Friday, January 25, 2013

An Ambot Wants To Be My Friend!!!????

Anyone can get fooled by an ambot and I’m living proof.
I go to the Y to swim and different classes depending on what I feel like doing that day. There’s a group of ladies in one of my classes and on Monday’s we get together afterward at Starbucks down the street. Its not like men aren’t invited. Its just rare that a man shows up for a class. And then comes back again. Once a month we get together at one of our houses and have a potluck lunch.
A new woman joined the class in September I think. Or maybe it was October. She’s around 40. Seems nice enough. We’ve got together a couple of times after class to go for a walk. She invited me over to their house for New Year’s Eve but we already had other plans. Seemed pretty sincere she wanted to be friends with me. Stopped by the shop a couple of times where I was covering and kept me company.
She was eager to host a potluck lunch at her place so her house was on this month. In fact now that I look back on it she was overly eager.
We pretty much drove to her house as a convoy and arrived at the same time. We stood outside waiting for everyone to get there before going to the door together, about a dozen of us. Our new friend greets the first woman at the door with a hug before letting her inside. Then she grabbed the next woman and hugged her too. OK. This is creepy and reminds me of Amway love bombing. Our exercise group is not THAT close. I could see it took some of the women by surprise. I backed the hell away and made it into the house bypassing the hug at the door. Half the women slipped in with me that way too.
The living room and dining room are one big area and its right there when you come into her house. The table is there and she tells everyone to put their food on it. She has set out plates, cutlery, and what the fuck is that? Its Amway cat piss water XS Energy Drinks. Holy shit! You have fucking gotta be kidding me. I mean YOU HAVE REALLY GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!! This bitch is in Amway and I didn’t figure it out. She hasn't tried to flog some of her goods on me before now. What kind of salesperson are you. I look back and realize she was showing a high interest in my life though at no time did she suggest we were fucking morons for having a different business than Amway so she must have been trying to get my confidence up and not alienating me by not insulting our business. I guess its pretty tough to randomly throw out at someone wouldn’t you like to own a business that makes you $75,000 or $100,000 a year when quite clearly we already are there. I look around at the end tables and shelves in the room and I see Amway things like place cards and Nutrilite vitamins. Get fucking real. NOBODY keeps vitamins in their living room. I’m still hanging on to the salad and I know I’m gonna leave cause I don’t want nothing to do with anyone in the Amway scam so I just confront her. “Are you in Amway.” She says “Why yes I am. Have you heard about Amway.” So I give her an earful on what I think about Amway and the fucking assholes in our upline and the lies and the bullshit we had to put up with. I tell her to save her money and her marriage and to get out of the scam now before more damage is done. I tell her I don’t have nothing to do with Amway and I’m leaving. Over half the ladies grab their stuff to leave too. Most people our age have had some contact with Amway and it ain’t never good. But then Lady Ambot starts crying. Holy shit this is really fucking creepy and I start to feel a little bad that I’ve knocked the truth into her. I tell her not to feel bad a lot of people have gotten scammed by this company. It can happen to anyone. Then she screams at me that I’m a dreamstealer and I’m negative and starts going into a tirade that I’ve heard dozens of times from our sack of shit Platinum. I’d think maybe she’s in the same line but our former cult leader got fired from Amway last year so it must be a different asshole same shit. So I just say fuck you and the Amway bus you rode in on and I get the hell out of there.
Everyone left with me after the ambitch tantrum. As we’re regrouping by the cars one of the women says lets go to her house so we all head there. When we’re eating lunch we talk about Ambitch. Some of the women say they’ve had an invitation of some sort from her, she’d invited them to a meeting to hear someone talk about health and sports supplements but no one went. That line might work on someone more athletic in their 20’s. When you get older you don’t want to go to meetings about that stuff. Especially now that we know its disguised as an Amway meeting.
Ambitch didn’t show up to the last couple of classes thank the great Amway god I suppose. Now that we’re on to her she’ll probably cancel her membership and go somewhere else to snipe prospects.


  1. Wow!! I almost felt sorry for her as I read your post. Actually I DID feel sorry for her, but maybe your raining on her parade will be the first step in her waking up, so don't feel bad.
    Speaking of feeling I told you previously-- I started reading your blog from the start (I'm at March 2011). A few nights ago I read an entry from some lady who spoke about how she and her sister were raised in a scamway home by her mother and stepfather.
    Your blog is a huge source of amusement in my bedtime iphone reading but that night, I felt sick.. I LITERALLY FELT SICK. I would love to bash in the faces of the assholes who robbed these two little girls of their parents and a more normal life, with parents that are there, and maybe an extra couple hundred bucks here and there to do fun things. Most people won't know what post I'm referring to Anna but for sure you do. I'll even try to back track and post a link here later.
    We've worked smart enough to have anything (within reason) anyone can want, but the best times are when we're just goofing around with our children,,, doing nothing. That's what makes memories and that's all people ever really take with them. And to think that these two little girls were robbed of these things steams the fuck out of me!! Sorry for swearing and sorry for the seriousness.... this for me is usually comic relief.

    1. Hi Anna & thank you for spending so much of your quality time educating us about Amway with your experiences - it is greatly appreciated!

      Hi Ambot Dick. I think that is very sad story as well, about the 2 sisters when they were growing-up & needing their parents time etc. (I have often said to my hubby that I am thankful that our children are already grown.)
      My husband is a IBO of another MLM & with the help of Anna's & Joecool's & the MLM Punisher's Blogs (thank you!) - the 'tide is starting to turn' & he is finally realising how much time/energy/money he has spent & now he wishes to take care of our future more productively!

      Anna, that's an unfortunate story about that lady who invited you all for a lunch get-together. I can see that you tried to reach her - hopefully one day she will have a 'lightbulb moment'!

      Best wishes to you both; Anna & Ambot Dick - cheers; Lady G! :)

    2. Ambot Dick - I hope it will be a wake up call to her to get out of Amway before it destroys her life and she loses too much money. I don't think they've been in that long maybe since the end of summer. That's my guess because the upline probably told them to go to p,aces where they can meet people and I've only seen her since Sept or Oct. oddly enough they didn't try to spring Dream Night on anyone. Guess they couldn't afford to buy a bunch of extra tickets.

      If I'm remembering correctly the woman who wrote about the hell her and her sister went through thanks to her mom and step dad and Scamway has her life together now but her sister died. Suicide? Got in with the wrong crowd. I don't exactly remember but it was sad. There's a lot of parents out there who don't give a shit about their children and Amway is like a magnet for them. Amway the place to go if you don't give a shit about your family.

      But yeah I'm sure there are a lot of kids out there who really resent their parents and the neglect and hell they went through because of Amway.

    3. Anonymous - thanks for stopping by. I hope ambitch got the wake up call that Amway is going to ruin her life if she doesn't get out now. They all seem to think they're going to be in that tiny minority that's going to get rich in this scam.

    4. Thanks, Anna, for your reply - great to hear from you!...Yes, the statistics are out there with the 1% success rate - anyone I feel would understand that, but, like your've said they think/believe they will be the "one". I put that down to the "group unity" gatherings where they are mentored/motivational speakers 'draw them in' - feeling like one belongs to a "club" & they can be successful etc. What I don't like/loathe is how say when I worked in a cafe - I put my heart & soul into great customer service & did my job well - then at night & my days off (I worked the weekends) that was my down-time to relax/enjoy my family/house chores...but, with MLM it's go go go & it takes over ones LIFE - where everything (i.e. thoughts/drive/passion etc) is centred around 'the business' not that it's just a job like anyother job/'career'...thanks for reading my reply, Anna & All! Take care; Lady G.

    5. Anonymous - I hope your husband gets out of the MLM he's in soon. Yup they're all pretty much the same thing - a buying club and an expensive social club. And their lives are all consumed by it. Power of the cult.

    6. Thanks, Anna, for your concern! I'm starting to see some progress thank goodness & also thanks for your recent "Dateline" video-link which we viewed together!
      I wasn't able to find a copy of Eric's (sorry I can't remember his surname?) book; "Merchants of Deception", instead of downloading it - but, I did discover a Radio Interview where an Australian Broadcaster chatted with Eric - I will try to find it again to post at a later date, sorry.
      Thanks again, Anna & enjoy your monday evening with your family!!!

    7. Hi Anonymous. Copy and paste this link for your free copy of Merchants of Deception.

      It's one of these scary reads and even though it was written over 10 years ago nothing has changed from the time the author was in and I was in. I could have been sitting in the same room. However he has a much better grasp of the Amway scam than I do.

    8. Hi Anna!
      Thanks very much for your link - I had trouble copying/pasting it - tho I could of googled! wink!
      I haven't traced the link to a Radio Interview as of yet that I mentioned, tho, I stumbled across this "vital & important audio" (that you have most probably listened to already I suspect?!)...
      I will be forever thankful for these two kind gentlemen for their expertise insight & info/knowledge to educate people-all-over-the-World; Mr Robert FitzPatrick & Mr Eric Scheilbler (author of the book you speak of!) is the link for any of your readers to copy/paste as well to listen to... (also, I was wondering if you could if possible (or you wish to?) "highlight" this link elsewhere for better/easier reference for anyone! Thanks!)

      An update here...My husband has finally started the process of distanting himself from MLM - first of all informing his Upline that he doesn't have enough "time or money" to spend on this anymore after 4yrs & also with cancelling services not used while he has been working the so-called 'business' & also he will not be attending a major event coming-up due to me "insisting & being on a mission" that he "quit"!
      I have also come to the conclusion that it is more harder (& take some time) to "let-go" of the connections of ones teams/upline/downlines where one is helping each other & where these MLM cleverly use to "mesh people together/depend on each other for support to keep this cycle going" - hence, using psychology to keep people in these MLM Schemes.
      In closing...
      Thank you once again for your kind dedication of informing potential IBO's (sales-persons) & anyone wishing to leave the MLM Industry! And also for your caring concern regarding my husband & others!
      Best wishes & cheers; Lady G!

    9. Hi Anonymous. That's great your husband is kicking his Amway habit. Yeah it probably is hard for some people to give up their Ambot friends because thanks to the Amway cult they've had to ditch all their other friends wo won't support the scam. The problem with continuing to hang out with ambots is that they'll always be after him to buy products and come to Amway meetings. They're only friends as long as they can make money off you so if your husband keeps his wallet closed they'll stay away in short order.

      Thanks for the link. I have a post that I should bring up to the top again because it has helpful links for people. This link or another going to the same web page is on that list. It's about time to update it I'm sure.

    10. Thanks, Anna, for your reply! Also, I was supposed to write earlier that I was sorry about taking so long to reply back to you.
      My hubby isn't in Amway - it is ACN.
      Don't worry with hubby 'sliding back', he has scaled back big-time & is re-directing his energy/desires to taking more care of our future together!!!
      Your'e most welcome with, Robert & Eric's audio link! I appreciate you taking the time to write back to me & this link being on a previous post of yours sounds great, too!
      Cheers again for running your awesome Blog; Anna!!! :)

    11. No problem. People show up here when they want. Unlike Amway I don't force people to show up.

      I've heard of the ACN scam. Don't know how the salespeople are treated but I know its sponsorship driven.

    12. Thanks, Anna, great to hear from you as always!

      It was late last year when I'd had enough with my hubby's involvement in ACN after another major "event" he attended - so, I searched for any Blogs from ex-IBO's but couldn't track any down only present IBO's Blogs etc...

      Then, I discovered your fabulous Blog about your previous involvement/experiences with Amway (I've known about Amway since the 80's & I did buy some concentrated dish-washing liquid etc from a Rep back then who I knew personally! Plus, I was an Avon Rep in the late 80's, but I only solely sold their products to family & friends, as, a side-line/hobby, while our eldest child was a toddler!)...

      Then, it wasn't until I read the MLM Punishers & Ex-MLM Junkie's Blogs THAT I thought - hey! all (I presume?!) MLM 'Business Opportunties' are similar in nature/style etc...

      SO, then, I started reading yours & JoeCool's & everyones (thanks to you ALL!) Blogs more to help me get through to my adored hubby & to help me along the way, too!

      Sorry, that was a bit long-winded, just was explaining why I 'visit'/read your valued/encouraging posts ~ thank you!

      Keep-up your great work, Anna!!!
      Cheers; G!

    13. Hey anonymous. Well my comment went off into cyber hell somewhere. Glad to hear all these blogs are helping you. That's what we're here for. To help others know they're not going through this hell alone and to let people know what is ahead for them in a life of misery and financial debt if they sign up.

      Avon doesn't have a bad reputation that Amway does. Avon has really good prices, huge selection of products, and good quality. Claims that Amway can not make! I don't think I've ever seen anyone on the Internet call Avon a cult and the abuse they take from their upline. People who sell Avon usually get in because they like to buy the products and if they know a few people who want to buy some Avon stuff they can give them a brochure. They don't go around claiming how rich they'll be and lying abut their products and income.

    14. Thanks, Anna, for your reply!

      Yes! I did enjoy being a Avon Rep years ago - got me out of the house & mixing with a "Women's Group" that I joined also - plus, my family were kind enough to buy some products as well! And, you are totally right - I just gave out brochures, as well as buying a few products to show but I never went 'crazy' due to us watching our pennies back then as a one income young family!

      I agree with your comment about Avon - otherthan the lady asking me to join, I never even thought about asking anyone to also join back then! Yrs later I attended either a jewellery or tupperware "party" & was approached to be a Rep but I declined.

      Yip! If these MLM Companies kept it more basic & on a customer only system - people wouldn't be brainwashed/misled (I loathe the deception used also) by a fairytale 'dream' & 'acting like they are all in a scripted movie or striving to go up a companies ladder that has hardly any real substance'! wink!

      Yes! Your Blog & Bloggers here are really appreciated & I will thank you & everyone again for giving us all such a important insight into Amway & the MLM Industry!

      Enjoy your friday & weekend, Anna & Everyone!!! :)

  2. Wow, that's brutal! Yet it's better to be told the truth about Amway than having it told indirectly about it's immorality. You still see her at the Y or anywhere else after the debacle at her house?


    1. AntiAmway - haven't seen or heard from her since last week. As far as I know she hasn't come back to work out. Probably going to quit going now that word is out about her. It's like going to the gyms to prospect are real popular for ambots because they can try to harrass others working out on the shitty sports drinks and supplements that Amway sells.

  3. I can understand wanting to tell the Ygirl the truth about Amway from your perspective, but you have to admit, the way you trashed Amway sent her over the edge. It will either cause her to (a) quit or (b) make her dig her heels in further. Guaranteed her upline will find out about this and will make things all better.

    1. Anonymous - I don't miss any chance to curse out the assholes in my upline! I'm sure she's realized prospecting and making sales at the Y is a bust now! Yeah she probably had to fess up what happened at her next counselling session. And her upline probably patted her head and told her what a good little girl she was to defend Amway.

  4. My Ambot BF (a new ambot of 6 months) has started telling his group of friends to come to other ambots living room amway parties and none responded and said no... His crazy lunatic upline is even going over his house to convince his friends to see what it's all about and he even claims that "his friends can even challenge him and have an open mind to think its not a scam".... None responded. I'm starting to feel bad for my bf it's gotten so embarassing for him! He's looking so bad he's going to start alienating his friends and family. As his Gf I'm going to just watch him realize this because WHeN he realizes it he's going to need me to be there an help pick himself up.

    1. Anonymous - everything you said I could have said. Living room cult meetings. No one wants to come. No shows if they did say they'd come just to get the Ambot off their ass. And it's really embarrassing admitting anything to do with Amway. I've been to Amway meetings where the A word is never mentioned or it's at least an hour into the meeting before that curse word comes up. Most ambots quit after a few months. If you hit the one year mark and it doesn't look like he is ready to get out of the cult then you need to reevaluate. Nothing brings those assholes in Amway more happiness than destroying other people's relationships.

  5. Hi Anna, I wanted to share this link with you. This is a book by Eric German, his father was a journalist and he quitted his job for Amway back in '82. He lost everything and now his son is telling the story.
    Let me know if you can see the link.

  6. Anna you let that ambitch have it the right way! These scambugs obfuscate their "friendships" but the real intention is always ScAmway. They can't beat the numbers so it doesn't matter if they dig in. Who's problem is that? Everyone gets out at when they will after eventually a totality of blivit weighs enough. So do let Ambitch have it again if she dares show her ambitch fucked up face and tell us about it. Sometimes that is what it will take.

    1. ExAmbot - people in Amway piss me off so much because they're a bunch of liars and scammers. Sick pieces of scum that prey on others. You just want to take it all out on whatever Ambot happens to be close by!

  7. Yeah, I had one come over at me at the mall in a shoe store like a week ago. I was just looking, and he just started a conversation about high prices and the economy. It went along the lines of "hey, wouldn't you like to pay half that price, or maybe even less than that at discount from my store...maybe even run your own store yourself and discount your own items to the prices that you want, as low as you wanted them. I told him I would be stupid to discount items in my store (if i had one)instead of giving them to myself for free...I mean, it's my store right? He said I sounded a bit confused and maybe we could get together later to talk about a vanture that would help me buy whatever i wanted. I said "ok" and when he gave me his business card and I walked away, i just scrunched it up and threw it away. I mean, what fuking looser just comes out to you and talks to you without getting to know you first?

    1. Anonymous - you are quite right. One of the perks of owning your own business is that you can help yourself to some of the product if needed rather than give yourself a discount and buy it. You'll never get through to an Ambot trying to reason with them using truth and logic. They're programmed by their cult leaders in Amway not to believe people who aren't in Amway.

  8. hi, i have been a regular reader of your blog for over a year and have left few comments. We have been approached multiple times for the last year by different pyramid businessmen in different places. I would say once or twice per month. I don't know if it is because I look approachable or friendly or what...I'm soo tired of them.

    We joined a gym last month and the first thing I see is a bunch of business cards with different pyramid names. I wont be surprised if I will be approached there one more time...

    Today a co-worker called me to complimenting me about how a big shot I am...WTF!!! Then he said, "by the way, I'm here with a friend who is expanding a business" Where have I hear that pitch line before?? Can't they at least be creative??

    Then he let me talk to his friend. This guy ask me if I know amazon. I thought, enough of being a nice guy and answered: Who doesn't??? I mean, WTF! His reply: But do u just know it is a website or know their "business model". Of course I know how it works. Only an MLM agent would ask such idiotic questions. His next statement, my business model is also similar to Barnes & Novel we can talk about it in person. That was it, I told him straight to the point I know that's an MLM scam, not interested...

    And this co-worker, can't believe he is into that. We are paid decently at our jobs. There is no need to get into that scam.

    Thanks for your blog, i laugh a lot with it.

    1. Hi. Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're getting something out of it - namely all the lines we put out there so people know they're being prospected by Amway ambots or possibly in your case similar MLM scams. Yup just tell them you know the line they're trying to pull and ask them which MLM they're part of. If they won't tell you its probably Amway. In Amway you gotta be all hush hush secretive about it until you get your prospect in front of the closer who is probably the sack of shit Platinum. If they won't leave you alone just tell them you'll meet them there and don't show up. These scammers ought to be used to no shows by now and then don't answer your phone if they call whining about where are you.

  9. I didnt ask him whats his pyramid but we have been prospected by amway, melaleuca, aegon and others during a one year period. I dont know how often the average person is prospected but it has happened a dozen times to me and my wife during the last twelve months or so. If i count the jeovah witnesses, make it two dozen times. We have never been involved with any but i already know their lines and tactics. Next time I will really to prank them because im soo tired of being their pray. By the way the movie believe that you recommended in one of your entries was so funny.

  10. Screaming at the AmBitch may have been harsh (yes, fully aware that I'm using the term "AmBitch" and the irony associated with it), but unfortunately, I've met these types of folks before. There were 2 scenarios AFAI can see....
    1) she was trying to use sobbing and tears to get you folks join (And I wouldn't be so sure that some of them wouldn't try this)
    2) or she really was brainwashed. I probably would've tried to convince her one last time to get out while you can, but alas, I probably wouldn't be able to do much more either.

    1. Either way no ones seen her since. Stamp out ambots!


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