Monday, January 21, 2013

Beware of Coffee Guzzling Amway Ambots

So I work for my dad's company right.. great company been working for it for years. Recently at my gym while working out, this guy approached me, he was like, "woah, are you a personal trainer.." (I'm not THAT big, but am fit) I was like, "Uhh.. (flattered), no I just workout a lot XD." He then goes on asking about where I work and if I'd like to meet up for coffee ETC. He then friend requests me on facebook. I barely know the guy.. Really strange, I was all like.. Da heq. He then sends me multiple facebook messages asking how I'm doing how my company's doing annnnnnd how successful he is and that he wants to meeeeet please. I'm like, why the heck does this guy want to meet me so bad? So basically, today's the 18th of January, he wants to meet up on Wednesday the 23rd of this month. I then did some snooping on his facebook page, it all just says he's an Independent Business Owner, IBO, does Leadership Organizations.. ETC.. Then it says " So glad I work for the number 1 independent business in the world" or something.. I was like, da heq? Then I find multiple links of Amway on his page. So he ends up being an Amway guy, and he posts tons of pictures of his large checks ETC. Riiiiiiight... So he yeah, should I go meet with this guy who probably has no desire to be my friend and only wants me to he raped by the big business. I'm not sure though.. After seeing he was with Amway, I google searched it and this blog came up. Now I'm like YIKES.. don't want to meet with him. I didn't even know why he wanted to meet with me, now I do... I'm happy with my business. So, Should I meet with this guy or tell him to GTFO bish.

This fellow left a comment last week but I figured I’d feature his post today in case he didn’t come back to read the post where he left the comment or if others missed it it still makes for a post topic.
My basic advice to him was be a no show. Amway ambots are used to it.
Why do Amway ambots all want to meet for coffee? They need all that coffee to stay awake for all those boring Amway cult meetings.
Meet for coffee is a common Amway pick up line. I can even write the script on the parts this poster left out. The ambot who wants to be his friend or gym buddy or whatever also told him he knows some hot shit business owner who’s really successful and making barrelfuls of money every month in his business and he only works 10 hours a week and he can tell you are a real sharp guy that has what it takes to be an entrepreneur too and he can’t promise you anything but why don’t you all meet for coffee.
The hot shit “business owner” will more than likely be a sack of shit Amway platinum. There will probably be another guy there some medical sports “expert” who will lie about how Amway’s Nutrilite vitamins and sports drinks are the best on the market and the amazing results you’ll see if you take them like running the New York Marathon in 25 minutes.
This gym buddy very likely only joined up with the gym after signing up with Amway so he could prospect. Depending on the gym if it has policies about not harassing other gym goers to sell your product or services you could even report this Amway son of a bitch.
This fellow was really smart. He did some research on the guy and it screamed Amway back at him so he searched on the Internet to find out more on Amway. When we were in Amway we were told the best people to prospect were under 30 because they’d likely never heard of Amway and how it’s a pyramid scheme and how people are abused and the emotional and financial distress they go through when they sign up for the Amway cult. Blogs like this are very helpful to get information out to the masses on what its really like being inside Amway. Other bloggers focus on the poor business opportunity. I focus on the assholes you have to put up with in your Amway upline and the bullshit and lies and how nothing brings these fuckers more happiness than destroying other people’s lives: bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce. That’s what the future holds for people unfortunate enough to get sucked into the Amway cult.
And very telling that the ambot’s Facebook page says he works for the number one company in the world. First off I was unaware that Amway was number one that’s just another ambot lie. But the telling thing is he posted he works for this company. That’s right. Works. A commissioned salesperson. And a lowly paid one at that. Most ambots lie about owning their own business and working for themselves not someone else.
And here’s the thing. This guy doesn’t want to be your friend. Oh he’ll be sucking all over you while prospecting you to join the Amway cult but all he really wants from you is your money. His share of the commission he makes on the Amway products you buy and can sell ha ha!!! To other people. Yeah everyone really wants to go out and buy shitty overpriced Amway products judging by Amway’s sales figures that 3% of sales are made to people who are not Amway IBO’s because Amway is all about buying from your own store and being your own best customer. What they fail to say is you’ll be your only customer and who can stay in business if you have no other customer than yourself.
Anyone who wants to be your friend because of the money they can make off you isn’t no real friend. Dump the Amway bastard and don’t waste any more time on him.


  1. It always blows my mind when I read that they tell IBOs to prospect people under 30 "cause they probably haven't heard of amway".... Don't these stupid ambots get it?? The older people have heard of SCAMWAY and the younger crowd is computer literate and the first thing they're gonna do is google it and find out how rotten it is!! So basically it's gonna either be a NO or a HELL NO!! Hahahaha. I love it.... It's dying slowly but surely.
    The gym story was great. I WISH that kinda stuff would happen to me. I have this bottled up anger cause when i was in it... I was young and newly married and I allowed them to push me around, and what's worse-- I allowed them to push my wife around. With my present day posture-- I could make a triple diamond run for the hills!! Cowards!!! Thanks Always Anna!!

    1. Ambot Dick - that's why Amway cult leaders tell ambots and prospects not to look on the Internet about Amway. Cause there are too many people out there who are getting their stories online for others to read about the financial and emotional distress Amway caused.

      Ambots are all on power trips. That's why I refer to the upline as a bunch of Amway assholes because of their bullying behavior to the downline. Little Hitlers and Jim Joneses in training.

  2. Anna...I was just thinking-- I assume you would prefer to maintain anonymous, and that's all good. Although I prefer not to splatter my name all over a blog-- I personally couldn't give a flying crap what the former upline and crossline think-- most of them kiss my butt anyways... but get this-- After you're done writing your blog and hopefully find some way to make a fortune from it (you deserve it), wouldn't it be great if a bunch of us made our own online version of the PROFILES OF SUCCESS... Where instead of wearing those goofy robot Ken and Barbie (ugly Ken and Barbie) smiles.. we would each pose with our spouses smiling and giving the old f-you birdie to all IBOs ???? Just keep it in mind. lolololol

    1. Ambot Dick - I'm sure my former upline are all falling apart since our former sack of shit Platinum got fired by Amway.

      No money doing this blog - but it is for sale for a number between 1 and 9 and with 6 zeros behind it! We do this as a public service so others don't have to go through the same hell we went through.

  3. Oh, come on Anna- this is not JUST a public service. You also get to curse out the former upline, and to show the world just how much you rock!

    Although I guess both of those fall under the "public service" banner, now that I think about it.

    Go Team Banana!

    1. Thanks Anonymous! And yes all the fun in writing this blog is cursing out the assholes in the Amway upline because my upline is everyone's upline and I curse them out for the people who are unable to do so. Yup cursing out Amway assholes is definitely a public service.

  4. about desperation! I wonder if they ever get any sleep, I mean, you have to be everywhere to land a prospect. Once, a friend of mine joined this (6 years ago). He disappeared for a while and he’s now working again and he won’t talk about ‘THE BUSINESS’ at all (like it never happened). I asked him once, not so long ago, and he said “some gained, some lost”, then smiled and happily changed the subject. He won’t even talk about a REAL personal business anymore; I guess he was truly scarred!

    1. Anonymous - that's why ambots spend so much time at coffee shops trying to stay awake to do all that prospecting. There is also an Amway supplement to help keep ambots awake can you believe it. Yes ambots are a lot more desperate now than just a few years ago before the Internet took off. I saw the most desperate bastards I've ever seen anywhere in the Amway cult trying to scam people to come to meetings. It's very embarrassing for people to admit they are in Amway or were in Amway. That's admitting you got scammed and people like to think they're smarter than getting tricked into some pyramid scheme cult.

  5. Definitely crazy about that coffee stuff. It's always meet up at a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. The big factor is when you ask exactly what does the person do and they give you vague responses. Next, you want to know the name of the company and they try to get out of it. Probably a line of "I don't really have much time to get into it but I will have some more time in a few days. We can get together at *insert coffee shop name* and discuss it further"

    If someone is trying to recruit you and they don't tell you the name of the company, then turn around and walk away. You have to know what you may be doing, and not being left in the dark. With that in mind one can be taken to a drug meet and not expect it.

    Scamway is a scam alone just because everything has to be a secret and they don't want you to look it up, talk to anyone about it, ask too many questions, or give detail about it.

    It's always try to give a positive statement to a potential prospect and strike up a conversation with that person you don't know. "Hey I noticed that you are drinking a red bull, I take it you definitely are someone who likes to be highly energetic" or whatever garbage they say. And of course they say not to let rejection get to you, no worries, and all of the other Hakuna Matata hoopla they instill into peoples' heads. Ridiculous.

    On a side note it was a challenge to enter an entry without cursing regarding Amway.

    1. Sprigsleg - I've even been to Amway meetings where the A word wasn't even mentioned. Can't scare off the recruits. Top secret stuff what cult you're prospecting for.

      It was a challenge for me to sit at meetings and not curse out the assholes in our upline spouting off their lies at us. But I do it so well now!

  6. You should consider investigative reporting. I'm a reporter myself, and you've got the balls for it ! Make this a legit career and maybe do another dateline special on this sick scam!

    1. Ha ha! They'd have to bleep out most of what I've got to say!


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