Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Amway Asshole of the Week

Once again I get some holier than thou Amway ambot showing up at my blog as proof of what shining representatives they are for the company they slave for. Isn't it amazing how ambots have such lovely things to say about others who are not in Amway. This is how they are taught to represent Amway. This Amspeak is exactly what I heard in Amway meetings. Amway assholes all have the same attitude. They think they’re better than everyone else because they’re in Amway. This ambot is OUTRAGED that I wrote a post about how our sack of shit Platinum fucks over Amway in order to get free products.

You people are all fools. There's nothing wrong with Amway, they make flawless world class products. The problem is you! I bet you're a lazy ass hole that expects the world to be handed to you on a silver platter. Try going to your 9-5 job and refusing to work, what would happen? Yep, they'd fire your ass for being a lazy prick! Amway won't fire you, but if you do nothing you'll get nothing. It's a PERFORMANCE based system you jack ass! So here you are telling people how they can take advantage of the company so they can get free stuff?... Um, so obviously you're the criminal here.


Yup Amway ambots always resort to name calling. Heard it at every meeting. This is how ambots are taught to act to anyone who has opposing views. In other words everyone who don’t want nothing to do with Amway. These are Amway’s representatives. This is how they treat people. Who would want to do business with a person or a company that treats other people like shit.
Flawless world class products?!!! Are you fucking kidding me???? BARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just goes to show what brainwashing does to people. Interesting when people get out of Amway they do a 180 on their opinion of the products.
I’m a lazy asshole? I’ve probably worked harder than you ever will for the things I have in my life. People who own real businesses keep working until the work is done. We don’t just clock out after 8 hours or drive home from an Amway meeting and the day is done.
And yet another fucking Amway asshole who accuses me of having a job. Would one of these fucking assholes tell me what my job is, who I work for, how much money I make at my job, and what I’m doing with all this job money. Like we need any further proof that Amway assholes are liars.
Amway won’t fire you? Fucking liar! Amway fires lots of IBO’s but we only hear about the Diamonds. Low level IBO’s we don’t hear so much about but our sack of shit Platinum got fired last year from Amway. I don’t know why. Maybe Amway did an audit of ambots who get a high amount of free products sent to them. Maybe someone in the I-don’t-give-a-shit department got tired of dealing with complaints about him all the time. Maybe he got caught bragging about Amway’s rating with the better business bureau which would be a violation of Amway’s policies and a fireable offense but ambots don’t give a shit and gush about this imaginary rating all the time and lots of them leave comments here about it. So Amway can fire your ass for any reason no different than your boss in your real job.
I don’t think our sack of shit Platinum figured out all by himself how to fuck over Amway and get free products. I’m sure those are part of the teachings that are passed along from one cult leader to another to teach at Amway meetings.
Get it through your heads you fucking Amway ambots. You do not own your own business. If you owned your own business you would manufacture your own products and decide on how much to sell them for and make up your own rules and policies. If you are selling products produced by a company who sets the rules then you are a commissioned salesperson and the company you work for can fire you for any reason. When you own your own company no one can fire you.
Take your fucked up Amway attitude somewhere else. No one around this blog is buying your fucked up sanctimonious shit.


  1. Mmmmmm...that Amway-cunt needs to get laid! Anyway, I love your blog Anna, and the way you rip at those rep-lunatics is simply outrageous. I can't believe after all these years they still believe their sales-pitch makes sense.
    Besides, isn't that what Amway teaches you in the beginning, that with very little effort and time you'll be walking the beaches of the world with your family for the rest of your life with trillions of dollars after two years of fifteen minutes a day, three days a week of selling their 'top-quality' products.
    They're literally telling these amway-sales' people they'll be getting everything for nothing, when it's the other way around, they'll be getting nothing for everything...hehehehe (stupid amway people)!

    1. Anonymous - you just quickly summed up Amway!

      Impossible for an Ambot to get laid. Being in Amway = huge turn off.

      Glad you're enjoying the blog!

    2. True that. In fact this scamway clown couldn't get lucky in a woman's prison with a bagful a pardons.

  2. Ambot:Flawless world class products!

    Facebook, Twitter, and media not fanning over XS energy drinks or cleaning products of Amway. Ever.

    That Logic!


    1. AntiAmway - ambots have no logic. Their thoughts and speech are controlled by the brainwashing they receive from their Amway cult leaders. This is how they're taught to act. Abuse everyone who doesn't agree with their opinion on Amway.

  3. So you hate amway then you must hate every other network marketing business since their all based around how they build theirs. Why put other people down for doing what they want? Who cares if you don't like it and it didnt work for you, the problem with the world today is there are too many telling other people what they cant or shouldn't do because they cant do it, its pretty sad that you spend all your time talking about this business clearly you have nothing better to do with your time

    1. Hi Anonymous. I'm not putting other people down for doing what they want. The people I'm putting down are the assholes in our Amway upline who lied to us and scammed money out of us with their scheme. This blog is to get the word out there about what it's like putting up with assholes from the Amway cult and the abuse you have to put up with. If we can help others not get screwed over emotionally and financially then this blog is worth it. What do you care whether or not I have anything better to do with my time. How does that affect your life what I choose to do with mine? I'm not forcing you to show up here and read am I. Just click another button on your keyboard and find a web page more to your liking. Easy huh.

    2. Anonymouse Said "So you hate amway then you must hate every other network marketing business since their all based around how they build theirs."

      What???!!! If what you feel is you are being put down (hardly the case) nonetheless, you are doing a good job of putting yourself down without needing anybody's help. Keep doing what ya doing, ain't it great!

      Anna Banana,
      No sooner than I am hoping to read something constructive from an ambot, finally, than I realize dumber than a stump was in the house. Oh well.


      Please put together a coherent sentence and succinct arguments. If we cannot fathom what you are attempting to say you deserve to dismissed contemptuously!

    4. ExAmbot - interesting they come a post about an Amway asshole to show up and leave a comment on. We needed further proof that people in Amway are assholes?

    5. Anon, Amway is what you want to do? Has it always been? You dream about being a commissioned sales rep? Or is it something else?
      When I asked the same thing to the MLMbots I have been pummeled with recently the answer was always the same. "No, I dream about traveling (or some other retirement pipe dream), and (Insert MLM here) is the only way I can be absolutely sure I can fulfill that dream."
      You are not doing what you want. You are doing what other, better, more experienced, higher ranking people tell you to do, in hopes that one day you can retire from the MLM with enough money saved up to fulfill those dreams.
      When I put it that way, it sure sounds like a job, doesn't it?
      The difference is, when you go to work at a real job, you know what you will be earning and at good jobs (not the jobs typically held by MLMbots) how much you are saving. The only certainty in MLM is fluctuation, expenses, lost time, and high attrition.
      This sounds like something you'd dream about doing?

  4. Amway is the worst company I ever joined. I lost my time, energy and specially my money where I should not have done in the first place. All I can say is that this people are definitely a cult they not only tried to brainwashed me with a bunch of CD and books which I never read not to mention their wako and stupid meetings that looked to me as a bunch of puppet clapping after all the lies their Diamonds had to say. I
    Did also had to joined their church. The funny thing was that most of the time I felt I had no life besides amway. My family no meter what had to joined but thanks God I ended up quitting without remorse the biggest scam I have ever applied for and saved my relatives from joining this so called "business" The last word I heard from one of the team as soon as sign out from amway was is the Devil who is making you do this. After that I have never heard from them. Oh, wait I guess I'm the quitter of the team plus there is no money they can take from me anyways. Since I lost about ten thousand dollars with these people what I wanted to to is sue them for using my stuff specially my car as a way to go to this meetings in other states. Something I learned from them was never trust someone who said that education and your actual job does not make you free but amway does.

    What a Joke and a waste of time

    1. HI Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. Completely agree with you. Amway is the worst company I've ever dealt with. All that happens to anyone involved in Amway is they lose time and money and brain cells.

      All cults have church service things going on. Every Amway meeting there were twisted biblical references. But all cults twist religion to their own purpose. Amway cult is no different from any other cult that way.

      Yup the Devil is making you do this is something we heard all the time. Yup I'm staring down the Devil - he's the Amway asshole running this cult meeting.

      Yeah 10 thousand dollars is pretty much average for a person to lose in a year in the Amway cult. And its probably less than a year because most of the spending happens in the first few months. Then the money runs out.

      Sorry for your losses and glad you're getting your life back together after this horrible experience.

    2. I'm not surprised with the mixing of religion they added in there. I have a couple of cousins who got lost to religious cults and many of the brainwashing and control techniques used by those religious cults are the same used by Amway. Lovebombing ("they are all the nicest, most loving people in the world"), us versus them theme, the "devil" speaking through family and friends who try to get the person out of the cult, disconnect with reality (why Ambots don't look at the real NUMBERS and are taught to only "dream") etc.

      Sorry that you got snookered into it and lost so much money, but glad you escaped before more damage could be done to your finances. Of course Amway is a "blame the victim" scam and they will say you didn't work hard enough, but those outside of the scam who can do MATH can see how almost impossible it is to make money in it unless they are truly ruthless and uncaring of how many other lives they destroy in order to suck other people's finances to nothing. As even Amway's own literature says a less than 1% chance for success. Hardly the "greatest business opportunity ever".

    3. Hi Anonymous - I've read articles by professionals who deprogram people involved in cults, and people formerly in Amway are among those they work with, so yes Amway uses cult techniques as part of their brainwashing practices.

  5. Everything I've read here rings true of Amway being a cult. I was an Ambot for two years before I realized the horrible truth and woke up from my brainwashed state and got out after losing almost $3000 and losing some family and friends too.
    Amway is definitely a cult. The lovebombing, the "us vs. them" creed, having your upline jam down your throat constantly to obey, don't question, blindly do what your told because it will enable you to "hang loose in Hawaii" and "party in Paris" and a bunch of other pipe dreams.
    One of Amway's textbook brainwashing techniques used heavily is to have you attend the major functions or rallies where you are a captive audience bombarded with one "godlike leader" after another with only brief breaks for food. You are told to stay in your seat for sometimes 12 hours plus and then you are ordered to attend a "special meeting" with your upline diamond; these meetings were often from after 12midnight to after 2am. If you tried to explain that you were exhausted from sleep deprivation by this point and didn't want to attend the meeting you would be called a loser and not really a part of the team. By this time after 14 hours of being subjected to constant sensory inputs (speakers, loud music, singing and chanting over and over, giant screen videos, etc.) you're ability to think clearly and for yourself is almost gone and ripe for having more brainwashing that you have to stay in Amway and no matter how much money you losing on Amway products and more brainwashing tape cassettes, just keep "showing the plan" and you'll be able to "walk on the beaches" too. These are all classic methods used by cults to keep members in line and not think for themselves.
    I'm glad I got out when I did. Oh yeah, one other note - as soon as I got out not one person who was still in Amway ever tried to contact me again. So much for Amway being compromised of "the most loving and friendly people"

    1. Anonymous - thanks for stopping by with your story. I'll probably bump it up to an upcoming post because this one's kind of old and people won't see it.

      Yup everything you said is the exact Amway experience everyone has. The love bombing, the brainwashing, the worshipping the Amway cult leaders, getting out and ambots aren't allowed to associate with you anymore. Like who would want that anyway! LOL! One of the bonus things about getting out of Scamway is leaving those Amway losers behind and not having to put up with those bastards anymore!

  6. I am going to agree with pretty much everything. I built Amway for 8 years upto solid platinum. I truly believed I was helping people and hence ignored little lies here and there. I regret believing in this so much. Thank heavens I am out. I left as soon as I found out how my uplines have lied to my face all this time. You can make money in Amway if you are ok with constant cheat, constant lies, constant false sales pitch and above all constant recruiting. Good luck to all

    1. Hi Sam Ray. Thanks for stopping by with your story. So you're just another person who the 2 to 5 year fairy tale didn't work out for? You got as far as Platinum but its pretty hard to hold on to any level in Amway because you have to keep telling lies and bullying the downline to buy more Amway shit. At least you had a wake up call or your morals or conscience couldn't take it any longer.


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