Friday, June 28, 2013

Monavie? WTF?!

I was hunting in the garage for window wash fluid for the car and came across a bottle of Monavie sitting on a shelf. What the fuck! So I confronted Ambot about it. You aren’t getting sucked into another fucking MLM scam are you? He said he wasn’t. Then what’s that doing on the shelf? He tells me that Captain Fuck Up the asshole who sponsored us into Amway gave it to him. That cheap fucker gave him something? He’s usually hanging around wanting something from Ambot. A little more pressure from me and he says he bought it from Captain Fuck Up who was begging and pleading cause he’d bought a case of it and couldn’t sell it. Ambot didn’t buy the case but gave him $30 for the bottle. Still a rip off. In more ways than one because I can’t stand that fucking asshole who got us into the Amway scam.
If it was in the grocery story for $1 I might buy it. Because I can already buy a bottle of juice for that price if I get the cheap one. At least Monavie taste better than the piss water their competitor sells.
Anyway Ambot got some of the scoop about the assholes from our former Amway upline. As you might remember me posting a few months ago about our sack of shit Platinum got fired from Amway toward the end of last year. September or October I think. Maybe November. No one seems to know why the sack of shit got canned by Amway. Guess work on my part. Doesn’t matter. By the time the Platinum got fired by Amway just about everyone downline had already renewed their 2013 membership. You know how it is in Scamway. By summer the assholes in your Amway upline are bitching at you to renew NOW. That way even if you quit before the end of the year their beloved leaders have that membership fee in their bank account.
The sack of shit Platinum managed to persuade most of his downline to sign up with Monavie and fuck Amway and many are commissioned sales agents with both companies at least for 2013 and if these were legitimate money earning businesses they could make a little money from both. But that’s not how it works. Its all about putting money in and not getting any out. He’s charismatic and convincing and really nice when he wants something so he probably had no problem convincing most of the downline that Monavie is a better business opportunity. Even though they’re still card carrying Amway IBO’s. The Platinum had a lot of his downline defect to Monavie. None of these commissioned salespeople are buying anything from Amway or buying into the Amway tool scam. That’s a huge chunk of change that Amway lost.
It gets better. Apparently our former Emerald fell out of qualification and has been calling everyone in the downline to get them to come to Amway meetings. I’m sure that effects the Diamonds up from him too. Maybe they’ll fall out of qualification too.
Our former Platinum fucks Amway. Amway fucks our former Platinum and fires him. Platinum fucks Amway again by taking most of his downline to Monavie with him. Assuming some stayed with Scamway and others quit.
Ah yes the pyramid is crumbling away.
And that bottle of Monavie? After blowing $30 on it – shit I could have bought a decent bottle of wine for that price! – yeah we drank it.


  1. What a bunch of morons. They didnt make money in Amway after all this time and Monavie is going to make them the big bucks now. Stay away from MLM scams. I remember reading a blog written by a woman who was in Monavie and all the hardships it brought to her life. I can't remember the name but I'll try to find it for you.

    1. Hi Anonymous. If you find the blog again let us know and we'll give it a plug.

  2. Replies
    1. Not too bad. Like I said in the store for a buck I'd probably buy it. At the overinflated prices these MLM scams charge so everyone in the upline can get a piece of the commission no way.

    2. Anna you made me break a sweat or two that you would be willing to fork over your dollar bill for any MLM wampum. Thinking about the pain this bottle must have caused some poor MLMbot somewhere this bull piss does not even deserve to be poured down my toilet hole! Sorry I just got radical after my MLM mis-adventure - MLM wampum gets ran to the garbage can like my feet were on fire and my ass was catchin'. It's beyond zero tolerance around here, maybe negative somethin' tolerance. Urgh!

    3. ExAmbot - all this MLM shit gets hidden in the garage and then it gets tossed in the garbage. Might as well just set $100 bills on fire instead of joining an MLM.

    4. Might as well. Instead of buying scAmway crap at $300/month can you imagine tossing that every month into index funds (or a mutual fund) for retirement at an average of 9% return from age twenty to sixty something? Be singing singing & dancing happy millionaire here I come on happy street. Guaranteed ScAmway will never deliver that for 99%+ of its hoodwinked ambots.

    5. ExAmbot - that's a good point and something I've brought up before. If the ambot takes $300 or $500 or $700 a month that they're spending on Amway and invest it or save it towards buying a house they will be so much farther ahead than making their Amway cult leaders richer.

  3. I found a bottle of their juice while walking my dog. Had a impossible time selling it for even 15.00. Finally sold it for 12.00 on Craigslist. That's why your post gave me a smile when reading it

    1. Hi anonymous. Glad to give you a smile. And all I got to say is ick. I would have left that bottle right where it was. Monavie rejects!

    2. @AnonymousJuly 7, 2013 at 2:24 AM

      I remember the lie told by BWW charlatans that if you can't succeed in their commercial cult there's nothing else you can succeed in, in life. But anon here utilized a skill and sold that bottle. Well see Ambots, you can succeed in other endeavors in life that don't have nuthin' to do with scam MLMs.

    3. All fun and games until the guy you sold it to is a CONavie rep and sends you a message saying, "See how easy it was to sell!?!!?!?! How would you like to make major money doing that!?!?!?!" He sets the bottle out to gain new prospects. Did it have a business card attached?

    4. Anna,

      There was a couple other bottles opened and half consumed. The first thought was gee this sh-t must be crap for these people to only drink so little. I knew the bottles where 30.00 or more per and thought i can easily get 20.00. Boy was i wrong with assuming this. Nobody waneed to buy it even at 15.00. Was lucky someone finally baught the bottle for 12.00. My goal was to get a free movie and popcorn lol.

    5. "See how easy it was to sell!?!!?!?! How would you like to make major money doing that!?!?!?!"

      I couldn't help a chuckle or two at that. That is totally a line they will use - just more trickery, very MLM. I am curious too now if it had a business card attached?

      Anyway I can see my response "NO! I don't want to make major money not doing that certainly. Easy? Sure it was just like Fido trying to pass hammer handles!


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