Monday, April 8, 2013

What To Do In Denver, Colorado Instead Of WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2013

Amway WWDB is holding World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2013 in Denver Colorado on April 27 to 28 2013 at the Denver Merchandise Mart Plaza. Scheduling conflict for ambots that like to hit as many Spring Leadership conferences as they can because WWDB Spring Leadership is also being held the same dates in Washington DC. Oh the horror of it all if you’re an Amway ambot and have to pick between the two!
Keeping up with my theme of finding better and lower priced things to do in cities holding Amway functions, instead of going to the brainwashing convention I’ve tried to round up a few fun things to do in Denver, Colorado. Most of the fun things seem to involve driving out of Denver and hitting the ski slopes! Hmm end of April may be a little late for skiing. I’ll see what else I can find.
Who saw the movie Cliffhanger? The Denver Mint was featured in it transporting out of circulation money. Hijacking and plane crashes and action packed scenes. So the United States Mint is a good choice. And its free! Woo hoo! Sucks that you can’t bring your purse into this place. Where you gonna stash some cash! I love that you are allowed to bring your cell phone inside but if you whip it out you will be escorted out by Mint Security. If ambots are visiting they’d have to call in extra security to escort out those damned ambots because of their fuck you I’m better than everyone else attitude and I’ll use my fucking cell phone if I want to! Can’t miss those important texts and phone calls from the assholes in my Amway upline!
Coors Brewery Tour - Free tour. Free beer tasting. Need I say anything else? Here’s the website for more info.
Denver Zoo - Oh how I love a zoo! As long as its not the Amway zoo! It is nice that most of the places Amway holds functions have a zoo. Coin toss! Should I visit the baboons at the Denver Zoo or the baboons stomping across the stage at Amway WWDB Spring Leadership? Admission is $15 or slightly cheaper if you’re over 65 years or younger than 12 years. A couple could spend a day at the zoo and go out for a really nice dinner all for less than the cost of one $125 ticket to Spring Leadership.
Denver Art Museum - if you’re into looking at works of art this is the place to be. It costs $13 or slightly cheaper if you’re a Colorado resident. Where’s that coin for the toss? Museum or zoo? Goodbye Picasso hello lions.
Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum - I’ve visited a few aircraft museums and this is something I’d consider seeing as how I still haven’t gotten over the Spruce Goose being moved out of Long Beach! Not that goosie is in Colorado. I think it went somewhere in Oregon. Admission is $11. Slightly cheaper if you’re over 65 or under 12.
Molly Brown House Museum - If you’re a Titanic trivia buff you’ll enjoy this museum where the unsinkable Molly Brown lived. Admission is $8, slightly cheaper for other age groups. Lets see. We have our choice. Going to an evening of Amway horrors for $125 or going to a place where someone lived through the horrors of the sinking Titanic. I know which one I’m choosing!
Want to do some shopping? Denver’s 16th Street Mall is a much better place to spend the day than stuck inside an auditorium listening to a bunch of aging Diamonds who use Amway functions to make their real money. Free shuttle buses and free Wifi anywhere up and down the pedestrian mall.
Here’s some more key words to help Amway IBO’s find their way because the assholes in their upline don’t help out with this top secret information. And because there are a bunch of dumb ass Amway ambots that think they have the power to turn back time and put this into their Google searches: Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2012! And one more for the Amway asshole who is thinking ahead to next year! Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2014. Yup ambots are so fucking brainwashed by their Amway cult leaders they have no clue what year it is!
Las Vegas, Nevada April 12 – 14, 2013 at the Orleans Arena.
Spokane, Washington April 19 – 21, 2013 at the Spokane Arena
Honolulu, Hawaii April 21 – 22, 2013 at The Modern.
Washington, DC April 27 – 28, 2013 at the Hyatt Dulles
Calgary, Alberta May 3 – 5, 2013 at the Calgary Stampede Corral
Minneapolis, Minnesota May 4 – 5, 2013 at the Minneapolis Convention Center
Amway sucks!
World Wide Dream Builders sucks!
WWDB Amway Spring Leadership sucks!
And there are better things to do in Denver than attend a fucking Amway function!


  1. Minneapolis has some fun shit to do that has nothing to do with Amway as well. Home of the Jucy Lucy, Psycho Suzi's, Mall of America, Target Field, Wabasha Caves, Science Museum, a really awesome history museum, Minnehaha Falls, and tons of great restaurants that you can drop that registration money at and get more satisfaction (Hell's Kitchen, for example.) Of course, my dipshit brother in law will pay his money for the conference and then brag about how his UPLINE went to all of the nicest restaurants around town. Then my husband and I remind him: we've been to those places. We can afford to go once in awhile because we're not selling freakin' Amway. Oh, and we can STILL afford to go even though I'm in nursing school. Which is probably STILL cheaper than Amway, and more lucrative.

    1. Nancy - your fipshit brother in law is a typical Ambot. You need to avoid his poison!

    2. Oh trust me... my parents sold Amway when I was VERY little. I remember the smell of the cleaning products well, and it's not a good memory. I also remember bottles of that crap sitting around the house, unused for DECADES. I sincerely doubt my BIL has found even ONE person to be a downline. For a few family gatherings, one of my other brothers in law and I were hopeful that he figured out that all Amway wanted from him was cash, and so long as he made with the cash, he was gonna be loved on (sort of.) but then I got dressing on my white top at our last dinner, and he offered to let me use his whateverthefuck wipes to get it out. I refused, because I will not humor this AT. ALL. The worst part is that his father is retired from a well known company, and basically doesn't even know what to do with all of his retirement money. My BIL scorns my father in law's company because it "only" makes x amount of money, but Amway supposedly makes so much more than that. He scoffs and scorns at my father in law's retirement from his J.O.B., which has probably already funded his stupid Amway habit by bailing him out when he couldn't pay his bills. Oh, and they're giving us all a significant chunk of money this year, and I'm just gritting my teeth for him to piss it away on conferences and shitty products. This whole thing ends badly, likely in a psych ward visit.

    3. Nancy - everything in Amway stinks!

      It's very hard to find one person to sign up in Amway. Your BIL will need close to 100 to start making a little money. The hard part is stopping the downline from quitting. He sounds typical sneering at everyone else that has jobs and he's better than all the rest of you because he's in Scamway.

      Hopefully your father in law will hold back the money until he's out of the cult. He won't be the first Ambot to blow all his money buying Amway products and tools just to I,press the assholes in his upline.


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