Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Would You Work Amway If You Didn’t Get Paid For It?

Just about every Amway meeting I’ve been to the cult leader asks the group would you still work your job if you didn’t get paid for it.

That is such a dumb fuck question that could only possibly be asked by a dumb fuck Amway asshole. There are volunteer positions and there are paid positions. People choose depending on their financial and time considerations and their desire to make someone’s life easier or make the world a better place or desire to earn a paycheck. If I apply for a paid position I expect to receive money for the time I put in. If I apply for a volunteer position I don’t expect to receive money.

Then there are companies like Amway that expect their employees to pay them to work there. Buying products from the company you work for and spending more money on those products that you receive in a paycheck is the same thing as paying your employer to work there.

In order to work for Amway as a commissioned salesperson you have to shell out at least $500/month and that includes buying at least 100PV of Amway products to earn a commission check of around $10 plus the money spent on attending Amway meetings and buying Amway tools such as membership in one of the groups like BWW or WWDB and books and CD’s.

If I was hired by a company and expected to get real money in exchange for working there and they did not pay me I’d say fuck you I’m outta here. Same thing goes with Amway. If I expect to make good money based on the lies by the Amway cult leaders and I don’t make money despite putting in well over 10 to 15 hours a week same thing I say fuck you I’m outta here.

The question to ask brainwashed ambots is would they still work for Amway and spend all that money tithing their cult leaders just for a puny commission check each month. Apaprently yes!

I have never worked for any company where I had to give them hundreds of dollars each month and got a tiny check in exchange for my 160 hours/month. No company has ever told me after giving them hundreds of dollars each month in 2 to 5 years I don’t have to work no more and I can spend my days doing whatever I want while gazillions of dollars roll in to me every month just for doing nothing.

Oh wait a minute. Amway cult leaders say that. Call it whatever you want you’re working for Amway at least 60 hours a month and probably way lot more hours than that you’re not getting paid for it proportionately for the time put in.

Open your eyes ambots. The same bullshit the cult leaders say about would you work a job and not get paid for it applies to Amway. Would you work Amway and not get paid for it.

Because you won’t.


  1. Amway is nothing more than free labor, in fact you are paying them to provide you with tools in order to succeed. Like for example an IBO is one function away from going diamond, one night-owl meeting away from going platinum. In a normal business meeting, or trip, the company pays you and accomdates you for being there. In Amway, IBO's must attend all these waste of time events with the same canned speeches, but you have to pay them and Amway will not accomdate you for your expenses. I don't know about you, but it's a big fuck you to Amway if they want IBO's to attend this events that are just re-hases of the same shit.

    1. Hi Anonymous - you are very correct. Go even one further on that free labor cause we've written about it before here - the assholes in your Amway upline expect you to do free labor around their houses. Free labor or slave labor when you're brainwashed into a cult?

    2. Those meetings... AAAGH!! First one at a hotel large room... boring, still too long, and so full of creepiness and phoniness. At the end of the meeting, you talk with your potential sponsor like there's some business deal or like you're discussing employment opportunities at a job fair. Really, skip the chit chat. Go big or go home. By "going big", just go ahead, be brutally honest, and call out their BS right there. If you're pissed, I suppose curse up a storm... if you actually join them, you're going to be thinking this anyways, as your mind's going to poisoned like so despite all the friendliness and 'smiles'.

      When I met up with that potential sponsor again, at a Starbucks (@Anna Banana, quite a pleasant overlap that you brought up a comparison of Amway vs. Starbucks in a recent blog entry ;)). He asked me to write out my dreams and goals. I give him a disgusted response... "can you just get to the business side of things without this phoney baloney?". He gave me the Amway forms, I asked him I had to pay money to go from here... I said no. He told me fine, and to check out the next meeting.

      This meeting was at a private residence. SAME OLD SHIT. The only decent thing was after the 'lecture', we were provided Nabisco snacks, crackers, and other non-Amway snacks. I couldn't take it anymore. I left, and vowed to never do this again. I later told the potential sponsor over the phone that "no more". If you want to get together to chill, without bringing up Amways, I'm up for that. We never talked again. And the job opening he was looking out for at where he worked... surprise surprise, never heard aback bout that either.

    3. I once say a sign at a restaurant that said, "Free beer tomorrow." If you showed up at the restaurant the next day, they sign still read "Free beer tomorrow." this is the premise of these meetings. IBOs think that the next one holds the free beer, so they better show up, only to be told the free beer is tomorrow.

      I mean, honestly, if the next meeting had that great tidbit of super information, why would you go to the next one after that? You should have already received your "Free Beer".

      The truth is, it has nothing to do with the free beer. There never is any free beer. Just another check for dinner, and a reliable customer who fell for a goofy sign.


    4. Hi Anonymous. Yup Amway meetings are all the same. And no you won't hear from anyone in Amway once they figure out they have no chance of making money off you. They're only friends and nice to you because they think you'll make money for them.

      Jerry - sometimes Amway meetings are disguised as beer busts - come in and get free beer all you gotta does listen to Amway propaganda bullshit.

    5. I wish the ones I went to had free beer. That would have been great. Maybe me and the ex would have lasted longer. HaHa.

      "I'll be at the keg hunny. Have a good time."



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