Monday, May 6, 2013

Amway Ambots Can’t Fool All Their Prospects!

Another creepy story of getting prospected by a creepy Amway ambot…..

Wow thank you so much for your blog. My bf and I were like a lot of other people told about the “business plan” by my bfs friend. We caught up with him to hear him out. His up line was also there.
You’re so right they don’t mention Amway and they spend the whole meeting asking what our dreams are. To be 100% honest with you yes I was very interested I mean it’s all very appealing. Anyway we went to one of the meetings where some guy (an up line) went on to tell us that basically if we don’t do Amway we will end up broke and living on the streets by retirement age but if we do we will accomplish all our dreams, although he didn’t tell us exactly what to do just told us about how rich he is and how close-minded the people who don’t do it are stupid and doomed to fail in life. How very few people out of Amway have money to retire with. He also told us that his wife and himself go on holidays and send postcards to those who said it wouldn’t work.
True it does work IF YOUR AT THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID!!! Oh so sorry it’s not a pyramid scheme is it nooo its network marketing completely different (yes sarcasm was used).
I’m so glad that I’m a curious person and googled Amway I’m also glad I didn’t actually sign up. My boyfriend did so I was helping him out by texting people to see if they wanted to join (before I googled Amway) and drum roll please NO ONE wanted to join me. I do know why though it’s because I’m honest and actually mentioned Amway in my txt (face palm) that’s right I’m meant to be deceitful. F THAT I don’t know about them but my mum taught me to be honest. Just saying.

i have convinced my bf to quit to thanks to your blog. one of the creepy things i found is that i live in australia and the way they get you involved and try to keep you involved was exactly the same as you and other people had written some times even down to the wording used.


  1. When I once confronted someone doing Amway and told him about what I've read, it came to a point where he kind of chuckled and said that he knows someone who used to be like me, so extremely negative and against Amway due to the comments he read on the internet. But apparently after he did more thorough research, he is now one of the most competent Amway distributor. I also met another person who tried to prospect me who told me that she also used to be very skeptical, until she did more complete research.
    I was just wondering, was this a line taught by them to mind**** me???? because i have done alot of research and everything is just reinforcing to me its a scam. or is there more INTENSE research to be done to see this as an opportunity and then 'convert'????
    Just wondering if anyone else heard of the same thing or if this line was taught :/

    1. Anonymous - I know that chuckle that Amway ambots use. It's the chuckle they reserve for when they're dealing with what they perceive to be a fucking moron! My husband even had to duplicate that chuckle. Thanks for reminding me. I don't think we've ever done a post about that so we'll have to work on one!

      Your research is right. SCAM! Myself and others who write about our experiences don't receive financial compensation for doing this. It's not like some benefactor is giving me $100 for every person I convince not to sign up with Amway. We do this so others don't go through the same financial and emotional distress that we went through.

      When you research people in Amway they'll tell you how wonderful everything is because they have a financial stake. All the money they've blown on the scam so far they want to make it back by signing up others who will buy Smway products and they can make a cut of the commission. As part of your research you need to ask ambots for their profit and loss statements and income tax statements. Legitimate businesses will open their books. Scammers not so much. How about asking an Amway IBO to join you at the bank asking a loans officer for $10000 to finance your first year in Amway or bring the IBO to a financial consultant and go over the business plan. A disinterested 3rd party will see right through the scam and tell you not to get involved or they only lend money to legitimate businesses not to lowly paid commissioned Amway salespeople.

      Amway ambots have lines for everything how to counteract excuses from people who don't want nothing to do with Amway and try to sway the, with lies and dreams.

    2. Like Anna said it's a scAmway cult science known as "overcoming or handling objections." I used the same bull crap too. Maybe next time you should simply ask the ambots if they are trying to overcome or handle yoour objection. Don't wait for an answer, render to them the same stupid chuckle and walk. Someone will have to update their notes on overcoming objections.

    3. Among the many lines I still remember them using were (after an introductory meeting)...

      1) "if you have financial problems, do you think your friends will help you?"
      ... I really do doubt they will help with my bills, rent, and other expenses, but it sure as hell wasn't going to be these jerks. And I picked up a VERY clear vibe from previous meetings that I got suckered going to that these guys just care about getting your $$.

      2) "Do not make any decisions until you know all of the facts"
      ...Even though they're steering and scaring you to sign up, there's still some truth to that. Really, doing online research and checking out stories posted, both such as from reading this blog tell me that knowing what I've read, telling him in an email that I wasn't interested was VERY MUCH SO the right thing to do.

      In a way, I wish I can be solicited more so I can tell them to F@#$ off!

    4. Anonymous - I can tell you there's no way an Ambot will help you with your bills but they'll taunt you about it. I can't tell you how many times I heard the assholes in our upline say I could help pay off your debt but I won't because what would that teach you. It teaches me that they don't got no money to spare. They said this to the group not me personally.

      And yes they're all about scaring people to sign up with Amway saying there's nothing else out there and if you don't sign up with Amway you'll be dead by the time you're 65 or you'll be broke and homeless living on the streets. Bastards that they are.

  2. Yup Anonymous, that's the classic line my boyfriend gives me. When we talk about my skepticism about this cult, he spits out, "I don't get why every one is against me on this! I was skeptical about this too at first, but then I gave it a shot!" I just give him a blank stare and say nothing. Believe me, Ambots they have excuses down to a SCIENCE. My boyfriend's upline has sent every one on the team "How to answer difficult questions about the business." The answers still don't answer the question!

    1. Scamfighter - those ambots have answers for everything. That's about the only teachings youll get at Amway meetings. No advice on how to run a legitimate business just lines to use when someone is finding fault or excuses not to join Amway. I've never worked anywhere that the employer had to come up with retaliations for everything. If you're selling a good product at a good price you don't need to work so hard to convince people to buy. You don't see Walmart employees out trying to convince people to shop their store and overcome objections.

    2. "overcoming objections."

      LOL I remember that, so funny.

    3. Nest time he pulls that on you ask him if he is trying to overcome your objections?
      Then tell him I used to feel like you, I know how you feel, but you know what I found out ... people who take a stand on based on real facts cannot be misled (or just insert your own wisdom or something). This is known as the FFF method, felt, feel, found out. Good luck, have fun with it!

    4. ExAmbot - really! I've never worked or been involved with anything where people had to work so hard on overcoming objections. People don't want to join the Amway scam ambots got answers for everything. Everywhere else if someone doesn't want to buy what you're selling you move on you don't harass the potential customer to death.

  3. it is so unfortunate for you to have this experience with amway. Since you blocked any type of good opportunity from amway, I'll assume you have a wonderful and contented life. Just spread respect to fellow people even if you hated what they did to you.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by and letting us know they still teach that Amway is a blame the victim scam. And yes I had a good life before Amway and its doing just fine since we got out of Amway. Why the fuck would I respect people who lied and scammed us? What the fuck kind of logic is it to respect fucking assholes like that? You are really fucked in the head brainwashed if you really believe that bullshit Amspeak you just spouted off.


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