Friday, February 15, 2013

Worst Amway Distributor

Not too long ago I get an Amway employee working in the Alticor office in Grand Rapids Michigan end up at my blog after doing a Google search for “worst Amway distributor”.
I mean what the fuck? This is just so dumb ass on so many levels.
If you’re using a computer owned by Alticor then isn’t there some kind of Amway database that an employee can look at to find this information?
Then you gotta wonder why is this employee fucking around surfing the Internet instead of getting their work done. That’s called stealing time from the employer. Its amazing how many Amway employees working in Ada or Grand Rapids do fuck around surfing the Internet instead of getting the work done that they’re getting paid to do and read my blog. This kind of shit is taught at Amway meetings. Ambots are told to blow off their job and use their working hours when they’re paid by their employer to get Amway related stuff done like respond to phone calls and text messages from the assholes in their Amway upline and surf the Internet learning about Amway and their products.
Yeah Amway employees come to my blog to find out what its all about. They ain’t gonna get the truth nowhere else!
So back to the worst Amway distributor. How can you narrow it down to just one. There must be tens of thousands of people who can claim to be the worst Amway distributor. Many people sign up as Amway IBO’s because some asshole ambot begged and pleaded with them. Maybe even forked out the cash to get them a membership to the Amway buying club to be an IBO. That way they can look all big and important to the assholes in their Amway upline that they have people in their downline and they’re going eagle. Hell no. They’re on the way to platinum and then they’ll be diamond! All cause they’ve signed up people who don’t want piss all to do with Amway. Maybe these people buy an Amway product or two but when they realize its overpriced shit they don’t make that mistake again. Or they might not buy anything. Lucky bastards!
95% of IBO’s quit in 2 years and probably half of them are IBO’s who were signed up for no purpose than to help out the ambot and give him a downline. There are many IBO’s out there who Amway can call the worst distributor because they don’t buy no Amway products and they don’t sell Amway products. That would be zippo profit for the bigwigs at Amway other than the profit they made by selling a membership to their buying club. Bet they can’t do that twice in a row!
How about people like me who are Amways worst distributor! That would be wives of ambots. We don’t want nothing to do with your fucking company! We don’t want your overpriced shitty products in our house! We don’t want our husbands getting brainwashed by your fucking cult leaders! We don’t want to waste our time and money going to fucking Amway meetings and functions. We don’t want to tell people we’re involved with Amway because that’s just so fucking embarrassing! We don’t want to go into debt thanks to your fucking scam! We don’t want to go through emotional distress because our husbands have been brainwashed by your fucking cult leaders! We are the worst Amway distributors because we don’t want nothing to do with your fucking company and we’ve lost money and we’ve gone through mental anguish and then we hit the Internet and we tell other people about the shit we had to go through thanks to Amway!!!! We are your worst distributors!!!
I mean really. What a dumb fuck Google search for the worst Amway distributor that Amway employee is doing. Here’s the easy answer. Most Amway distributors fall into your criteria. Now get your thieving ass off the Internet and get back to work!


  1. Replies
    1. Anyone know why Homeland Security is investigating Amway for credit card fraud? I couldn't help them.

  2. Anna;

    I realize this is not the appropriate place for this post but I just read on that Mary Kay Cosmetics has just announced they are shutting down all operations in India effectively immediately and permanently.

    It also went on to say India was disallowing ALL mlms in the country. Does Amway have a big presence there? If India has made this move, I wonder if other countries will eventually follow suit?


    1. Hi Anonymous. I don't know anything about Mary Kay and their Indian operations. You might try this blog

      The blogger deals with MLM scams and the ones in India that the police are chasing after.


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