Monday, July 1, 2013

Amway Ambots ARe Better Than Everyone Else?

One of the things that really disturbed me about our Amway upline was their shitty attitude towards people who weren’t in Amway. These snobby snotty Amway ambots were of the mindset that they were superior over the rest of the population.
They bragged to others that they drove BMW’s and Cadillacs. They neglected to mention their cars were 20 or 30 years old rust buckets falling apart and in poor mechanical condition. How can someone driving an old clunker be superior over someone who has purchased with cash a newer model car, maybe not of the expensive luxury type, but looks good, has a clean interior, and isn’t breaking down all the time I’ll never know. But then I was never a brainwashed ambot.
The IBO’s put on business suits and tell everyone they dress for success and that makes them superior to everyone else wearing casual attire. Wearing suits to all Amway meetings and functions is the dress code for these 8pm Amway warriors and in their delusional minds that makes them superior over everyone else who at that hour is relaxing in shorts and T’s, chilling out on the patio with a beer or watching TV. That also makes ambots superior because they would sneer at people relaxing in the evening and say how is watching TV making any money for you. Well at least they aren’t losing money by shelling out ten bucks to go to an Amway brainwashing session. Maybe its more than that now for those meetings. Someone who’d recently been to an Amway brainwashing meeting said it cost $15.
We’d have to arrive at Amway cult meetings an hour early because the cult leaders had brainwashed the ambots into believing that “serious business builders” arrive at least an hour early. So the early bird IBO’s are even more superior than the rest of the IBO’s who arrive closer to 8pm.
Yeah get there early enough and you can set up chairs and rearrange the living room! That’ll really make those IBO’s feel superior because they got assigned that task by some Amway cult leader.
So these superior ambot bastards get to the meeting an hour early and what do they do? They stand around with their cell phones plastered to their ear trying to show off an air of superiority over any ambots who aren’t on the phone. The superior ones on the phone are obviously conducting Amway business. Business is going great! Can’t you tell by the amount of time I’m on my phone?
Then they show off their superiority by being the first to kiss the Diamond’s ass who is speaking that night. They rush the stage after he’s finished brainwashing the crowd. Got to get close enough to press flesh and to have some of the superiority aura to rub off on them.
Add them all up and its what makes Amway IBO’s superior to everyone else in the world. That’s what their little brainwashed brains believe.
I fail to see how some brainwashed ambot who’s losing fistfuls of money in the Amway scam is superior to me.
I guess I’ll never get it. But then I’m not a brainwashed ambot.....


  1. So this is why I get so many texts from our Ambot friend between 7:00-8:00 Tuesday evenings. I'm the important business that occupies him until the brainwashing session starts! Most recently, it was text photos of the new Dodge Viper he's going to buy just as soon as he reaches his goal. (Can you see my eyes rolling?)

    1. The secrets out. Next time don't answer but phone back around 8:30 just in case he didn't follow the upline assholes orders to turn off cell phones! Yup they all have pictures of materialistic things Amway will buy for them. That's part of being in the cult of greed. Sell the hope not the soap!

  2. Im sorry but it seems you had really bad uplines. I just started and I understand its not going to be easy to make alot of money in this. But in the same you arent required to go to every single meeting. I have went to one of those functions and my upline paid for my ticket. The events cost a ton of money when held at certain locations. Also the products are good so even just buying it yourself and getting the reduced price is good.

    1. Amedee - that's a typical canned Amspeak response! Wait until you quit Amway and see what you have to say about the products and prices then! Former IBO's don't have so much love for the overpriced generic products that they keep buying them after they quit. Amedee keep a profit and loss statement where you track how much you're spending on Amway and how much commission you're earning. Real business owners have a profit and loss statement but in Amway they don't teach you how to do that so you don't realize how much money you're losing. Do yourself a favor and keep track. Wait until you're not so new and the abuse you'll get from your upline when you say you're not going to one of those expensive out of town events.

    2. Doesn't this personal consumption thing strike you as odd? I read it in comments on blogs a lot, and the line I was exposed to promoted this very specifically. The weekly meeting I attended spoke of signing up, buying for yourself, finding other like-minded people who want to save money purchasing for themselves, and sign them up. Everyone gets paid for their purchases and everyone wins with the bonuses. 'Personal consumption' I believe they called it. The money they would be getting back would simply be a rebate, like you would get on electronics or cars ($2000 cash back, you've heard it). Wouldn't a discount be better, like a Sam's Club membership (pay and get discounts?) Or is this centric on the bonuses? I would think that a business owner would want customers outside of the business, otherwise you are just recirculating money. Am I crazy for thinking this. I'm no business whiz, but how can you expect money to come in if you don't bring in cash from outside? As that line described me, I just don't get it.


    3. Anna Banana- I decided to read your blog because I was considering joining Amway. I read all you said and actually, it convinced me to go to a meeting. I had to see this for myself. But I got there, and all that you have said is 100% false and defamatory. All of your posts are defamatory, not real considered responses but "I hate Amway because I didn't work hard enough to make any money".

      And about "Sell the hope, not the soap"; they actually make a point that you have to sell the products, as you can't just sell the opportunity, as the company doesn't exist without product. I know many former IBO's who loved the products. The SA8 washing powder is the best, hypo-allergenic, no fake scents. I love the makeup, and I made a comparison chart based on the beautycycle makeup. It is comparable in price to most brands, but I find that they last much longer and don't need re-application.

      Even if I don't join amway, I will always use the products. Oh, and one more thing. You go on and on and on about amway suing the people telling "the truth". What do you think wal-mart would do if someone suddenly started walking around outside the store with signs proclaiming "Wal-mart products are crap and will kill you in the end!" they'd get prosecuted. Why? Because it's defamatory. Even if there was evidence behind it, its defamatory, which is illegal. Same goes for amway.

      Look, I understand your opinion. You couldn't be bothered to put the effort in and were then disappointed that you only get $10, and put in much more. Point is you have to be dedicated. I'll contact you once I've qualified for a free holiday on business class flights. Because its true.

    4. Jerry - it is very odd and something commented on here from time to time. In Amway they call it "buy from your own shop" and say stuff like why would you go to Walmart Costco, etc to buy toothpaste, toilet paper,soap when you can buy it from your own store. Be your own best customer! Yeah but when you're the only customer what kind of business plan is that. Its like buying a McDonalds and your the only customer and eat all the food. I don't think there's any business out there than can survive if the only customer is the business owner!

    5. To Anonymous who loves Amway makeup and soap - myself, other contributors, and countless commenters have spent time on this blog talking about their Amway experiences and the financial and emotional devastation its brought to our lives. By sharing our pain we can help others avoid making the same mistakes. I'm sad that we can't help you but I totally understand that some people need to try and make their own mistakes. Its all a learning experience. Good luck to you.

    6. To Anonymous Commentator July 3rd, you’re a simpleton with skewed values and inconsistent morals! Let me give you a piece of advice my friend, you think going to one INSIGNIFICANT meeting will unveil Amway’s true form and nature? You’re mistaken if you believe their fixed façade for just once second. Take it from someone who’s been to their meetings countless of times…AND NEVER JOINED! In the beginning they try their best to represent ‘THE BUSINES’ in a better light, however, that soon wears off once you’re one of them. I’ve seen friends and family taken in by this countless of times, and they suffer the consequences…dearly. These people are nothing more than hypocrites, cheats, and mongrels…in the simplest, friendliest terms! They have no regard for family, compassion, or integrity…all they are is GREED! But hey, who am I to stop anymore from joining or purchasing Amway’s SHIT…you my friend, can throw your wallet down the toilet, which in reality would be a better choice over purchasing Amway!!! Have a nice life and PLEASE join them, we don’t need people like you in the real world!

    7. Amedee you remind me of an old friend of mine I reconnected with of FB. It seems about the same time we reconnected her marriage was falling apart and money was tight. Next thing (I don't think it was Amway but same idea) she posted a web portal on FB to go to some site and buy (alleged) discounted products (some implied commission for herself). Needless to say she didn't make any $$$ just as you wont...

    8. @Anna

      FYI Ambot Amedee Santamour has posted a self-promoting heretical link. I find it unusual that you let that link post?

    9. @ Anonymous July 3, 2013 at 5:55 AM

      Sometimes your own experience is the best teacher. I say be real to thine own self and go for it!

      Be sure to read the free Ebook Merchants of Deception by Eric Scheibeler. He achieved emerald level in Amway, here's the link

    10. To anon who likes the products,
      The products really aren't the most awful thing in the world and if you like them, fantastic, that is not why we are upset. If Amway products were put on shelves at Walgreen's with competitive prices, they would likely sell MORE than they do now. In fact, the growing markets in the business are those without good access to stores, but good access to the internet. Find a need and fill it. In North America, there are few regions that fit this bill (maybe some smart IBO should get to work on northern Alaska).
      The problems we have all come to see and expect, is the IBOs themselves and the AMOs. Telling you false truths to hide real truths (can't call them lies because they just dodge truth with their little side stepping, scripted, well-rehearsed Amspeak), destroying everything that is great in their life to 'better their future' and 'pursue their dream'. Personality changes, avoiding negativity by being negative to outsiders, hiding behind Christian values, lacking critical thinking, and other basic things that you wouldn't expect an intelligent person to do. The culture around the business is the problem, not the business itself. Without the culture of greed, self-entitlement, selfishness, vanity and arrogance (based in no self-awareness, and an encouraged lack of individualism), this business wouldn't have nearly the amount of blogs, forums, and legal news surrounding it. You don't see many of these things for the 'party' MLMs do you? They have parties, sell stuff, have a customer base, go to few meetings, the training material is on the products and how to sell them, the way a business should run.
      If your dream was to be a professional baseball player, would you want CDs of Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGuire, Jose Conseco, and Sammy Sosa telling you how easy it was, and look how rich they are? Would pictures of their cars make you a better ball player? Or would skills tips be a better use of this time?
      This is what upsets us. The culture, and in turn the products get a bad rep. Have you ever boycotted a business because they didn't like something you agreed with politically? Socially?


    11. 1.Obviously you cant profit from just buying from your own store. But using the product is the only way to really promote it to others without making false claims about it.
      2.Finding others to participate in the business only extends the number of people who actually buy from Amway, This new persons friends and family will hear about the products for the first time and try them.
      Its a continuous cycle.
      3. If you don't try you won't succeed.

    12. Hi ExAmbot - thanks for stopping by. I've had worse spammers stop by and drop off links. Even if someone reading this blog was curious enough to take a look they're not going to buy anything. It's kind of the same thing as if Eric S. went to an I love Amway forum and tried to sell copies of Merchants of Deception. You gotta find the right market!

    13. Jerry - thanks for stopping by with your well thought out comments. You got it right on!

    14. Amedee - that's more Amspeak that all of us have heard a million times before. You might get some pity purchasers like friends and family who will buy from you in the beginning but when they don't then you're forced to buy from yourself when the assholes in your upline start riding your ass about no sales. Perhaps you can define what you mean by "try". Ambots shrink away when asked for a definition of what "you didn't try hard enough" means. My husband busted his ass over 100 hours a month devoted to Scamway prospecting everyone he knew and didn't know, was CORE to the bone and still didn't make any money. Well what else do you expect in a system designed for failure. Amway is a blame the victim scam. The assholes in the upline always say stuff like didn't try hard enough, dream wasn't big enough, loser, quitter, etc to blame the IBO when they're not making money. Look at Amways literature. The small print shows less than 1% will make money. And you know what Amway ain't lying about that.

    15. My pleasure, Anna. I look forward to the day that an ambot comes forth without flaming or amspeak, with rebuttal.
      Anyway, Amedee if you don't try you can't fail either.
      Success in the normal working world is based on tact, hard work, and skill. You can tell me, until you are blue in the face, that the working world is so evil and heinous, making others rich and so on, but let's face facts, your diamond's fancy house and new Lexus didn't come from his circle of customers.
      If you can't make money from buying from your own store, then why is that how the business is promoted today? "Just buy from your own store" they say. You get paid pennies for every dollar you spend. You can't lose! If you really want to make money, listen to 6 CDs a day and get 5 of your friends to get 5 of their friends..... bla bla bla.
      It is still money coming in from the JOBs that IBOs have outside of the biz to pay for your bonuses, their bonuses and your upline's bonuses. Go find the facts on how much money comes from non-IBOs (it was a stat you could find on the company website, not sure if it is still there), then tell me where your bonus check really came from.
      Yeah, you're right, it is a continuous cycle. IBOs go to their JOB, go on their website and spend the money, then they go to a meeting, and spend more, then they hangout at their upline's house, and buy some books and CDs, then they travel a few hundred miles to see their favorite Amspeak CD performed live, and spend more money. Then they go back to their JOB and earn more money to return into this cycle. In business, the money has to come from people who are not in the business. Saying your downline is just more customers is false.


    16. Right on Jerry!

      FACT-Ambots have zero to negligible sales to non scAmwayers. They only are the source of scAmway's revenues. Jaaay Ohhhh Bheees are the source of scAmbots' $$$. Bascially the duality of ambots relationship to scAmway is both as customers and as poorly paid commissioned sales agents.

      Further, in this arrangement scAmway is in business but ambots are not. So I stopped calling this a business/bizz or similar. A commercial cult is more apt.

    17. @Amedee SantamourJuly 5, 2013 at 1:28 PM said

      "1.Obviously you cant profit from just buying from your own store. "

      But that never stops AMO charlatans from pissing on ambots' backs and telling them that it's raining, right?

      "But using the product is the only way to really promote it to others without making false claims about it."

      Sprinkling a little true statement to obfuscate the truth of the scAmway lie? That if you are like any other IBO your sales to non-scAmwayers are zero to negligible.

      "2.Finding others to participate in the business only extends the number of people who actually buy from Amway, "

      Thus, you are all scAmway customers. ScAmway is both in business and a commercial cult. You are only in the latter only!

      "This new persons friends and family will hear about the products for the first time and try them."

      Really? You believe that? You are full of BS.

      Further, you are doing free advertising for scAmway but costly for you considering other costs that you have to bear out of your jaaay ohhhh bheeee income.

      "Its a continuous cycle."
      You got that right. It's like Jerry said IBO go to a job, spend at scAmway website, go to meeting, back to a job. No life!

      "3. If you don't try you won't succeed."

      And success is scAmway heaven, eh? No bud, I am skipping that, you keep it. I'll take to hell proudly and french kiss rattle snakes day and night is icing on the cake! Or perhaps I am pursuing other endeavors that got nuthin' to do with scAmway, but that didn't occur to you of course.

  3. ""They bragged to others that they drove BMW’s and Cadillacs......""
    Never got this line from the meetings I've been to, but I did see videos where some Amway bigshot from a decade or 2 ago was flashing off his shiny Rolex, fancy car, and 3rd or 4th house he bought "just for fun". Oh yeah, it was from that MSNBC documentary showing how the big shots make almost all of their money from the tapes and CDs.

    ""The IBO’s put on business suits.... ""
    This was such a joke.... they tell you to dress in business attire only, but really, it makes more sense to put on a suit for a PE class. A PE class has more meaning then these ever will. If I should ever be forced to attend another one of these meetings, I'm showing up in sandals and shorts like I just don't give a shit. Well, I really don't, so for once, the attire does match the occasion :)

    Never been told that wearing suits makes you more successful then everyone else who doesn't wear one, but I was never that deep in. I was told by my potential sponsor over email that "Here is your exclusive invitation for the information session that I am organizing. I am glad I have been able to reserve a seat for you at this sold out event", and also referred to as a workshop. If any shmoe walked up, they would've been just as glad to invite him in.

    ""We’d have to arrive at Amway cult meetings an hour early because the cult leaders had brainwashed the ambots into believing that “serious business builders” arrive at least an hour early.""
    As if trying to con us into going to WWDB or whatever Amway convention wasn't bad enough, one Ambot mentions that you learn better by being close to the speakers, so we need to arrive early to ensure we get a closer seat. Really, I've learned that distance is your friend in these events. The most proper distance should be great enough that you're nowhere near any of these meetings. If you have to be apart of them though, stand up to those Ambots when they say new people should be up front and say you prefer to sit in the back (unless the door is closer to the front ;)). They'll thank you when you're bored out of your skull and playing games on your phone, but staying out of sight :p

    ""So these superior ambot bastards get to the meeting an hour early and what do they do? They stand around with their cell phones plastered to their ear trying to show off an air of superiority over any ambots who aren’t on the phone.""
    Like when a comedian joked how his friends kept telling him how great Quicken is and he really needs to get it too. They demonstrate by showing a graph of their financials, and that huge dip in the graph was when they bought Quicken.

    1. Hi anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your comments. I'm sure it'll bring a smile to others too.

      Distance is your friend! Love it. That is very true when it comes to anything Amway!

    2. Oh and the suits they wear. I showed up to my first couple of meetings in a $700 business suit, taking it very seriously, for me and my significant other. I stood out like a sore thumb amongst 3 piece funeral suits, and that suit from 1999 that the guy wore once before Amway, to a wedding. Maybe one of the CDs should talk about how exactly to dress for success. Women say you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes. Well, what do worn out, $20 wingtips with the seams busting out scream?

    3. @AnonymousJuly 1, 2013 at 7:45 PM
      "Really, I've learned that distance is your friend in these events."

      Classic advice, love it! Anna is right, tickled my funny bone to the floor!

  4. I'm an amway business owner from Canada. I enjoy being an amway independent business owner and having the opportunity to create extra income on the side of my job. I have read through each of the comments on this blog and, in my personal opinion, I believe a lot of you have confused having a problem with amway and having a problem with a person or group of people in amway. Any issue you had with your sponsor or mentorship group should be directed at them, not the corporation. As for issues with the business model itself, amway has set up its business model so that customer volume is required. As well the business model has been reviewed and approved by the federal trade commission. I doubt I will change any of your opinions on this subject but hopefully I gave you all some food for thought.

    1. Hi Jeffrey. This blog is all about dealing with lying Amway assholes more than with Amway the company, but yes the company like any company out there will get dragged down by the antics of their employees. Some companies take action and companies like Amway do fuck all when they get complaints. People like me who have complained to Amway that we were lied to and they did nothing. That's why blogs like this exist to warn others and let them know Amway lines and lies and the abuse they can expect if they sign up to be a sales rep. You can't find a more reputable company out there to be a sales rep for that you don't have to work hard to defend the antics of other employees?

  5. I was crying reading your blogg. Thank you so much for clarifying what I already suspected. My soon to be college graduate has just signed on to Amway 2 months after signing on he has informed me he will no lomger watch tv he actually sold his TV calling it a distraction. I am glad you had the right mind to blogg about this. The first thing I thought when he told me about what he was doing was wow he's in a Cult.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with you story and I hope you've stopped crying. Amway is very painful to those of us who watch our lived ones sink into this cult and have to put up with the way they treat us and the way the assoles in their upline treat us. Thats why it's blog exists to send a big old fuck you to every Amway upline out there.

      Selling the TV seems a little drastic but yes in the Amway cult they tell the lowly ambots at the meetings that they haven't earned the privilege yet to watch TV. In fact they broke it down into a quadrant and write it on their easel so this is taught at Scamway brainwashing functions. Saw it. That time spent watching TV could be spent prospecting suckers to sign up. You don't get to watch TV until you're a Platinum or Emerald. Selling the TV probably so he could buy more Amway shit. You can be pretty sure that he "counseled with upline" on that one. Ambots don't do nothing unless they ask permission from their upline first. Seriously even if they have to leave the Amway meeting to go to the can.

      The thing I'm concerned about is the almost college graduate. Amway convinces all students they're wasting their time in school when they can get started on their own business right now. Don't need no stinking education to be an Amway asshole. The thing to watch for is dropping out to get a partial refund on the classes and then using that money to buy more Amway shit.

      The good thing is most IBOs quit Amway within 2 years, the majority within the first few months when they figure out how much money they're losing and they're not making the promised riches. And this person is young enough to bounce back financially and emotionally.

      Doesn't really help much. You might want to look for intervention type help with people experienced at deprogramming cult members.

      Good luck to you and I hope things get better.


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