Friday, July 26, 2013

Amway – Home of Everything Negative!

I can’t tell you how many times I heard Ambot parrot his upline “Don’t say negative!” This was usually after I commented on how expensive an Amway product is or how shitty it tastes. I was telling the truth. Truth. An evil word to ambots. Just because something is true does not make it negative. If the truth ain’t pretty then make changes because of it. However changes are beyond an ambot’s control such as lowering the high price tag Amway puts on their products or quality control and how to make shit and piss taste better.

The upline cult leaders usually the pompous sack of shit Platinum and occasionally the Emerald would jabber on and on over and over about don’t let negative influences into your life. “Don’t say negative. Don’t do negative. Oh fuck we’re so freaky schizoid about negative to the point that we don’t know we’re the most fucking negative bastards around!”

What a sheltered life that is for an ambot. Unable to tell the difference between the truth and the negative. Brainwashed to believe their cult leaders are the only people in the world who speak the truth and everyone else is a negative liar. The Amway cult leaders don’t want their downline to be influenced by outside forces who can reason, tell them the truth, and show the IBO’s that they’re wasting their time and more importantly wasting their money on trying to build an Amway business and that's why they work so hard to destroy their cult followers relationships with family and freinds.

The upline Amway assholes would say don’t read newspapers, don’t watch TV, don’t listen to the radio. Most of all they’d say don’t listen to people who aren’t in Amway.

Yet these same cult leaders all seemed to know what’s going on in the world. How can that be unless they’re being negative and watching TV or reading a newspaper?

These Amway bastards are the most negative people around despite all their sermons about not being negative. At every Amway meeting they’d preach fire and brimstone sermons about Starbucks locations closing down or other businesses closing their doors. They’d spout off tons of doom and gloom about the recession and people losing their jobs. Our Amway upline are the most negative people I’ve ever met in my life!
Dozen of negative Amway ambots who don’t listen too fucking good to their Amway cult leaders about never saying negative show up here and all say the same negative things. Some canned amspeak response they’ve duplicated from their cult leaders. Fucking Amway propaganda. They all accuse me of being a broke loser. They all accuse me of working a job. They all predict I’ll be dead or broke by the time I’m 65. They all call me a negative unchristian dream stealer. They say I'm a fat couch potato. One insult after another. I mean talk about NEGATIVE! Its the old Amway cult influence. Spread negativity around the world because you’re an Amway IBO and that means you carry a card that says you’re better than everyone else. Look closer at that card. It says you're a fucking lying scamming Amway asshole!
Those fucked up brainwashed ambots think they’re better than everyone else and here they are violating their upline cult leader’s rules by coming to my blog and spreading their Amway negativity.
Becoming an Amway “independent business owner” running a fake business, putting on a business suit, carrying a cell phone, lying to people that the business is not Amway, making false product claims, marching off to 8pm Amway cult meetings, and sneering at people who are not in Amway does not make an ambot a positive role model.
Amway makes for a hell of a lot of misery and negativity in one’s life.

Drop out of Amway and that’s a big load of negative you’ll also be dropping.


  1. I agree! Got invited to a meeting earlier this week, and didn't go.. THANK GOD. Question, the person that invited me said the will get to go to Italy, Spain, wherever they want to travel, etc and showed me pics of people on vacation. How is this possible? And why do they get mad when you ask if they're Amway? It's on the list of things to say to piss off an IBO--planning on using it! Haha

    1. Anonymous - keep up the good work of avoiding going to a Scamway meeting! Amway has such a bad reputation - the antics of their employees, financial and emotional distress, the whole cult thing, the overpriced shitty products. Who wants to admit to belonging to that. Amway is all about lie, deny, distract, and defend. Have you ever worked for any company where you went out of your way to pretend you didn't work there? Yup ambots like to stick pictures on their fridge of all the things they'll have when they strike it big in Amway. Yup that list of how to piss off an ambot comes in handy doesn't it.

  2. THANK YOU…I had a friend (reference on the word HAD), he took me to three of these meetings. Once on a Tuesday night, then on a Friday, and the last on a Sunday night, and it reminded me a bit about the Waco Texas massacre!

    All they talked about was being positive, having a positive drive; devoid yourself of NEGATIVE emotions, any negative thoughts need not be in your mind. Think ahead, THINK BIG, HOPE LARGE, LIVE POSITIVE! Hear positive, see positive, stay positive…everything in this business IS POSITIVE! Act happy, smile, laugh, MAKE LOTS OF FRIENDS, show them your products, introduce them to the business, and make them feel welcomed. Tell them how great this venture is, make sure they know how BIG your hitting being a part of this business! He also said, “remember, everyone out there STILL has a boss, they still have debt, they have no personal time, they rarely see their spouse (if they’re married). Go out there and make them wonder what they’re missing out on by not being a part of something like this!”

    What freaked me out the most was his next comment… “remember, if you’re even a tad-bit negative, please leave, the doors are wide open, DON’T COME BACK…in this business, there is no such thing as depression, the media tells you you’re depressed…in this business, there is no such thing as anger or rage, the people out there convince you you’re angry or enraged…in this business, there is no such thing as skepticism, that is something our education-system has since forever promoted…IN THIS BUSINESS, THERE IS JUST YOU, AND WILL-POWER TO CHANGE, TO BETTER YOURSELF, TO BE AS BIG AS THE WORLD, TO GO AS HIGH AS THE SKY, TO BUILD THE NEW YOU OUT OF THE ASHES, IN THIS BUSINESS THERE IS ONLY DRIVE, SUCCESS, THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE IT BIG AND TELL YOUR BOSS HE CAN KEEP HIS JOB, TO MANAGE YOUR OWN RETIREMENT, TO WORK ONCE A MONTH IF YOU FEEL LIKE…ect.

    I left at around 10:47pm, we’ve been there since seven, afterwards I was introduced to some BIG shots. They asked if I would be joining, and if not…why not? I simply said the meeting felt like a revival (EEeeek), they just frowned. I also added I loved my job, and loved what I would be doing after I finish school.

    The whole thing about being positive 24/7 is just not me…SOMETIMES I’m very NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Anonymous - thank you for stopping by with your experiences. The Amway cult is WAY out there. Just see how paranoid they are about being positive from what you observed. So creepy. And the Amway cult leaders try to distract people from realizing how much money they're losing in the scam by saying even if you don't make money in Amway you'll become a more positive person. I mean what the fuck? People start businesses so they can earn a living, make a profit, not so they can become positive (penniless) people.

      The real negativity is Amway and the people they attract.

  3. Odd question. Im not in amway, but I want to listen to one of these tapes. Do you know if there are mp3s? I want one that will highlight the most stereotypical amo stuff. Suggestions?

    1. Hi Nick. You better have someone on standby afterwards who is experienced in deprogramming cult messages. I'm sure there are some enterprising ambots out there making and selling bootleg mp3 copies. The Diamonds make the bulk of their income from selling tickets to places they'll be speaking at and then selling recordings of those meetings in CD form. Selling a CD for $5 when it only costs pennies to make is good profit. Making mp3 perhaps costs them more money. Don't know. Just throwing it out there. Check on Craigslist or eBay if you really want to listen to some sack of shit Amway asshole. Former ambots are trying to unload this shit.

  4. Hi!

    Just wanted to stop by and say I really enjoy your blog! I've been reading it from start to finish, and I enjoy your candid commentary along with the horror stories other victims of Amway have shared.

    My boss, of all people, brought me here. He doesn't know he brought me here. He doesn't know I know he's part of the Amway pyramid scheme. He thinks I'm easy prey; a new recruit ripe for brainwashing.

    He's been subtly grooming me to become part of his scam, or "business opportunity" as he calls it.

    The way he's doing it is devilishly sly, and had I not had a bad run-in with Primerica (another pyramid scheme), he may well have gotten me.

    The subtle product placement - he always has an XS energy drink in plain view, or a bottle of his Perfect drinking water nearby. The Tip/Balance/Twist tests he performed when I questioned the claims of his miracle water. Boasts that he would be a millionaire within a decade. Mysterious meetings that required a suit and tie. Talks about how I could save money on household goods if I bought them from myself.

    This all built up to a discussion one day after work, when he talked about an upcoming business meeting he was having with his partners. I asked for more info, but he said it was very secretive and he'd have to talk to his partners first.

    The next day he said he'd talked to his partners, and that they thought I'd be a great candidate. Could I come to their next meeting, and did I own a suit?

    Recalling my experience with Primerica, I wanted to know more about the business so I could research it a bit, and be able to make informed decisions. I asked what exactly this business was and if he had any literature on it.

    In response, I was given a link to WWDB and asked to read testimonials by the Puryear and Duncan families.

    Right then and there I knew something was very, very wrong. The whole testimonial was a bunch of feel-good ass kissing, along with these people rubbing their wealth in my face. I don't care how big your yacht is, I want facts and figures about your business. None of these testimonials provided any factual business information.

    Frustrated by this secrecy, I Googled WWDB and the Puryears and the Duncans. This led me to Amway, and to countless horror stories of people whose lives have been ruined by it.

    After much work, I did find the facts and figures I was searching for. And as I suspected, it was all a sham. These "Diamonds" at the top of the chain live a charade. They barely pull in six figures, most of which is from their tools/speeches (NOT the Amway business plan!). They put themselves in financial peril to fool their cult into thinking they're rich!

    And if you're not that fraction of a percent on the top, you are losing money! You are bullied into buying junk you don't need, alienating friends and family, taking on debt, and told that success is right around the corner!!

    No thank you. I'll keep my J.O.B. At the end of the day, I know I earned my paycheck and didn't have to sell my soul to get it.

    So thank you very much for this blog! Your efforts, as well as the wealth of knowledge here, spared me a lot of pain and heartache. I'm so glad I was able to avoid going down the scAmway path.

    When I speak to my boss again regarding his "business opportunity" I will politely say I'm not interested. If he persists, then the gloves come off.

    Thanks and regards,


    1. Hello Beatoven. Well my response to you ended up in cyber hell somewhere!

      I'm glad this blog and all our stories has helped you. You have summed up the Amway scam in a few paragraphs. Nicely done!

      And it's all about the secrecy and tricking people so they won't think it's Amway by saying instead its WWDB. They've been pulling these same lies off for decades. The snake oil water that cures every terminal illness known to man and the parlor tricks. What these low life Amway bastards won't do to scam a few bucks out of unsuspecting victims.

      Sorry to hear your boss is trying to recruit you. Is there anyone higher up you can take your concerns to? Better do it fast before he beats you to it about how uncooperative an employee you are. You can't be polite with ambots. You gotta tell them fuck off because they're prudes and the language will offend them. Might not work so well in the workplace though!

      And yeah they're all going to be rich in 2 to 5 years with gazillions of dollars rolling in from Amway every month. Take that $500 or more each month money you'd be putting into Amway and invest it and maybe you'll be a millionaire in 10 years too.

    2. Beatoven,
      I can't think of a worse situation than an Ambot boss. Follow Anna's advice. It's good. That said, my sympathy has little practical value. You need to learn how to deflect an Ambot:

      In a perfect world, you would just tell your boss to f*** off, but since he controls your paycheck, that's not really an option.

      When you're pitched to go to a meeting, you need to know how to respond. You think you're prepared with convincing logical arguments. You're wrong. Any good Ambot has answers to objections memorized. Any objection you can come up with, they already have a canned answer. Understand that any reason you come up with is not a barrier to their persistence; it is an invitation to further discussion.

      The secret to successfully deflecting a sales pitch is to give them nothing to respond to. They have no canned response for that. Keep your response simple and don't embellish. Let me give you an example:

      Ambot: Would you like to hear about an amazing business opportunity?
      You: No thanks.
      Ambot: Would you like to retire in 5 years?
      You: No, not really.
      Ambot: Wouldn't you like to be your own boss?
      You: No
      Ambot: Why not?
      You: I don't know, I just don't
      Ambot: Wouldn't you like to save money on products you're already buying?
      You: No
      Ambot: Why don't you just come to the meeting and get all the facts before you make up your mind?
      You: No thanks
      Ambot: Why would you pass on an opportunity like this?
      You: I don't know, just not interested.
      Ambot: Why not?
      You: No reason, just not interested.
      Ambot: I'm going to be a millionaire in a few years. Wouldn't you like to be a millionaire?
      You: No, it's not important to me.


    3. AnonTB - those are some good responses. Here's another one for when the ambot asks you if you want to be your own boss and you say no and they say why not. Say I prefer the security of a weekly paycheck. Why would you pass on an opportunity like this? Answer - because I'm not a risk taker.

  5. The whole anti-negativity Ambot thing is a pathetic business strategy, and a laughable way to go through life. This is where Amway gets it wrong. A positive mental attitude (PMA) is crucial to any successful endeavor, but a PMA does not mean denying negative truths. A PMA doesn't say negatives don't exist; a PMA says that you can conquer the negatives.

    Business history is littered with failures from denying that negatives exist. An example is brick-and-mortar book stores. Any one of the book store chains in the mid 90s could have dominated book sales on the internet. Every single one of them ignored the negative competition of the internet. should not have had the opportunity to even exist, let alone prosper, and yet because EVERY book chain ignored the negativity of online competition, they are dying.

    The same goes with Blockbusters and Hollywood video. Ignore the obvious convenience of online ordering - it's a negative because it competes with the stores.

    GM and Ford laughed when Toyota started selling their little subcompacts in this country. Gas was cheap, so who cares about getting 40mpg when gas is under a buck. And besides, Americans want big heavy cars. Why sell a small gas-sipper to compete with the Tercel. Ignore Toyota, it's negative. And look where Toyota is now.

    And so the Ambots hold hands around the campfire and sing Kumbaya, because everything is wonderful. Their bank accounts and 401Ks are drained, their mortage/rent is overdue, their car barely runs, but it's OK because prosperity is right around the corner. Things will just magically turn around any day now. How do they know? Because they're told that by their uplines.

    Imagine if that naive persistence, that blind faith, that passion was redirected to a business opportunity that had a reasonable chance of success. Like a J.O.B.


    1. The PMA thing is so true. If you watch Ambots on Facebook, or even read back on someone who has been at it a while, you can watch the PMA change.

      At first, they are 1001% positive. they are going to be millionaires, eat nothing but filet, have a winter home in Fiji, a summer home in Bora Bora, and there is no doubt they will do it. Pictures are promotional pictures for vacation locations. They show quotes (often misquotes) from famous people about the pursuit of their dreams.
      Then, 3 months in, the mentality changes a little. Now, they believe they are doing "God's work" as religion pours in. They are no longer bragging about their future lifestyle. They speak of helping others get out of the hell of getting a paycheck. Their pictures are of their new "friends" and doing stuff, unrelated to the business, with them. This 3 month mark is where they are supposed to be nearing platinum by the lies they speak, but the Ambot isn't.

      6-12 months in, is where it gets a bit different. They aren't the platinum they were promised. They "didn't work hard enough". Major amounts of quotes from CDs (no longer misquotes from famous authors, athletes, political figures) speaking on adversity, hurdles, struggles. Speaking religiously about God giving them these problems. A hint of negativity seeps in. Nothing of a social life is apparent. Some resentment of people with social lives shows through. Jealousy.
      Now, after the 12 month threshold, ambots are hard to find, but I know a few. No, none of them have even seen a glimpse of silver, even after years of following upline. they are delusional. this is where the posts are often sad. "I haven't seen you in forever!" from a former friend or family member. posts are sporadic at best, but they are often showing their weekend with the diamond in their upline. Still no sign of success for themselves. They should be diamonds by now but aren't. The PMA they occasionally toss out there isn't even typed in. It is a shared photo with PMA text over it. You can just tell they are in so deep, that ego, pride, and their belief in the diamond's words are all that is keeping them in.

      If someone wants proof of the 'glory' of the business, use social media. If your sponsor's upline can't show you any sort of success (aside from the top 2), it should be obviously clear.


    2. AnonTB and Jerry - thank you for taking the time to write well thought out comments on the life of an ambot and denials of anything negative.

      Hey who else took advantage of Blockbuster and Hollywood closing up to get some good deals on CDs. Yup no one saw Netflix and Amazon coming and didn't act fast enough to stay competitive once they drew away the customers.

  6. Another good response to mlm invites is, "I don't want to."

    ambot: why not?
    me: I don't want to
    ambot: but why not?
    me: I don't want to

    There is no where to go with this. It frustrates the living daylights out mlm recruiters. They aren't equipped to deal with, 'I don't want to.'

    At this point, all they are left with is - loser. At this point I love to play my second favorite game, 'I know you are, but what am I?'


    If all else fails, tell them you ONLY listen to cassette tapes.


    1. Cassette Tape - those are good ones. I don't know and I don't want to. Kind of tough logic for an ambot to argue with! Or you could try to best the Ambot to the punch with his insults and say

      I'm a quitter
      I'm a loser
      I'm too lazy to start my own business
      I don't like like to try to hard at things

      Now that would really fuck up an Ambot coming up with Amspeak insults as responses! How do they respond to their own propaganda?

    2. This was most of what I said here on this blog, but I will admit.... dealing with your ambot of a boss is another thing entirely. If you think your boss isn't lost on the deep end, politely and FIRMLY decline, as suggested in this post and others. Otherwise, may wanna get his superior and/or HR involved to protect yourself just in case :(

      I talked to some ambot over the phone if it was possible to make good money (several hundred $$ NET). He sort of just trailed off and then said he didn't know.

      At an amway meeting talking with your potential sponsor...
      ""What is keeping you from joining?"" I have no confidends, ""we have tools that can train you"".

      ""if someone else wanted this opportunity and I gave it to him instead of you, what would think?""
      either just stay silent or say fine.

      tell them you know someone was did Amway for over a year and it did NOT work out for him. That's followed by...
      ""do you trust your friends with surgery?""
      you can say that if someone in Amway for over a year didn't make it, it'll take you over a year to know how things operate, and working over a year just to get a supposed ROI is bad, so the Amway proposition is just bad. I just parroted back to him... "do you trust your friends?" over and over again. I didn't want to... I wanted to point out that you should trust people you've known for years, or who done Amway for over a year, but he never let me get a word in edge-wise. He just gave up on that "surgery" line and moved on to the next line.

      Seriously, when they monopolize their talking time, you really need to strike back. I've considered whipping out a smartphone or PDA, putting up a countdown timer of 10 minutes, and saying that I had to listen to that hour long bs meeting. It's my turn to talk. If you won't stop interrupting me, that means you don't respect me, and are NOT worthy of my time nor money.
      I'm tempted go back to another Amway meeting just to spar with these jackasses. I'll do so if it ends up that way, but I won't take time out of my schedule just to do so.

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