aren't going around asking people who can't stand us for money so we can buy shit for Christmas! Who's the biggest loser now?

  2. Captain fuck up only has one child. Why do you make stuff up?

    1. Anonymous - over the past 10 years the bastard has mailed us 3 birth announcements. Not sure why but probably hoping we'd send money for the baby. The fucker was out of luck! He's one of the biggest liars and scammers Ive ever met and I have no proof he has any kids and these birth announcements were fakes. He'd hardly be the first scammer to think that one up!

    2. really? I guess he adopted them out then.


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