Monday, February 25, 2013

Dragging Amway Shit Into The Home

Here’s a comment from one of my readers. Yup we all have the same story.
I must say she is very lucky if only one Scamway order made it into her home. We had more Amway shit coming into our house than I had sacks of garbage going to the curb.
Yup we all have the same opinion on shitty overpriced Amway products. Paying top dollar for substandard products. Who wants to do that besides a fucked up brainwashed Amway ambot that is.
Those Amway Nutrilite vitamins give high PV so that’s why her husband buys them because some asshole in his Amway upline has brainwashed him into believing they’re the best around and will give him some superhuman powers and they will also cure every major ailment known. I can’t tell you how scary it is on a daily basis I get people searching the Internet for Amway products to cure cancer and end up at here.
So take it away my friend!

Hey folks, hey Anna
My hubby just started to drag amway into our sweet home. One order, never again!

Never mind the massive dent in the bank balance...
i have had piles of laundry that haven't been cleaned properly and my poor little kid and I ended up with constantly itchy skin even using the amway baby sensitive laundry stuff,
the good old dish drops you mention that seem to do less than a cheap watery detergent from my local cheapo store,
'concentrated' bathroom cleaner that i tried watering down to all kinds of different degrees and in the end it seems to be very ordinary kind of disinfectant that i would use dilute for the floor, but does f* all for real bathroom cleaning
everything smells like some nasty 1970s chemical products

oh, and my hubby is convinced he is becoming some kind of superhero due to taking the supposedly so superior nutritional supplements ... heaven help us when amway jump on the bandwagon of claiming to produce supplements that help brain development :-)

glad to hear am not alone in thinking it's complete crock of shit

but the good side - they fact that amway can get away with claiming any sort of environmental friendliness has scared me so much I am becoming an avid checker of any household product i buy, and am definitely going much greener - so ha ha, an unexpected bonus after all

And that ... ahem... 'business model' thing about consuming and earning, think what they mean is part with your hard earned money now, spending far more than the product is worth to you right now, and then if you're lucky you claw some back from some other sucker that you draw in and do that a few times and you'll get rich? Maybe amway isn't illegal but it sounds exactly like some of those scam investment schemes that gets someone at the top rich because people in a tough economy trying to find a way to make a living desperately hand money over now in the hope of some magic formula creating wealth for them. If someone was giving out bogus share certificates and lots of promising sales talk people might spot the catch and it would get stopped, the only difference here is that they hand over some crap soap products instead.


  1. I cant agree with the comments on the products. They are of good quality even if pricey. As for the business then thats just not a business.

    1. Anonymous - I'm going out on a limb here and saying you're a man because its unlikely a woman would say something like that. And yeah I get it that quality is subjective but former ambots all of a sudden don't think Amway's quality is all that good after they've quit.

      Amway is a good old boy's club full of male chauvinist teachings. So that means around the house the woman does all the work.

      Woman tend to do the majority of the shopping and housecleaning whether or not they're in Scamway. Through trial and error we know what is good quality and what is good value for our money.

      Amway offers substandard products at premium prices. Even consumer reporting magazines have included Amway in their product tests and Amway always comes in near the bottom to their low quality.

      One thing I noticed in Amway it was always the men who go around bragging about the high quality of Amway's products. You didn't see the woman going around flinging that bullshit. That's because we're the ones - NOT THE MEN - who are stuck using these fucking Amway products trying to get our houses clean and our dishes and laundry clean which ain't easy when we're using shitty products! We're the ones that say fuck you to the Amway shit and go back to the grocery store and buy better quality products for reasonable prices.

      Maybe some of you men should take over the shopping and housecleaning and see if you still think those shitty Amway products are high quality or if you'll be telling the truth.

      You can only make sales in Amway if you're a good liar and have no morals and have no integrity. That's the secret to success in Amway.

  2. @AnonymousFebruary 26, 2013 at 12:14 AM

    Sorry buddy-- don't agree. Like Anna always says; they're low end generic products that are way overpriced. As an ambot, you get so brainwashed about how concentrated the products are and how little you use, thus making them such a good value. That, coupled with the fact that they are so damn expensive, make you be a cheapskate when using them. SO-- the product is shit, AND you're cheap with it on top of it.... makes for a real good clean, let me tell you!! NOTTTTT

    I remember leaving the cult and buying regular name brand stuff.... stuff like Mr Clean or Hertel for like a buck or two and thinking; WOW, this stuff is great. And if I spilled some by accident, I didnt have a panic attack cause I could buy a case of it for a little more than the price of one bottle of LOC (liquid organic crap).

    It was a long time ago and we were newly married. I never went into any debt cause my regular business was strong even back then, but I DO remember how much more disposable income I suddenly found myself with after the cult. I remember walking into Walmart and walking out with loads of stuff and the bill would be like a hundred dollars. I felt like I was robbing them-- I guess it was the after effect of being robbed for so long.

  3. If i may reply to both of you. Yes anna im a male. Well spotted. But i do my own ironing and i do housework like cleaning. I use a few products and i dont contest studies that place the products lower than those available in the stores. I presume all cleaning products are generic by now anyway I did not say they were the best. I said they were good , at least those i use which are. Loc, window cleaner, car cleaner and general purpose cleaner . I dont know the other products. In fact i had someone round to clean my downpipes and gutters and he used my loc. First time for him and he bought the entire 5 litre container from me.dont tell amway i sold their stuff without being a ibo. So thats how i see it. I find the products expensive but im in the position i dont need to check my bank balance. So i take deLivery whenever i can find a distributor. rather than hauling back from a supermarket. Now as i see the business model its just impossible to make money and the tools is a rip off. Thats why im not in.

    1. I feel the need to point out a bunch of obvious things here.

      You buy from an Amway distributor because you don't like hauling stuff from the supermarket? I'd say most people need to visit the supermarket at least twice a month to at least restock perishables. Unless you're an Amway IBO and the upline assholes have convinced you to eat Nutrilite vitamins instead of drinking milk and eating fruit and veggies, etc.

      If you prefer delivery why not go to Their minimum order for free delivery is $45. I think someone last year said Amway increased their minimum to $100 for free delivery. That's for customers who are not registered IBO's. IBO's have to pay for delivery. You can go to and buy the same shit you're buying from Amway at lower prices. And more of it. And brand names that are better quality than Amway. And get it delivered to your house. And don't have to spend as much money to qualify for free shipping.

      I've been cleaning gutters and downspouts since my parents decided I was old enough to climb a ladder. Here's what people cleaning gutters do. They remove any debris. They use a hose to flush the gutters and make sure water is running down the downspout OK. If not that means taking the downspout apart and wacking it on the ground a few times to clear the blockage. That's it. I have never used a cleaning product on gutters or downspouts. Why would I. Who's going to be standing on my roof inspecting whether or not the inside of my gutters are clean. Santa Claus? It boggles my mind why the guy you hired needed to use LOC or anything else to clean the gutters and downspouts. Flush it with water and thats good enough.

      If you're in the position not to need to check your bank balance and able to hire a gutter cleaner then you could probably hire someone to do your grocery shopping and that way you can avoid both the supermarket and Amway and still get perishables and anything else you need and save money even after paying someone say $20/hour for a couple of hours to do your shopping and come back to your house and put the stuff away.

      And maybe your grocery shopper can also clean out your gutters for you now that I've given you the big secret that no cleaning products are needed.

      If you're not an IBO my guess is someone close to you is and is hounding you to help them out. Stop being an enabler.

  4. Thank God I didn't use any of the cleaning products. I would imagine they don't clean worth a damn. I'd take anything over Scamway's garbage. There shit is way too expensive. They should be begging people to take them away.

    Next, tell these uptight piles of pigshit how bad the products are and you'll never hear the end of it. And those assholes always praise their shit. I tried a bar that came in the Introductory package and I really thought I was eating a cardboard box that was just used by someone for moving.

    And what kills me is they say any damn thing. My Mom has sensitive teeth and the upline immediately said it was because she was brushing with sand, in reference to Colgate. No because they are sensitive to certain toothpastes, she doesn't need any Amway trash. I'd bet if they had motor oil, antifreeze, etc for cars then the car would overheat and blow the head gasket.

    1. Sprigsleg - Amway products don't clean worth a damn. I've written posts on what its like using their shitty useless overpriced cleaning products.

      I've also written about their shitty Glister toothpaste that gave me a gag reflex. Nothing like brushing your teeth and worrying you're gonna puke! Amway only sells the one type of toothpaste. You can go to the drugstore and there'll be a whole aisle devoted to toothpaste products to suit just about everyone including a whole bunch of toothpastes for sensitive teeth to help your mom. Amway doesn't sell that. For the reason you stated. They brainwash IBO's into believing every toothpaste on the market is made with sand or chemicals or whatever scare tactics they use these days.

  5. One thing about Amway is the external sales percentage. The FTC classifies any MLM company as an ILLEGAL PYRAMID SCHEME if they do not meet an minimum of 70% external sales (non-IBO or actual customers). The CEO of Amway has stated their external sales to be around 50%, so you do the math. Unfortunately, this industry is extremely difficult and expensive to regulate, so can't blame the FTC here. We all know there are other politics involved too.

    1. Anonymous - you are correct ath Amway IBO's don't get anywhere near close to 70% of external sales. The assholes in our upline told us not to worry about that. In Amway the facts don't count. We were told to make up a whole bunch of customers including the dog and have them buy products to get around that. Its easy for an IBO to spend $300/month on personal products to qualify for 100 PV and to get a check that month and then buy another $700 of products on these other accounts they've set up. That only lasts a few months until the credit card hits the limit.

      If the CEO said 50% of Amway sales are to external customers then he's lying. Now there's a big surprise - someone in Amway lying!!!! Ha ha ha!!! A former Diamond released Amway's sales reports and put it online a few years ago. Amway's external sales to non-IBO's is just under 4%. I'm guessing that hasn't changed much.

    2. Wow, under 4% - that's crazy!!

  6. I just finished reading Amway: The Cult of Free Enterprise, which was quite fascinating... glad to find this blog to keep the Scamway feelings going...

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying the blog!

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    1. Hey Kevin want to head out to the Golden State and clean my gutters? Like I really believe you spent an hour reading this blog. LOL! But thanks for bumping up our ranks in the search engines.


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