Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You Haven't Earned The Privilege Yet!

Something we heard a lot of from our Amway upline and usually in a taunting "I'm better than the rest of you" attitude was "you haven't earned the privilege yet".
This could be for a number of things.
One time the Platinum was trying to round up a work crew to do yard work at the Emerald’s house. Free IBO labor in exchange for the privilege of spending time with the Emerald. Uh yeah. Sounds great. Where do I sign up to yank that bastard’s weeds? Fortunately the Platinum sneered at me and others in the room including Ambot that we haven’t earned the privilege yet to spend time with that bastard. Whew! Lucky me!
The Platinum’s wife rarely went to meetings. I personally think she was just sick of listening to her husband spout off the same old bullshit. He said by virtue of reaching Platinum status she’d earned the privilege to stay home with the kids instead of hiring a babysitter. Hunh? Their son and daughter were in their early teens. They needed a babysitter? Holy shit I was babysitting when I was eleven years old. Children of ambots are so badly behaved they need a sitter into their teens? Maybe all the mothers in the Amway meeting who hadn’t earned that privilege should have stopped by the Platinum’s house on the way to the meeting and dumped their kids off with the wife for some free babysitting. We earned that privilege because we had to put up with her husband for the evening while she got a free pass! Lucky her!
Most of the time the “you haven’t earned the privilege” was a taunt to the cult followers who hadn’t reached a high enough level in Amway or any level in Amway as was the case with most of the ambots in our meetings. Most often the privilege taunt had to do with meeting someone further upline like a Diamond. Or more appropriately hadn’t earned the privilege of providing free labor to the Diamond because they hadn’t reached a high enough level in Amway. Whew! Snuck under the radar on that one that I wasn’t on call to cook those bastards free gourmet dinners! Actually that might have been kind of fun spiking their food with something nasty!
A lot of the time the “you haven’t earned the privilege yet” might have meant something else. Like owning something of significant value that your upline doesn’t own. Just because someone in your upline drives a clunker car or rents instead of owns a house doesn’t mean that you have to go backwards in life and give up these items that you’ve worked hard to attain. I think it has much more to do with Amway ambot jealousy that they don’t have what you have and that’s why upline flaunts the “you haven’t earned the privilege” taunt.
The last time I took out a loan to buy a new vehicle was 20 years ago and I paid it off early so the bank probably wasn’t too happy with me that they couldn’t make more money on interest on that one. I’ve never taken out a loan since then to buy a vehicle. Just don’t feel comfortable doing it. I’ve always been a cash person but that doesn’t mean I would never consider taking out a loan depending on the circumstances.
When we joined Amway my car was 5 years old. I paid cash for it when I bought it. Looked good, ran good, suited my needs. Almost immediately the Platinum was riding my ass about it demanding to know how much I paid for it and how much was left on my loan. I don’t think I told him how much I paid but I told him there was no loan I paid cash when I bought it. So he had to try another tactic. Or two or three. Bottom line was he wanted me to sell my car and buy something older and cheaper and then I’d have money in my pocket to buy more Amway products and tools. Like that was ever going to happen. Someone my age doesn’t need to be driving around in an old clunker that’s breaking down all the time. That “privilege” can go to the younger ambots.
Then our house came into the equation. Nope we didn’t pay cash for it. Like just about everyone else we have a mortgage. This is not our first house. When you sell a house you use the equity for the down payment on the next house you buy. If you do it a few times by your last house hopefully there isn’t too much of a mortgage.
Our house came up when ambot “counselled with upline”. Different scenarios. Take out a home owners line of credit on the equity and use those funds to pay off the credit cards to leave more room to buy more Amway shit and tools. Sell the house. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!??????? Find a place to rent and use the equity to pay off the credit card bills so you can run them up again. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!!???????
Excuse me but we had zero balance on those fucking credit cards until you fucking upline assholes badgered my husband into buy buy buy Amway’s shitty products and investing in the tool scam. Our penalty for getting involved in your Amway scam is to sell our house and use the equity to buy more shitty Amway products? Fuck off and go to hell you bunch of lying scheming Amway assholes! Fucked up pieces of shit who only get happiness out of destroying other people's lives.
Equity is to be used for the next house purchase! If you Amway uplines weren’t such fucking morons you’d know that and wouldn’t be giving full of shit financial advice.
Holy shit! I can see the upline covering their ears and screaming NO!!!! Never question upline!!!!
So why the big flap about our house? We’ve been homeowners for many years. This caused a lot of outrage with the upline that we owned a house while almost everyone in our upline were renters.
I figured it out. Jealousy! Upline’s reasoning is we can’t have what they don’t have because we haven’t “earned the privilege”. Because they’re a higher level in Amway than we are we can’t have anything they don’t have.
Jealous, petty, materialistic ambots. Got one message for you when it comes to my car and my house: Fuck off!


  1. Wow

    Just found this blog. Years ago I was approached to join Amway at least a half dozen times. I told all of them "no thanks." Reading your blog confirms to me I did the right thing.

    Thanks for sharing this

    1. Hi Concerned Citizen. You're lucky you got away with a simple no thanks. Usually ambots don't give up that easy. If you get prospected again and they won't go away, swear at them. People in Amway are prudes. Swearing is Ambot repellant! Yup staying away from Amway and their brainwashed ambots is definitely the right thing!

  2. I found the best way to defuse an Ambot is simply to not let them get away with AMswers, as in, don't let them dance around the real answer. They are trained to not say no, or not say yes. Badger them until they say no, or say yes. Also, once they say yes, or say no, they add a 'but' in there. As in, U: "Would I honestly be REQUIRED to be at these weekly meetings?" "No, but don't you want to succeed?" Take the no. Tell them you took the no.
    When I was shown the plan, I came with stationary, pens, a calculator (yikes on their face) expecting a real business meeting. I took a ton of notes, asked extremely thorough questions, wasted 3 hours of their lives, and in the end didn't give them an answer. I left. They came around to ask me if I had 'reconsidered'... They knew the run around pitchman Amswers weren't getting me excited.
    The pictures of fancy cars, dollar signs everywhere (look for it on those slides, constantly hitting you with those subliminal dollar signs), the mansions, the Orlando Magic.... it all meant nothing to me. I saw nothing of actual business points, nothing of actual business steps, and few numbers that weren't attached to dollar signs. They don't like it when you don't respond to money money money.

    1. Anonymous- that's a good plan!

      Ambot: don't you want to succeed?
      Prospect: no.

      That really fucks up the Ambot!

  3. Hey Anna! My boyfriend and I used to do activities together, like go out to the movies, dinner, etc. the longer he's been in this the more he thinks those things are a waste of time. Instead we hang out at his place or quickly pick up ice cream. He's become so boring! Is this normal ambot behavior ?!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Unfortunately yes that's typical Ambot behavior thanks to the brainwashing from this evil cult. Nothing is more important to him than Amway products and the assholes in his upline who are convincing him all his spare money and any money he can borrow on his credit cards must go to Amway instead of fun evenings out. The upline are also working on him to break up with you because that's great sporting fun to those sick bastards in Scamway. It'll stop when he runs out of money or gets tired of being abused by his upline and then he goes back to normal. But not before the damage has been done.

    2. You may think this is an exaggeration (the upline trying to break you up) but its not. I'm a victim of this (saved $5000 not buying a ring, Amway saved me money!!!!!) I tried to be supportive, I went to meetings, I bought her products, but because I wasn't devout to doing every last Amway thing with her, or wanted to go away for a weekend, I was deemed 'negative'. They began slowly working her away from me and now, I'm happily away from all those clowns.

    3. Oh man...Anonymous, how long did it take for her to dump you after joining this? How long were you two together?

      I'm a bit worried about this now. I mean, I am supportive of HIM. Not THEM. I'm an investigative reporter for a MAJOR media company. and they ALL know this. If they do anything to break us up, or if he uses Amway as an excuse to break us up, all it will take is one phone call to put them all on blast and ruin their lives.

    4. 1st Anonymous - I bet you'd rather have her back than saved that $5000 on the ring! I'm not sure if you're the fellow who visited awhile back and is now in a happier relationship, but thanks for dropping by! By sharing our stories and pain we can help others.

    5. 2nd Anonymous - woo hoo got connections and not afraid to use them! We all want to be supportive when our husband or boyfriend gets caught in the Scamway hype and loves the love from their new friends. Who will dump him as a friend once he quits Amway. Most times you got to wait them out. Either he runs out of money, gets tired of being abused by the assholes in his upline, or figures out he's never gonna make money in this scam. 2 to 8 months? 95% quit inside 2 years so the averages is on your side. THough I've had some people leave comments here that it's gone on for years.

    6. (Actually, I'm the guy with the rant above)The breaking point happened at a little over a year. She was in it for a month when they tried to get me to sign up. When I said no, they began telling her it wouldn't work, our relationship and her business. One had to go. She fought it for a while, but eventually her schedule, created by them (which was prominently display on social media.Church, little trips with upline, playing games. All theI pictures stopped once I was gone)and their constant belittling of me, led her to end it. She hung around a bit but eventually she pushed me so hard, and belittled me so hard, I stopped calling. She didn't even realize I was gone.
      I've seen her since. She is haggard. Worn thin. From what I have been told, she misses me, but I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow, Facebook showed her having a new relationship, Amway approved, that her upline setup. She would say yes to it to make her upline happy.
      And yeah, I'd give anything to have her back, but not with this new drone attitude. She needs deprogrammed. I've even had dreams of her attempting suicide because she failed the system, andI talk her down, telling her the truth. She's not the type to think about suicide, btw. I'm sure in time the memories of the wonderful woman will fade, as I see her change into this robot. I will find a woman who won't skip out on date night to go help her upline show the plan to someone not even in her line. I will find a woman who isn't, and won't be a part of this nonsense.

    7. It's me again. I'm only chiming in here, and other notable blogs, because in the few months I watched her trust the advice and mentoring of her upline, and watched them dissolve her beautiful personality. Prominently, a couple who have been in it for a couple of years, claim the business saved their marriage, have notably bad reputations around town aside of their association with Amway, and have shown very little signs of true success in the biz. I noticed that this great marriage they had was business-centric. They had no life outside of showing plans and prospecting. Their marriage was 'saved' because they had something else to focus on aside from their ongoing misery.

      I don't want other couples to suffer the way I have, as well as the others I have read about throughout the internet. There is a reason upline doesn't want new IBOs to look online... they will undoubtedly see stories like these, where people have been ripped from their happy (though they may not see it) lives in pursuit of a false dream, and in return they get a broken personality based on selfish greed, materialism, and self-righteousness. Nobody deserves any of the horror stories I have seen, read about, and been a part of. Even if someone decides to follow through joining and working the system, maybe by reading these things, they will make time for the REAL important things in life. Money comes and goes, you only get one family, good friends are hard to come by, and people, from all walks of life, spend their entire lives trying to find that someone special. Do not throw it all away for 'financial freedom' or 'residual income'.

      (I'll sign off from now on so you know its me)

    8. Thanks Jerry for telling us your story. Yup the assholes in the Amway cult are all about destroying relationships. Biggest troublemakers I've ever seen in my life. That's the only thing that brings these bastards so much happiness. I was constantly on the receiving end of being sneered at an and insulted and watching someone I love treat me and everyone else around him like shit. Once they get away from those Amway assholes they get their lives back together. And yeah I must be thinking of someone else. The other guy said his ex had found a new Amway boyfriend and of course that only lasts until one of them decides to quit. Amway the cult of greed is all about destroying relationships not saving them and people who are in Amway do not have any life outside attending Amway meetings and associating with other Amway assholes.

    9. I hope my ex gets her life together (and away from Amway soon). Unfortunately, I feel as though she, and many others who have fallen prey to this malicious assault on ethics, need a proper form of help, consistent with those who have suffered from gambling addiction. If someone really wanted to 'go diamond' and rake in 'barrels of cash' from Amway, they would open a rehabilitation center for those who have devoted their lives to the unfulfilled dreams left behind by Amway. Nightmares are dreams too, and those who have faced the truth behind the 'bathroom wall graffiti' of the internet 'haters' need true help. Those of us speaking out aren't doing it out of hatred, or laziness, or jealousy like your upline may lead you to believe. We are doing it out of love and respect for those many of us have seen fall victim to those willing to sacrifice others to their own financial gains. This blog, as well as others, and those of us who speak out against the tyranny of MLM's are doing it because we don't want to see the problems arise, as they have in the past, over and over. You upline will paint a beautiful picture of wealth and happiness, we stand to show you the other side. The dark, dismal side of reality. Facts don't lie. Amway shows you these facts if you are willing to be 'teachable', but more importantly, critical of the shiny façade those who stand to make a profit on you have shown you.
      I just hope, that those looking for a chance to make money on Amway will look more critically at what stands before them.

    10. Jerry - You took the words right out of my mouth. story is familiar wil Anonymous 2. My bf of two years joined this about a year ago. he went from the sweetest, most open minded human being, and curious about the world to a greedy, money-hungry, robotic hopeless aspiring diamond. I don't even recognize his voice when he speaks because it is not him. It's like he's always lecturing or pointing out something, or always having to make a point about anything. If I want to discuss the news, or a REAL issue, he won't want to talk about it. Even his style of clothing ahs changed. he used to have a scruff (my favorite part about him physically) and now he shaves it completely off because it's professional. Someone put it in his head to start focusing on selling make up to women. I told him that as a woman, I wouldn't take a straight man seriously when it comes to beauty anything. I'd trust another woman or a Gay man. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this as well. I worked in a salon business for 15 years in a high-end spa so i Know what i'm talking about. he's even meeting up with anyone and everyone to promote this. Even other female co workers and old female friends, and I think that this is so embarrassing. I genuinely feel bad. I've tried talking to him before but he will not hear it because I'm not his upline. He even goes to his upline for FINANCE ADVICE. Like about business accounts. My mother and her colleagues are top notch accountants and he won't even think about going to them for advice. And he's going to his emerald upline who has ZERO credibility and experience in the finance world. ALSO - I was creeping and going through his team members face book and found photos that their Upline was BAPTIZING people. I FLIPPED the fuck out. This guy is not even a MINISTER! I already think born agains can be creepy-culty as it is, imagine AMBOTS that are born again. There is no turning back. My boyfriend is an agnostic but I'll be damned if he finds religion through these freaks. It's so sad that people like us have to vent like this. Shame.

    11. Thanks Jerry and Scamfighter for sharing your stories. This is the place to vent about those Amway assholes that tear our lives apart and destroy our loved ones. Scamfighter your boyfriend hasn't run out of money yet after a year? And yes once you're in Amway that means you're a card carrying expert in everything - medical advice, financial advice, and religious baptisings. These Amway assholes are going off the Jim Jones manual and running their own creepy religious Amway cults. And yes it's really embarrassing. And I agree I wouldn't take makeup advice from a man especially not some creep from Amway!

    12. Nope Anna, unfortunately not yet. He works a job that pays only 35,000 a year. It will be one year this September. He hasn't been able to get one lousy prospect. They all bail on him too. I'm hoping he quits within the 2 year expected time frame. I don't know how much longer I can put up with this. I pity him.

    13. That's not bad money. I hope he's not doing stuff at work that could get him fired. Namely doing Amway business and dealing with the upline instead of working or sneering at his coworkers because they're not business owners. It's really hard to find one person to sign up let alone show up for a meeting. They say they'll be there just to get the ambot off their back then they no show. Anyone who shows up and meets the assholes in the Amway upline are pretty much not going to come back again after dealing with those creeps! I feel really bad for you and hope you get a resolution to this real soon.

    14. Wow, ScamFighter brought up something I had forgotten about but was all too apparent, the voice. My ex went from energetic, lively, and open to all the things life had to offer, then, like a flip of a switch, became a clone of her upline's wife. Vocal patterns, facial expressions, off the wall sleeping patterns, gestures, posture. She became a valley girl, so to speak. "So like, you just don't like, get it..." Head flipped to the side..... ugh. I hated her upline's wife before the split, then my wonderful woman turned into her.
      I've spoken to her in the last day or so. Same old crap. "How's your family?" "Good! I got like a new like prospect coming to the weekly meeting! She's going to like, really make me go!" ugh.

    15. Anonymous - its called "duplicating your upline" and it was taught and expected in our group too. You had to sit next to your upline's wife and if she clapped, you clapped. If she stood up, you stood up. If she kicked the back of the seat of the Amway asshole sitting in front of her, you kicked the back of the seat of the Amway asshole sitting in front of you.

      Yup they always have a prospect who's coming to the next meeting but they're usually no shows.

  4. Ok, so I work in Target, and a HerbaLife guy came in one day telling me about vitamins and weigh-management. I told him naw, I’m good, I feel just fine being fat and stuff. I mean, some people are fat and some are thin right?

    So about two months later he comes back in looking for something, and apparently had forgotten about me completely because he came up to me once again…and started up a conversation about investing, small business ownership, and retiring young…he said he was counting the months till his retirement party (he looks 20-somthings). I was like “weren’t you the one that wanted to sell me some pills for my fat and heart-related problems I don’t have yet, but might develop later in life?” Before he answered I continued “Are you in Amway now…you know, all they’re doing is making you buy things from their company so in reality you’re just one of their many customers…you can’t even sell because, well you keep coming back to me! He became upset about the “A” word, and said I was assuming things, which one cannot do I guess. He said he belonged to some internet-sales company that worked with many other retailers like Walmart, Sears, and McDonalds.

    I just laughed and told him he would have to let me know when he was coming up with another pitch because I just couldn't keep track of all these business-companies he was working for. He corrected me and insisted he worked for no one, he owned his own business, and if I wanted to be independent like him, and expand a franchise like his, this was the time to do it. He gave me his business card and was out of there. I haven’t seen him since, but I’m sure within a few months I’ll see him again going nuts about some other stupid sales-scam…WHAT-THE-FUCK is up with these door-to-door people, the brainwashing seems to be flawed nowadays hehehe!!!!

    1. Hi Anonymous - thanks for stopping by with your story. Yup ambots are all about insulting others thinking that will make them a sale. Your makeup makes you look like hell. But my makeup. You're too fat. But my diet products. Heard it at Amway meetings I went to. They know they're not going to make a sale anyway so they start out on the defense insulting you. Lie, deny, and distract is the Amway motto. Never let it known that they're in Amway. That's how embarrassing it is to admit you're in Scamway. Oh now we're not in Amway, it's WWDB. They're brainwashed to be fucked in the head. Yeah they're all pretend business owners.makes them feel all big and important compared to saying they're commissioned salespeople.

    2. Herbalife, Amway, Monavie pick any scam. Their opening lines suck when it's all about insulting a customer. How many times do you go into McDonald's and order a Big Mac, large fries, and shake and the kid refuses to serve you and says you're too fat to eat here. Not going to happen unless the kid is looking for an excuse to get fired.

    3. @ Anonymous June 27, 2013 at 3:11 PM

      I was all LOL reading your story. Yep some people are fat some are skinny and pill or no pill that's just life.

      I wish you asked the clown what happened to his other pill peddling "business".

      Any way next time don't accept his business card (or from any other MLMbot). Let them get it out of their pocket, extend it to you and then reject it with a "I don't need it", and don't use the word thank you. This really deflates their fake little ego based on pretend business. Hope you share another story soon!


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