Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Amway Ambots Thought They Had This Prospect Wrapped Up. Wrong!!!

I went to 3 Amway meetings before I said "enough is enough". Prior to the first big conference thing was my first Amway meeting. They tell all the prospective buyers near the end of the meeting that this conference "can change your life and worth checking out". Furthermore, when you listen to people, it's better to do so when you're up close, so we'd want to arrive early so we can get seating at the front. While they're saying all of this, I'm thinking of the tagline they used for The Matrix... "Unfortunately, no one can tell you what the Matrix is... you need to see it for yourself". Turns out, this Amway convention thing would be along in the same lines, and both could've easily been explained, but at least the Matrix was actually a pretty decent movie, and worth the $3 admission I paid at the time. The meeting itself was a waste of time when I realized there were no specifics about the job description. All they do is pump you up and make you feel REALLY good about the whole thing (and it did work too!), but then you realize that this sort of good feeling borders on CREEPY, and that I'm actually in danger and need to be on my guard. And the "sponsor" who sent me the invitation to this meeting described it as "an exclusive invitation to this sold out event". The room was full, but alot of them were existing Ambots, and honestly, if some shmoe walked up to the door, they would've just as happily let him in.

3rd meeting, the amway folk had the gaul to say something like "you're going to spend the gas money anyways so go attend this event". The covention is 115 miles from where the meeting was. I sure as hell wasn't going to spend 230 mile round trip of gas $$ on some typical social thing, and if I was going out of town, it's for anything more un or important then that. I overheard one other guy saying he has family obligations that weekend, so he can't go, so I don't appear to be speaking only for myself. Throughout the meetings I've been to, that's actually been a pretty common response ;) Oh, and their videos are getting worse... one video was just had words like "empower", and "success" fly into the screen. That's it! Such bs.


  1. Good for you, don't let them brainwash you into spending money that would have rather been spend on better, more productive things. Amway people don't stop to think that many of us actually have a REAL life. We don't have someone supporting us like all those MAMA'S boys and girls in Amway who throw every last penny down the drain! We aren't imaginary like they and their business is, we are REAL people. STUPID AMWAY LOOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is it a common ambot symptom for them to want to ditch FUN things like watch movies, go out to restaurants and check out fests? Because my BF seems like he's not interested in anything anymore.

  3. Blog AdministratorJune 20, 2013 at 1:42 PM

    Anonymous please don't name names when it comes to something that can't be verified and could be embarrassing to the parties involved. People in Amway love spreading gossip, doesn't matter if it's true or not, because they get a sick pleasure out of that. I've copied your comments as a new post but I'm just as likely to hit the delete button. Just remember for the future.
    Blog admin.

  4. thats what happens when they become ambots. lost my husband to it for almost 10 yrs. he finally snapped out of it when he found out our upline diamond was doing his married downline sapphire, was caught by his wife and they are now divorced. he didnt want our life to turn out that crazy so he finally woke up!


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