Thursday, March 14, 2013

Employees Treated Like Shit

Occasionally I get past and current Amway employees showing up here to talk about what its like working there. Based on employee’s views Amway treats its employees like shit. Even the customer service rep who can’t string a sentence together or spell to save her (his?) life and showed up to curse out ambots who phone their I-don’t-give-a-shit line to lie about not receiving products gave us insight on what its like working there. And one could argue that Amway’s hiring department dredges the bottom of the sewer and has low quality requirements for hiring staff and just hires anyone they’re so desperate but that still doesn’t make it right for them to treat their employees like shit just because they can’t get good employees. Here’s another employee story.

I work at the plant as a temp and I hate it. I Hate the overhead, the treatment, and working on cheap/shitty products while the suits just comes down like pigeons to shit on everything. I don't even make three hundred bucks a week because Amway slaves out the temp services while the full time employees do jack shit and make triple the amount of pay. It is a wretched place to work or even assosciate with. I'm sorry that is is as horrible on the business end of the deal as well.

Some people are so desperate for a job and make money to pay the bills that they will take a job that comes along even with a shitty employer who treats their employees like shit. I remember going to Amway cult meetings and the Diamonds would be gloating about all the plants and warehouses were Amway produces their “fine quality” products. Ha ha! Make that shitty overpriced products! But really according to this Amway employee who is treated like a slave these Amway plants are no different than sweat shops in 3rd world countries. I’m sure I’m not the only one who checks the labels before I buy things. If I see something is made in Bangladesh home of many warehouse fires and deaths in sweat shop factories I ain’t gonna buy it. Just like I don’t buy no shit that says Amway Alticor or whatever other names they use to disguise who they are. Forget the fact that its an overpriced shitty product and I can buy similar way cheaper from reputable companies. If it comes from an Amway sweat shop where employees are treated like shit that’s just as good a reason not to buy.
So why stay in a shithole job and put up with shitty employers? Like I said desperate to take any job to pay the bills. Eventually another job will come along and people quit and move on. And I get it that Amway’s not the only employer out there that treats employees like shit but we’re not talking about other shitty employers because I don’t get employees from other companies showing up here to bitch about their jobs and out their employer. Instead I’ve had 20 year Amway employees complain to me that they still don’t get benefits after putting in all that time. Shitty employers like Amway know employment loopholes and how to get around giving benefits and good pay. They keep employees rated as temporary or part time and go through temp agencies to bring in staff.
What about all those fucking Amway ambots that show up here and leave comments gloating about how Amway made 12 billion dollars last year. A company that makes that much money can’t pay its employees better and give them benefits? Like fuck you! There are tons of companies out there that don’t bring that much money and pay their employees well and have benefits and pension plan. It takes a low class greedy employer bringing in that kind of money to treat its employees like shit just so there’s more money in the owners bank accounts.
OK wretched Amway employee I’m sorry things are so tough for you but really there are jobs out there that pay better and where you get treated better. Walmart and McDonalds come to mind that seem to be easy to get jobs at because there’s a high turnover. Same as other food and restaurant businesses. High turnover always looking for new hires. I get it that these are the kind of places that Amway cult leaders make fun of in their cult meetings but who gives a flying fuck what those Amway assholes think. Putting other people down and putting their jobs down is something that brings happiness to those Amway assholes. Do some research and find out which employers offer benefits to employees and apply there. Even Starbucks the butt of many jokes from the assholes in the Amway upline “big bucks, ha ha ha I’m so fucking clever” offers benefits to part time employees.
Bottom line is many of these places pay better than Amway does. Maybe benefits too. And treat their employees better too.
Here’s the thing people if your employer is Amway or someone else and is treating the staff like shit there are regulating agencies in your state where you can file a complaint. Sure it’ll probably end up that you’ll get fired from your job because that’s what shitty employers do rather than buckle and treat their employees better but at least you’ve filed a complaint and your shithole employer will be investigated and maybe fined. Nobody files frivolous complaints when they know they’ll get retaliated by their employer. They’re doing it cause it’s the right thing to do. Out the fucking bastards they work for!
And of course the right thing to do is not work for shitty employers like Amway who treat their employees like shit. Where making a buck is more important than treating employees well.


  1. Hi Anna,

    I've only recently discovered your blog, and damn, words cannot describe how engrossed I am in every entry, all the testimonials, etc. There is no quick way to make money, unless you're lucky (lottery, anyone?). When will people realize that money isn't everything? Reminds me of friends who secretly struggle with debt because they live beyond their means and look for ways to cheat the system. I have a story to share as well.

    Back when I first started college, my ex boyfriend and an acquaintance (let's call him E) from high school were hanging out. E started talking about a side job he had, and got a commission (?) check in the mail for $200. Granted, he never showed us the check, but my ex totally bought the story. At this point, he mentioned the company name, Quixtar (Former subsidiary?), which I had never heard of before. E says that all he does is read and buy products or sell them to friends, at a discount.

    He calls over his upline, some guy who works with him at a car dealership. The guy doesn't look like a million bucks, with his cheap dress shirt (wrinkled), khakis, and a Toyota preuss (could've been a company car?). This douchebag then starts going on and on about how shopping is easier online and getting cash back or commission, all while drawing diagrams on a white piece of paper! What happened to PowerPoint presentations, mr. I-drive-a-Ferrari-on-the-weekends and I-will-retire-in-2-years? E even had to provide the pen and paper - I knew this guy was  unprofessional, but damn, way to look even more like a joke.

    Then he goes on how you don't need school (college education) when being an IBO and listening to the tapes and reading the books are all you need in life (what a nutcase). My ex-bf asks E if he could borrow the tapes/books, then E says "no, you NEED to buy your own". My boyfriend pays the $100 to join (forgot what the fee amounts to), and then they turned to me to join. I knew it was a pyramid scheme when E and his upline said that every person recruited to sell gives you compensation of some sort. They ask me a few more times and I firmly declined each time.

    Finally we leave. In the car, I told my ex it was a pyramid scheme. He was surprised. We get back home and google the company and I was right. He canceled and actually got a refund on his membership fee. They mailed him the XS energy drinks anyway, so I guess we actually made a profit in the form of free drinks, haha. Yes they tasted gross, but I don't like energy drinks anyway. E eventually left Quixtar, but he is known for shady business and always being broke (or in debt). I can't believe this joke of a company still exists. *shakes my head*. 

    1. Hi Christina. Glad you're enjoying the blog. A lot of people read it and say they went through, or unfortunately still going through the exact same thing. It helps to know you're not going through the Amway hell hole alone. Of course the current crop of Amway ambots are outraged that someone is telling the truth of what its like being inside the Amway cult and the bullshit you put up with from the assholes in your Amway upline. The abuse, the financial and emotional distress, the feelings of dispair. This blog has helped people who were thinking of signing up to not do so and those who were put under a high pressure sales pitch and signed up and then went home and did some research and then they quit after doing some Internet research. Nobody needs to go through the horror that being in Amway will do to a person.

      Yup your story is pretty typical of ambot recruiting attempts. You forgot to mention the Amway asshole wanted to meet somewhere for coffee to go over his business plan but I'm sure you saw him at McDonalds or somewhere like that.

      I heard a couple of reasons about the Quixtar name change and I'm sure a combo of the 2 is the truth. One story has it that when the current owners inherited Amway there came with it huge inheritance taxes. To avoid paying the taxes or maybe to pay less taxes they changed the name to Quixtar. The other reason I heard is the name Amway has such a bad reputation that they wanted to get away from it and fool people with this new name Quixtar. But you can only fool people for so long and once word is out that Quixtar is Amway in disguise people were pissed off and got the word out about the scam. You know the old "We're not Amway, we're Quixtar, different company". After a few years or maybe when the danger of paying inheritance taxes was over they changed the name back to Amway. Or as we prefer to call it Scamway.

      Free XS drinks. Now there's something to brag about! Not! I wouldn't take that cat piss drink if they gave it away to me. If they gave me a case of their cat piss XS drink and a million dollars to force myself to drink it then we'd talk! Maybe its a guy thing with energy drinks but some of the men who read my blog say they tried XS and they were OK with the taste but not the price. I hated both!

      95% of ambots leave in the first 2 years so your friend E was right on track. People who lean toward shady schemes will find another scam to hook up to.

  2. Hi Anna, love reading your blog! I'm a guy, and wanted to add my two cents about the XS energy drinks. I have a friend who loves doing this type of shit! He listens to the CDs when we drive in his car, brags about his upline making $40,000 every week, says his getting married in 'Peter Island', tells me Amway "isn't for me now", but might be in the near future, and hands me free supplement tubes to add to my water, free XS energy drinks, food-replacement bars, and gave me an Amway coffee container. I had one taste of the XS energy drinks and nearly barfed. Every time he gives me those, I take them and tell him I'll drink them once I get home, but I just dump'em in the trash. I throw away all that supplement crap and food-bars. That stuff tastes worst than ASS (trust me, I've had ass before)!!! So I guess I'm probably one of the few guys out there whom doesn't like the taste of the XS energy drinks...and the price is laughable at best...I mean, FUKING REALLY!!!!!!!!! I THINK MY FUCKING PISS TASTES WAAAYYYY BETTER THAN THAT, YES I'D RATHER DRINK MY OWN PISS BEFORE TAKING A SIP OF THAT SNAKE-ACID!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Anonymous. I loved reading your comment. Funny stuff! Ambots live on a diet of XS piss water and shitty Amway food bars and they're all going to Peter Island. You don't need to be in Scamway to book a room there but why would you want to when you know there'll be ambots there pestering you.

  3. Wow you know nothing. Have you ever been in the business??? Apparently not, you most likely didn't support your spouse in the business if you're saying all this stupid shit. I can tell you something, if this is a "scam" then why in the world would I go three hours to a business briefing, and wake up the next morning to go to work if this was a big scam???? You know nothing. Have you ever personally tried it and succeeded? I didn't think so.

    1. To answer your question, Anonymous at 12:20 AM, the reason you go spend three hours at a business meeting is that you are a fucking asshole. Got that?

      You might be unaware that Anna's blog is only one of dozens dedicated to exposing the lies and fakery of the vicious and corrupt Amway corporation, and how it destroys people's lives and finances.

      Maybe if you read a few more of these blogs, instead of wasting three hours at some stupid Amway business meeting listening to your up-line spout propaganda, you'd learn something.

    2. Anonymous from Michigan - Wow you know nothing. Have you ever been in business. And no I'm not talking about a pretend Amway "business". I'm talking about a real business that sits on real property and has real customers and real employees and has real expenses and real income. And like I've never heard from every fucking Amway loser around that I don't support my spouse in the business and you're all a bunch of fucking lying Amway assholes because I do support my husband in our real business. I just don't support him in getting involved in scams. How the fuck would I know why you waste your time spending 3 hours at a "business briefing". If it has to do with Amway then its because you're a fucking loser. But thanks for showing up and proving what this blog is about that people in Amway are a bunch of fucking nasty assholes. Now why don't you run off and find someone in your upline who wants his dick sucked off and go take care of that for him.

    3. 2nd Anonymous - the time shows Pacific so 12:20 would make that 3 hours difference in Michigan. So that fucking Amway loser is online at 3:20 in the morning after getting back from an Amway meeting. Or as he calls it a business briefing LOL and then there must have been a night owl or nuts and bolts training or whatever bullshit those Amway losers call it now and gets home and looks for information on his beloved Amway God. And yeah all he did was spout off a bunch of brainwashed Amspeak that we've heard hundreds of times before. And that Amway fucker probably thought he was being original. LOL. Those Amway losers don't know how to be. All they do is duplicate what the fucking assholes in their Amway upline say.

  4. Well, as you know Anna, Michigan is filled with stupid Ambots. It's their natural habitat.

    1. LOL. Very true. One can only hope that Michigan has people living there who are NOT Amway losers. Kind of balance out the population.


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