Friday, March 15, 2013

Amway Diamonds Are Broke

According to Amway literature Amway Diamonds make around $150,000 a year.
According to the assholes in your Amway upline Amway Diamonds make millions of dollars a year!
150k is not a bad income. A person can have a decent house, nice cars, take a couple of vacations and put some money in the bank if they’re careful what they do with their money.
Some Amway diamonds make the bulk of their income from speaking at Amway functions. That’s where the money is – ticket sales. Also selling CD’s of themselves bullshitting the crowd with their “motivational teaching”. Gag gag gag!!!! But not all Diamonds are on the preferred speaking list so some diamonds earn more cash than others but a diamond could earn several thousand or tens of thousands more a year by this tool income. Depends where they are on the get a bigger piece of pie plan. And Diamonds ain't forever. Many drop off the radar because they couldn't keep bullying their downline to buy buy buy. 
An Amway Diamond according to Amway’s literature is in the ballpark as our income. I keep getting fucking Amway assholes showing up here and leaving comments that I’m broke even though I’m very careful with my money. So if you go by Amway ambot logic if I’m broke then so are Amway Diamonds. All of us are broke who have incomes around 150k. That’s how a brainwashed Amway asshole thinks. That’s not enough money! Greed rules! You’re a broke loser you fucking Amway Diamond according to the Amway IBO’s in your downline!
A person can live a decent lifestyle on this income if you watch how you spend it. From what I’ve seen of Amway Diamonds they live beyond their means. They buy mansions a fleet of sports cars and fly first class to exotic destinations multiple trips a year and supposedly they pay cash for all of this.
That lifestyle just ain’t possible on 150k without going into some serious debt.
And there have been reports of Diamonds going into foreclosure. Lets see if you paid cash for the house then there wouldn’t be a mortgage and impossible for a bank to foreclose. What about bankrupt Diamonds. No. How could it be possible that Diamonds who buy everything with cash and don’t take out loans and credit cards could declare bankruptcy. Could it be that Diamonds are liars about paying for everything in cash? I can just see Amway assholes reading this and throwing their arms up in the air and shrieking NO NO NO!!!! You’re the liar you broke loser.
They’d have to be living on credit to bullshit ambots into what is a Diamond lifestyle. You can’t live a millionaire lifestyle on an income that’s in the low 6 figures. Amway is all about fake it till you make it. Amway is all about going into debt.  Amway is all about lying to trick others that you are richer than you really are and making good money at this scam.
Not hard to figure out at all why Amway diamonds are broke.
Its just those fucking little Amway assholes that show up here to say that I’m broke when unlike their beloved Amway Diamonds I have never had to file bankruptcy or had the bank foreclose on my house. Hell I’ve never even had a call from a bill collector. I have an excellent credit rating but those fucking Amway assholes that read my blog accuse me of being broke.
In other words they accuse someone in the same income bracket as a Diamond of being broke so that shows their low opinion of broke Amway diamonds! Fortunately I don’t have Diamond sized expenses and I manage my money pretty good. So if these fucking Amway assholes think I’m broke then they are putting Amway Diamonds in the same category. Same income. Same broke.
Fucked up Amway asshole logic!