Thursday, July 25, 2013

Join Amway And Learn How To Hate Your Job

At every Scamway meeting the sack of shit Platinum would sneer at people who had jobs. J.O.B. Just Over Broke. People who were employed by others and held jobs were held in lowest contempt because they weren’t big and important business owners like Amway (pretend) business owners.

According to the sack of shit Platinum after people had been in Amway for a couple of years they could quit their job and sit back on their asses and watch the big bucks coming rolling in every month in residual income.

Freedom! Freedom thanks to Amway! Something that none of those poor fuckers who held jobs would ever know about.

Or the Platinum either because after 10 or 15 years of hating his job and teaching others to hate their jobs and direct all their love and money to Amway he probably hates Amway and his former Amway job too seeing as how Amway fired his ass last year and he’s now selling Monavie. But that was another post. This is about Amway not Monavie and this is about what I remember, not Monavie then. Same asshole, same shit, different scam.

The Platinum cult leader would roll the noses of the followers into the big shithole known as a job. Making a living working for someone else and getting paid for it. And on and on it would go. How jobs are horrible evil things that only lowly bastards have. People with jobs have to set their alarm clock and get up every day and take orders from someone else. And then when they turn 65 they automatically either die or become broke.

When we were in Amway a lot of people who attended cult meetings were unemployed. Other IBO’s became unemployed during the time we were inside this hellhole cult.

They’d been brainwashed to hate their jobs, hate their bosses, and hate their coworkers. A person who shows up at work everyday hating everything about it is not pleasant to deal with. Ambots sneer at everyone in the workplace because they’re a bunch of dumb fucker employees and don’t own their own business. Well neither does the Amway asshole! Amway IBO is a pretend business where they earn a measly commission only if they buy at least $300 worth of Amway products every month buying from their own store.

Because ambots are brainwashed to become insufferable Amway assholes and they bring their shitty attitude to the workplace they don’t stick around too long. They either quit because they don’t want to keep working with these losers who won’t support their business or the boss gives them the old heave ho.

What about when the ambots descend on a prospect who has a job. They’ll ask the person if they like their job. Some people like their job others don’t. Hit or miss. I’d say the people who don’t like their job are probably looking for another one and maybe they are open to going to a Scamway meeting to hear more about this once in a lifetime opportunity bullshit. Others will stand their ground and say they like their job. The ambot will sneer at them incredulous that someone could actually like their job. And then because Amway ambots are dumb fucks they’ll probably make some dumb ass comment like would you still work your job if you didn’t get paid for it. Uh what do you think you dumb ass ambot. If I don’t get paid I am like fuck you I am outta here! Most people do not stick around at a job no matter how much they like it if they don’t get paid. Not to mention thats a violation of employment laws pretty much everywhere! Same thing as Amway. If I don’t make the income promised to me by the Amway assholes in my upline I say fuck you I’m outta here. The only difference between not getting paid by Amway and not getting paid by a real job is that real jobs you don’t pay $500 or more to your employer to buy their products and buy tickets to brainwashing sessions.

Just because Amway ambots are brainwashed to hate their jobs doesn't meant the rest of the world shares their shitty attitude.


  1. Long story short Anna Banana some years back I got called by a fella I knew from my dorm back in college I hadn't heard from in a few years about a "business opportunity". Well I went with reservations and right off the bat they are telling me how awful was - my job! This offended me as I liked the job I had then and was happy with my pay which afforded me a comfortable life style. For this and other reasons I didn't not let my college buddy exploit our relationship as Scamway desired he do and told him firmly, thanks but no thanks.

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by! Yeah when you suddenly hear from someone out of the blue who you lost contact with years ago and they want to tell you about their new business opportunity or ask for your opinion about it because they respect your opinion so much it's probably Scamway. You're lucky you got off so easy with just a no thanks. Normally ambots are more aggressive than that cause they're so desperate.

    2. Anna Banana he called me later claiming I hadn't seen enough to make my decision and "I had to" come to another meeting (and he'd pay the attendance fee for me again even!*). But by this time I had talked to a friend who worked as a salesman who told me what I suspected - MLMs = rip-off! So this second time around a no from me college buddy realized he was wasting his own time and dropped it. *Like this was some great thing.

    3. See. You were too nice and he called you back! If he's still in Scamway you'll hear from him again.


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