Monday, June 17, 2013

Outta Here For A Few!

I’m going out of town June 14 to 23 to visit friends in South Carolina so chalk up a few more beaches of the world I get to walk on while Amway ambots sit at home talking about how they’ll be doing that one day! Does it count if you’ve walked the same beach more than once? The blog will continue on. The person who runs the blog for me has a few posts waiting to post and the person who moderates the comments will be around too. Its just me not getting around to responding to the comments. I will be able to get online while I’m away but I don’t know that I’ll want to check the blog. Maybe once or twice. Maybe not. I’ll get to responding to your comment eventually. Or maybe not.
So I thought it would be interesting to go over what the top searches are by people who end up at my blog. These are not in any particular order of popularity which one gets more searches than the other. Just that they’re searched for multiple times daily.
1.      Amway scam
2.     Amway cult
3.     Fuck Amway
4.     Amway sex
5.     Amway sex products
6.     Amway sexual toys
7.     World Wide Dream Builders pyramid scheme
8.     Artistry top 5 in the world
9.     How to get rid of annoying Amway sales people
10. Ganesh and Neha Shenoy (still one of my top searches for a couple of years!!!!)
11.   How to get someone (husband, son, friend, etc) out of Amway
12. How to quit Amway (often followed by) and get my money back
13.  Just about every Amway Diamond out there + divorce
14. Just about every Amway Diamond out there + affair
15.  How much money does an Amway Diamond make
16. How to cancel communicate
17.  Amway grand opening
18. Are Amway products good (are you fucking kidding me but yes often searched for)
19. Amway function or conference (usually whichever is the next one coming up: Dream Night, Spring Leadership, FED, Family Reunion)
20. XS energy drink reviews

And YES you can find answers to all those burning questions and more right here at Married To An Ambot!!!!


  1. Thanks again lovely, Anna & to your kind trusty Blog helpers too! Also, Anna, enjoy your trip away visiting your friends! {I can also recommend a free/no Internet get-away ~ it is quite refreshing! wink!}..Take care; Lady G! :-)

    1. Thanks Anonymous. I checked the blog a couple of times but didn't feel like responding. Now back to the laundry!

    2. Cheers for your reply, Anna! Glad you had a gr8 time!...Laundry! It's always waiting - hope it is all done now, so, you can relax! Take care; G!

  2. Amway sex toys?? Maybe they're confusing Amway with the Pure Romance MLM!
    I saw one of those LOLZ Cats photos online today. Two cats with glowing zombie eyes looking in the front door, captioned, "They have come to either eat your brains or sell you Amway. Both options are equally terrifying."
    I hope you're enjoying your vacation. I love living in South Carolina!

    1. ha ha. That's funny! Yup had a great time. Took 3 days and went beach hopping too!

  3. Hope you have a great trip Anna, and enjoy those beaches too! LIKE stupid AMBOTS will ever live free enough to know what it's like to set foot on a REAL beach!!! The closest they'll ever come to a beach is the posted photo of PETER-ISLAND on their refrigerator door...their wishlist of places they'll visit once they become FILTHY rich beyond their dreams...OVER-NIGHT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    1. Yup had a great time and enjoyed some great beaches! I don't think Peter Island is exclusive to ambots. I'm pretty sure anyone can book and pay and stay there. There's other places to stay in the Virgin Islands, but don't let that little secret get out to ambots!

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