Friday, January 11, 2013

Dodging the Amway Bullet

Anna, I just became a big fan of this blog. I *almost* started seriously dating someone heavily into Amway. I really loved her, I really cared....but thank God I never did. Guess why? Amway. I hate Amway more than any other company in the world. They are not even a legitimate business in my opinion. They are in the business of manipulating people into forking over money. It is horrible, sick, and wrong. I heard a rumor somewhere that the French government ran them out of their country and pursued them in the US Courts for a while. Thankfully, I'm married to a sweet person who loves me and is definitely not into Amway! However, I do work hard, have a strong desire to try my hand at REAL entrepreneurship someday. Best wishes to you. Tell your ex-Ambot to think about exploring real entrepreneurship, something that solves a problem they want to solve or permits them to be creative in a way they deeply enjoy. Best wishes!

Yup I’d say you dodged the bullet on this one! There are very few single women in Amway so your ex is definitely in the minority. Amway or at least the assholes who go around leading Amway meetings gush about how Amway is a family business. But that ain’t gonna stop them from scamming anyone single or married out of their money. I wonder if the single women in Amway got there because the asshole that sponsored them told them it’s a good place to meet men who are going somewhere. Yeah if you consider to bankruptcy court as going somewhere!
Amway is a good old boy’s club with meetings and trainings for the men on how to be male chauvinist pigs and that the women in their lives should have some kind of unnatural devotion to you like a Stepford Wife. Since the 60’s women haven’t taken too kindly to that kind of male attitude. Amway isn’t a place for single women. Hell Amway isn’t a place for NO ONE!
Amway is not a legitimate business. At best it can be described as being a commissioned salesperson for Amway. Mostly its belonging to an expensive social club where the assholes in your Amway upline bully you into overbuying from your “own” Amway store. And if you’re a business owner and you’re the only customer that sounds like a one way trip to poor street.


  1. Good that you shared your story and also saved your life from miseries! Many people get tricked into Amway with hope of making money but end up losing their shape badly. True Anna's blog is definitely amazing with practical issues that an IBO ends up facing.

    1. Thanks amwayscam. Only those who have lived through the Amway hell understands how it can rip apart lives.

    2. One of the most important aspects to any Company is the compensation plan. Without a solid business model the company you are looking at will fall apart. Let's put the 5Linx comp plan on the chopping block and see if it falls short or totally rocks and 5Linx scam is just a scam............

    3. Shazia - you need to take a shovel and peddle that bullshit somewhere else.

  2. Anna Banana, I definitely agree with you that the person who wrote you here dodged a bullet. And I also agree that single women are a minority in Amway. When I was involved with Amway (for the short but long three months I was in) I noticed that there were just a handful of single ladies around. The main demographic was either young single dudes or married couples.

    I recently came across another MLM company called 5linx. Has anyone heard of it? A good friend of mine got just got involved in it so I decided to go online and look into it. Looks like all the same exact BS! It's amazing how pretty much all MLMs have the same exact structure and setup tot hem. The only differences between them are the products being sold and the "compensation plans." I'm so glad I had a quick foray into the MLM world while I am young so I know the truth of it all and don't have to fall into that crap anymore in my later years when I have a family to take care of. I will never get involved with one again.

    1. Muzik_dude - thanks for stopping by with your story. 3 months of Amway hell is not bad. There's many more who stick it out a few months longer than you did! That's because the assholes in the Amway upline are always saying "you can't quit now not when success is right around the corner" and "you can miss the next Amway function because it's a once in a lifetime opportunity". Yeah we've heard all the lies.

      And speaking of lies that's what most MLM's are built on. Its the extreme ones with the cult behavior that are taught like Amway you have to watch out for. Others some people seem happy with the products buying them and selling a little on the side but don't expect it to be the main income, unlike what you're told in Amway how you'll be rolling in the the dough in a couple of years.

      I hope you're able to stay away from MLM's for the rest of your life.


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