Monday, March 11, 2013

Need Information on WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2013?

I’m still getting tons of searchers looking for information on Amway World Wide Dream Builders WWDB Spring Leadership 2013. People need to know what happens at this Amway function and here I am to help kind soul that I am.
In order to get some key words in here is where Spring Leadership 2013 will be held:
Las Vegas, Nevada April 12 – 14, 2103 at the Orleans Arena
Spokane, Washington April 19 – 21, 2013 at the Spokane Arena
Honolulu, Hawaii April 21 – 22, 2013 at The Modern.
Washington, DC April 27 – 28, 2013 at the Hyatt Dulles
Denver, Colorado, April 27 – 28, 20013 at the Denver Merchandise Mart Plaza
Calgary, Alberta May 3 – 5, 2013 at the Calgary Stampede Corral
Minneapolis, Minnesota May 4 – 5, 2013 at the Minneapolis Convention Center

As you can see there is some scheduling conflicts for ambots who want to make it to more than one World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership suck out the brain cells camp. Not to mention the fighting going on with the Diamonds speaking at these events. They all want to get the arenas that hold the most ambots = higher ticket sales = more $$$ in their bank account. Can you imagine the behind the scenes screamfest while they sort out which Diamonds can make the most money from the Amway Spring Leadership tool scam.

Amway assholes claim that the “very important information” at Amway functions 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago is not the same “very important information” being taught today and us old timer bloggers have outdated information.
Nothing ever changes in Scamway except for the names of the people in the audience.
The Amway cult leaders claim that every Amway function is the one that is life changing and the not to be missed event of the year.
Where have I heard that lie before? Could it be from our sack of shit Platinum?
They don’t teach piss all at any Amway function. There is no leadership skills. There are no sales techniques. There is no business training. Every Amway function is a social gathering (as determined by the IRS) hosted by Diamonds who earn the bulk of their Amway income from the tool scam and conning ambots into attending these major functions. Instead of the promised training all the ambots get are one Barbie and Ken after another slinking across the stage bragging about how rich they are thanks to Amway and showing videos or pictures of their riches. Or maybe that’s the magic of a Hollywood photo shoot! That’s all there is. For hours on end ambots are tortured listening to the Amway assholes up on the stage. The majority of attendees are brainwashed ambots. They are really creepy screaming like the Beatles are up on the stage and rushing to be close to the scamming lying bastards who are taunting them with their brainwashing words of wisdom about how much they love you and if they can do it then you can too.
The minority are IBOs or their guests who haven’t been brainwashed into the Amway cult. They find Amway functions really creepy. Then they get angry. They were lied to. Instead of the promised business and leadership training they got stuck listening to a bunch of greedy materialistic Amway bastards. And then they stop by my blog and tell me about their experience which is no different than what I experienced. People who are pissed off that they got scammed want to share their story so that others don’t fall into the same trap and get scammed by these bastards too.
Starting as soon as Dream Night ends the upline Amway assholes will be hounding their downline to buy tickets to Spring Leadership. Tickets might be the cheapest part. Still got to get to the event that for the majority of ambots will be out of town meaning travel costs, hotel, and food. Ambots who are conned into going to Spring Leadership even though they might not have the money to travel out of town will hear the usual lies about no need to bring money, the ever so generous (gag!) upline will help out with his food and expenses. Lies! Yeah I really want to eat a Scamway food bar. And then the axe falls once you’re there. Those fucking lying Amway upline assholes really do want you to chip in for the hotel room that you’ll be sharing with 20 others.
But what goes on inside the arena where ambots worship their cult leaders? Here’s the expected bullshit to be taught at WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2013. Ambots will be told to be CORE and invest in the Amway tool scam - Communikate, premier membership to WWDB, buy motivational books and CD’s, etc. Ambots will be expected to attend night owls once the all day bullshit session is over. Just tell the assholes in your Amway upline to fuck off and go back to your hotel to sleep.
 What about when its finally THANK GOD over. As typical with the assholes in the Amway upline they will have their hands out demanding the ambot pay up for a ticket to the next Amway function. In this case Amway WWDB Family Reunion to be held probably in July 2013.
I could have just titled this post Another Way To Get Scammed By Amway.


  1. It's a shame many people can't wake the fuck up and smell the coffee. Unfortunately many people are too brainwashed to see that it's always the same bullshit. "This is a once in a Lifetime Event, there's no reason why you should miss it. The only reason is if you are attending one funeral, your own". That's what was mentioned several times in during my time at Scamway. I felt like telling that guy to GTFO here with that BS.

    It's all about giving yourself time to sit down and think. This is why they have many meetings, uplines trying to reach you and so on. They don't want you to use common sense or think. They want you to eat, drink, sleep, shit Amway. Don't stop and wonder WTF do you need to go out of state for something from the get go that was promised to be not even a part time job, as in all you needed was not even 2 hours a day? I want to know how can I "retire" within the next few years, I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars going to Canada just to hear a bunch of dumbasses howling as someone talks about how Amway rescued them from the claws of poverty. WRONG! With Amway you will dig yourself in a very deep hole. When someone says Amway, turn around a run away as fast as you can.

    1. That's right Sprigsleg. These Amway functions are Ll the same. You been to one you been to them all. I mean really do these dumb ass ambots think they're actually going to learn something new if they keep going? These functions are all about the iamonds making money off the ticket sales and then they gotta figure out how to entertain the crowd.

  2. Hello anna. Just recently came to your blog. How many clowns will actually go to these events. Not many i hope.

    1. Hi Anonymous. A couple of these Spring Leaderships are being held inside hotels. That usually means open the walls between the ballrooms and they can get a few hundred ambots in there. Not a huge money earner for the Diamonds that got stuck going to those lowly events. The other venues are inside arenas and convention centers and those place can hold several thousand ambots.

  3. It's good to talk when they really have not been and do not know. I can give testimony that AMWAY works and is not a trick. Beyond the unbelievers and want to continue living as they are. No desire to help others or to help his family.

    I do not brainwashed. Just to get what I want I have to learn from the first to arrive. To be a lawyer, doctor or any other career you must study to do. Anyway think what you want.

    To me going really well ... Ah forget it! I surrender my forms to the IRS. Many say they are seeking information and seek nothing, just lie. And others say they were in AMWAY and probably yes, but hoped the money will come from the sky without working. This or any other multilevel or your job work that way. You have to work to see results. If you do not work your boss rate.

    Seeking information from people who really know and not necessarily of AMWAY. Why do not you ask about AMWAY people like Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki, how about George Bush, John C. Maxwell or any other person who has the level of life you want to have. Well if you're ambitious because if not then ask your neighbor who is equal to or worse than you.

    1. Anonymous - I have been to every major Amway function and I know exactly what goes on. Don't try the old fucked up brainwashed Ambot bullshit here by trying to twist the truth and throw out distraction techniques. Lie, deny, and distract. The old brainwashed Ambot defense system when facing the truth.

    2. You truly are brainwashed to come to her blog and spout incoherent sentences. Almost each line filled with vagueness and passive stupidity from an MLM or Amway. You say you can give testimony that Amway works, then by all means commissioned salesperson! Tell me and also give me the link to your Amway virtual shop and your name so we can spread your "business" by word of mouth.

      You say, "I do not brainwashed." Well you certainly do not see the importance of people being educated because our society is at its best with educated people. "To be a lawyer, doctor or any other career you must study to do." Yes! We need doctors, teachers, plumbers, firefighters, soldiers, accountants, nurses, physicists, writers. The thing about you Amway people are you hate real professionals. You do not admire people who work hard and think smart, there's no shortcuts.

      To reap the benefits of society you need to contribute to society. And no people with jobs or are in school do not believe money falls from the sky. That's you, you believe in passive income not truly earned and sleeping in doing nothing and have the audacity to take part in society. I don't know where you are from, but we call that welfare!

      You do realize Donald Trump and George W. Bush never had their own MLM or had a downline or upline. And they are hardly role models to be looking up to. And that Robert Kiyosaki is an immoral "business" man, look up what he did last fall (2012), it's all over yahoo and other mainstream media. He filed for bankruptcy rather than pay what he owed to others.


    3. Whoa, so you mean to tell me that Donald Trump and George Bush are Amway IBO's? If so, they must be triple diamonds by now, right?!


    4. Anyway, what I really wanted to say was, Anna you are totally right about these functions. Thank you for exposing them. In my few months with Amway, they were in the middle of heavily promoting a spring function. I ended up going to it (which I highly regret). But the funny thing is, AS SOON as this function was over, they started doing the EXACT same things for the next function. I came close to going to that one too (which they referred to as the Oscar's of Amway LOL) but luckily I came to my senses a few days before and got out of the business fully. It's like a gerbil running in the cage. The process goes over and over and neveer ends. So glad I am done with Amway.

    5. Anonymous

      When you are recruiting people you are told/advised or whatever either by a packet or person, then you follow a script which includes NOT telling the person exactly what they would be doing then guess what, IT'S A SCAM! For all one cares, you can say it's a great business opportunity and you end up taking someone someplace to get gang raped.

      In the meetings they always say not to discuss Amway with anyone and not to mention the name of it. WTF is that? IT'S A SCAM! Do you meet someone at the business Headquarters or something? No, you are sent to the basement of a hotel usually in a city far from most of the attendees. Why so secretive? IT'S A SCAM!

      Let's talk about those meetings. If it's all to make every IBO better, then why should everyone have to pay to freaking get in? Next, why sell CD's for at least $10 that only repeat things said at these bullshit meetings? IT'S A SCAM!

      One event is out of state and it's called a once in a Lifetime event. Explain to me how this usually isn't the only very expensive out of state event if it's considered once in a lifetime? Next, why so expensive? In a real business or job something so important and mandatory wouldn't cost you anything, except the usually cost of you traveling to your job. Lastly, why do they say EXACTLY the same thing as they say whenever they make a visit to one of those dumbass meetings? IT'S A SCAM!

      I was an IBO for just a little over 2 months and let me tell you, I saw quite a bit for that short amount of time. I've heard several people talk about how well off they were and I met someone by the name of Charlie Durso. He's one of the people that speaks ever freaking place and is one of the few people getting all of the money. This is where all the money from those worthless "tools". What kind of legitimate business makes it a priority for all to have to spend money on such garbage? A SCAM! That's what.

    6. These ambots parrot the lies they heard from the assholes in their Amway upline and name drop whether or not it's true doesn't matter. Ambots are desperate to find out any info on Spring Leadership because the assholes in their upline don't tell them piss all because it's all very secretive. Telling the ambots it's just the same thing as the last Amway function they attended don't go over so big because maybe then the Ambot won't buy a ticket. Why waste your money to hear the same bullshit you heard the last time. Seeing as how it's a big secret they look online to find out more about Spring Leadership and end up at my blog and are outraged that someone is telling the Amway secrets. The truth hurts don't it ambots! Cause it means the beloved assholes in your Amway upline are lying to you!

    7. Charlie durso is in amway since 1980 according to amway wiki. He has no downline high pins. Is that not proof this does not work. I saw the plan in 1980. I did not join because i thought this cant work. I look from time to time to see if i can find anyone who can make the plan work. Still have not found anyone.

    8. Anonymous - the only thing different about the plan since 1980 is that they now claim you can make more money with less effort. It's hard to reach any level in Amway and even harder to maintain it. Diamonds don't last long except the ones who've been around for many years and are at the top of the pyramid when it comes to tool scam income.

    9. It seems to me that their are a few individuals on this comment wall, including the person who wrote this interesting blog that are simply fixed on the so called "negatives" without any cold hard evidence. There is no evidence of a scam in fact, only opinions. People who have trained their minds to locate the negatives in life, which is perfectly fine because almost all of us have been on that boat.
      In fact it is said that you'll hear a total of about 175,000 negative remarks compared to only about 10,000 positive remarks by the time you are 17 years old. Don't think this kind of information pertains? Well, it does. Just by taking a good hard look at the profane language and the thrashing upon Amway that this gentleman decided to smash onto his keyboard against the business, it appears as though he has let negative experiences in his life take hold. Now, that's probably not something that you want to gaze upon sir, I understand that. Criticism is often taken harshly. However, I believe in Amway simply because I've seen it work in the lives of the people that I love. Sure, you don't have to take my word for it. I could be lying.. Or I could be someone secretly working for Amway to promote the business! I've seen it all, and it was honestly discouraging when I first decided to become an IBO because I wasn't told anything negative at my first board meeting. But I did more and more research because I'm the kind of person that has to see the pros as well as the cons.
      The truth about Amway is that it is infact a low-risk business, no matter what anyone says and it is backed by so many legitimate resources. You are not forced to buy anything. There is a considerably low fee to get started and a money-back guarantee if you decide it is not the thing for you within 6 months. People complain about the prices of the products, but just like any other store, there are products that are cheaper, about the same price, and too expensive.
      Fortunately for myself, my upline does not encourage me to buy the products that I do not use already. I would imagine there is a lot of pressure with buying products you don't use already.. Now that feels like a scam to anyone! The key is to continue buying products that you already use so that you develop your personal pv/bv and then when you grow your business little by little, expand. Now, that may not appeal to many of you, and that is fine! Don't buy the products that you don't want to buy! However, as a business owner, you really should understand all of your products if you want to make an income from potential clients that just want products.
      As far as the WWDB business functions go.. Well, that's all a matter of opinion really. I can't really justify for people why someone believes that diamonds just eat up all of the event earnings and walk away fat and happy. It's really up to you to decide if you want to trust these people.
      I do hope that if anyone decides to try an opportunity with Amway that they receive the proper and ethical mentorship that you need. I have been fortunate enough to have mentors that seem much more patient than the looks of some your mentors that you have had.
      I challenge many of you to do extended research. Look for the positives as well as the negatives. If you research "Christianity" "Obama" or "cheese" I'm sure you will find many negatives as well as positive insight. There are many of you that believe or know that you have done enough research and pretty solid on your answer, which is understandable and I hope for the best of luck to you in your endeavors whether you find peace with other means of financial freedom or the job of your dreams.

    10. Thanks for stopping by with the canned Amspeak response.

      The fact that people live through the Amway nightmare, put up with the abuse from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline, and have tried the products and can say they're overpriced generic or substandard and not worth the money and write about it here or other places online isn't factual enough for you? Peoples real life experiences that they did or witnesses isn't real factual stuff!


      There are posts on this blog about how Amway ambots can't tell the difference between negative and the truth. Ambots are so schizoid paranoid about everything with a differing point of view that it's labeled negative instead of seeing it for what it is the truth.

      If being in Amway gives you what you want out of life then good for you and it's good you've found your life's calling. For the rest of us who figured out the scam and had enough of the abuse and walked away doesn't mean what happened to us isn't true and factual and by sharing the pain we went through maybe we can help others not go through the same financial and emotional devastation.

  4. Hi anon 10 52. Kiyosaki , trump maxwell and all these guys are paid for what they say. No normally intellegent person could come to those conclusions. Im not anti amway. I understand what it is. It just does not work. If it did we would have people who can show success. What we have are people promising success. I have been listening to this for 30 years. Why do you think they have to push it so hard. Now you will mention a few who made money. Thats my point _ just a few.

    1. Anonymous - you and I might know that they're paid spokespeople but you'll never convince an Ambot. That's called Amway lie busting!

  5. You are all very funny and average. I suppose 26 years old and no need for a job means it doesn't work... just because you all are quitters and don't understand what true business ownership is, doesn't give you right to voice your ignorant opinion. I have 2 Bachelor's Degrees, I owned a Deli and Restaurant and was a Police Officer and through the Amazing Amway business, I sold off my two companies, quit my job and retired from the average life you people are probably living... oh ya, I'm not 30 yet. So I recommend relaxing your broke and average brains, and maybe you should mentor with someone that can help you change your families future so they will not follow in the footsteps of the broke mentalities you have. Also, make sure you watch what you say with names because you may get sued for the lies you speak.

    1. Yawn. You are an average Ambot saying the exact same things as other brainwashed ambots ahead of you.

      If you noticed my posting requirements we do watch what we say with names. It is OK for people leaving comments to use names of people well known to be in Amway such as the owners and Diamonds on the speaking circuit who are always trying to get the names out there. Also OK to use publicly known figures. The anonymous poster mentioned names of publicly known people who are known to be paid by Amway for their endorsements, speaking engagements, or products. Are you suggesting one of these publicly known people will stop by my blog and be horrified they're linked with Scamway, figure out who the anonymous person is who mentioned their names in a truthful way, and sue that person? You claim to have 2 degrees and you don't realize how fucking stupid that sounds. Just goes to show that even people with higher education can be scammed by Amway.

    2. Anonymous .. Im glad to hear your reasoning. I worked for a successful Amway business person. He was an American Airline Pilot and also ran a his Amway business out of his home, which grew in size with proportion of success he worked to achieve in Amway. By the way.. the products are amazing to work with. I was a jack of all trades at his home and got to use all the products in his inventory. Wonderful people I will never find. There was no push to get me into the business either. Although now I regret not jumping on board when I was younger. Guess I thought I might not have the right stuff.. but that was just an illusion of my own making. Wish now I hadn't' listened to it. That's all Folks!

    3. Marsha - some people look back at their life and wish they'd done things differently and maybe have some regrets but not signing up for Amway shouldn't be one of them! Your pilot friend very likely is very charismatic, knows a lot of people, and is a good salesman. He might have given off the impression of being successful in Amway but it's his pilot salary that was giving him his nice lifestyle. If you have the type of personality where you think you'd be a good timeshare condo salesperson or a good used car salesperson then you might make some money at Amway. There are other ways to make a living besides commissioned sales.


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