Friday, June 21, 2013

Amway Dumb Shits

Someone searching on the internet for “Amway dumb shits” found their way to this blog. Sure enough I spend a lot of time pointing out the things that Amway ambots due that qualify them for being dumb shits but I’ve never devoted a post to it. And don’t worry if I had to list all the reasons for Amway dumb shits this post would be pages long but I’m only going to pick on a couple of points that Amway IBO’s like to show up here and gloat about.
How about the ambots that show up here bragging that Amway is endorsed by the BBB.
What the fuck? Did you not read Amways code of conduct for IBO’s you dumb shit? It says that Amway has no association with BBB and that Amway IBO’s should not be going around saying Amway has any kind of association with them because it ain’t true. In fact if you read the fine print you dumb shit you’d see that Amway can fire you if you break any of the policies in their code of conduct. If Amway went around firing all their IBO’s that brag about their BBB assocation then there’d be no one left! So Amway probably ain’t going to fire you you lying dumb shit. And you ain’t alone. I’d say just about every lying asshole in our Amway upline bragged about how much the BBB loves Amway and who knows that might be the reason Amway finally fired our sack of shit Platinum last year. You want to know how BBB works? Customers file complaints about a company with the BBB. The BBB then forwards the complaint to the company and asks them to respond within a time period lets say a month. The company responds within the time limit so the BBB is happy and gives them a good rating. It doesn’t mean that the company’s response has to satisfy the custumer who made the complaint. Sometimes the company comes up with a resolution that makes the customer happy but that has nothing to do with how the BBB rates them. It has to do with whether or not the company responds within the time limit or ignores the BBB.
I’m sure Amway has many overworked underpaid staff employed full time making sure they respond to the BBB before the time limit is up.
That’s what it means you dumb Amway shit! It doesn’t mean that the BBB endorses Amway and loves them more than every other company out there. I don’t think the BBB is allowed to endorse any company but that don’t stop lying Amway ambots from bragging about it. Bottom line is who gives a fuck? Only dumb shit ambots.
The other thing Amway dumb shits like to gloat about is how much money Amway made last year. The most recent ambot to leave a comment to this effect states that Amway has been around for 54 years and made 11 billion in sales in 2012. I guess sales have dropped by a billion. Last year ambots were crowding around this blog gloating about 12 billion in sales.
Who remembers those flash cards that you see at every Scamway meeting wherethe assholes in your upline compare Amway with Amazon. OK that sounds good to me so I’ll do that here too. Amazon began business in 1994 and in 2012 made 61 billion in sales. That tells me when compare to Amway that Amazon is a much faster growing business, offers a wide variety of products, and sells them for a good price to keep customers coming back. To the best of my knowledge no one goes around complaining that Amazon is a cult.
Either company either sales amount who really gives a flying fuck except for Amway dumb shits. Those sales figures are good news for the owners of those companies that’s more dollars in their bank accounts. How much of those billions are the company owners sharing with their employees? In Amway’s case the number of employees I have showing up here complaining about the shitty pay and shitty working conditions I would guess no profit sharing. Amazon I have no idea about because their employees don’t show up here saying one way or the other!
So perhaps some Amway dumb shit who is gloating about how Amway’s sales are less than a quarter of Amazon’s can shed some light on why Amway’s sales figures suck when compared to Amazon. Perhaps that Amway dumb shit can explain why Amway’s sales are such a big fucking deal that they got to show up on a blog who doesn’t give a flying fuck to brag about them. More importantly tell us how Amway employees benefit from those numbers.
I’m sure all I’ll get is silence from those Amway dumb shits.


  1. Yeah, they all love to reference the BBB and how large the parent company's gross sales are. I always say, you got a company making billions, yet most distributors actually lose money, now that's a SCAM.

    1. Yup, true to the tee. Amway brags about how much money they make and all that, but how do they treat their employees? Most of their distributors would be lucky to sniff a tenth of what Amway the coporation makes. If it was a great business opportunity to actually make a decent amount of money, everyone would be doing it. Not too mention they wouldn't have to hide the word Amway when their sponsors show "the plan"

  2. As someone who hates job interviews, but obviously needs to be decent enough at them to be able to get the job and make $$, I hear the stuff they say at Amway meetings and it's been fun to think about how to refute a lot of their claims and lies...

    For the $$ part, you can counter that a company like McDonalds makes ALOT more $$ than Amway, but that doesn't mean many people should eat their food everyday, nor start a McDonalds franchise.

    I used to work at Kmart as my first job, and I remember a young female employee who would be on the PA after closing hours talking about how Kmart makes $10,000 more a day then previously, while we were closing down shop for the night. We knew full well that we were still making the same $5.85 - $8.85 per hour, and that none of that $10K would come to us

    "Wouldn't it be great to buy stuff and get paid for it?". What were the most recent figures...? when you buy $300 of stuff (or was it worse at 300 PV of stuff!?), they give you a $10 check. And that's the best case scenario assuming you have any interest in Amway products.

    "how much do you pay for a bottle of water... $2? Might as well buy our brand water. It's good for you b/c it's oxygenated, and goes towards your PV". I fill my water bottles for pennies since I pour it out of my Britta filter. Others probably just buy a case of them on sale or at a wholesale club. And I recall and confirmed my online research... oxygenated water's good for you... if you're a fish. But people have no benefit of that.

    "you're going to spend the gas money anyways, so check out the big convention coming up"... 115 miles from the meeting to where the convention's being held... all that time, gas $$, $100-something admission ticket, $120+/day for a hotel... you counter that you already had the "free sample"... the meeting you're about to leave

    "what would you do if someone comes in and wants to take this oppornity?" I'd say great! "you see the what you're missing out on?" No let me be clear, great b/c I don't want anything to do with this.

    "don't make any decisions until you know all of the facts". If gut intuition wasn't enough, there's plenty of Amway material online and this blog (keep 'em coming!)

    Amway works with Fortune 500 companies... again a company can associate itself with good companies, but that doesn't make that company itself good. For example, if McDonalds now serves healthy, sliced apples... that still doesn't make up overall that it's still not a great place to frequent.

    They say how successful Amazon is since if one product doesn't work out, they can just sell something else... they're not manufacturers, they just sell the goods. Nothing to do with Amway

  3. Whoops... reached the 4K char limit!..
    continued below....

    "if you need financial assistance many years from now, do you think your friends are going to help you?". In all fairness, they probably won't be able to bail me out of a financial rut. But again with the gut intuition.. at least I'm willing to bet real $$ that a single one of my friends will do ALOT more to help me get back on my feet than ALL of the people in Amway will put together.

    "We want our IBOs to be happy, so there's a 90-whatever day $$-back garuantee". I hear some have had enough hassles trying to get their money back within that time period. Even if not for that, Amway sounded bad enough that the correct preventative measure was to not even bother buying into the $115 opportunity kit or whatever. It was NOT worth the hassle even if they gave you double your $$ back

    "An excellent way to start a business with little, upfront $$". Yeah, a real business has you getting a loan for $10K, $60K, or even $120K. But given the less than 0.8% average to success rate (defined by those that can at least make some $$ back to the super rich, not just the "super rich"), they're trying to sell you some awful thing for cheap that's not worth it anyways.

    "It's better to ask [about getting downlines to join you and/or for others to buy off of you] then to not do so and regret it." Yeah... some people need to be more assertive and proactive in life... asking out a girl, getting more resources at work, getting what you want when buying stuff, and standing up to assholes, but becoming one just isn't the way to go.

    "what is stopping you from joining?"... Wild card! Go freestyle here... try not to use cuss words if kids are around :)

    When you mention that you have insider knowledge from friends that this is awful... "would you trust your friends with surgery advice?". Again, we're not dealing with Surgery... Amway is supposed to be MUCH simpler. Hell, uplines recite the line that the simplicity of Amway's business model often gets overlooked. If they insist these friends don't know a lot, then it looks bad when some of them being in the program for a long time didn't get good results... what incentive is there for you then?

    "'what are your dreams'/what would you do with an extra [blah] per [time period]?'". It's worse when the context for this question is when they're trying to get you to sign the papers to join up, as I've repeatedly ask just what the F@#$ we're supposed to do in Amway to make money. I asked my potential to please just skip this bullshit and move on.

    "layoffs occur constantly, I used to be on a government contract/management job/whatever, and got laid off years ago, we needed extra income security...blah blah blah". While that's true, flocking to Amway is just shooting yourself in the foot.

    1. 4k limit? Never knew that! Or maybe I did and I just forgot! Thank you for sharing your 4k+ insight! You've got it right but Smway dumb shits would disagree!

  4. Im sorry anna, but given the nature of the subject at hand. Isn't*.

    1. Please, Amway people are stupid morons! I heard some idiot at work once say “I buy quality, not quantity”…must have been one of those Amway cunts! I’m proud of buying quantity over quality any day…and if I EVER choose to buy quality, it won’t be fucking Amway shit!!! ‘PERFECT-WATER’, SA8, XS ENERGY-DRINKS…HAHAHAHAHAHA, HEY AMWAY-FUCKS, GET CREATIVE WILL YA!!!!!


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