Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Am Ambot's Screwed Up Opinion On Franchises

What about franchises? Isn't that all it is, only online instead of brick & mortar?

You point out that IBOs can be fired, but couldn't McDonald's "fire" one of their franchise owners if they started selling incorrect products? It's a basic principle.

The above words of wisdom were left by some ambot on my post about where else can you get fired from your own business but in Amway. Its always nice when ambots stop by and say something so fucking stupid you just gotta share it in a separate post so everyone can poke fun at it.
I’m not sure if this guy has been smoking something funny or if he’s just fucked in the head!
He’s seriously comparing Amway with McDonalds? That’s the big giveaway that theirs is seriously something wrong with him.
Two completely different businesses. One is in the restaurant business selling fast food for lower prices than in sit down restaurants. The other is in the business of signing up commissioned salespeople to sell overpriced shitty products.
Fucked in the head ambot needs to look a little futher into the McDonald’s business plan. The restaurants in this chain are not all franchises. Some are and some are owned by the head office. Franchises are sold to restaurant owners in locations that McDonalds did a market survey on to ensure they’re still going to be profitable but not necessarily a location that head office wants ownership of. Just because a company like McDonalds has a chain of locations or branches does not mean that they are all franchises.
McDonald’s doesn’t have an online business selling their fast food. Can you imagine what it would like coming through the mail? Cold burgers and fries and melted ice cream cone mess.
There are companies that have many locations or branches that also have an online business where customers can shop on the Internet instead of going into the store and have their purchases mailed to them. Wal-Mart and other big box chains comes to mind.
Amway does not have any franchises that I know of. They have locations and warehouses in places besides their head office in Michigan but no franchise locations. I mean who’d want one? Most people would want to buy a franchise of something that is popular and has good sales in other words sells products that people want to buy at an affordable price. Amway don’t fit that criteria!
And here’s the thing about any business that is a chain. They do market research before opening a location. They make sure the customer base will be there. They don’t open a location too close to another one in their chain to oversaturate that market.
Even companies that have salesreps that go out to businesses and market their products or services don’t overlap the salespeople’s territories. They all have their own area to cover.
What about Amway? Does head office make sure their commissioned salespeople are not overlapping any areas? Hell no! That’s because Amway knows that their commissioned salespeople are not making sales to others. Their commissioned salespeople are Amway’s customers buying Amway products and pretending that they are buying from their own store. Brainwashed ambots! Amway has oversaturated the market with commissioned salespeople. There ain’t enough business for everyone. Could that be due to selling overpriced shitty products? Really hard to find customers and bullshit them into thinking they are paying more money for higher quality products when its all a lie. Amway’s products are generic to substandard compared to other products in the marketplace. Overpriced shit!
Sticking with what the dumb ass ambot said about franchises, does anyone know of an online only business that has franchises? That would be fucking dumb? Kind of like oversaturating the marketplace when only one location is needed. If its an online only business all sales can be made through the one website and keep all the profit in one place. No need to spread it out and have franchise online businesses. Let’s take Amazon probably the most successful online business out there. I don’t know what their sales were last year but the year before it was 42 billion. Amazon don’t have no franchises. They have offices and warehouses in different places but those ain’t franchises.
The dumb ass response the Amway ambot left is very typical of what I heard from Amway cult leaders. Whenever someone has a different opinion the Amway cult leader has to launch some distraction tactic and try to blind the opposing view with their fucked up bullshit.
Comparing Amway with some McDonald’s franchises. You gotta be fucking kidding me! What the fuck does one have to do with the other except some flimsy Amway excuse to bullshit and distract someone away from figuring out the truth.


  1. Also note that a REAL franchise structure is a two-tiered system. The owner/head office leases out the business to the franchisee, who would have an interest from profiting from the products and services the business offers.

    How this differs from Amway? In a REAL franchise structure, the franchisee is not given any legal authority to further recruit other business owners and take a cut of their franchising fees. That is property of the business owner. The franchisee may ONLY profit from the products and services being sold within their leased establishment.

    In Ambot speak: you don't get to make money off your downlines, and the only person who would and the only upline you would have is the person who owns the entire business. The only revenue you would get is from selling your overpriced products online. No money would be made from recruiting.

    -Canadian who is tired of being approached by ambots.

    1. Anonymous - thanks for stopping by with your comments. We get it what franchises are all about but ambots are experts in everything and we won't be able to convince them the lies they've been brainwashed into believing and repeating are bullshit because then they'll have to accept their cult leaders are liars.

  2. I suppose one could compare McDonald's to Amway if the idea was for someone to buy a McDonald's restaurant, be the only one buying the food there and trying to make money by getting other people to buy McDonald's restaurants and also be the only consumer of the food and them, too, to find others to do the same.

    Uhhhhh yeah. No difference, right? lol


    1. Ha ha very funny but that's how ambots think!

  3. Anna I have read the greater part of your posts, and I want to say it is all true ..I have witnessed first hand what this scam has done to two of my family members. I actually signed up and went to a function..I decided right away that this was bullshit ! its funny that this ambot brings up McDonald's, that's all I heard at these meetings was how an Amway franchise was a better opportunity than owning a McDonald's franchise lol get this ...the reason?? The Amway education system is far superior to hamburger university, and there is more money to be made in Amway what a load of shit! ! This Guy even said you get a better education with the system tools than at Harvard lol ...keep up the good work,its entertaining and helpful

    1. Anonymous - glad you found us. The Amway cult is all about destroying people and t he relationships they have with their family and friends. Yup we all have the same story about the bullshit we went through. Ambots have a screwed up vision of everything because they are experts in everything so they have to be good at bullshitting if they have any hope of making $10 month in commission off the $300 in shitty Amway products they buy. As far as an Ambot is concerned everything about Amway is better than anything else in the whole world including education. Amway university is far superior to McDonalds university. Hell it's even better than Harvard if you're a brainwashed Ambot.

  4. DUDE...these amwaycunts can't be serious! They couldn't give their amway shit away as opposed to McDonalds...where everyone wants to eat at every time of the day.

    Anyways, I love your blog Anna banana, thanx for ripping on these cunts...keep it coming you hear!

  5. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by! You're right. If McDonalds was giving away free big macs and pop and Amway is on the other side of the street giving away free food bars and XS piss water I know what side of the street I'll be lining up on!


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