Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Amway – Spend Money to Lose Money

I think most people have heard of an old saying that you have to spend money to make money. Mostly when it comes to starting up a business.
And it is true. Of course one can start up a business on a shoestring budget. You don’t have to have tons of money to start a business. For sure some businesses require a lot of start up capital but there are other businesses out there that can be done cheaper.
A friend of mine is a seamstress and has her own business that she runs out of her house. I’d say she runs her business on a shoestring budget but she still had to shell out a few bucks. She has 3 sewing machines. I’m no expert on sewing machines but they all do different things depending on the type of material and how thick and heavy it is. When they break down she has to send them in for repairs or worse case scenario buy a new one. $$$$. Her other start up expenses were pretty typical. Business license, register business name, business insurance, business cards, business phone line, Internet, web page.
You know. All those steps that Amway ambots don’t do! The type of stuff you do when you’re running a legitimate business not a pretend one.
She spends a few thousand dollars getting set up and she has monthly business expenses too and sometimes she takes more training. Its all part of doing business. Spend money to make money.
In Amway you spend money to lose money. My dollar amounts may not be accurate because I don’t know what the current amount is to scam ambots but I’m probably within $25 of the ballpark. To start off you spend $50 a year to Amway for a membership to buy from their store. Or you spend $150 and get a kit of shitty Amway product samples which means you make PV right away and everyone in your upline gets a piece of that commission. A new ambot will be bullied into buying the registration/with the starter kit to prove that they’re a real business owner and serious about building their business. Then the ambot must buy at least 100 PV in Amway products to qualify to get a commission check that month. That’s at least $300/month. The ambot will be bitched at by their upline to sign up with an Amway cult like WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards for $50/month. Don’t forget spending at least $50 a month in business materials in the form of books and CDs recorded by Diamonds who are brainwashing the masses and taunting them with wouldn’t you like to be as rich as me. Ambot needs to print up some phony ass business cards. Ambot needs to spend $35/month on Communikate – a piece of shit voice messaging system that the ambots are brainwashed into believing is their personal assistant. The cost of Amway meetings and Amway functions also goes in there. I estimate $500 to $700/month just to meet the minimum requirements to keep the fucking assholes in your Amway upline off your back.
For this dedication the ambot will receive a monthly commission check from Amway for around $10.
This will go on for months, often with the ambot increasing how much shitty overpriced products they buy off Amway because some asshole in their upline will phone at the end of the month and bitch and bitch and bitch about how someone upline needs more PV to meet that month’s goals and the lowly bastards in the downline better find a way to come up with the money to buy more Amway products and make that happen.
For me spending $700/month to earn $10/month is not spending money to make money.
Its spending money and losing it all with no benefit.
Even the IRS will ride the asses of Amway IBO’s who try to write off Amway losses against their regular job income. The IRS has determined Amway is an expensive social club and the IBO’s they’ve audited did not have an increase in their business as a result of spending tons of money on Amway training and meetings.
Smart business owners are in business to make money. In other words the money coming in exceeds the money they spend to keep their business going.
In Amway it’s the other way around. The money coming in is only a fraction of the money spent to appease the great Amway gods.
Amway is all about brainwashed IBO’s who spend money and lose it trying to please the fucking assholes in their Amway upline. Its gone forever. Pissed away buying shitty overpriced products and going to brainwashing cult meetings.
A good business owner knows when to cut their losses. They know they have to spend money to make money but when they are consistently spending more money month after month and not making money its time to get out.
Amway – spend money to lose money.
There are better and more fun ways to lose money. But that’s another post!


  1. When like-a-son first signed up with LTD (Leadership Team Development which appears to be similar to WWDB) he let slip that he was paying $50 a month for a smartphone app. I found lots of tweets praising LTDapp on Twitter. Another moneysuck!

    1. Hi Like-a-mom. Is it possible that $50/month for the app includes other useless Amway shit? For $50/month in WWDB we got a web page portal to Amway's site, buy CDs and books at a slight discount that was still way overpriced, and other useless online tools like an address book for that infamous list the assholes in your upline want you to put together. Ambot actually put his list in and then WWDB spammed everyone on his list so he deleted all his contacts. I think there was a calendar in there too to keep track of those very important once in a lifetime opportunity Scamway meetings! Perhaps someone in the know can let us know if the app is included in the $50. When I look at iTunes the WWDB app is free to download but perhaps you have to pay them to have your "business" information show up there. And of course the ambots are all going to love the app and be all gushy wonderful towards it cause that's what they're brainwashed to do. The WWDB app has 4 ambots who love it to pieces who've rated it. It's not like you can expect someone in Amway to tell the truth!

    2. I think the app covers messages, picture sharing, audio / video clips and more. A Twitter search for #LTDapp produced a sickening list of diamond-worshipping Amspeak, and Diamonds Larry & Pam Winters sharing glamour shots of their "free" life.

  2. Pretty much hit the nail on the head. I've been to 2 meetings where they try to rope in prospects, and they've always included the line that it's nice to spend money buying stuff and get paid for it too. That's not something other stores do for you. The "spend $$ to make $$" mantra is definitely true for your own business, and I'm sure some ambots really do get suckered in thinking this is a real business. It's a whole new level here.

    The analogy is really more like buying your child's own girl scout cookies/boy scout popcorn to help raise funds. In that case, you're really just paying for it out of your own pocket.

    Again, turn on your bs-o-meter when you're at these meetings because these guys are worse than car salesmen. Worse than ANY salesmen really.

    1. Hi Anonymous - in Amway the business plan is to "buy from your own store". Do you know of any other company that has a dumb fuck business plan like that? Any business if their ony customer is the owner they ain't gonna be in business too long. Amway also says you get paid by shopping from your own store. Uh yeah right. Whois paying you to shop from your own store? Get a job as a mystery shopper and get paid more money than you get from Scamway by shopping at clients stores.

      Now why am I suddenly craving thin mints!

  3. A year ago I was prospected at the Mall. I was initially told all I had to do was sign up and the money would start reeling in by the thousands each week…I was given a weekly-figure of $40,000.00. I wasn't told I would be doing anything to get that money. All I had to do was sign up with Amway…and BOOM…I’d be flooded in one-hundred dollar-bills!

    When I met up with the ‘BIG-MAN’, must have been the upline and some other guy they both praised endlessly (probably diamond or platinum), he told me I would have to devote two hours of my day, every day, in order to earn an undisclosed ‘COMMISSION’. I turned my smile into a frown, and I told them: “You’re peddler boy there told me all I had to do was sign up with Amway and a check for $40,000.00 would arrive every week…HE SAID there was nothing else I needed to do!” At this point the two lowly ones started laughing and the ‘BIG’ man smirked while he said “life’s not free money my friend, you have to spend money to make money”. I smirked myself and concluded our dialogue “Well, I’ll take the business kit now, and I’ll pay you the $200.00 when I start making $40,000.00 a week ok!”

    They handed me there business cards and we decided that I would go to one of their meetings that weekend…so I didn't hear from them again.

    So I guess if you can’t guarantee me $40,000.00 a week, I’m not going to pay you JACK-SHIT OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous - you got it! The assholes in Amway tell their prospects they have to attend all Amway meetings and functions at their own cost, but CDs and books, and at least 100 PV ($300) in products every month, and in 2 to 5 years gazillions of dollars will come rolling in every month from Amway out of the goodness of their hearts. Yeah right! It's all about the scam. Your commissioned salespeople people! The only people in Amway who make money are the ones selling tickets to their downline to come hear them speak and other motivational tools. Everyone else hands over their money to those cult leaders and won't ever make any of it back again.

    2. That is so typical. They tell you to show up for 2 years and then you'll have residual income for the rest of your life whether or not you did anything except show up.

    3. @ AnonymousJune 27, 2013 at 2:30 PM

      You are too funny! That is the best strategy - yep pay for the kit out of the first check.


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